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  1. It's a crying shame that Borjan, by his mere presence at Red Star (I am not saying he is in any way responsible), is tied in in any way to this horrible BS. UEFA needs to step in and say enough. Any illusion to the Vukovar massacre should be snuffed out early. Football should be a way to calm and unite Europe, not inflame the current tinderbox that is redeveloping there. SAD
  2. Anyone here planning to go to Brazil for this? Thinking of popping over for the group matches, as I live in Argentina.
  3. Okay sorry, compradre, comomonality in names/handles. In the new forum , many of us are talking blind.
  4. Probably the decision for hosting will not be until mid-to-late November, when the group winners of the CONCACAF "Nations League" for the senior teams are known, as a participant has to host and as they don't want both final tournaments in the same country. I expect the US will get the Nation's hosting if they beat Canada, so that probably means Mexico for the Olympic men's qualifiers (unless we beat the US, then Mexico hosts us in the Nations League Final and US hosts the pre-olympics). Either way, we could have a team going to Mexico in March, a good time for a vacation! On the other hand, the twitter from the US reporter may be wrong, and the US may already have got a guarantee from CONCACAF for a January-February period to ensure their young domestic professionals can attend due to the US off-season, regardless of where it is, and the US assoc are desparate to qualify for the Olympics after the last two failures (note the comment of the Costa Rica assoc Pres about the US almost certainly getting the Pre-olympic tournament in the January-February non-fifa window). And, the US might end up with both tournies. Of course, if Panama happens to beat out Mexico in the Nation's league, then everything is up in the air. Probably Costa Rica for the women's Olympic qualifiers in February? We should know where everything is happening not too long after 17th of Novemeber, and it is allprobbly pre-planned anyway. Then, hopefully, we wil be in a posiiton to buy our flights before the end of November.
  5. How about a limit on post size?
  6. Well, we are probably not going to get our Euro stars, so we should not be thinking too much about our best possible team. It would be great if the later rounds of the qualifying tournament, whenever it is set, would be during an international break, and then we could possibly superload for the vital final matches. With the unusually long FIFA break of March 23-31 for friendly (earlier) and competitive national team (later) matches, this could be a big opportunity if the clubs cooperate. Perhaps if the rumours of the tourney happening in Mexico in late March are true, we could see some of them in the line-up. However, that would mean the other teams could bring in some ringers across the sea too. Guess we will have to wait to see the venue announcement before we could speculate too much.
  7. Re: Sane, Man City could be hit bad for big financial fair play charges, so I think their tactic is too overvalue their players they have now for various reasons: to keep more than they need now because they may be restricted from trades (they can afford to have a very big stable for all the matches they will be playing, and to replace aging or injured players) , and for various accounting reasons. I do not think Guardiola wants to lose Sane, and the offer is out there just to keep Sane happy. And, if Bayern happen to accept the high price, then that will help Man City's "balance' for FFP. Patience. If there is too much competition for Davies at Bayern to play and Bayern decides a loan is the best way to develop Alphonso, that would not be bad, but if that is the situation at the end of August, he should put in a strong word that he should only go to a club that really needs a forward player, not to plop him at left back. Yes. he had the most passes in the Spurs match, but much of them were worthless and wasted back passes that were bad choices, so all the comments of him doing well at left back should be taken at face value. It's like we are takling about two different players when we talk about field roles for Davies. Hey. Macalium, you were the youngster from Sakatchewan I met at the Honudras WCQ qualifier in Edmonton in 2002, weren't you? What are you up to now? With the lack of location info and limited profiles now, its harder to know or remember who is who now.
  8. Okay, given the blah blah blah of the last 20 or so posts, it looks like Herdman has succeeded in doing what Trump has mastered: distracting us with nonsense so we are not focusing on his bad decisions as manager and coach. Credit for getting many questioning players to come with us, but poor strategy and motivation. He should have at least given us that victory against Haiti, he failed there on so many levels.
  9. So, this was because Sanchez basically replaced him at LB and he moved into a forward midied position on the left with freedom to move in. You could see the change in spirit when that happened.
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