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  1. They should add on a couple spears and make a giant trident idol for the faithful
  2. If I follow what you are saying, I agree with some of that. Yes, ultimately, I think we should want true equity with standards that go both ways. Men should also not be made to feel like objects. I think we just have to acknowledge that men and women are currently in much different places in how they are treated in this sphere.
  3. I agree that it’s worse to comment on her specific clothing but even her attractiveness should be offside for what is essentially a professional peer of hers to comment on.
  4. Everyone has an impression of everyone else’s level of attractiveness, of course. We are talking about what is appropriate in a professional setting and what is signalled to Canadian soccer observers, female or not.
  5. Firstly, I should say that I am not for censorship. No organization or agency should take away their platform. I agree that people should vote with their thumbs in this case. On inclusivity, whoever espouses or supports the notion that it’s ok for a media member (‘new’ or traditional) to comment on the attractiveness of a female host is sending a strong message to women that they are not welcome in our community, not on their merits.
  6. In the latest episode of the AFTN radio show/podcast (episode 365), host Michael McColl said his favourite part of the OneSoccer broadcast of the final (leg 2) was Andi Petrillo’s leather pants. Michael has said many similar things over the years but this was the one for me that will end my listenership and support of the podcast. The broader thing I think needs discussion here is holding our new media accountable to inclusivity. It’s an exciting time that a few friends can put together a pod without needing investment from above but that means standards being forced from the listeners below. If we want to grow the game in this country, the above kind of speak needs to be swept aside so that all are welcome.
  7. WFC2 played a few matches at Mcleod a few years back. I definitely think it’s possible but something near the Skytrain would make a HUGE difference IMO.
  8. Are we talking about Balsile here maybe?
  9. I’m not sure they are reporting anything we didn’t know already. The concourse we were told weeks ago wasn’t going to be finished until mid-season and that the capacity will grow next year when they remove the hydro pole. I’m looking forward to watching the stadium, and indeed the club itself, grow rapidly in the next few years.
  10. Yeah, definitely not Langford as the MNT does too well at BC Place. I could see the WNT coming through maybe, especially when they get Westhills up to 8k capacity next year.
  11. I think the main failing of the CSA is communication. They are not stupid people and have things on their desk that we don’t- and shouldn’t- have access to. There must be other factors that we can’t see. They might even be made public going forward but I’m sure there was a better way to communicate the rationale with the announcement. Although I would have preferred the CPL sit out The League this year and be better prepared to both allocate our spot AND actually perform in it, clearly, CONCACAF was going to change the format this year regardless and if we didn’t claim our spot, we would have had to wait for the next reformatting. I would also guess that they felt they could go back to the well on the first-come-first-served logic from The V-Cup table for concerns over competitive balance with the more intuitive picking of a mid-season front runner. Maybe they can tweak the schedule (which also explains the delay) to make sure ‘The Haves’ play each other home and away in short order. But again, whatever the reason is, it should have been made plain.
  12. I’m sure whatever cost and hassle resettling MDJ and his family can avoid will make up the difference in his contract. If he’s on 80-100k, he’ll be happy I’m sure.
  13. I bet Valour is the odd one out for week one. It will be Al Classico in Calgary, for the better optics, and Pacific hosting Halifax for that whole coast to coast angle.
  14. I don’t understand all the potshots at Duane. I consume his stuff all the time and even when he’s wrong (like him guessing a large percentage of foreign players were going to be American), he doesn’t deserve snide personal attacks. The guy has contributed more to Canadian soccer than just about anyone posting on this board.
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