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  1. Yes, special exemptions for the Libertadores teams like Boca, River and Racing. I live in Argentina, and I cannot travel out of the province of Mendoza without special exemption, almost impossible to get without political connections. Even if I made it to Buenos Aires, I could only get a special patriation flight as a Canadian citizen, leaving my Argentine wife behind. That is the uneveness of world competition. Canada will not exempt entering teams for the WCQ from the rules, so the matches will have to be held in other countries. They did not do it for the Blue Jays's matches , they will not
  2. The first round dates in October and November have got to be semi-bubbled , possibly in Sarasota, tho those are a lot of clubs to host. No way they can be home/away this year. The best thing to do is to bubble each group in a different place. I can only see bubbles happening in US, Canada, and maybe Mexico or Puerto Rico. Good TV revenue to be had from the latino market. Things gotta be arranged pretty soon, bros! Hopefully, the clubs with our players do not play silly bugger, and the CSA be more professional in dealing with the clubs than they have in the past. We will see.
  3. Wow, speed kills. After interception in the left middle, Davies runs aroud the entire defence and splats it in from the right goal area to snuff out a Frankfurt comeback.! 61" 4-2 BM
  4. Wow, Davides bossed that advanced stray and beautiful pass to lew for the 2nd! Everytime the Argentine commentarios mention Davides, it is always "Davies, El Canadiense", like it was a friggin' miracle that he came from our blessed country.
  5. Great sarcasm: "Yeah, Canada kept their kit in the washroom, top nation!"
  6. His postioning has improved exponentially, not stuck to the sidelines now.
  7. Nobody from BC caost would move back to my Edmonton voluntarily. Maybe Victoria or Kelowna.
  8. Sending Fonzie to RM, would be like sending a Nobel Prize in Medicine winner to work for Trump- a complete waste and a danger. He is riding high now, no reason to risk anything unnecessarily. 15 second, Lewandowski and others getting great service from both sides, wasted effort. Edit Great cross by Peresic to lewandofski, goal Bayern, near 17 minutes. A few minutes earlier Fonzie had a great trun into the penalty area, but taken down in a clear uncalled fault.
  9. "What are you talking about? Of course it would be because Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the world with one of the most iconic coaches in the world"
  10. Nothing "needs" to be done. There is always flexibility, and it is now the turn of national team play to be flexible (I cannot believe I just said that....next thing I am going to start peeing sitting down!). Also, I think, in terms of the neutral-site (aka Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Bradenton) vs. home-and-aways, we have to remember (as people here are not considering the disparity here) that many places in the Carribean and Central America are several months away from even approaching their virus peaks.
  11. 86" great tracking back and bossy move in own goal area to run out the ball by Davies. Finishes 2-0. Lewandoski misses a lot, and Bayern needs more stability in the mid-feild if it wants to continue its possession game. Davies largely solid both ways.
  12. With the 5 substitutes, Bayern should take Davies off given his yellow card. Think they have only subbed 2
  13. Still 1-0 at 77 " . Back and forth, Bayern cannot put this to bed, despite mega-potential-assists by Davies, who has really been playing more forward (when not tracking back). As I said , interesting... Edit 80" Finally Lewandowski puts it away (after missing goals after many many great crosses from Daives) after a great cross by Kimmich. That should be it for Bayern.
  14. undeserved yellow card for Alonzo at 36", the Union palyer tripped over him from behind.
  15. Great cross at 21" by Alonzo to Lewandowski that L should have scored. Argentinean commentators full of praise for "El Canadiense", referring to how he contributes to "harmony". Never thought, in my long life, I would ever be cheering for Bayern Munich! Disallowed Bayern goal and good attacks by Union adding to tension and interest of the match.
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