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  1. I had the feeling the Millar felt constrained against Holland, being unsure how he was supposed to interact with Davies. The coordination seem more seamless today with Davies at LB.
  2. Funny how our small but vocal band of Voyageurs at the match were cordoned off in major security operation like we were violent Hooligans from NW Eng.😁
  3. WELL, Giroud is a great and favorite player, and his reaction reminded me of Esposito's understandable frustration against the Russians in 1972. We continued frustrating a great team, beyond 50 minutes we did in Rotterdam..
  4. As a supporter who has followed Canada since attending the 2 Olympic qualifying matches I attended in 1967, I believe, in my respectful opinion, that this was the proudest moment of the CMNT. France to me, is the best team in the world, better than Argentina (whom I am fond of) as they played better in the World Cup and were unfairly dealt with then. France is so strong in every position. This is better than our 2 WC Qualifications. This is better than our Gold Cup in 2000. We showed grit. We did not just park the bus, as claimed in the French media now, we also attacked fantastically. TAKEAWAYS -Lareya, our agent of Chaos, is essential -Although St Clair was great, Crepeau is our starter in goal. -Alphonso is better at LB, he was strong in defence and good at attack. -Although I shuddered at the 3 changes, Marsch has shown maturity. _What could be better than our back line today? -David is our frnt man, Larin disappeared and was disappointing. -Eustachio was our savoiur. stood up when we needed. -Millar is definitely a starter, what a spark plug! - We will be CONCACAFFED and CONEMBOLED at the Copa America, but I feel we will perform well regardless of results. POSITIVE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃
  5. cannot link, but enter "canada trinidad and tobago" and search
  6. Free CONCACAF streaming for foreign residents like me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB4ccULj4WU
  7. This will be a grudge that many of us will be nursing lovingly to our breasts until we finally die.
  8. Toronto, 2040 Long-in-the tooth veteran "Iceman" David scored in the last-minute of the final TFC match of the season, giving TFC the sole victory of the season. The Voyageur´s section was festooned with signs stating "The Iceman should have taken the penalties in 2024 and 2026, not Davies", in reference to the last two times Canada was in the World Cup.
  9. Half an hour away from transfer deadline? edit: ahhh, 1 more full day
  10. Just do NOT mention anybody's sister (Tu hermana...). There is zero chance of alternate meaning with that. that is the closest thing to a death sentence in Latin America.
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