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  1. I only got to see him at the end of his career, but when and why was he moved from FW to CB?
  2. Do people simply not rate Godinho? If I had to choose between the two I'm going Godinho.
  3. I mean I don't think it's a question of being outbid. It seems like no companies were interested in a kit sponsorship deal with Pacific, York 9, HFX, Valour and FCE.
  4. Eustaquio isn't really crucial. Maybe that's the plan but he played 1 game for them and then got hurt. We don't know how big of an influence he will be for Cruz Azul. edit: oops nevermind you were talking about Wil Trapp.
  5. I personally hate it. The number 9 is one of those numbers that should always be available.
  6. So looks like HFX, York and Pacific were unable to secure sponsors. That's disappointing. York especially, just use the GreenPark Group logo.
  7. fun fact Greenpark group (Balderssara's company) has abysmal reviews for a construction company.
  8. If York 9 was unable to get an actual sponsor that's a joke considering they're owned by Balderssarra who is loaded. Just put your own company logo on the team damn.
  9. i love that it's not the Macron wordmark, but just the little dude being all happy instead (I assume it's a little dude being all happy)
  10. Are there any people in Newfoundland who could conceivably be a CPL team owner?
  11. And it was brutal. the 2015 GC was the height of Floroball.
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