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  1. It really devalues the whole exercise, doesn't it? It's not like the German OG was a shot into the top corner from midfield. It was a forced OG, not a total gift.
  2. I saw an angle where the ball was very clearly over the line, and not by a little, when the Qatari player dragged it back.
  3. This bit of comedy (what the weirdo wrote, not the clip) truly made my day! 😄 For the record, dipshit, I lived in London for several years. I worked with several Millwall season ticket-holders and have been to their training ground several times to referee academy matches. It didn't take much intestinal fortitude to laugh directly at them about the state of some of their supporters. By the way, everyone associated with that club that I've ever met, bar a pathetic segment of their supporters, are actually quite lovely. Unfortunately, the idiots that you seem to be so in thrall with are a constant embarrassment that undermines all the good things that the club does.
  4. Hopefully he doesn't get the Oilers' loser stink all over himself before such an important game next week!
  5. Does the 'special' Copa America count as a cap-tying appearance for CONCACAF nations, though?
  6. I may be misremembering, but I thought that Max was actually about to recover that spill when Cornelius took it upon himself to deal with the situation. Either way, the end result does matter in the end. Max wasn't punished and Dayne was.
  7. I'd also start Max based on the two friendlies. Max did his job and made at least two excellent interventions to preserve the result. DSC did well enough, although having to deal with a much worse team performance in the second half against the Dutch. But, his egregious error on the one goal means that he's No 2 for the time being, with a lot of work to do to get to No 1.
  8. Rangers supporters are notoriously awful. They caused trouble in Manchester when they were in the UEFA Cup final there, as well.
  9. I read yesterday that up to 500 Serbian hardcore ultras have been tracked as having plans to be in Germany for the game on the weekend. So, I suspect that the English 'hoolies' will probably be as quiet as church mouses, as they are essentially a bunch of brain dead pussies who only like to act up when surrounded by unsuspecting locals and random tourists.
  10. The thing about it for me is that the Qatar players behaved exactly like you'd expect them to if they knew that the obviously incorrect decision was going to hold up. It's like they knew the fix was going to kick in at some point, and this was it.
  11. ETH spending big money to bring one of his former Ajax players to Manchester has never gone badly before, has it? 😄
  12. Look, I'll be based in North Burnaby. I can definitely make the PNE work for match viewings. I'll just go retro with some of my mates and cousins, picking up a case of beer in the Heights, then walking down, just like we used to do for concerts and Canucks' games back in the late-'80s/early-'90s. It'll be a bit different doing it as middle-aged men rather than the young 'uns we were back then, though! 😄
  13. So, if you want to see refereeing incompetence/possible corruption at it's worst, check out the 'goal' that Qatar scored against India, which effectively eliminated India from the next stage at Kuwait's benefit. Absolutely diabolical stuff.
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