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  1. In my experience, half the people in the Southside don't know a football from their *******.
  2. I was at nearly every home match from '88 through 2001, and again in '04 and '05. After the initial boom in the CSL dynasty days, when they'd regularly pull 7k plus, standing room-only crowds, they rarely sold out, even when Seattle, Portland, Toronto, or Montreal were in town. Even when they did sell out, there were never massive numbers being shut out. In my recollection, the biggest crowds during this period were the SJ friendly, when Beardsley came back, and the first Voyageurs Cup match against TFC, when the 'Caps won 2-nil. Nobody can argue the cold, hard fact that attendance more than quadrupled overnight once the Whitecaps jumped to MLS.
  3. Que? Are you suggesting that there were 10,000 wanting to attend 'Caps matches in the A League/USL/NASL days who couldn't get in due to the lower capacity?
  4. Back in April, I watched the Whitecaps' development squad play against an experienced, 6th-tier team in South London. They were outplayed (read, bullied) for much of the 90 minutes, but still won 1-nil. It was the night that I knew that Kam Habibullah was going to be a star and that Simon Colyn probably won't. I saw with my own eyes what a physical specimen, and on-pitch workhorse Theo Bair is. Amongst all that, Patrick Metcalfe was the standout player for the 'Caps, even though he was moved around, playing CB in the first half, then as a 6 in the second half. The boy can play. I hope he gets some serious chances.
  5. My reading was that the guy who tweeted the quote, originally, only used the first portion of what Lucas said, then replied with the full quote after it caused some buzz. I don't think Lucas has offered any further comment beyond the video that was shared of him answering the question in Spanish.
  6. If he's involved...whatever. But I don't think there's any truth in the bolded statement. He's no more required than any other former player. Take him, or leave him...no difference.
  7. I'm calling the guy who endlessly speculates negatively on CanPL topics, now calling for restraint on speculating on a positive development the dickhead. But well done on your excellent reading comprehension, there.
  8. So this is the time when it's inappropriate to speculate on something that we know nothing about? Mate, have you seen your posting history? *can someone whom he hasn't put on ignore please quote this so the dickhead might see this. 😉
  9. Unless he has an EU passport, he cannot complete an international transfer to Europe until his 18th birthday.
  10. Seriously? What kind of person picks random numbers out of their ass, then tries to pass it off as some kind of statistical analysis? Maybe you can get yourself a gig with the local chapter of the Flat Earth Society. I've been on this board for about 15 years, and your post might be the stupidest thing I've read here.
  11. I can make my peace with the low road route to qualification. The gradual rise in difficulty in opposition gives it a bit of a Grand Slam tennis tourney feel, assuming that CONCACAF doesn't compound their massive **** up in designing this qualification process in the first place by failing to seed teams through each subsequent round of the B route. If the CSA can break form by scheduling tough friendlies at every available opportunity interspersed through the qualification campaign, we could actually arrive at the climax (the playoffs) better prepared, as a young, developing team, than we would through the hex.
  12. Just to clarify, the full quote is actually, "I am 0% Canadian. I was just born here. I think in Spanish; my culture is Latino. Still, I am proud of my national team and am looking to make history with my country." Doesn't sound as bad in the context of the son of South American immigrants who left Canada as a teenager and has spent more than a decade living in Argentina, Uruguay, and Mexico. A bit dense? Yes. However, taken in full context, and considering that he's laughing and smiling as he says it, not as big a deal as some are making it.
  13. If we're plucking one player from Toronto's roster, I'm going for Fraser, myself.
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