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  1. Any channels or streaming service in Canada have the rights to the Asian Champions League?
  2. Also will that injury sustained during the CANMNT game affect this transfer?
  3. Love it! That is straight up respect for the Voyageurs Cup!
  4. I am sure at this point in his career he is looking for his payday. MLS might be the league that can provide that for him.
  5. They look so dominant but just can't score.
  6. Getting a win in the U17 World Cup would be a step forward no matter if we move on or not. We also played well against an Angola team that some on here rated above the quality of Canada before even playing.
  7. I only saw the first half but I thought they played fairly well. They had a good amount of possession but just couldn't create anything when they got close to the opponents box. I liked how strong Gianfranco Facchineri looked in the back. Jayden Nelson looked like he should be playing with Brazil with his quality possession, but just couldn't create a quality chance. Matthew Catavolo looked dangerous starting attacks but would never pass to open players completely ending any chance they had. I don't see the replay available in the "Games on Demand" section of TSN. Anybody know where the replay can be viewed?
  8. I have seen Morrow get beat not able to keep up with the winger multiple times this year. He has lost a step. Where is Morgan in this conversation? Is he gone next year?
  9. Wow, that is some motivation there! He won't find that kind of money anywhere else. Where did you see this?
  10. Early 2018 Morrow signed a "multi year contract". https://www.wakingthered.com/toronto-fc/2018/2/28/17062760/justin-morrow-signs-new-contract-with-toronto-fc-tfc-mls-news That might just be 2 years, so maybe he is out of contract after this year. Are there any Canadian LBs looking for a contract in the winter?
  11. I think they should keep Auro and Laryea. Auro can play on the left. Drop Morrow. Love him but he is declining a lot. Find another young Canadian to plug in at LB to compete with Auro. Auro can spell both LB and RB.
  12. According to this article https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/10/18/mls-academy-prospects-dominate-canada-name-roster-u-17-world-cup-brazil All 3 group stage games will be broadcast on TSN and RDS, Oct. 26 being the first game.
  13. These are all just excuses for disregarding the fact that Canada beat the USA on those occasions.
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