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  1. Good luck Kent. Over the years, most of what CONCACAF has been shown to do has been only superficially based on rules, and the vaguer the "variables", the better as far they are concerned. "Draws" have actually been pre-selected schedules based on increasing income, as with any rule they can bend (such as fictional offsides to ensure the most popular teams make it to the Gold Cup finals) for their purposes. So, undefinable and undetermined variables would be an expected tool they could use to do what they want.
  2. As the Mexican commentator says, canadians can hold their heads high in a great match!
  3. Wow, doing great. Our substitute goalkeeper Labbe has been fantastic.
  4. If anyone does not have access to game, there is a youtube stream from Mexico for USA/ Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D--fkBM6ts0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D--fkBM6ts0
  5. Does anbody know HOW AH and CL played, and whether either assisted on the goals? I have not been able to find a summary of those points.
  6. yeah, but for the players coming from very remote, loose and small leagues on the field (unlike the control in clubs like the MLS), a bubble may be needed for the field. The spectators are a separate issue.
  7. ...yes, good point, but the rules are only "so far". Rules can change instantly, like the change to the release provisions for clubs just did.
  8. My far-out prediction: the Gold Cup this summer in a single US bubble location will also be the sole WCQ tournament, losing semi-finalists play for the 3rd auto and 4th playoff with the other continent. Easy solution for this mess. If Vic continues to let everything slide until the last-minute cancelations, he can sell this. In the meantime he can just politically blah, blah, blah.
  9. "mental escapee" and "Robert"....unfortunately, that sounds familiar.
  10. Yes, special exemptions for the Libertadores teams like Boca, River and Racing. I live in Argentina, and I cannot travel out of the province of Mendoza without special exemption, almost impossible to get without political connections. Even if I made it to Buenos Aires, I could only get a special patriation flight as a Canadian citizen, leaving my Argentine wife behind. That is the uneveness of world competition. Canada will not exempt entering teams for the WCQ from the rules, so the matches will have to be held in other countries. They did not do it for the Blue Jays's matches , they will not
  11. The first round dates in October and November have got to be semi-bubbled , possibly in Sarasota, tho those are a lot of clubs to host. No way they can be home/away this year. The best thing to do is to bubble each group in a different place. I can only see bubbles happening in US, Canada, and maybe Mexico or Puerto Rico. Good TV revenue to be had from the latino market. Things gotta be arranged pretty soon, bros! Hopefully, the clubs with our players do not play silly bugger, and the CSA be more professional in dealing with the clubs than they have in the past. We will see.
  12. Wow, speed kills. After interception in the left middle, Davies runs aroud the entire defence and splats it in from the right goal area to snuff out a Frankfurt comeback.! 61" 4-2 BM
  13. Wow, Davides bossed that advanced stray and beautiful pass to lew for the 2nd! Everytime the Argentine commentarios mention Davides, it is always "Davies, El Canadiense", like it was a friggin' miracle that he came from our blessed country.
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