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  1. Catching up on the thread. This was posted 10 minutes before THE goal. For some reason I can't wipe this smile of my face!!
  2. According to Gazzetta, last season Insigne made 4.5 million Euros NET (after tax).
  3. Would love to go, but can't get in the stadium as I am not vaccinated.
  4. Was watching Canada on OneSoccer on TV through Telus and had the Honduras v Costa Rica game on the laptop streaming fine. When that game ended, I tried to switch to El Salvador v Panama, but I couldn't get it to load. Convinced a buddy to sign up for OneSoccer to watch the match, and he had problems as well. I'm glad they got it up on Youtube quickly.
  5. I have a man crush on this guy!!
  6. F U Covid!! Makes me angry we won't have a full 30,000 to give this team the support they deserve.
  7. I remember Osorio from the dreadful U20 qualifying campaign in 2011. He was one of the few players that showed some quality and composure on the ball. I was always bitter that TFC was able to sign him to a homegrown deal even though he spent 2 years in Uruguay and only a few months in their academy. As an outsider, it seemed to me like a lot of the haters were actually in Toronto. At a time when big names were being signed, there was a sense of favoritism to this local kid who wasn't at the level of his peers. Of course he wasn't...he was developing as a pro. But I didn't envision this growth in him as a player. To me, he seemed like a passenger as Toronto developed into a Championship team. It was that CCL run that changed my mind. He was a major contributor, on the same level as his big name peers. Bravo Jonathan.
  8. And deservedly so. Thinking back to some of the previous qualifiers in Mexico where we could barely possess the ball...the difference between then and now is astonishing.
  9. Crepeau did something wrong? And Borjan has never had gaffes before?
  10. He needs to be better for us, plain and simple.
  11. Nobody is arguing that the EPL isn't the most popular league in Canada. We are arguing why David might decide not to go there!! There are lots of factors for players to consider when making a move: wages, lifestyle, city, coach, playing style, club prestige, taxes, league visibility, etc Going to the EPL just because you may have watched it growing up ins't going to override all of the above.
  12. He also said he really wanted to play in Germany as a next step after Belgium. So lets not take what players say in media interviews as gospel.
  13. If the Voyageurs Cup continues as a single leg competition, I would like to see them copy the old Davis Cup tennis method of determining the host. If the teams have never faced each other in the competition before, flip a coin. Every time they meet after that, you swap.
  14. Another goal for Dario Zanatta as Raith Rovers lead Dunfermline 1-0 early in the second half.
  15. The injury crisis at Besiktas must be pretty serious. Only 6 players on the bench.
  16. masster

    Serie A

    The last few years, Serie A has been great. The old stereotype of boring Italian football is truly dead. As a Fiorentina fan, I am excited to have a squad that might actually challenge for a European position again. And the financial difficulties of Inter and Juve have just made the top of the table more competitive as well.
  17. I guess the suspension for the red does apply to the league. He is not in the squad for their match versus Belenenses today.
  18. I subscribed to Fubo for Serie A. Narduch is correct, you only have access to the 24 hour channel.
  19. Gabriel Boakye signs in Edmonton https://canpl.ca/article/fc-edmonton-sign-forward-gabriel-boakye-for-remainder-of-2021-cpl-season
  20. 90 minutes and a yellow card for Sam Adekugbe as his Hatayspor win 2-0 away from home against Goztepe and now move up to second place in the table (one more game played) behind Besiktas.
  21. He is starting today in the league against St. Gallen.
  22. The kid is going to be 22 next season and needs to be playing week in and week out. There is no shame if that isn't in MLS. He needs to find a club where he will be a regular starter and there are expectations for him to produce.
  23. Starting for Fenerbahce against Eintracht Frankfurt in Europa League on DAZN in case anybody wants to do some scouting.
  24. I was so thankful for OneSoccer last night. A real pregame and post game show. I can't believe how far we have come.
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