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  1. Country first, club second, mon ami! 😄 PS - If JD signs for a club in the Premier League, and it's not Liverpool, it sure as fuck better not be Man Utd! I couldn't survive that.
  2. He cannot make an international transfer until his 18th birthday. So, unless he has another passport, he'll be with TFC for the next 16 months.
  3. Unless I can argue that the amount of time I've added is an exact reflection of the time lost throughout the preceding half of football, I feel that I'm obligated to wait until a natural break in the flow of the match to blow the full-time whistle. In my mind, a defender putting the ball out for a corner kick is not an end to an attacking move. I'm usually inclined to allow the corner to be played before ending the game. That being said, I'm usually pretty clear about communicating with the players when 90 minutes have been played and how much time I intend to add. So, if I feel that a team la
  4. I suspect that West Ham are none too pleased with this development. MA is a very important player for them, but has an atrocious record with injuries. I can see the club pressuring him to miss call ups to Jamaica for the flimsiest of reasons.
  5. Quite honestly, at this point in time, I'd be happy if the name De Guzman is never again mentioned in the same sentence as anything to do with Canadian football.
  6. No. I straight up dislike him.
  7. I mock his spelling and grammar because I enjoy doing it, and because I simply don't like him. Refuting his myriad bullshit arguments became meaningless a long time ago. It doesn't stop him just posting more bullshit, regardless.
  8. The English guy we've got was equally shocked that the ref didn't reverse the call after the VAR check. Diabolical refereeing!
  9. You knew enough to know she's been held back from the tournament by her club, but you don't know her name? I guess better to seem stupid than to seem woke, huh? 🙄
  10. They will be relegated at the end of the season, and Allardyce will be gone. Depending on the manager who replaces him, you'd have to think they'll immediately be favourites to get promoted right back to the Premier League the following season. If I'm Larin, I don't rish into that move, but I give it strong consideration, if his goal is to play in the Premier League some day.
  11. I can't see any player contracts expressly forbidding or discouraging non-soccer, second jobs. However, training and match schedules might make most jobs out of reach for players in practical terms.
  12. Alaba looked poor on the second, jumping half-heartedly while his man buried a header off a corner.
  13. I'm going to have to call BS on this. BBTB gets warranted abuse on here because of a years-long, agenda-driven campaign of negativity towards anything to do with the league. Duane Rollins has many supporters on this board, as well as many detractors. This is based on his nearly 15-year long record as a quasi-journalist covering Canadian football and his past history as an active member of the V's forum. Personally, I've never been a fan. Beyond those two, most posters on this forum have levelled criticism about certain aspects of CanPL, both at league and club level, at points and haven't
  14. Bayern playing Arminia Bielefeld on a snow-covered pitch in Munich. Phonz should feel right at home in these conditions. Bayern down a goal after less than half an hour, though.
  15. I'm pretty sure that he's already on record saying that he'll play for Canada at Senior level. Isn't he best mates with Theo Corbeanu?
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