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  1. Decent play. I was actually impressed with the presentation of the game - I found the digital stadium much less distracting / odd looking than at the island games. Lots of positives and reasons for optimism!
  2. This is more general, than general new, but anyhoodles, does anyone remember if sportsbooks were talking bets on the CPL last year right from the kick off? I've looked on Bet365 and Comeon (the league's betting partner) and I don't see anything yet.
  3. ^ Kinda OT but I'll always be shocked that the Julio Cesar to TFC thing wasn't a bigger deal at the time (maybe it was and it didn't seem that way to me) - it was really crazy to think about it, the captain of Brazil, in a world cup year, playing for TFC.
  4. ^ I think it's an excellent move. I like Molinaro as a journalist and his writing, but I think what Kristian Jack offers as a personality on-air represents an upgrade.
  5. Super excited to see this. Already looking forward to the first weekend of games. I'm feeling like Calvary with their additions and having been able to train are the preseason favourite.
  6. I remember googling him while watching the Monterey match. He looked impressive, seems like he's had a few shots outside the Dominican but it didn't work out for him
  7. ^ I noted that they're saying he's there, "for the rest of they year" which I assume means he won't be back for the CPL season (whatever form it takes), unless they mean the rest of the Dominican season by that?
  8. I like the idea, a lot of what Red Bull does is in line with the objectives of the CPL both in terms of developing players and coaches. I'd like to see a Red Bull KW team. Maybe they'd even foot the bill for a pop up stadium?
  9. ^ I'll be interested to see how he does in a more normal season (touch wood) I felt he showed flashes at the island games and the CL run but not much more.
  10. ^ that's actually my current interest in the A Leauge. The league puts the games live on YouTube, which is great, but it'd be nice to have them on a platform like OneSoccer to be able to watch them at convenience.
  11. I'd like to A League or really just more leagues on OneSoccer. A channel needs more than all this information and opinion programming they have.
  12. ^ Yeah, I assume McNab would want his own choice at coach, I certainly get the impression he's been given the keys to the franchise
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