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  1. The problem is that MLS locks up the young players to multi year contracts and makes it hard to leave to a higher paying league which keeps their salaries down.
  2. Glad to see he is on a low contract. I was worried it was $300k + . I assumed they were playing him because they had a larger amount of salary locked up for multiple years with him and wanted to see him get his form back. Now I am really stumped as to why they gave him so much playing time.
  3. I love the Wheeler - Dunfield combo and all you Canadian Soccer Announcer haters can suck it! 😋
  4. I am not exactly looking forward to the days when the coach has to communicate every detail of every selection because the Voyageurs forum demands it taking away time from his game prep or when speculation about vaccines cause social media harassment with knock on team unity effects.
  5. Hasal didn't do great in their last game.
  6. Osorio appreciation show and tell day!
  7. Not only in the article but on the main article image
  8. Who wants more Rutty hype? https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/oct/07/next-generation-2021-60-of-the-best-young-talents-in-world-football
  9. I just thought I was finally getting the appreciation for my input when I saw the 14 notifications!
  10. Is this the best 5 card lineup for tomorrow's game with Larin injured, No card for Eustáquio and Davies way too expensive? Need to start 1 GK, 1 D, 1 M, 1 F and 1 extra of any position. Scores are based on their performance using their own algorithm but comparable to some other online player ratings.
  11. I believe it is the same knee injury he was about for the past month with.
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