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  1. I think he should stick with Toronto. He has had spells where he has played a lot. Osorio stuck with it and earned himself great playing time and a great contract.
  2. I think Chapman is in the doghouse. He wasn't even on the bench on Saturday and he hasn't gotten much playing time recently.
  3. Sorry to tell you old man but this site is social media and you are a trendy hipster no matter how much you dislike it.
  4. By not CMNT quality do you mean he'd lose by more than 8-1 against Honduras? We pick the best man for the position and he could be in that conversation based upon his play. I would still choose Cordova and ZBG over him though.
  5. I doubt any Belgian team will pay a lot for this transfer. He has played in Holland and was not able to get signed by another team. I could see him getting a chance there again after his performance this year. Maybe Forge do not have him signed past this year.
  6. Is Liam Fraser playing CB? I don't think I have seen that before!
  7. Hasn't he played most of his career as a striker?
  8. 3-0 for Honduras! Curacao is going to make it if this score holds.
  9. Djimy Alexis would be a good score for any team. Only 21 and plays in Haiti, so will be looking to move up a league for sure.
  10. Are we going to play in an empty stadium again because Mexico is playing the late game on Saturday? They should just have the games at different venues, it is the quarter finals!
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