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  1. ^That's gotta be embarrassing for defenders
  2. I'm watching it right now on FS2. I didn't know Fox Sports aired CPL. Pac 3 Edm 0 HT Manny Aparicio makes it 4-0 51'
  3. "We got a lot of guys who are always down for the scrap" Kamal Miller
  4. That's fine, if winter is basically over and there isn't a ton of snow. But all the undersoil heating and synthetic fibers in the world can't beat Mother Nature if she's pissed off, and neither you nor I can predict that. Dammit Jim, I'm a groundskeeper not a miracle worker.
  5. Playing on a new artificial turf could be interesting.
  6. You'll have to pardon me if I am not as confident as you on either point, and you know I am familiar with what goes on re the BMO turf
  7. All three could be in the UK then, you never know.
  8. People gotta ask themselves, why isn't he there? He was once there, often, and now he is not. People love to think there are conspiracies and the ever ubiquitous "old boy's network" at work. Sometimes, things are very simple folks. Either he's not good enough or he doesn't fit anymore.
  9. There should be and two are listed above: affect of weather on turf and Jamaican fans.
  10. Jamaica March 27, where do you play that one? No way I want to play Jamaica in Toronto irregardless of the weather. Is this one going to be a return to Vancouver after the US January 30. After November those are our only remaining home games.
  11. Actually haven't watched this one yet, just posting for the info. To tell the truth, I don't know if I've seen a whole video, something about this channel turns me off. In the TV biz we used to have a saying (which I won't repeat) but some things are better on radio. I'll tell ya who I have become more and more a fan of is KJ. Full disclosure, I have always been prejudiced against those in Canadian soccer with "the accent" excepting Luke Wileman who I saw as a throwback to old time broadcasting. But KJ has a very relaxed personal style on air and really does good interviews off air. He is very skilled which is something I appreciate.
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