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  1. it's a lively match so far! the cavs need to get the ball to Luca more
  2. What does everyone think of Aiko? Would be better with better service or on a better team? Or do you think what you see is what you get with him, lots of effort, but not much by the way of finishing?
  3. I'm wondering how much rotation we'll see in this game? I would imagine both teams looking forward to their V Cup matches. I wouldn't mind seeing Wright start for York.
  4. ^ I think the issue is than Brennan doesn't know his best combination at forward. I'm not sure why he does try Wright and Ulbricht together?
  5. Actually, as an FYI they had veggie dogs and burgers! I opted for a veggie dog.
  6. Thanks! Actually I'm not eating meat at the moment, so curious about their offerings.
  7. I'll be attending the match tomorrow and it's my first time at York Lion's stadium. What's the concession situation like (other than the aforementioned pies)? Also, I'm assuming everything will be cashless / use debit and credit? I looked on the York United website but couldn't seem much about the stadium amenities. Thanks
  8. I feel like the short bench has the potential to hurt Calgary, but giving them the slight edge in the game (seems to be the bookie's take as well).
  9. Decent play. I was actually impressed with the presentation of the game - I found the digital stadium much less distracting / odd looking than at the island games. Lots of positives and reasons for optimism!
  10. This is more general, than general new, but anyhoodles, does anyone remember if sportsbooks were talking bets on the CPL last year right from the kick off? I've looked on Bet365 and Comeon (the league's betting partner) and I don't see anything yet.
  11. ^ Kinda OT but I'll always be shocked that the Julio Cesar to TFC thing wasn't a bigger deal at the time (maybe it was and it didn't seem that way to me) - it was really crazy to think about it, the captain of Brazil, in a world cup year, playing for TFC.
  12. ^ I think it's an excellent move. I like Molinaro as a journalist and his writing, but I think what Kristian Jack offers as a personality on-air represents an upgrade.
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