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  1. Saturday September 11 Leon scores as West Ham draw with Aston Villa 1-1
  2. I watched the game this morning, Beckie had a great match she threaded the needle twice the first time on a pass that led to MC first goal then scored herself. she also hit the wood work once.
  3. Last night I listened to the radio broadcast on TSN 690 and was presently surprised to hear Amy Walsh was part of the broadcast team. She and her sisters were great players and contributors in the growth of women's soccer.
  4. A night for the history books, I was at ready to hang Wanyama and Pantemis for gifting Cincinnati 2 goals within the first 14 minutes. Talk about bonehead mistakes, Wanyama often coughs up the ball for no apparent good reason and last night didn't waste any time doing it on Cincinnati's first and then Pantemis in his quest for idiot of the night exposed his two left feet and his feat will be shown across the soccer world dug the team into a 2 goal deficit. However I felt CF could recover as Torres in his first ever start had all ready smacked the cross bar and was on fire. he tied up the game on 34 minutes so I was getting happier and then bang bang all hands decided to dig another trench by the 46th minute had made it 4-2 to the bad guys WTF. Now coach Nancy had to do something so he brought on Hamdi and 15 minutes later Toye is awarded a penalty and Montreal were on fire with Hamdi finishing off a combo play with Torres 2 minutes later 4-4. As Cincinnati continued to crumble it was Hamdi who finished them off scoring in the 87th. Torres was spectacular hitting the crossbar once, twice the goalposts, scoring , setting up Hamdi, and ripping up the defence all night. https://www.mlssoccer.com/competitions/mls-regular-season/2021/matches/mtlvscin-07-17-2021/
  5. Beckie is far a better player than Huitema is now, she is an effective midfielder and striker. She is also a doing a good job for TSN .
  6. Here is the roster: Huitema and Schmidt are cut but will go as alternates along with McLeod and Carle. Too may bad passes Sophie. Carle and Huitema should improve and be back. It is only the Olympics and not the big one being the World Cup. A short tough tournament but without France Germany and Spain not competing at least a bronze I expect. SÉLECTION DU CANADAGK- Stephanie Labbé | SWE / FC RosengårdGK- Kailen Sheridan | USA / NJ/NY Gotham FCCB- Kadeisha Buchanan | FRA / FCF Olympique LyonnaisCB- Vanessa Gilles | FRA / FC Girondins de BordeauxCB- Shelina Zadorsky | ENG / Tottenham HotspurFB- Allysha Chapman | USA / Houston DashFB- Ashley Lawrence | FRA / Paris Saint-GermainFB- Jayde Riviere | USA / University of MichiganM- Jessie Fleming | ENG / Chelsea FCM- Julia Grosso | CAN / University of Texas at AustinM- Quinn | USA / OL ReignM- Desiree Scott | USA / Kansas City NWSLF- Janine Beckie | ENG / Manchester City FCF- Adriana Leon | ENG / West Ham United FCF- Nichelle Prince | USA / Houston DashF- Deanne Rose | USA / University of FloridaF- Christine Sinclair | USA / Portland Thorns FCF- Evelyne Viens | USA / NJ/NY Gotham FCRemplaçantes:GK- Erin McLeod | USA / Orlando PrideFB- Gabrielle Carle | USA / Florida State UniversityM- Sophie Schmidt | USA / Houston DashF- Jordyn Huitema | FRA / Paris Saint-Germain
  7. My God more pathetic attack and Rose choking just frustrates everyone especially Priestman. Nice to see Leon back and being her usual aggressive self.
  8. Highlights from Friday night PSG win
  9. Yes I agree that Quinn is stepping up and she has the ability to send a long pass, I like Viens as she is very physical.
  10. The topic is about the Olympic Qualifying. Start another thread to discuss other topics.
  11. As reported by the BBC https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49925779
  12. For me going to the Champions League is huge. Now the work begins to reshape this franchise. Getting rid of the dead wood management of DeSantis and company was a good first step.
  13. No TV but can be heard on French Radio @98.5 in Montreal (https://onlineradiobox.com/ca/985fm/), No English radio . but available online at onesoccer.ca Odds at bet365 TFC 1.40 4.33 7.00 MTL
  14. Wow waving the white flag quicker than France in WW2. This team is just too painful to watch. I guess I should be grateful that the Voyageur Cup games are not on TV.
  15. According to TVA sports DeSantis is out the door as well.
  16. I turned off the TV when the penalty was awarded, Morgan deserved a yellow card.
  17. It was a penalty (the ball moved forward and the player was tackled thus the call). keeper broke the rule thus the retake, Scotland BLEW a 3 goal lead. They must blame themselves.
  18. Women;s FA cup Final West Ham's Leon faces Man City's Beckie at Wembly today. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48108907
  19. Great day for Canadian Soccer. I was very entertained by this match and looking forward to seeing expansion into Quebec one day.
  20. I think we should name them "Les Enfants" Add Okwonkwo to the list.
  21. Agree the condition of the pitch was not a factor and with the team back out on the road for the next two matches it will be in great shape. Impact finding a way to collect points without much of an offence. This may prove to be the best edition of the Impact ever as Garde is getting good performances from every player at his disposal. The Canadian players are gaining confidence which makes for a strong bench.
  22. It was too bad Leon is injured, I believe she could do damage up front. Schmidt seems to make too many bad passes for my liking.
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