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Iain Hume


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I've always been a supporter of Iain Hume and am happy he has been chosen. He is one player that you know will give you every thing he has. He will not be phased at all by the magnitude of the match and he'll settle down the younger players. 

He could definitely be a difference maker late in the match. 

Really hope he's considered. 

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When he first moved to Spain many of us were surprised about his move and couldn't believe a player could make that big of a jump from the Indian league to the Spanish second division. I think we all know now that that big of a jump is extremely unlikely to do.

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20 hours ago, shermanator said:

Had a feeling Hume would be back in India this year,

...because he signed on for another back in January/February?

On 2/1/2016 at 5:25 PM, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

Humey has signed with the ISL's Kolkata for 2016. He even confirmed it on twitter.


The 2014 season started on October 12th. The 2015 season started on October 3rd. 2016 should be similar.

The question is what is he doing between February 7th (the day after the end of Camp Poutine) and the ISL in the Autumn?

MLS? NASL (Please sign with the Fury!)? Unattached FC?

We wanted him on a two month contract at the Fury so he would be fit for San Pedro Sula. Only Hutchinson, Hainault & Hume (out of our current active players) have scored in SPS.

Actually now that I think about it, a player with a last name starting in "H" has scored the last three times. In September I call one of Henry, Haber, Hoilett (or even Hamilton, in the unlikely event he gets the call) to score. :P

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Hume did not have success in Spain, he did not score relevant goals and his club went down. But he played, with this last coach at least, started a few matches. So all power to him. I think it had to be an interesting experience for a guy his age, though going to a relegation threatened team with 4 months left in the season was always going to be tough.

From what I read and heard he seemed to have had a good experience, I am sure he was able to talk about a lot of it with Floro and his son, with Julian, last camp.

If there was any doubt about the level comparison. Good players seem to go to India for their season, but if he is scoring almost a goal a game there, and nothing in Spain 2nd tier, it is because the level difference is very high. 

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Hume is adamant that he holds his Scottish roots close to his heart but his decision to represent Canada was a logical no-brainer. 

'How many lower-league footballers have played for Scotland', he jokes. 

'You can probably count them on one hand over the last 15 years, anyone below the Championship really. But for me, I'm Canadian! I'm Scottish-born and I love the country and I've so many friends and family up there. But in my heart I'm Canadian. Always have been, always will be. 

'So it was an easy option. On the broader scheme of things, the way I looked at it was: What opportunity would I get to play international games? Do I get one Scotland cap and then stop or do I get 45-50 odd caps for Canada and have a good career from it. 

'So it was an easy option at the time and looking back at it, I still think it was the correct decision. I'm proud to have played for Canada and just wish I had played a little bit more', he expressed. 

Interesting quote from Hume. Have a feeling this type of decision is what our dual nationals face. Play more international games for Canada, or play a few for a more prestigious side?

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On 1/18/2017 at 5:27 PM, Unnamed Trialist said:

Nice article come out just now about his time in India, and his career, and Canada:


"I'm proud to have played for Canada and just wish I had played a little bit more"

He really should have seen the pitch more for us than he did.  Our formation worked against him.  One wonders what Humey might have done for us had he been given the responsibility and minutes of DeRosario for example.  

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Hume's current club, FC Pune City, are in financial trouble and are behind on paying their players and staff. Hume petitioned the All Indian Football Federation regarding his unpaid wages. An agreement is now in place to pay Hume in two installments, but I doubt he will be returning to the club in the fall.


I would love to see him play in the CPL.

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