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  1. First goal for Canada against Mexico at the Azteca in 40 years. Canada have looked dominant since Herdman switched from a 4-4-2 to a 4-5-1 around the 25 minute mark. Jump on the Herdman rocketship were going to the moon...
  2. An uptick to what, 1000? FC Edmonton games are an absolutely terrible experience. Unless you're a Forge supporter looking to sneak in an away day you likely wouldn't do on its own, I dont see much reason to catch this match.
  3. There is a lot of interest from people in Calgary in making the trip. I will be making the drive up from Calgary for the November 12 game.
  4. It's almost like many on this board don't give a crap about supporting a domestic professional league, and instead choose to rely on those of us in the local SGs to make it feasible.
  5. I would be very worried about Edmonton. This is not just the expected decrease in attendance due to COVID or bad weather. This is the result of a completely apathetic fan base that is rejecting this club in droves. The rumours I hear from people say Fath is desperate to sell and has no takers. Which should not be a surprise given FC Edmonton is a club with a losing brand, a few hundred season ticket holders, playing out of a rented high school football stadium. It does not have any tangible value. Last night people were comparing the current treatment to the Calgary Storm / Mustangs during the Michael Vandale years, without Fath pulling the plug mid season. FC Edmonton can be saved, but it will take a lot of hard work by the management of the club to get butts in seats again. I don't think they want to put that kind of effort in though.
  6. Attendance in Calgary today: 3489. That's a big jump over the first 3 home games, and more in line with what the club drew on Sundays in 2019.
  7. Calgary Foothills have announced that they are spearheading efforts to launch a new national women's soccer league. Sounds like an amateur regional based league to start with a transition to a professional league as the money allows. Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/8122537/canadian-womens-soccer-league-calgary-push
  8. So since my post on Reddit got dragged in here I figure I should explain. I think everyone here should be very worried about FC Edmonton right now. IMO, we are watching the club die before our eyes. I don't think it should be a surprise that attendance is down. In other markets, we are seeing an expected drop in attendance due to the pandemic, and the 4th wave that is either inevitable, already here, or fake news depending on who you speak to. Everyone has a different risk tolerance. Speaking to Calgary, I think most are surprised with how many people are showing up; crowds in the range of 2394 - 2459 on weeknights and Sunday afternoons is a pretty good floor given what has happened in the last 18 months. The supporters scene, which was having somewhat of a snowball effect going into 2020 and saw that momentum hit a wall is now seeing that momentum pick up again. However, in Edmonton, I think there is more going on. The attendances we are seeing are the results of a club that was never a big draw, that is now seeing people begin to get apathetic after 10 years of a poor game day experience, a losing team on the pitch, a front office that doesn't care about supporters, a lost year, and now an owner that seems to be scaling back the spending to no more than the bare minimum. COVID is a factor too, of course. Remember that when FC Edmonton relaunched in 2018, Tom Fath proclaimed that the rivalry between Cavalry and Edmonton would help them draw well. Yet, I have Edmonton supporters sending me videos of a dead silent RVV during Sunday's game. When it was 0-0. People in Edmonton's supporters scene are moving into the apathetic stage, and these are supposed to be the hardcores. Perhaps with their new President, they can reverse this trend going into the 2022. Given the track record of past GM's with this club, I wouldn't expect much.
  9. Great shot of the Foot Soldiers from last night's game. Courtesy from Jim Wells of Postmedia. It was so damn good to be back in the stands. I inhaled a lot of smoke last night.
  10. Guess I have to come in with some actual facts again. Spruce Meadows limited capacity to 50%. And what a surprise to see that the stadium was about 50% full. https://calgarysun.com/sports/soccer/cavalry-give-fans-what-they-want-win-in-first-home-game-since-2019
  11. Herdman has the national team fucking with their cocks, that's for sure.
  12. In anticipation of this hotly contested match, I hope the players use the wise words of a former manager for inspiration... "You fuck with your cock".
  13. Ha, don't make me rant about this place.
  14. I think you mean the 2018 Topps Stadium Club? It seems to be his preferred rookie to 2018 Topps. Not sure why to be honest.
  15. You see, you have to get on the Davies bandwagon before sports cards blow up...
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