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  1. ^ I'll be interested to see how he does in a more normal season (touch wood) I felt he showed flashes at the island games and the CL run but not much more.
  2. ^ that's actually my current interest in the A Leauge. The league puts the games live on YouTube, which is great, but it'd be nice to have them on a platform like OneSoccer to be able to watch them at convenience.
  3. I'd like to A League or really just more leagues on OneSoccer. A channel needs more than all this information and opinion programming they have.
  4. ^ Yeah, I assume McNab would want his own choice at coach, I certainly get the impression he's been given the keys to the franchise
  5. I asked on Twitter - apparently Cordova is with the team.
  6. It's weird flashscore has a CPL game listed for today as postponed
  7. I still don't see why Winnipeg isn't the obvious choice.... And yes, by God, get this done!!!!!!
  8. I'm sure I've read quotes from Angus McNab that the new foreign singings aren't in the country - if that's the case I don't think they'll be part of the team for whatever form the season takes this year. Has anyone else read or heard anything about them?
  9. Maybe something in September - October? I feel like the CPL more than other leagues, owing to be just in its second season, really needs to play some sort of season. Plus, if possible, I like the idea of a very active off-season, maybe playing tournaments abroad wherever possible.
  10. ^ I'm surprised they added Monslave actually. I still feel Forge is a bit thin at centre forward - I like Anthony Novak and like what he does in terms of hold up and positional play, but don't see him contributing a ton goal wise.
  11. I agree. I'm not one of those people who think Malonga was useless, etc, but he did waste a lot of chances and it looks like Cordova might be more of a natural finisher. I think Forge are going to struggle unless they make a few additions - I'm a little surprised that they haven't signed anyone from the 21st player pool. I'd love to see them sign Adebayo Akinfenwa lol
  12. I agree with the comment above that the Forge shirts looks better actually on player - I feel that they're too big a departure for last years home shirts in that teams are still establishing their identity / are just two years old and that it's too soon to make such a radical change.
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