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  1. Sorry, I guess it is cacancelled for the competition licence. I am watching from Argentina.
  2. Well, watch the youtube COncacaf feed, the commentary is minimal if clched, and no commercials. Good stream.
  3. ask to put on the CONCACAF stream on yoube>
  4. For thse of you looking for a reliable stream (especially for people outside of Canada like me) here is the link below to the Concacaf feed on youtbe, No commercials, lots of replays and relatively fair comments considering the announcers have been American and they say nothing bad about CONCACAF.
  5. best> concacaf feed on youtube
  6. There are so many problems here in South America, especially with football. Football is corrupt and poorly organized. Anyone who knows how the Copa America is mishandled (I have been to several, all terrible fiascos in terms of match organization and all associated with them) laughs at the idea of a 2030 World Cup here. I agree that conmembol does not want its baby Copa America touched by probing jurisdictions. 2030 going to either Spain/Portugal or Britain/Ireland. Poor Ireland has to deal with a clumsy Britain, so if I were a betting man, I would say the Iberica peninsula.
  7. Miller grew into it, very weak at the beginning, strong from the middle to the end.
  8. well Fox sports has it on one of their channels, and there is free youtube streaming
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