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  1. Let's hope Jordyn Huitema doesn't buy Davies a set of golf clubs then!
  2. BTW they are giving away Football Manager for free for a limited time. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/football-manager-2020/home I'd play this more if it ran on Linux.
  3. You said this statement and then regurgitated what many posters on this thread have already talked about without bringing anything new to the conversation except adding a negative spin to it. I think you need to reassess how profound your thoughts are. I am not sure how you can comment on Duane Rollins' credibility but bring no real facts to the conversation and only opinion.
  4. The question does not need to be truthfully answered. But thinking about it for about 10 seconds you should be able to come to the conclusion that there likely were some contractual agreements that required them to get a season going. Likely the TV deal and the fact that they still had a lot of salaries to pay to players and staff.
  5. Like I said, sometimes when you play in Europe out of the top leagues your play can be out of sight, out of mind. Hopefully the Canadian coaching staff get to watch all of his games. I get the impression that people think Herdman is the "Lead Cheerleader" type coach but I think he is also the high focus and effort type of guy who will watch all of the game tape of every one of the players he may call. Edit: That is the dream job. ME: "Sorry wife I have to watch this game. It is for work!"
  6. The people who have put up a lot of money to get this league up and running have come to the conclusion that a salary cap works for their goals at the moment. I assume they have put a lot of research into how that will affect the league they are trying to build. These people who have spent a lot of money on consultants to figure out what is best to grow this league also have the only Canada wide soccer league in the country that is currently running. I don't see any current evidence at the moment that would point to a better system than what they have created. The assumption that a Canadian league will fail without a salary cap is not completely BOGUS because we do have some evidence of that.
  7. If Gutierrez is in the conversation then we can't forget Sam Adekugbe who apparently left Vancouver because of his "his ambitions to play in Europe". Seems like that move has just put him out of sight out of mind for CMNT fans. Hopefully his salary is higher there than in MLS. He may get call ups to CMNT but I think if he had been playing in Vancouver then the talk of him would be more like that of Richie Laryea or Zachary Brault-Guillard as for sure call-ups.
  8. I am all for selling him to make money! That would be great for CPL, but the goal should not be lower the CPL quality to allow weaker players to get playing time. The goal should always to increase the quality of the league so that young Canadian players are playing in a very competitive environment.
  9. I think this move comes from the idea that European leagues are just better than NA leagues for their career development. CPL needs to show it can advance young Canadians to better leagues and have success.
  10. Personally I hope he doesn't move on to another league. I doubt he will ever be good enough to play regularly on the CMNT. He might get some caps through limited roster availability. I think he helps Canadian soccer by improving the quality of the CPL, the league that many young Canadians will cut their teeth in. Moving abroad may help him personally, but I hope the CPL can offer him a career with wages that keep him here.
  11. Not that is matters much but why are Cavalry in 3rd and Pacific in 4th when they both have the same points but Pacific have the better Diff? https://canpl.ca/standings/
  12. Why would he try to change teams when he is finally getting playing time and looking good? He likely won't be able to move to a better team than the Impact and get a starting position. A move to Europe would likely be a step down.
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