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  1. He is likely correct. We have many CMNT supporters on here saying the exact same thing and they are likely correct too, but hearing it over and over again gets grating and annoying especially from a rival supporter.
  2. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Arfield 4. Eustaquio 5. Laryea
  3. It reminds me of the Sassuolo colours even though that is green and black.
  4. I think this must be it. They are likely paying BeIn for their rights. They never actually owned rights to show Ligue1 in Canada. That is great news if true! This is the first year I have ever followed the French league this close.
  5. Well they don't own the rights to French football anymore so they had nothing to show. As of right now they still own the rights to CPL games.
  6. So no more Lille games on OneSoccer. That is disappointing!
  7. He looked great commanding his box and distributing the ball but I was really hoping he would make a game changing save after only stopping a dribbler in the first half. Then he let in all three shots. May not have been his fault, but he didn't make that game changing save I hoped he would. Apparently there was 5 shots on him. Maybe it was the looping cross he poked over the bar?
  8. This award seems kind of empty based on the way they finished the season.
  9. Why? So he can make less money in his last few years? Make sure less people know him in his home town and country?
  10. Having a nice run in the MLS playoffs will give you that confidence!
  11. I would actually like to see Bradley stay but in a reduced role. He still is a strong leader and I think his leadership has been a big part of Toronto's success over the past years.
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