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  1. Send a bill to the Phonz for the one he took. That'll be $3500, please, Mr Davies. 😄
  2. If we get 4 points in each of the next 2 windows, we'll be on 18 points....probably enough to get the playoff spot, already. If we go into the last window just needing needing a win at home against Jamaica for automatic qualification, I'll be more than content.
  3. If we qualify with a top 3 finish and draw all four games against Mexico and the USA, we'd be just fine in every respect. Our reputation would be just fine. The real change in this respect is that I'm pretty sure that both Mexico and the Americans will look at a point in Canada as a good result. That wouldn't have been the case even just 2 years ago. So, in summary, hope for 3 in all matches, but let's not get too jumpy about home draws against very good teams.
  4. A minor injury that keeps him out of a couple of games wouldn't be the worst thing. His importance for both club and country means that he's not likely to get much, if any, other rest.
  5. Were there any similar issues with getting ticket holders through the gates for the Leafs game as there were for the Canada game?
  6. Was that also not because MLSE operates BMO and they preferred to divert more staff to their own event across town rather than properly staff the CSA's event?
  7. You have to think he'll be killing himself to get fit in time for the next international window. Edmonton is as close as he's likely to ever get to playing for Canada in front of a hometown crowd.
  8. So, after one day of pre-sale and two of general sales, do we have a reasonable estimate for the number of tickets sold for each game?
  9. How long past his 18th birthday is JMR contracted to Toronto? He can't move outside Canada until he turns 18, at the earliest.
  10. If we don't have a player-specific chant to the tune of Cotton Eye Joe at the ready by the 12th, we don't deserve nice things! 😄
  11. If we're keeping it simple, and Canadian..... Davies, Davies, Davies, ooooh. Like Davies, Davies, Davies, ooooh. Like Davies, Davies, Davies, ooooh! 19 in red is so fine!
  12. Dress right and you'll be fine. Don't dress right and you might die. Simple. And make sure you pack your pocket flask full of Crown Royal. 🙂
  13. As it stands today, the Vancouver Whitecaps are a playoff team in MLS. They are 7th in the Western Conference and 12th overall. If you look at their form over the past 3 months and extrapolated that across a whole season, you'd be looking at a top-three overall points total. Russell Teibert is the captain of that team and has played about 80% of the available league minutes over the course of the season. Yet we've got people here suggesting that he's only there as some form nepotism? Seriously, give your fucking heads a proper soak. He's far from the best player in MLS, but he's also far from the worst. He's a good midfielder of the type that are required in any successful team.
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