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  1. I don't see how Kovacs makes it to the end of the season. Hopefully he's gone before the end of November, which will give the new guy time to assess things and everyone can then make an informed decision on a January loan.
  2. The blow back that you're receiving is entirely down to the fact that you're suggesting that there was some amount of calculation involved when MAK went down, then left the game. It's a ludicrous accusation simply because it's based on the idea that playing on after a hamstring injury was a possibility. The fact that you still seem to think an upcoming club match was a contributing factor in the decision to make the sub is what makes me question whether you've any actual playing experience. Once his hammy went, MAK had to be subbed, no question. Whether he had upcoming club matches, however important, was irrelevant. If the same thing happened to, say, Cornelius in a recent Whitecaps' match, suggesting that he'd subbed himself to preserve himself for Canada would be similarly daft because it wilfully overlooks what is and isn't actually possible with a pulled hamstring. Club/country considerations play no part.
  3. I'm going to guess from your theorising here that you've never played sports. Everyone watching could see that MAK's hammy went when he was running at low speed, just before he burst into a sprint. It was very fortunate that he stopped his run early, meaning that a strain didn't turn into a full-blown tear. That's the difference between still being able to walk and jog lightly and being on crutches for a week, or two. It's the difference between a week, or two, out rather than 4-6 weeks out. As others have already said, there's no way you can play through a hamstring injury.
  4. CSA Twitter has Brienza, from the Whitecaps' academy, with our goal.
  5. In 2 1/2 weeks, he'll actually be old enough to enjoy a beer freely in Vancouver! 🙂
  6. Would these qualification matches even come up before the June cut-off for the Hex?
  7. Do I get a royalty now every time somebody uses Crepeau as a verb? 😛
  8. Yeah. I can't believe that Herdman took the cheapo option of selecting Fraser over Shome when WJ dropped out. 😄
  9. You called it, and stuck to your swagger in the face of some mild ridicule. Enjoy it.
  10. Does Cav's injury time goal potentially open up the possibility of us going through with a single goal lost in Orlando?
  11. I just tweeted both TSN and Sportsnet asking about broadcasting next month's match. I think everybody else should, too.
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