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  1. When you look at the roster for the final Acosta was starting while Cannon and Lletget came on while many more on the Gold Cup squad got starts and playing time during the Nations League matches. They didn't have the 6-7 stars for Gold Cup but C squad is stretching it. it is the B squad with some A squad players.
  2. I haven't seen OneSoccer release numbers before. Likely because their subscriber base is still low. I hope many Canadians signed up for this game and the upcoming games.
  3. This US roster is filled with players that will play regularly and start in the upcoming World Cup qualifying. US fans claiming this is their C squad is just them pushing how much better they are than other teams in the confederation. That is more like their B squad. Every team is missing some of their top players.
  4. I think we will have a rotation of Miller, Kennedy, Johnson, Vitoria and yes, likely Henry. We don't actually have a top 2 CB pairing. Nobody is clearly above the others.
  5. Honduras has been breaking our hearts for years with a mostly MLS and local based players dominating our European based players.
  6. I think they are going to have to tinker with it for many years due to the ever changing landscape of Canadian Soccer.
  7. It is one of Canada's biggest cities and we know it has soccer fans. The Canadian National team is a different squad now and it should have a much larger draw for Canadian fans. We shouldn't exclude cities based on past poor attendance or every city would be excluded.
  8. Also, Aleksander Katai, ex Fire player who left MLS in a storm of controversy has 2 goals on the night.
  9. I love the repeating commercials. Now when ever my son scores while playing with me he yells "Oh Canada, Oh Baby!"
  10. I was able to vote on FireFox on Linux, no issue.
  11. If the person who votes for a specific coach does not think the coach is Canadian enough then they will not vote for them. I would think if most Voyageurs voted for a specific coach then he is Canadian enough for this competition.
  12. To be fair not even TSN or SportsNet have apps for all the top smart TV operating systems. DAZN is tops in that regard.
  13. Herdman is definitely listening to his coaching team. Right after the second goal you can see Herdman taking tactical advice.
  14. I think the biggest issues they have had is with Chromecast. It seems to occur with streams from certain events.
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