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  1. He got a yellow card for elbow to the head of Vidal. That was pretty weak!
  2. How is there no game tonight??? Second day of the tournament and a Friday!
  3. The counterpoint to this argument is that players that have stuck with TFC like Ashtone Morgan, Jay Chapman, Doneil Henry, Jordan Hamilton, Liam Fraser and Ayo Akinola have had arguably more success than players who have left.
  4. TFC lose a lot of their academy kids early! Michael Petrasso, Dylan Carreiro, Keven Alemán, Ricardo Ferreira, Russell Teibert, Sergio Camargo, Marcus Godinho and Tristan Borges to name a few. With Gabriel Pellegrino and potentially Jakhelle Marshall-Rutty leaving you have to wonder why this is happening. Are they trying to force them into contracts to keep control over them and the player doesn't want to make that commitment or do these players just see European leagues as a better route?
  5. Ye there were a bunch of issues with sounds levels and I saw a lot of the mouse cursor on the screen. The good thing is these issues are likely just being the first day live this year with a lot of changes jitters and can be resolved.
  6. I think this was the team Dunfield coached and always bragged about. They won a bunch of tournaments.
  7. I liked the fake stadium except for the one time that it took over the field. It was very annoying how the ball disappears when in the air. I doubt those issues will be resolved this tournament since changes like that could be too much for a live environment. I hope they can at least pin the logos a bit better to their position on the field. Stream quality is good. The feed still crashes sometimes just like last year. Not sure if it is the software they use is unstable or they do not have powerful enough servers for all of us fans.
  8. I think Alessandro Riggi has a chance to be even better than Bustos in this league. i wouldn't write off HFX!
  9. The pressure is on Y9 not to lose to a new team regularly predicted to be last place while being hyped as a potential #1. What if Francisco Acuña is a beast in this league?
  10. This is just the American team with American Vanney trying to get Canadians off his team so he can get more American nephews on the team!
  11. The Leagues cup and Campeones cup are just valuable to fans who want to see big name clubs similar to European clubs coming to NA for friendlies. There is a market for this and a market for fans interested in actual competition.
  12. This was much more thought out than my email.
  13. I emailed them the second image just in case we can see it tonight. It is very low quality so I doubt they will use it.
  14. It would be cool just to see the second one in one of those boxes in the stands, but definitely a custom work would be much better.
  15. The images at https://www.thevoyageurs.org/ are pretty limited now. Maybe this has already been done.
  16. Do we have a decent jpg/gif/png we can send to TheIslandGames[at]canpl[dot]ca. I am not sure what he is saying, but I think they will add the image to the fake stands.
  17. Wasn't somebody trying to get a Voyageurs sign in the stadium?
  18. Didn't Larin play on the wide most of the season in Belgium? Maybe Balotelli's presence wouldn't affect Larin.
  19. Piette will be needed for some games where we don't have our preferred starters. He is still very valuable to the National Team even if he isn't first choice. We should have a lot of games coming up along with Gold Cup (???) next summer. Players will get injured or not want to leave their club team for whatever reason.
  20. Not sure of anything, but this guy is from CBS Sports who I believe are trying to improve their soccer cred after picking up Champions League in the USA.
  21. Jozy on the way out?
  22. Most goals are caused by a mistake by a defender. The whole point of the other team's strategy is make the defending team move around and make a mistake leaving an opening in their coverage. If there is a centre back that doesn't make a mistake I'd be impressed!
  23. Canadian soccer fans will always be able to prove Henry is not dependable by waiting for one mistake and ignoring the rest of the man's play.
  24. I think you get more than 7 if you make the playoffs.
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