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  1. The topic is about the Olympic Qualifying. Start another thread to discuss other topics.
  2. As reported by the BBC https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49925779
  3. For me going to the Champions League is huge. Now the work begins to reshape this franchise. Getting rid of the dead wood management of DeSantis and company was a good first step.
  4. No TV but can be heard on French Radio @98.5 in Montreal (https://onlineradiobox.com/ca/985fm/), No English radio . but available online at onesoccer.ca Odds at bet365 TFC 1.40 4.33 7.00 MTL
  5. Wow waving the white flag quicker than France in WW2. This team is just too painful to watch. I guess I should be grateful that the Voyageur Cup games are not on TV.
  6. According to TVA sports DeSantis is out the door as well.
  7. I turned off the TV when the penalty was awarded, Morgan deserved a yellow card.
  8. I liked Morgan when she first came up years ago, now I think she she is just a stupid ***t.
  9. I was praying to have Beckie substituted out early as she was pathetic. Fleming still too raw to make an impact. Coach didn't believe in his bench or didn't have the brain to make subs. We all knew this team lacked scoring punch with Beckie, Sinclair, Prince. Why the coach didn't use Rose and Leon more is a mystery.
  10. It was a penalty (the ball moved forward and the player was tackled thus the call). keeper broke the rule thus the retake, Scotland BLEW a 3 goal lead. They must blame themselves.
  11. Women;s FA cup Final West Ham's Leon faces Man City's Beckie at Wembly today. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48108907
  12. Great day for Canadian Soccer. I was very entertained by this match and looking forward to seeing expansion into Quebec one day.
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