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  1. What are you even talking about? TFC fans on here have been calling for them to play young Canadians all year. It seems like you are just happy that TFC are losing.
  2. It's the marketing that is key there not the income from YouTube. They will get new subscriptions when people start knowing their name. Just like how every old British guy has DAZN to watch premier League and they originally said they'd never pay for a streaming service.
  3. I am glad to see OneSoccer getting paid after they made a big bet on Canadian Soccer unlike the other networks.
  4. I usually go to every home game but I may only go to Canadian Championship games now and maybe try to get to a TFC 2 game if they keep putting lineups like they had last week out.
  5. Pasher went down with what looks like a knee injury in the Dynamo v Timbers game. Doesn't look good.
  6. I got as close to the Voyageurs section so my son can hear the Voyageurs singing loud without scaring him. He is just a wee boy. I hope he loves it!
  7. Is Vaikala even still eligible for Canada?
  8. Dunn did go the entire 90 minutes along side Singh without letting in a goal against the top team in USL1 this past Friday.
  9. I think you could play those 2 with a young team. It could be very competitive. Perruzza Solteldo Pozuelo Marshall-Rutty/Nelson Okello Osorio Lawrence Mavinga/Singh Dunn Laryea Bono Bring on Shaffelburg after Solteldo has been running all game. Disappointing there is no Canadian option for GK or LB.
  10. What I get from this forum is that no play by play guy will ever be good enough.
  11. I hope they play a lot of young Canadians. If they play their veteran American players and beat York the game will never be really exciting for a TFC fan. If they beat York with a young Canadian squad it potentially could rival the Whitecaps v Pacific game for me.
  12. I agree they should have a lot more senior players developed through the academy, but to single out TFC this year when they have easily given the most minutes to U21 academy products out of any other Canadian MLS team or even CPL team seems odd. They are very close or potentially have already met the CPL requirement of 1,500 U-21 minutes. I hope every year they give this amount of time to their academy players.
  13. I think it will take a while for young players to choose CPL over MLS or a European League when they have those options. CPL needs to show that they can consistently move people on to better leagues. Young players still even bypass MLS because they believe joining a 2nd tier league in Europe gives them a better chance. I am not saying they can't or haven't but it takes a while to develop a reputation for it.
  14. Paying attention to what? That Toronto FC is giving their academy guys significantly more playing time than other Canadian MLS teams?
  15. $2.99 a month, not bad! It says 2 matches a week with English commentary, where does it say which matches have that?
  16. No stream on the Russian Premier League YouTube channel?
  17. Ye, it is more of a fantasy sports game than TopShot where you enter your squad in leagues and the leagues pay out if you reach the leagues payout conditions. The card prices change with performance and injuries based on users buying and selling. There is a limited amount of each card so sometimes the player you want isn't available. They just released a new less rare set that is 1/1000 instead of 1/100 so the game is a bit better priced if you play those leagues.
  18. It is a fantasy game where you have to pay absurd amounts of money for the NFT card. But you win money.
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