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  1. Did I miss that his loan is for 2 1/2 seasons, all in? Surely his contract will be up by the time his loan ends in '22.
  2. If you think a Canadian women's league is viable, you're totally out to lunch. The jury's still out whether a national men's league is actually viable. If we can get an NWSL club in Vancouver or Toronto, and get a core of the CWNT playing together for that club, it'd be a great advantage for our ladies on the international stage.
  3. I believe that Crepeau had returned to training when the season ended, so we can only assume that he's in line for a full re-season in the new year.
  4. I don't think we need to be in any hurry to anoint a definitive successor to Milan just yet. Over the next 1-2 years, Crepeau, St Clair, Hassel, Pantemis, Carducci, etc. should be motivated by an open contest for the #1 shirt, long term.
  5. Liam Millar is captaining Liverpool U23s against Southampton in Premier League 2 action. He's playing left wing. He rattled the bar from about 20 yards out on the 19th minute and has a few decent short runs and a couple of good passes, so far. It's nil-nil in the 29th minute, right now. It's the first game at the Kirkby Academy since the first team moved in next door earlier in the week, and Jurgen Klopp is there to watch. Great opportunity for Liam to be seen in a week when 4-5 of his U23 teammates have been called up to first-team training. 42nd minute, Liam broke through off the l
  6. Eh? On his own initiative? Maintaining communication with the players in the senior pool is an integral part of the PD for an international manager.
  7. At the very least, it shows that Herdman is maintaining good lines of communication with the players, and that the players are showing an interest in the program, as a whole, rather than only focusing on their individual part.
  8. Fraser left when he was, what, 14, and for non-footballing reasons? Hard to find fault or regret on that one. Froese did get a lot of chances in the first team for an 18/19-year old. I thought he showed pretty well, and they should have persisted with him. However, without knowing how much they got for him and how hard the player, himself, pushed for the move to Germany, it's hard to criticize letting him go. Adekugbe was pencilled in to be the first-team LB, but got injured very early in his run. When he got fit, he had trouble unseating Harvey from his spot. And he was also obsesse
  9. Robinson never gave him a chance in the one position where he might have been able to break through as first-team regular. He's a 10 who should be playing centrally. He doesn't have the pace to play as a winger in a league that prioritises athleticism, like MLS. Robinson only ever played him on the wing in his few opportunities in the first team. With Morales' injury record, I think Bustos should have been dropped into games as a late sub for Morales, giving the captain a rest, with the odd start thrown in.
  10. It was rough for the 3 months that we were in strict lockdown. We're on 3 weeks with zero cases, now, though, and we've re-opened with restrictions. We've been able to catch up with the in-laws over the last couple of weeks, and I've been able to get into the pub for a few pints with close mates, as well. We're hoping that we can return to full football training next week, too. Things are definitely getting better. I appreciate your thoughts.
  11. I've lived in Melbourne for 11 of the last 15 years. I was in London for the other 4. Not that I have to justify myself, or my Canadian bona fides to anybody.
  12. My backup country? Fuck me, you're an idiot.
  13. You've made 49 posts on this thread and haven't said anything new in the last 48. My contribution, by saying nothing, surpasses yours by posting the same tedious shit over and over again. You're fucking boring, mate.
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