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  1. Yes really. I did not have a good interaction with him at all, although to be fair it was brief. Sounds like yours went well though.
  2. Agreed on that front. I would argue interest in the national team has never been higher in Calgary, at least since I have been following them. You can also get rational conversation on the national team, and Cavalry, in many more places now. There's more Cavalry talk on CalgaryPuck then there ever will be here. If Adekugbe does end up at Valerenga than I agree centre mid will need work. Based on who is signed right now, I think the spine of the team looks pretty strong. They still only have 12 players announced, so lots of roster space for depth in these areas. When you build the supporters scene from scratch in a CPL city, you can get more information than is publicly available. This came directly from someone at the club in conversation during our supporters event before the second leg. Sometimes when the pints flow, the information flows as well. Cavalry are definitely keeping things tightlipped this offseason though. I genuinely have no idea who will be on this team in 3 months. And I am totally fine with that. Speaking of, that event was a tremendous success. Chatting with David Clanachan, Paul Beirne, Bob Young, Tom Fath, Derek Martin, Ben Fisk, Andi Petrillo, and supporters from all over the country made me think this league is in good hands. Chatting with Kurt Larson was less fun, although I must give him credit for offering to combine our event and the OneSoccer panel early on. Chatting with Gareth Wheeler I would not recommend.
  3. I'll try and contribute something to this thread before going away for a few more months, forgetting why I hate this board, and coming back. Attacking mid is not something that is lacking right now on this squad. Camargo (particularly in the Spring) and Minatel (when Camargo was injured in the Fall) both excelled in a #10 role for large stretches of the season. Pepple can play there as well and Adekugbe in a pinch, although I don't believe he has playing at attacking mid since 2015 with Foothills. What this team is desperately needing are wingers and full backs. Escalante is all but gone. Pasquotti is rumoured to be going elsewhere. Serban and Northover are coming off ACL tears. Hamilton needs another year of seasoning. Fakunle is not up to the standards of the CPL. Mavila has not been signed, although I imagine there is a mutual interest in his return. I'm sure most of these players will be back, but there is still a fairly large hole in the squad there. I don't think Bustos would really add much to the Cavalry squad that isn't already there. When he's on his game, he's one of the best offensive talents in the league. When he's not, he might as well be watching the game on TV. His inconsistencies from game to game diminish any return you get on the offensive side. It's why despite having the talent to make a better league such as MLS, he has not. In addition, there is the cost. Bustos is going to command top dollar in the CPL. Cavalry not only are not willing to spend that kind of money on a single player (they did not have a single player in the top 10 in salaries last year), but they have many players who excelled and will want a raise, which will inevitably lead to some of these players leaving the club. Signing Bustos would hamstring Cavalry's ability to address their needs out wide, while taking far too large a salary than he is worth, at least in my opinion.
  4. An evening of being lectured by an art critic on how my cock isn't Spanish enough. Sounds fun!
  5. You're cute when you pretend to be outraged.
  6. You should read the entirety of my post regarding Malonga, rather than cherry pick one piece of the reasoning. He did not want to be in Calgary. This was evident not only in his play on the pitch but in how he conducted himself off the pitch at club events and the aforementioned way he interacted with supporters. His goals will be missed, but his goals are also very replaceable. All but one of them were headed efforts in the box, scrambles in front of goal, or penalties. I would argue Minatel was a much more reliable and versatile attacker over the course of the fall season.
  7. Ugh, I can't even pop in and give a little insight into the Calgary supporters scene without the parrot showing up immediately after and saying something stupid.
  8. Actually, most supporters in Calgary will be happy to see Malonga go. We're very excited for the addition of Cordova and to see Pepple get an extended run of games. Yes, Malonga was second in the league in goals, but he rarely gave any effort on the pitch, and not once even looked at the supporters after a game. If he put in the effort of Jordan Brown he would have won the Golden Boot by a large margin. And he single handedly cost us the finals with his botched chances in the second leg. I know he was very homesick over the course of the season with his family back in Europe. The one game where his family was in Calgary, he scored two, had another incorrectly ruled off for offside, and hit the bar.
  9. This "soft and weak millennial" built a 400 person supporters group from scratch in a city that had no supporters presence in 2015. I'll make people here a deal. The day Ozzie is banned, I will come back and post on a regular basis. And constructive conversation, not just the mudflinging I've been doing over the last year because I know nothing will happen. I'd like to think that the person running a CPL supporters group in a city that has limited presence on this board would be more valuable to the conversation than someone who counts butts in seats at every CPL game and waits for the league to fail. Maybe that's just my entitled millennial self though...
  10. Don't kid yourself. Numerous posters I know have quit this board because of BBTB/Ozzie. Not one person in the Calgary supporters scene is here, unless we count @Obinna who isn't in the supporters scene but attends games. I only come back here when I find it is imperative to counter BBTB/Ozzie's negativity with actual information. The ignore function doesn't work when they dominate the discussion. The only answer is a ban, but that very clearly isn't happening. And that is why this place is a lost cause to so many who are actually supporting this game in the stands. And as much as censorship should be discouraged, that does not mean its occasional use cannot be a benefit. When trying to build any organization, there will be people who will be barriers to the growth of that group, even if they not broken any rules. If you let those people be barriers then you will fail. I've had to do it in my own supporters group. And if you haven't noticed we've had about 2000% growth in the last year.
  11. As usual I have to correct the biggest ******* idiot in the Canadian soccer scene with what's actually going on in Calgary. Rather than say "no large downward adjustment on prices" you should actually say "big downward adjustment on prices in the main grandstand with reasonable price increases in the supporters section to compensate". I even made a spreadsheet to compare the two.
  12. "Hate me cause they ain't me" - John Herdman, probably.
  13. Are people here supporters of this league? Or are they just here to overanalyze every minute aspect of the league while people like me try and make it work with our wallets? If you claim to be a supporter of this league, and you are not contributing to the financial health of the league via spending your money on the product (whether it be tickets, merchandise, a subscription to OneSoccer, etc), then you are a part of the problem. End of story.
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