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  1. You're embarrassing yourself here, mate. I would recommend that you find a different angle.
  2. Your anecdote suggests that this person was undoubtedly incompetent as a football coach.
  3. Just saw this.... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/apr/02/jonathan-david-gent-canada-in-demand-striker-premier-league I'm just going to read it, now.
  4. After Tranmere, he was a very good Championship striker for Leicester, Barnsley, and Preston. both before and after the assault by Chris Morgan. However, his career trajectory definitely took a dip due to the fractured skull he suffered.
  5. Other than by scoring at a high rate in a far superior league and at international level, you mean?
  6. How much credibility will their rankings have if they claim Osorio is the 3rd best Canadian player in the world today?
  7. ---------------------------------- Forrest -------------------------------------- ---- Lennarduzzi --- Samuel ---- DeVos --- Klukowski ---- ----- Radzinski ---- Hutchinson ---- Arfield ---- Davies ----- ------------------------- Catliff ---------- Mobilio ------------------------- Subs - Dolan, McKenna, Stalteri, David, Xausa, Peschosolido, Gerba Craig Forrest was the major factor in winning us our only trophy. Lennarduzzi is a legend of the Canadian game, despite what a lot of knobheads say these days. Samuel and DeVos are no-brainers at CB. Klukowski was our standout player for a number of years. Radzinski is probably our best ever player, until Phonz gets a few more years under his belt. Hutch and Arfield need no explanation. Neither does Phonz. Watching Catliff and Mobilio play together from the grass hill on the east side of Swangard back in the day was magic. For the bench...Dolan played our first ever game in the World Cup. McKenna could do the business at both ends of the pitch. Stalteri was the embodiment of Canadian soccer for many years. David is on the way to being one of our best ever. Who doesn't love a Davide Xausa 30-yard screamer. Pesch has to come off the bench just so Vic Rauter can make the call when he inevitably does something exciting. Ali Gerba has to be there for his goals AND to scare the opposition with a death stare.
  8. There's your smoking gun, @admin! Do what you must.
  9. I'd like to hear more about Guy Lafleur playing in the '80 Olympics, and a bit of an explanation of how a Dutch goon knocked him out of the game AND was rewarded with a 2-minute power-play for it, to boot.
  10. Anything south of the Fraser River, Richmond excepted, and east of the Pitt River, is the Fraser Valley to me, regardless if Delta and North Surrey are technically in the actual valley.
  11. It would be incredibly risky to do that. It's a fine line between natural and unnatural, and every referee will interpret the guidelines slightly differently.
  12. I've just had watch of the highlights. Over the past few months, I've sat through several referee meetings where we discussed the new handball interpretations and watched many videos. Based on the Football Australia guidelines, I would not give that as a penalty. The ball hit the defender's right arm, which was below shoulder height and reasonably close to his body, in a natural position for a jumping player, and the ball came from an attacking header by a player very close to him. Had the ball hit the defender's left arm, which was well above his shoulder, it would have been a nailed on penalty.
  13. I believe that the two guys who seem overly bothered by the words 'inclusive' and 'identify as' should go seek therapy somewhere else so we can move on from this manufactured faux rage.
  14. I'm of no doubt that the Vancouver Whitecaps will still be around long after the dip ***** in the Southsiders have packed up and moved on. With all due respect to certain individual members of the group, who seem pretty sound, you'd be hard pressed to find a more clueless, negative bunch at any sports ground in Canada.
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