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  1. Liverpool has just scooped up Diego Jota from Wolves. I think Wolves paid stupid money last week for another young Portuguese, who's the most likely beneficiary of the big minutes Jota's departure has opened up. However, this just might provide an opportunity for Theo to kick start his first-team career.
  2. With the score being ridiculously out of hand, it looks like Flick has bypassed Phonz in favour of giving the less-heralded kids a run.
  3. I watched the last 30 minutes. He was playing on the left wing until the inevitable flurry of late substitutions, when he moved to #9, very briefly, before finishing on the right wing.
  4. By my reckoning, this iteration of Robert is about 55% along his well-trodden path towards meltdown, then banning. Patience, my people!
  5. The up high angle from the far end made it look that way. As did Fredy's reaction.
  6. He punched him in the knee, though. Who does that? 🙄
  7. There are teams in the Premier League where he could feasibly fight for the shirt. I'm not sure that he'd be signed as an undisputed #1, though. I'm sure that would be the case in Serie A or La Liga, as well, but I don't know as much about the teams in those leagues beyond the ones in European competition.
  8. I just watched the 10-minute highlights package of this match. Looks like Liam swapped from LW to RW in the first half, and back again in the second. He had a couple of strong solo runs, but also some nice bits of one-touch passing movements with the FB and MF on his side. He set up what looked like a second goal for Liverpool with a nice backheel rollback inside the box, but it was ruled out by a bizarre offside call where the linesman only raised his flag after Liverpool had practically lined up in their own half for the restart. Weird. Anything to report on a potential loan for Liam before the deadline, @spitfire?
  9. I spent a few days in Sofia 4 years ago. It's a beautiful city, and well worth a visit. According to a couple of chats I had with a local driver we used, as far back as 2016, Ludogorets had pretty much ruined Bulgarian football. They were bought by a super rich guy when in the second division and he sank so much money in immediately that they promoted that first year and have run away with the league ever since (9 in a row and counting). The guy I spoke to supported Levski, one of the two traditional Bulgarian giants from the capitol. Overnight, they became no-hope also-rans, as did CSKA, and within a couple of years, their attendances had plummeted. There is no competition anymore. Just a bit extra on the topic of the Bulgarian league...
  10. Don't you know? He wrote a book that nobody read and ran for CSA President and got no votes. He IS an authority. 😭
  11. You what? He's 20-years old, playing hard minutes at first-team level way ahead of expectation. After a half dozen games playing out of his skin, he was due a let-down. He'll probably make way for the journeyman American for the next game or two, which is the sensible move, but he's out-performing every goalkeeping prospect we've had at his age since Begovic. Anybody failing to acknowledge that plain fact is out to lunch.
  12. Hasal is a 20-year old forced into serious first-team minutes much earlier than anybody expected. I'm more than willing to accept that he's going to have some tough moments, or even whole games, because it's clear that he's going to be a serious 'keeper with time, experience, and maybe 10-15 lbs of muscle.
  13. Cornelius defended that play quite well, actually. He pushed the player wide into an impossible scoring angle and then took up a position that would normally take away the cut back into the box. Not his fault that Hasal didn't deal with the hit-and-hope shot that should have been pushed out for a corner. After that, you have to look at the rest of the back line who were standing around with their thumbs in their butts.
  14. My first time watching Lille today since David signed for them. I reckon their attack is **** and it's almost entirely down to Jonathan Bamba. He destroys any chance of a coherent attack based on team movements. I suspect that he's not happy that Lille have brought in David for big money and is going out of his way to ignore him during play.
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