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  1. What happened at the game with the supporters group and the security?
  2. Wow, really impressed with the Cavs and Malonga! Looking forward to Cavs v Forge on weekend.
  3. At least they acknowledged it, got to give them credit for that.
  4. I'd be okay with it if they at least acknowledge it and apologize for it and pledge it's a one time thing; I can appreciate that they've had a short turn around with the NFL exhibition game.
  5. I was impressed by Novak's speed and finishing there, I generally think of him as mostly a hold up guy
  6. Ouch football lines Positive the league pledged no game would be played with football lines.
  7. When does the transfer window close? August 7th?
  8. I feel like although it was a chippy draw without a ton of quality, you can see why Forge needs a player like Novak with his physical presence and hold up play.
  9. I feel like Onescoccer needs another league or two at least and they really need to up their game on the technical side of things - for instance why does it take so long for them to make games available on-demand?
  10. Wow, very attacking lineup for the Cavs. A little surprised to see Brown starting over Malonga however
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