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  1. Lock in the Cyprus/Luxembourg double-header!
  2. Planet Football or Football365 (can't remember where I saw it) picked up this interview and did a short piece on it.
  3. https://www.kaagent.be/nl/supporter/news/06-12-2019/in-memoriam-rose-grethelle-david
  4. @admin Can we please nip this **** in the bud and ban this fuckwit permanently before he spends months wrecking the forum for everybody else until his inevitable next step over the line? Why must we wait for history to repeat itself, again, with this clown?
  5. Davies turned the ball over at midfield on the left touchline. Leverkusen played 3-4 quick passes and Bailey ran clear past Bayern's RB as if he was standing still. Phonz should have done better, but none of his teammates did him any favours to bail him out. I'd put that goal 50% on Davies, at most. Bayern's right side **** the bed again for Leverkusen's second. Phonz also had a few great moves going forward, and should have had an assist, but for Gnabry, I think, missing a sitter. I fell asleep at some point during the 2nd half (4:30 am kick off), so can't comment further.
  6. BC Place is actually more of a trade show/convention centre than it is a sports venue. Grass could not survive through the current year-round event schedule for the facility.
  7. You're talking about Astroturf, which was basically a thin carpet laid over hard concrete. It has no relation to the 4G pitches they're playing on these days.
  8. Are you suggesting that the Whitecaps have suffered a drop in attendance due to artificial pitch?
  9. Yes. A second consecutive season playing in the UEFA Champions League is a poor competitive level for the CMNT starting goalkeeper.
  10. Non-FIFA members joining CONCACAF can get right to ****.
  11. I live here and am heavily involved in grassroots football as a player, administrator, and referee. I can attest to the veracity of those comments without looking at the financial statements. Australia is light years ahead of us in almost every aspect of football culture and infrastructure.
  12. Not until much deeper into the match.
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