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  1. @shermanatorWhat is the Davies card between the Topps and Donruss?
  2. Might be off to Juventus!
  3. People seem to not have a good opinion of Raposo. I thought he looked OK when he came on. He had a great chance on the goal. Isn't he a striker? I would put him in over Bair.
  4. From dipping my toe in to card collecting recently it seems it is more of an adult hobby now. I see some hobby boxes of basketball and European soccer cards going for $400 to $600. I think I saw somewhere to complete a Panini World Cup sticker book it would cost $600 even when you trade doubles. It would be nice to have a less premium product that would be easier to allow my kids to get involved without choosing between year round soccer or a sticker album. The Topps MLS set is actually a set that is not excessively expensive.
  5. I believe all three are their Rookie Cards.
  6. @dyslexic nam That wife of yours is going to have a bundle of fun-money this month!
  7. Here are some Canadian Yuuts in my collection. That Rutty is elusive!
  8. It is sad that there is no TFC GK on that list.
  9. I agree. If he goes to the Prem I see it as more likely that he doesn't play in most games. That would mean one of our regular CanMNT players would not be playing regularly. It is not like he is very young and has a much higher ceiling, he likely is at or close to his peak in performance. The only reason I'd like to see this move is for my selfish Saturday morning on the couch watching TV reasons. If OneSoccer can get Besiktas streaming rights then I'd be happy with that!
  10. With all the talk about this European Super League it has me thinking about a Super League in CONCACAF within the confederation's rules. A 20 team league. 7 from Mexico, 7 From USA, 3 from Central America, 2 from Canada and 1 from the Caribbean. Any team that plays in this CONCACAF Super League does not play in their national league. Each region/country determines how those spots are awarded, whether they be from a tournament for the Caribbean or if an American team ends up in the bottom 3 then the team who wins MLS would take their spot. This would allow the 3 Canadian teams to get out
  11. I actually like Matt Doyle. Big presence in the US soccer media and is always up to date on Canadians in MLS. He actually may over rate Canadians a little bit. I think he loved Chapman.
  12. Hamilton would be a very biased opinion to report on this. Even if he does believe he wasn't given a big enough shot at TFC, he didn't really prove anybody wrong in Columbus. I thought he was good enough to earn that backup role in Columbus, but I was wrong.
  13. I hope so, but I thought he wasn't great last night. He wasn't able to press like everyone else. That may keep him on the bench. My opinion could quickly change if he starts putting them in the back of the net.
  14. They at least have the example of NHL operating in Canada in their own arenas. If I were them I would make the bet that late summer or early fall they may be able to have some fans at games.
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