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  1. He played decent when in Philadelphia but I guess philly didn't want to pay his wages at that time.
  2. They don't have lineups but they seem to be on top of live goal updates.
  3. Media markets are not like national boundaries, there is a lot of crossover and grey areas. So congrats, you are all correct.
  4. I use Fluid mode so it doesn't make much difference to me.
  5. That was a horrible game by Ted Unkel in the DC vs Columbus game! He knocked over Acosta which then led to a Columbus goal so then he went to VAR and called a foul well before the goal and his interference with Acosta. The foul was even pretty weak. It was an obvious make up call for his mistake. This is an embarrassment!
  6. I like the fact that he didn't overreact in response. He could have easily punched him back but didn't and therefore left his team in a position to take the win.
  7. Get a Chromecast (A bit over $100 I think). Plug it into the HDMI slot in the back. Play OneSoccer on a chrome browser on any computer. On the top right there is a chromecast button to cast what is in the browser, click that and it should cast to the screen. Hit fullscreen. Voila! Once the Android app has Chromecast you should be able to do it from your phone.
  8. A lot of people may just be streaming the games from their computers and not through an android or iPhone app. There is less reason for the apps until they have chromecast implemented.
  9. Not many expected Stephen Eustáquio to commit to Canada so quickly after finishing his time with the Portugal U21 team, but he committed soon after. We might be surprised by Tomori also.
  10. I'll be watching from the CBC Gem app. I assume CBC tracks that well. It is also my preference for future viewing.
  11. Is it more beneficial to the CPL if I watch the CBC feed or straight from the onesoccer site? Will the CPL be able to use high viewer count on the CBC feed to woo future contracts with CBC or other broadcasters and more advertisers?
  12. That screen brings back some cable nostalgia!
  13. I really hope that OneSoccer goes further than just Chromecast and Apple AirPlay. These work but in my opinion are not optimal. DAZN provides an app for most smart TVs (AppleTV, AndroidTV, WebOS) and because of this provide a great user experience. Without the clean user experience some viewers that are used to using a cable box and flicking channels may watch less due to being unfamiliar experience. CanPL needs eyes on the matches to increase sponsorship and help improve the league.
  14. Other than when he is giving away penalties, Henry really is a very good defender!
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