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  1. I only got to see him at the end of his career, but when and why was he moved from FW to CB?
  2. Do people simply not rate Godinho? If I had to choose between the two I'm going Godinho.
  3. I mean I don't think it's a question of being outbid. It seems like no companies were interested in a kit sponsorship deal with Pacific, York 9, HFX, Valour and FCE.
  4. Eustaquio isn't really crucial. Maybe that's the plan but he played 1 game for them and then got hurt. We don't know how big of an influence he will be for Cruz Azul. edit: oops nevermind you were talking about Wil Trapp.
  5. I personally hate it. The number 9 is one of those numbers that should always be available.
  6. So looks like HFX, York and Pacific were unable to secure sponsors. That's disappointing. York especially, just use the GreenPark Group logo.
  7. fun fact Greenpark group (Balderssara's company) has abysmal reviews for a construction company.
  8. If York 9 was unable to get an actual sponsor that's a joke considering they're owned by Balderssarra who is loaded. Just put your own company logo on the team damn.
  9. i love that it's not the Macron wordmark, but just the little dude being all happy instead (I assume it's a little dude being all happy)
  10. Are there any people in Newfoundland who could conceivably be a CPL team owner?
  11. And it was brutal. the 2015 GC was the height of Floroball.
  12. I had a chance to ask Vic about the GC ever being hosted completely in Canada or somewhere else and he straight up said no. Co-hosting is fine but ultimately it's a joke the US and Mexico have a homefield advantage at every tourney. And this current co-hosting is kind of dumb because it's not like Mexico will have to play in Jamaica or anything like that.
  13. A number of people have been saying Cavalluzzo is retiring.
  14. It's a two way street when it comes to venue hosting. Do places like Halifax or Calgary want to host Canada matches? I don't know if the stadium owners have indicated that they are interested in doing more than just CPL matches.
  15. I believe if you are a young immigrant and come up through the basque soccer system you are considered basque and Bilbao-eligible by their standards.
  16. Bona and Schaale are officially signed. Schaale is very highly rated. The FromAways dudes raved about him. Is Bona starting his pro career at the age of 29?
  17. I really like Trafford and It's unfortunate because he was on the up after his great seasons in Finland but his move to Korona Kielce was horrible. Stalled his development and now it remains to be seen if he'll get out of second division Scotland.
  18. He was, but at the same time we weren't really tested.
  19. I love how every photo of Guti he looks like a deer caught in headlights.
  20. I personally don't see him coming back. His situation reminds me of Stu Holden who rehabbed for so long then came back and in hist first game re-tore his knee. I think Ferreira is done.
  21. Our starting 3 in MF when everyone is healthy is Oso-Hutch-Arfield. An Argument can be made for Kaye especially coming up soon but for now that's what Herdman seems to be trending towards. This insinuation that he has nothing to offer Canada is flat-out wrong.
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