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  1. I'm old and my brain has gone to mush but I seem to remember when he went from defender to forward he had a helluva strike rate which seemed to come totally out of the blue. Looking at that list it seems that nobody took better advantage of their chances than McKenna and Gerba.
  2. Agree on both, I've always been a real Leon fan. Not quite the Tanc presence that I think most teams need but I think she is as close as we've got. Aside from Sinc, I think Beckie and Leon are among the few who have a real poacher's sense.
  3. Did they actually say that, because I think they were giving Sinc her props for having the expertise of being in the right place at the right time. I'll try and temper my bias but we were definitely better in the first half, and they had a decent run in the second but they never seriously threatened. Labbe had a fairly quiet day. But that goal we scored, Wicky Wacky Woo! Unfortunately the highlight don't show the entire field long setup.
  4. I haven't looked lately but I believe England are ranked ahead of us. Personally, I've never thought they were very good and yesterday didn't change my perception, especially when they field the same lineup we've seen for years. But then again so did we a bit, and experience aside I think a few on our side should have their swan song.
  5. Got away with one there in the final minute. Nothing especially inspiring, looked like both teams played their lineups from years ago. Don't think I'll be rewatching this one.
  6. Great full field length setup play on that goal, I thought they'd score. Hit the bar... and then BAM
  7. Most of the first half played in the England end. We were marginally better but neither side had an especially dangerous opportunity
  8. After watching that clip, I miss Dobbie, a guy who made himself into a soccer announcer, learned from his mistakes and added some truthful emotion.
  9. My God, I can't believe that was 17 years ago. Funny how names that are so commonplace on this board disappear, I guess that's what happens in 17 years. Heard this fellas name mentioned:
  10. ^Good find. Here is what the introduction to the video said, kinda summed up what we've been talking about. Most Canadian fans remember the Gold Cup Semi-Final match between the US and Canada in 2007 when Canada was robbed of a last-minute equalizer by some diabolically bad officiating. But the two teams faced off in the Gold Cup Semi-Final 5 years before that as well, which went all the way to penalty kicks before the US prevailed. The most memorable part of that match was this sequence of events where the US had four point blank shots at the net in a manner of seconds, the first off the woodwork before Hirschfeld made two fantastic reaction saves with a Jason De Vos block in between. It was the moment that Lars arrived as one of Canada's premiere international keepers.
  11. Was that the game that Lars did his impersonation of a pinball machine flipper?
  12. Fun moment, Cavallini with a cocky look on his face in a closeup, crowd starts chanting CAVALLINI!
  13. Back off topic again. How's this for a photo op stereotype. I'm waiting for Trudeau to give his speech on his reaction to the Philpott resignation. CBC has a discussion panel going and the shot of where Trudeau is to speak is in the bottom corner of the screen. It's been at least a half hour, likely near an hour (as I haven't been paying attention to the time) but they've had the "diversity" group of people standing behind the podium for all that time. They've been there so long that I noticed it and then the panel has actually started to comment on it. They're still waiting for Trudeau to show up
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