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  1. It does not seem like Cordova is anywhere near the starter at left back. How many times has he been at a national team camp? 2?
  2. I would have Manitoba in the Western League because getting to Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton Would be easier for a Winnipeg team than to Ottawa or Toronto. Also Ontario has a large population able to support a lot of teams. It is better to have another population centre supporting a team in the West.
  3. I think it would have to be 3 divisions. Everything west on Ontario, Ontario, Quebec and East Coast.
  4. We might get to test that theory in the next Europa League round this year! I think Gent may be able to take it. They have an unusually quality team this year.
  5. Some people don't take their shows off in their house? I think Davies saw how much $$$ Ronaldo was making from Instagram.
  6. What ever happened to the player threads being in the 'players' section instead of the 'Men's National Teams' section? I guess most were already created in the national team section that it seemed too much work.
  7. Isn't it common knowledge that sports teams are generally a money losing business for their rich owners? The major exceptions are the centralised control economies of the big four leagues in North America.
  8. Is 24 still young? Edwards needs to take this chance and play well this year. If he can have a good year he can be in the national team discussion again.
  9. The success of CPL clubs and OneSoccer are interlinked. Why is this team allowing their twitter account to undermine the success of one of their major partners?
  10. I also thought Skublak looked good and then I looked and saw he only scored 2. I guess I watched the few games where he looked good
  11. I play the live channel on OneSoccer once in a while and catch a random CPL game playing. Do they ever replay this year's Voyageurs Cup games? I assume they have the rights to that also.
  12. The definitions of franchise versus club teams are not clearly defined. If there has to be scale scale of club <----------> franchise then it seems CPL is further to the club side than franchise side compared to MLS based on the little info we have. No league in the world is likely completely on the club side (according to this made up scale) as then they would not have any financial reasons to play against each other.
  13. If Borges isn't on Forge and Escalante and Malonga don't return to Cavalry I could see the championship being a much closer race.
  14. I guess we hope to finish 1st in our group and Mexico finishes 1st in theirs and we get Costa Rica or USA for the Semi.
  15. I would think Jayden Nelson for sure!
  16. 6'2 Defender. I assume a CB?
  17. I don't think there is a Canberra team in the A-League in Australia.
  18. Younger fans will not be acquired through cable TV anymore they will be acquired through youtube, video games, friends, parents and local advertising. Casual fans will have to decide which streaming service provides the content most inline with their preferences in future and not depend on two big networks to tell them what to watch.
  19. Cable is a pay-service too. It is way more expensive than DAZN. For new viewers it is better to target younger families and this likely is not on cable TV.
  20. Did anybody watch the Liga MX final second leg last night? The stream was horrible. Kept on stopping. I checked other shows on the OneSoccer website and they all seemed to work.
  21. Babouli was the best there. Edwards didn't hustle on D and cost a goal.
  22. I believe in MLS transfer fees are counted as wages and are spread throughout the length of the contract.
  23. Too bad UT is gone! He did talk to everyone as if they were children, but he was very knowledgeable.
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