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  1. I've wondered a bit about Wheeldon's coach trajectory. Has he done enough to get noticed outside the CPL? In the MLS or even in the lower leaugues in England?
  2. I don't see this as meaningless, I think both teams want to win the Fall championship; I'm going to the game in Hamilton on the 16th, hoping it decides the fall title.
  3. ^ yeah fully agree. It feels like they're learning as they go, which I'm okay with if they actually learn from their mistakes and improve the service. My biggest complaint is why does it take them so longer after a match is played to make it available for streaming?
  4. ^ Good answer I still think that at this point in the CPL's development, Herdman should be selecting the best player in terms of talent.
  5. I think Calvary and Forge would likely be the bottom teams in the SPL, but probably wouldn't be rolled every game and would win some matches. I agree with Duane Rollins in principle, maybe Millar shouldn't be a given while every CPL player is a long shot for selection. Slightly OT, how can Herdman select Didic over Zator? It's madness. For that matter, why is Didic in the team over Borges even?
  6. It's weird, I don't really notice the narrow feild dimensions. Also, pretty chippy
  7. I like Gale as a personality. I think that Valour should can him and OneSoccer should pick him up as a commentator; he's worth so much more to the league as a personality than as a coach.
  8. Ugh, when will Onescoccer post this game on demand? I'm waiting.
  9. Really? I never think to check CPL lines. How would they come up with that?
  10. I wish Onesoccer had more club games, I'm kind of a weird soccer fan, I love club games, but national teams don't really do it for me.
  11. What happened at the game with the supporters group and the security?
  12. Wow, really impressed with the Cavs and Malonga! Looking forward to Cavs v Forge on weekend.
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