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  1. Congratualtions to Haiti, they deserve it%. Thanks to Hutchinson for his service. A little more thought from Herdman (he will not be replaced for another cycle) if we are going to make it to Qatar. Peace, compadres!
  2. I am just not comfortable with close back passes to Borjan. Avoid it.
  3. Swedish goal, they have been more imgainative in mother's 1/3 in attack
  4. Is the blond guy with the flag, dancing and g4rinning like a half-screwed cat, one of us?
  5. maybe not, different reports say different things, saying it 2nd was a own goal
  6. Agree about taking Arfield off because of the yellow.
  7. Does anyone else think Borjan takes too many chances on clearances about 33% of the time?
  8. ANBOYDY GOT A GOOD INTERNATIONAL STREAM? Most of the streams in footybrite either are bad or will not connect. (this one on footybrite ain't too bad, freezes for a few seconds every two minutes or so : http://sdfgdf.xyz/live/2384/canada-vs-cuba/ )
  9. The most consistent Canuck was Schmidt, super dependable and a real leader.
  10. Hmm, bringing in some of our bet players when the match is lost????
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