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  1. Does anyone know the bag policy at Tim Horton's field for Forge games? I'm attending my first game tomorrow and generally carry a backpack but if it's drama, I'll leave it at home.
  2. 100% but that tends to happen with a lot of broadcastes when they try to do the colour and the commentary Feeling Borges is a bit waisted as a centre forward. Maybe swap him and Anwuh?
  3. How's everyone feeling about Wheeler's commentary? I feel like he needs someone else with him.
  4. I really enjoyed this article a lot and mostly agree with Molinaro that it is probably to early for CPLers to be called into the Canada squad for competitive matches BUT riddle me this, why is Noble Okello with the team ahead of Tristan Borges or all the CPLers with previous call ups? Is he such a singular talent?
  5. They just mentioned on their twitter that they're working to fix the issue. No to be flip, it's hard to believe these people produce big time matches in Spain
  6. 100% and it's not like they're even acknowledging it, indicating they're having technical difficulties. Hopefully, soon. No score yet at least
  7. For sure. I get the impression it's kind of a growing pains situation with them - they're service hasn't been great so far, but some aspects are getting better.
  8. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm having the same problem :( Doesn't seem like the can broadcast two matches at one
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