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  1. Very well, see my comments above in Canucks abroad today. Here in Argentina, there are many Bundesliga matches on basic cable, so I have been able to watch this match and other Bayern matches this season.
  2. Bayern now up 6-1 at 77". Impressive that they are in constant forward press, replaced mid-fielder with Mueller, and have not gone into defensive shell! Davies brave forward-run challenge interception from interception even closer to goal area in central position led to 5th goal.
  3. Bayern now up 3-1, another goal by Coutinho, from action built from Davies interception in central position about 12 metres from Bremen goal area. So far he has shown great judgement.
  4. Watching Bayern-Bremen, currently 2-1 for Bayern in 2nd half. Davies now appears to be established starter at LBAlthough not directly involved in build-up to goals, having great game, many crosses to Lewandowski that have been wasted. What I am impressed with is his range of intelligent positioning, when he started playing in August he seemed stuck to the sidelines. Coutinho man of the match so far, but Davies very impressive with his runs, crosses and tracking back and tackling.
  5. Is it just me, or is my impression that the injury rate is much higher in the MLS than other leagues valid?
  6. Bayern wins 3-1, outclassing Spurs. The Argentine commentator here said Davies clear man of the match. Speedy. He was the initiator and carrier of all 3 Bayern goals, clearly given room to be forward. Attacking 80 % of match. His speed demonstrated by tracking back on clear Son fast breakaway and tackling him just metres from the goal mouth Fantastic, but playing LB for Bayern is a dfiferent position than playing LB for Canada.
  7. At half, Bayern 2, Spurs 1Davies having an incredible attacking role at LB as Bayern dominates. His runs and crosses were key in both Bayern goals. He was able to run back at huge speed when able to.fight the few Spurs counter attacjs. Spurs lucky not to be buried in first half. Davies was attended to after rough challenge at Spurs goal end, but up and at em right after bto continue his attacks.
  8. Hoilett off injured at 22 minutes, do not know how serious it was.
  9. omogawd, the auto metaphors are killing me, god descriptions none the less....
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