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  1. While I’m here, perhaps I should give an update on the supporters scene in Calgary, since this is supposed to be a Canadian soccer supporters board. The scene is thriving in Calgary, and has surpassed any expectations I could have dreamt up before the season started. Although we don’t have official membership in the Foot Soldiers, we’ve gone from about 25 people last year to over 350. Not only do we have section 200 sold out every game, but the supporters scene has grown into sections 201 and 109, which have become pseudo supporters sections on their own. We’ve gone from having me try to drag people out to talk banners and flags, to people designing and bringing their own made on their own time. There is a real buzz around this club and around the atmosphere in the stadium. I would argue that Cavalry has the loudest supporters scene in the CPL right now (though I hear great things about Halifax, Hamilton and Winnipeg), and games such as those against the Whitecaps are making people take notice. Even the main grandstand is loud. Last year I would have watched the Voyageurs Cup on my couch, this year we packed a bar to the brim. And the scene after the final whistle was incredible! I think we’re slowly but surely turning Calgary into a soccer city...
  2. Hi there... This is true, I do find myself getting in arguments in multiple places. I left Reddit because I didn’t appreciate Pat Carrasco calling me a faggot in DMs. I left Discord because I didn’t appreciate people accusing me of being a club lapdog for not protesting the ticket prices (when my season ticket was $18 a game). And I left this board because I was tired of the negativity; the constant one sided argument from certain posters that this new league would fail from the get go because it is a Canadian league. I’ve given my reasons why people like me who are so engrained in the supporters scene in CPL cities are staying away in the past. Looking through some of the threads today it appears nothing has changed; it’s still a few nutters dominating the discussion with some decent posters occasionally popping in to threads.
  3. Just getting back into town after a fantastic weekend in Vancouver. Going to the game live, and meeting many Voyageurs from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan (in addition to reacquainting with others) really renewed my desire to support the national team in the stands. It's so great to see the great times everyone has with each other in person, in contrast to this site where it feels like negativity rules the world.
  4. This post brought to you by a man who was addicted to crack cocaine...
  5. **** right off with this comment. You don't know a damn thing about what the supporters in Calgary are saying.
  6. I promised myself I wouldn't post on this board again once 2019 rolled around, because, well what's the point? But I figured I would log in and give myself as evidence to the fact that posters like BBTB are driving away good people from this board. Those of us who are trying to make the CPL, and the supporters scene, successful in CPL cities. I don't know whether I would consider myself a good poster; I happen to still have the highest number of "likes" despite rarely posting for the last 18 months, but that is not really the point here. It is famously said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That is the case here. If you do not get rid of posters like BBTB, you will never get the discussion back to where it could be. And to show what is going on in the real world, outside of this board, here's what myself and 5 other guys in Calgary have turned the supporters scene into in 4 years. We've gone from 6, to 62 (by my latest count), in the span of 4 years. All unabashed supporters of watching local players suit up to play in a Canadian league.
  7. An update on the stadium from CTV: https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/construction-underway-on-new-soccer-stadium-at-spruce-meadows-ahead-of-cpl-launch-1.4232797 And a few renders of the new stadium from the video in the segment:
  8. Here's a great in-depth interview with everyone's favourite PDL level talent, Nik Ledgerwood and Marco Carducci.
  9. I'll save you from having to search.... BBTB is a ****.
  10. As is tradition, those of us in Alberta can continue to hate Ottawa in 2019.
  11. For anyone who wants CPL clubs to offer more money to players, thus attracting better players to CPL, are you prepared to open your wallets to make that a reality?
  12. A lot of people will argue that you should shut the **** up already.
  13. Interesting. What else are you able to pull about the inner workings of the relationship between Cavalry and their supporters group online? And how will you skew that to fit your narrative that this league will be a failure in Calgary?
  14. Accommodations booked. Looking forward to crashing with @OnkelDal @HaliCanuck and possibly @ESG Shawn. ALBERTA REPRESENT!
  15. It's cute that you think you know what's going on in Calgary, BBTB...
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