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  1. Stubhub (which seems to have the foreign sales) prices are outrageously high: 110 to 650 US dollars for a ticket to a double match: https://intl.stubhub.com/mens-olympic-qualifying-concacaf-2-day-pass-tickets/ev1304769?afl=1Q606O8YRW&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=104517345&utm_source=sh-com Ticketmaster Mexico is selling the same ticket for only 5% of the cost: https://www.ticketmaster.com.mx/preolimpico-concacaf-2020-usa-crc-1700hrs-mex-dom-1930hrs-guadalajara-20-03-2020/event/1400576BA563589A Better yet, wait until you get there, and buy at the walk-up, where it will be a lot cheaper. There will not be sell-outs, except maybe for the Mexico matches (tho I doubt it- these types of youth events are just not popular in latinamerica ). Nowhere near even the Ticketmaster Mexico prices, in my experience, from my long experience in going to tournaments from throughout Mexico, Africa and Asia. I know that may make you nervous, but hold your nerves. Also, if the games are suspended or spectators are banned, you will not be holding useless tickets. Mexican pesos are 21.2 to 1 US dollar. In traveling to Latin America, as with most of the world, it is always better to buy US dollars in Canada, and then exchange them for pesos in Mexico, even with the "double exchange". The Canadian dollar and most other currencies have a huge buy/sell spread, and greenbacks are king in places like Latin America
  2. Good on you! 👍 If anyone else is going or considering going, some gratuitous advice- Fly DIRECT TO Mexico, and NOT through the USA. Apart from the usual pain in the u-no-wat of US aeroports, the stringent virus-testing aspects, especially coming from Mexico, could be very problematic, especially for a non-American. The Mexican low-cost airline Interjet (well-run, I have used them a lot) flys direct to Mexico City from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, with cheap connections to Guadalajara, especially with the great offers due to continuing emptying seats : https://www.interjet.com/en-us (see recent deal for new Vancouver: route: https://vo.mydplr.com/18c2b4669472e2b34560d527958d6c09-87618d6a33b151e5473194cf6f2a1786 ) In addition, there are lots of Canadian charter flights (ie Westjet, Sunwing) to resorts like Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo (both only 4 to 5 hours to Guadalajara by comfortable buses, as well as cheap air connections), which now have have great deals for late March-early April, and probably there will be lots of last-minute seats opening up as families get cold-feet. Most package deals have options for flight-only. Wish I could be braver, but travel to and from Argentina has exponentially greater complications.
  3. Well, decided against traveling to this due to possible travel disruption due to Covid-19 situation. Perhaps Gold Cup in 2021, or one of the WCQ's in Canada or the southlands.
  4. Hoping to go, have to convince my wife, we need a vacation!


  5. I am considering coming up from Argentina for the whole tournament, March 20-April1. I have not seen anything about match ticket prices yet, but I suspect they will be cheap and easy to get, as it is my experience is that in latinamerica these kind of tournaments are poorly attended and tickets very reasonable. I was considering Japan in July-Aug, but the non-resident price for Olympic football match tickets for both women's and men's matches are too extortionately high. In Mexico, all the matches are in Guadalajara, a great , safe, cheap city, so there is no insane tornament travel involved, and you can OD on all 15 matches (the group matches double-headers) in a short period of time, while stil having free time to relax or do other stuff. Looking for a long-overdue chance to see and support a Canadian side in a half-decent tournament, and have some fun, and would also like to hang-out and go to matches with some V's, though making friends with some fans of the other teams would be great too. If I go, I would probably visit the beachtown of Zihuatenajo for a week first to visit my sister and do the guitar festival. I started a new thread, as I did not want to interrupt the discussion on players and teams on the other Oly-Q thread. Best to all, Dave😀
  6. Very well, see my comments above in Canucks abroad today. Here in Argentina, there are many Bundesliga matches on basic cable, so I have been able to watch this match and other Bayern matches this season.
  7. Bayern now up 6-1 at 77". Impressive that they are in constant forward press, replaced mid-fielder with Mueller, and have not gone into defensive shell! Davies brave forward-run challenge interception from interception even closer to goal area in central position led to 5th goal.
  8. Bayern now up 3-1, another goal by Coutinho, from action built from Davies interception in central position about 12 metres from Bremen goal area. So far he has shown great judgement.
  9. Watching Bayern-Bremen, currently 2-1 for Bayern in 2nd half. Davies now appears to be established starter at LBAlthough not directly involved in build-up to goals, having great game, many crosses to Lewandowski that have been wasted. What I am impressed with is his range of intelligent positioning, when he started playing in August he seemed stuck to the sidelines. Coutinho man of the match so far, but Davies very impressive with his runs, crosses and tracking back and tackling.
  10. Is it just me, or is my impression that the injury rate is much higher in the MLS than other leagues valid?
  11. Bayern wins 3-1, outclassing Spurs. The Argentine commentator here said Davies clear man of the match. Speedy. He was the initiator and carrier of all 3 Bayern goals, clearly given room to be forward. Attacking 80 % of match. His speed demonstrated by tracking back on clear Son fast breakaway and tackling him just metres from the goal mouth Fantastic, but playing LB for Bayern is a dfiferent position than playing LB for Canada.
  12. At half, Bayern 2, Spurs 1Davies having an incredible attacking role at LB as Bayern dominates. His runs and crosses were key in both Bayern goals. He was able to run back at huge speed when able to.fight the few Spurs counter attacjs. Spurs lucky not to be buried in first half. Davies was attended to after rough challenge at Spurs goal end, but up and at em right after bto continue his attacks.
  13. Hoilett off injured at 22 minutes, do not know how serious it was.
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