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  1. There's a certain type of person that I just don't like. I see no reason why I should hide my contempt for those who will wilfully put others at risk by sharing their idiotic world view in public forums. In other aspects of my life, I use discretion and diplomacy when communicating with others, even when I disagree with them. However, not everyone is worthy of that treatment.
  2. I haven't watched any of the previous training videos, so I can't say if we've given away too much in those. I just thought that this one, which I did watch, didn't give away anything major. I hope that there was nothing overly compromising in the earlier ones.
  3. I pity the poor, Costa Rican bastard who thinks that he's going to take advantage of the advance knowledge that El Tanque has extra strapping on his big toe! 😀
  4. If Japan and GB draw tonight, and Japan beats Chile by more than 1 goal in the last round, a draw would leave us in 3rd, as we'd have the worst GD.
  5. Absolutely. Do everything you can to finish in the top 2 in the group, then see who you get in the QF.
  6. Indeed. This particular beauty of Vs Forum gold occurred while I was still tucked up warmly in bed, having stayed up a bit late last night to watch the Olympics opening ceremony. On your other points, I simply don't buy the guy's piss-poor attempts at clarification. Read the mocking tones of his opening salvo again. Note the condescension and triumphalism as he posts the statistics that show up his opponent. He should rightly be embarrassed by this episode, yet somehow comes away thinking he's won this round. This is some serious gas-lighting bullshit.
  7. Fucking brilliant this! A guy...let's call him Moron #1...posts statistics which he truly believes support his ridiculous hypothesis. The numbers that he posts clearly show the opposite to what he's claiming...a Grade 4 math student could see it immediately. He's immediately called out on his most basic of errors. So, what does he do? A - retreat from this forum for a suitable period of time until his personal shame and public embarrassment subsides? -or- B - accuse his more numerate opponents of being too thick to understand what he REALLY meant by posting numbers that actually contradicted his alleged point? Over to you, @CanadaFan123, I mean Moron #1. 🙄
  8. So, some moron at One Soccer decided to put together a 5+ minute highlight package of this game but didn't think it was prudent to include the pivotal moment that turned a 2-goal lead for Ottawa into a 3-goal loss? It truly boggles the mind. 🙄
  9. Sheridan only had the one thing to do after she came on and she fucked it up badly. Definitely 2 points dropped here. Also, is it just me, or are Beckie and Fleming the two most overrated players in our program's history?
  10. I would also bet on an Australian WC as soon as AFC nations become eligible again.
  11. The difference is that he's a generally reasonable guy with some questionable positions on a few issues. You're (note the correct spelling) just a cunt of a bloke.
  12. Rest after-the-fact won't help players who suffer muscle injuries due to overload after playing 3 matches in less than a week.
  13. Big Sugar are/were not part of the 'alternative' wave of the '90s. They're far more blues/rock than any of the flood of shit, copy-cat bands that infested the Canadian music scene of that era.
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