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  1. Have we? The Whitecaps got a fee for Camilo, so it would seem that his Mexican club didn't entirely trust that to be true.
  2. You might want to get on the phone to David de Gea's and Toby Alderweireld's agents with that little nugget of contract law expertise.
  3. I refereed a lot of Premier League academy matches last season in London, including many CPFC U15/16 games. Owen is a really big kid and a good 'keeper. However, from a conversation I had with the Palace academy GK coach, I'm not sure he's eligible for Canada. Seems like he was born and grew up in London, bar a short stint in Canada (1 or 2 years) when he had one of his parents working there.
  4. From next season, there should be a preliminary round between the L1O and PLQ reps, followed by a ten team First Round with the winner, plus 8 CanPL and Ottawa. This gives us the 5 winners, plus MLS3 for the QF round. It really should be that simple. Anything other than this, I'd advocate boycotts, riots, or worse.
  5. If you cut your sandwiches horizontally, you CAN **** off!!!!! 😛
  6. The ball must be on the spot, not beside or behind, and, definitely not in front.
  7. Why stop there? They could just march him out to the centre circle at the next home game and shoot him.
  8. Disappointing that this didn't get done a week earlier. The opener at home against Rangers would have been a great game to lay down a marker for the season. I even could have watched it live here in Australia!
  9. In my lifetime*, I don't think there has ever been a worse example of a great player proving to be so utterly clueless about football as Lothar Mathaus. The man is a clown. His record in management was so bad that nobody in the world would be so desperate to hire him at this point, even if he has a big name. I haven't read the linked article because I don't care what he has to say, even if I agree with him once in a while. *Pele would be a more obvious example, but he played before my time.
  10. UEFA only seeds the first knockout round (R16) for the Champions League. The rest of the knockout stages are done by random draw. That being said, 3 of last season's 4 semi-finalists, and both finalists, were from the lower seeds in the R16. In the past few years, the R16 seeding is becoming less and less relevant to the ultimate outcomes in those ties.
  11. Lucas Moura just tried to run past Davies over about 20 yards, across the middle of the pitch. Phonz outpaced him at what looked like 50% effort. LOL
  12. He's also had a couple of bright moments going forward, so I'd call any overly strong criticism of him, so far, as slightly unfair.
  13. Lamela just made a ghosting run past Phonz to the back post for a tap in. One-nil Spurs.
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