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  1. I'm a bit annoyed by the lack of urgency to go get a third. We're in tough to top the group without it.
  2. We need one more to carry an advantage into the last group game against the Dutch.
  3. We carried so much possession in that first half, but I feel that our left side is flattering to deceive, thus far. Beckie and Lawrence have failed to turn any of their many openings into properly dangerous balls into the box. Off the right, we're not taking any risks with penetrating forward passes, choosing to recycle possession, instead. The Kiwis should tire in the 2nd half if the same patterns of play continue in the second half.
  4. With regards to the offside law, 'gaining an advantage' is only applicable where a shot comes back off the goal posts or from a deliberate save by a defender (including the goalkeeper).
  5. Why do you insist on coming here again and again to embarrass yourself. Get a ******* clue, mate.
  6. ^That's right. Summer soccer in BC is just a way to stay in shape for the real season, which runs from September through March/April.
  7. Most of the main London clubs train off the tube map. That being said, Arsenal and Watford have their training facilities directly beside each other in St Albans, NW of London. Not sure how many direct loans there have been between the two clubs, though.
  8. QPR single game tickets were a flat 35 pounds a couple of years ago.
  9. The guy I quoted wants suspensions for players retrospectively deemed to have dived. This is despite the offence only meriting a yellow card when called by the match referee in real time. That's putting it on par with 1 and 3.
  10. The correct decision on the penalty call would have been a yellow card. For it to be correctly called a red card offence, the referee would have had to determine both that the GK was not attempting to play the ball on the play and that none of the three remaining defenders within a yard of the ball could have possibly made a successful intervention. Based on two viewings of the highlights package, I have to question this particular referee's competence for the job.
  11. It's ridiculous that people in Canada, the US, and the UK continue to put number 2 on a par with 1 and 3.
  12. So, you're in the 'do whatever the **** you feel like and to hell with how it negatively affects anyone else' camp? Good for you.
  13. If you prefer to have a wank in the stadium while the match is on, which is basically what you're doing when you insist on waving your flag throughout the game, that says a lot more about you. Nobody is there to see you. They're there to see the players. Flags, banners, and scarves are great before the match, or after, if the occasion warrants, but if you're not watching the game, why the hell are you there?
  14. I guess if wanting to see the actual game I paid to watch rather than the back of some dickhead's flag in front of me makes me old, I'm happy to wear it. Ask yourself what would happen to you if you tried to wave a flag on the Kop after the match kicked off.
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