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  1. Also that foul called as penalty and then changed looked like it may have been in the box!
  2. David and Ikone up top putting a lot of pressure on. David just drew a red card!
  3. I was surprised to see a Canadian playing on Antigua GFC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marco_Dominguez
  4. My bad. I thought he was a striker.
  5. If he get's to play for the Wolves he is gonna put himself in the Larin vs Cavallini discussion.
  6. Six months ago I thought there was no chance another keeper could be putting pressure on Borjan for the top spot in CMNT, but now the debate is getting close. I would still put Borjan in, but his regular mistakes always worry me.
  7. If I am Liam Fraser I would not want to leave TFC right now. I want to get paid in line with a player that will play regularity off of the bench (200K) and would be hoping to get more playing time just like Osorio and Delgado did over time. If TFC made the financial commitment, then I would trust I would get playing time moving forward. If they wanted to pay me only 100K I'd look for another team. Any move to a similar quality team would leave him further down the depth chart than he is now.
  8. It seems Caldwell is a bit harsh to the Canadian teams regularly. Maybe due to trying not to be a homer. If true, it is actually a positive to see him considering Montreal to be home and TSN not being the Toronto Sports Network.
  9. I think he will be part of many starting lineups for CMNT going forward. Even without COVID and this crazy tournament schedule coming up we will rarely have our best starting 11 after injuries and club commitments.
  10. I just hope the deal doesn't blow up on a Friday. I want to watch Lille on Sunday!
  11. Is C.S. Herediano not on that list? I seem to remember them being in CONCACAF Champions League a lot.
  12. True, I never thought of that. I hope we see some good outcomes from that!
  13. Apparently he was part of the Barca residency and now has signed with NYRB with part of his contract moving to RB Leipzig in 2 years. It is great for the Americans to see a young promising talent playing close to home with his path to Europe well defined. It would have been exciting to see David in MLS at 17 and 18 before moving to Europe. We don't have the Red Bull ownership path here though.
  14. He left Toronto FC academy for Heerenveen and was there for maybe 2 years.
  15. Is there more info on this? Not doubting, just interested.
  16. Mullins is a striker and Nelson is not. Mullins actually puts a lot of hustle into pressuring the other team in end of game situations. I think that is all that Vanney wants from his substitute striker in those situations. He doesn't have a good scoring record for TFC but he has had on other teams in MLS, so Vanney knows he could put one away while making that pressure too. I can't believe I am defending Mullins, but I think he was a good end of game sub in the past few games.
  17. Is this a confirmation like Herdman's Yankov confirmation?
  18. Doesn't look like Marshall-Rutty is in the lineup!
  19. So in tonight's TFC v NE game we could see Jayden Nelson, Marshall-Rutty and Buchanan. That is can't miss TV for me!
  20. I am just poking fun. Your arguments are legit!
  21. 2-3 Mil a year! I hope eventually the whole CPL can do that.
  22. I think @LeoH037 dislikes AJH as much as @Ansem dislikes MLS!
  23. It was said more like that is all he didn't do on the night. He did everything else. If he keeps having those performances and putting shots on net like he did in that game, he will score!
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