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  1. None of those guys are likely to have any more insight into the thinking of RBG or CFG than any of us taking wild guesses on this forum.
  2. He was too old when he received his sole cap for England to qualify for a switch under the newest iteration of the rules. He's ineligible unless there are further changes to the rules.
  3. While I quoted @SpursFlu, the 'you' referred to in my comment was a general 'you', not a specific reference to @SpursFlu. That being said, I'm currently on warning from @JamboAl for calling a certain annoying poster here a knobhead. Funnily enough, the comment for which I was warned seemed to get a lot of positive feedback from the community. 😄
  4. Some might argue that you get exactly the level of respect that you earn around here.
  5. He was listed as day-to-day with an ankle injury picked up in training last week on the pre-match report. That he's on the bench is actually a positive.
  6. He is, indeed, on the bench. I'm recording the match to watch when I get home from work. I hope to see him on the pitch at some point.
  7. Correct. Trading players against their wishes is purely a North American thing. Lille could accept bids from a hundred different clubs. However, if JD doesn't fancy moving to any of those clubs, he'd simply stay put in Lille and keep collecting his contracted pay cheque. If Lille were desperate to sell him, they could apply other forms of pressure to persuade him to leave, like making him train with the reserves, youth teams, or on his own, or not including him on their squad lists for the main competitions. I highly doubt that situation would come to pass with a 21-year old star player, thoug
  8. Four years ago, Monaco won Ligue Un, then promptly sold Mbappe, Bernardo Silva, Mendy, and Bakayoko. They held onto Fabinho, Lemar, and Moutinho for another season, but not much more than 12 months after their title triumph, they'd gutted that whole team.
  9. I've just watched replays of the 4 goals on the MLS website. I'm not sure what's more embarrassing for TFC, the defending on the 2nd and 3rd goals or the fact that the players can be heard whingeing to each other, throwing blame around, after the 2nd.
  10. I don't think there's even the remotest chance of the Phonz being loaned out. If Nagelsmann comes in and doesn't fancy him at either LB or LW, he'll try to sell him. However, the manager at Bayern has far less power over player transfers than a manager in England might have. Therefore, I reckon that the Bayern hierarchy will simply tell their new manager to get fucked if he makes noise about moving on one of the club's prized assets.
  11. I've seen Uzbekistan play against Australia on more than one occasion. We're better than them. No question.
  12. If his behaviour in the the 3+ years since he left the CSA is any indication, we're well rid of him, to be fair.
  13. Never seen him play. Theoretically, he'd be a good signing, depending on the numbers.
  14. I've said it before, and I'll say it again....Octavio Zambrano should probably seek some professional help getting over something that happened more than 3 years ago. He comes across as an incredibly bitter individual, with some amount of delusions of grandeur about him. It's almost like he's the exact guy in El Hombre's amusing anecdote.
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