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  1. This convesation went as follows You: Victoria is a meh media market Me: It is part of the 3rd largest in the country You: NO Me: Yea it's dumb but industry sees it that way You: That doesn't count Me: It's what most organization look at. It's dumb but it's a thing You: NO. FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE TRUMPS ANY MEDIA RESEARCH FIRM Like shit you're just attacking for the sake of attacking rather than just acknowledging that that fact exists. I've worked in this section and nationally and internationally they are looked at as a single market when discussing TV and radio. They 100% did their homework and it is something they are aware of.
  2. dmas are also used for advertising which is a massive part of sport. at this point I actually just think you're trying to find any excuse to be a big man like you do often. do you actually think the cpl and mediapro are not looking at markets and considering that?
  3. I'm counting that as part of it similar to pregame ceremony.
  4. different degrees of fans. for some, i see no real issue with casual fans being late but do see an issue with adjusting start times. movies don't do it
  5. yea no. the source on that is think tv, a toronto based research firm who are considered a canadian version of nielsen in many regards. again the definition is stupid (same for hamilton being included with toronto) but it is the industry view.
  6. dude you're acting like i'm hiding the discount which my opening post fully acknowledged. i pointed it out because we compared a home opener to a standard game (which isn't exactly like with like)
  7. true but that really doesn't change it was the #1 attended game.
  8. yes and their weekday game beat all cpl games this week. i know they had deals for tix, but that still counts lol
  9. also issey who has been a sub for them so far this year. none of the massive signings they made have panned out how anyone thought they would so far
  10. There have been a few things I've been like this move does not make sense, kinda 50/50 on including this one Agree on at least a double header for Saturday
  11. @Ansem just regarding cost, in the case of OneSoccer, I do think time was more of a factor. Like you said get what you pay for and a rush job would likely have sucked, from what I've heard MediaPro largely took over the original CPL plan late in the game. They have the funds but did not have reasonable time. I do think going into the season without even an official French blog was stupid (again 20% of the country) and somewhat harmful to the image.
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