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  1. I hope this whole COIVD-19 thing does not affect club finances so much that it disrupts David's career progress into better leagues.
  2. Was there a lot of VAR? In the TFC game there was 6 minutes added in the first half with no significant injuries but 2 VAR reviews. Maybe some instruction from HQ to add for VAR?
  3. KC may be a really good team this year. They were looking like one of the best teams early last year during the Champions League. They also added Pulido who could be a top scorer in the league. The Whitecaps could still be a good team that got taken apart by a potential top team this year.
  4. The best of the all (Davies right now) did chose to go through MLS.
  5. Cavallini could definitely be a good buy at $9m!
  6. I would enjoy them if they didn't affect the other competitions TFC are in. These games always seen to be in the middle of important parts of the regular season or close to a Voyageurs Cup game.
  7. I think he should play in Serie A or Premier League since I have DAZN.
  8. I think you will find a lot of people here do not accept the 3 MLS clubs getting a bye ahead of other CPL teams and I think they have an argument. If your argument is that MLS clubs are better and should start later then they will be awarded by being better in the competition and getting better starting positions.
  9. If a second division is created it won't only be teams from the top division being split there will be teams from PLSQ, L1O and L1BC hoping to get into the second division.
  10. You've been listening to Kurt Larson I see.
  11. And part of having freedom of thought and expression allows Canadian citizens to have whatever culture they want and identify any way they want.
  12. I think you can answer that yourself without anybody telling you.
  13. Maybe there needs to be a Canadian Club ranking developed based upon the last 5 to 10 years in the Voyageurs cup that is then used to place teams in the next years competition.
  14. So in 2024 still just $11,643,000 in varied forms of caps space and some teams paying over 20 million for 3 other players. Still creates very unbalanced teams. I was hoping the cap would catch up to the cap plus average DP spend quicker.
  15. Does this mean the cap is $8,490,000 in 2020 or cap plus GAM plus TAM?
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