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  1. Yeah. Having read your feeble attempt to defend MLS, I'm going to stick with my opinion that organising a tournament in one of the world's worst Covid 19 hot spots, watching several players flat out refuse to participate, seeing an entirely predictable spate of positive tests, having to withdraw 2 entire teams (so far) and redraw the fixtures, calling off a match just moments before kick off, and yet continuing to celebrate the tournament as some great thing is a farce.
  2. What a ******* farce! MLS will have a hard time living down this embarrassment of a tournament.
  3. From what I've seen, I think he can excel in both roles. He's a big body, but not shy on athleticism or work rate. He's also got decent skill on the ball. He's got all the tools, he just needs the opportunity to put them to meaningful use. When the opportunity comes, it'll be up to him to grab on to it.
  4. If MLS doesn't come back, and I can't imagine it will, missing 3 matches in the heart of Covid country won't have set back Lucas any more than any of the other players in MLS.
  5. What did he talk about? I don't think I can access the interview from overseas. TSN usually blocks all its content outside of Canada.
  6. I don't think there's much to learn about either of those players from this tournament. As long as those extra minutes flow on to some of the younger, Canadian players, this is a net gain for us. Hopefully, Bair and Fraser, in particular, make it impossible to ignore them after their performances there.
  7. How clever of them to have packed a spare. 😆
  8. It's a ******** tournament, so winning and losing won't matter much. Bair getting a clear run in the team as the man up front is great under the circumstances. If he performs, he can keep the spot.
  9. Like I said before, you really need to take a break from posting.
  10. I don't even know what this means. 🙄
  11. Don't short change yourself. Are you from east London?
  12. I hear therapy can be good for some people.
  13. You really should take a break from here, guy.
  14. If you put Everton, 'Gladbach, Lille, and Anderlecht together in a Europa League group, Lille would be decent odds to finish bottom. That's today, not even considering the other three clubs' historical records, all of which leave Lille's very much in the dust. There's no measure that puts Lille ahead of Everton or 'Gladbach. Only current strength of domestic league would have them ahead of Anderlecht.
  15. An absolutely ridiculous statement from someone who clearly has no clue about the histories of Everton, Borussia Moenchengladbach, or Anderlecht.
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