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  1. Looking forward to a rematch of the 2012 semifinal!! We will get them this time!
  2. I agree there were some close ones, but I thought Gilles had a great game. She didn't get burned liked Zadorsky did in earlier games and created the best chance in the second half. Her penalty kick was surprisingly good.
  3. Here's hoping our familiarity with them will work in our favour. Honestly, it is probably the best quarterfinal opponent to be drawn against.
  4. Canada with so many cheap giveaways in midfield. They also look totally lost in the final third.
  5. Same here. The checkout screen just shows the spinning wheel and no confirmation e-mail. However, it appears to have gone through as there is a pending charge on my visa.
  6. Simeon Jackson scored two goals for King's Lynn in their final game of the season which was a 4-4 draw with Aldershot Town. In the end, Jackson played 17 games for King's Lynn and scored 6 goals (5 of the goals coming in the last 4 games of the season).
  7. Here is the squad for the camp. 28 players named, so 10 of them will not be going to the Olympics.
  8. Here is the squad for the camp. 28 players named, so 10 of them will not be going to the Olympics.
  9. ESPN has listed Huitema as #4 on their first ever Top 21 under 21 list: https://www.espn.com/soccer/blog-espn-fc-united/story/4381107/macariohuitemarodman-among-the-21-best-female-players-age-21-or-under
  10. Here's a nice feature on David based on an interview with his parents. Includes comments on being called up to Canada by Herdman: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/david-wotherspoons-story-told-through-24171466
  11. Here's my experience with Atletico Ottawa. Since it was our first season, no one had season tickets yet. Instead, we were told our deposits for season tickets would be deferred until the 2021 season. We could get the OneSoccer package if we signed up for The Collective. If we did, the One Soccer membership would expire at the end of 2020. However, in practice, the expiration dates seem to be all over the place. Some posters here said there's lasted until April. Personally, my expiration date is set for August 2021 (basically one year after I signed up for The Collective). My guess for 2021, is they don't want to commit it to season tickets until they know if they will be playing in a bubble again and offer the OneSoccer subscription as part of a new Collective package.
  12. Yes, squad of 18 and two of them must be goalkeepers. 4 alternates can also be named to the squad. https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/regulations-for-the-olympic-football-tournaments.pdf?cloudid=vpmqxgj1z19zqwirsz3t
  13. Isn't IMG in Bradenton our home stadium now anyway?
  14. Detailed article about Leon's injury (likely happened to her weeks ago and was aggravated during the game against the USA). Also talks about playing for West Ham and living in London with Zadorsky. https://www.tsn.ca/canadian-forward-adriana-leon-on-comeback-trail-after-foot-surgery-1.1612325
  15. A nice little BBC article on Davies: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/56507473
  16. It's goal difference, goals scored, then head-to-head. https://www.concacaf.com/en/olympics-qualifying-men/regulations
  17. In case others are wondering what the order is for tie-breakers in the group stage... According to the tournament regulations, ranking is determined by: a) points b) goal difference in all group matches c) goals scored in all group matches d) points obtained in head-to-head https://www.concacaf.com/en/olympics-qualifying-men/regulations
  18. Looks like if you want to watch Arfield in the SPL, you can now do so on the OneFootball app. OneFootball has struck a deal with the SPL and games for the rest of this season will be free to stream on their app for those in Canada. The first match they will stream is the Old Firm derby this weekend. After that, it appears that only two select matches per day will be available in Canada, so not sure if we will be able to see Ross County games or not. https://onefootball.com/en/news/watch-spfl-inc-celtic-v-rangers-live-on-onefootball-32605346 https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/onefootball-spfl-scottish-premiership-streaming-rights-deal-celtic-rangers
  19. I expect we will see Hoilett play in the upcoming WCQ. In the past 13 games since Mick McCarthy took over as manager, Hoilett has: started 1 game (the first one where he was taken off after 50 minutes), missed 4 because of injury, and played 0 minutes off the bench. He clearly doesn't fit into McCarthy's preferred formation, so I don't think Cardiff will miss him. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/unluckiest-players-cardiff-city-fierce-20099171
  20. Leon is out for the rest of the 2020/21 WSL season after having surgery on her foot. No recovery timeline is provided, so she may or may not be available for the Olympics. https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2021/march/16-march/team-news-leon-joel-arnold-and-kiernan
  21. I was starting to wonder if Fisk wasn't returning since the team was taking so long to announce anything. Nacho isn't coming back either. So, no goalies from last season are returning. Here's a list of all the players AO announced today that won't be returning for the 2021 season: https://atleticoottawa.canpl.ca/article/atletico-ottawa-roster-update 1 GK Nacho Zabal Contract expired February 26, 2021 [7] 9 MF Mohamed Kourouma Contract expired February 26, 2021 [7] 10 MF Ben Fisk Contract expired February 26, 2021 [7] 12 DF Michel Djaozandry Contract expired February 26, 2021 [7] 14 DF Jarred Phillips Contract expired February 26, 2021 [7] 30 GK Horace Sobze Zemo Contract expired February 26, 2021 [7] 42 MF Matteo de Brienne Contract expired February 26, 2021 [7]
  22. Here's the order for tiebreakers for Ligue 1: 1) Points; 2) Goal difference; 3) Goals scored; 4) Head-to-head goal difference; 5) Fairplay ranking
  23. Herdman has more or less confirmed that Scotty will only receive a call-up to the CMNT for the "big games". Herdman notes that it is a combination of his age, family issues, and wanting to win the title with Rangers. Safe to say, Scotty won't be playing Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/scott-arfield-reaches-rangers-canada-23475200
  24. Hadn't noticed that Argentina replaced Japan in the tournament. That improves Canada's chances of not finishing last! https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2021/01/argentina-replaces-japan-at-2021-shebelieves-cup-presented-by-visa
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