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  1. I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet but I'm less worried about being beaten by Mexican players as I am Mexican playing conditions. To go all out to beat or tie them (which I think is now achievable), the players might have to put out an effort against those players (and those conditions) that could jeopardize us for the next two games of that cycle. Just thinking out loud (really have no idea) how to approach that game. Would be quite a different scenario if there weren't two games closely after it. I always thought Mexico away from home isn't too fearful and I think it even more now, but this is such an important away game for us. Stealing points from them (like the US) would be such a morale booster. This game could get ugly and not because of any world beating Mexicans but because of the strategy that we employ, and we all know Herdman is a tournament guy. He'll sacrifice something if it's for the future good. Anyone care to postulate a game strategy.
  2. I believe he said no new players, he's staying with the guys who brought him to the dance
  3. September 5 2021 CFL WIN/SSK: 980k (TSN) Baseball Blue Jays: 695k (SN) Soccer CAN/USA: 393k (TSN) Racing Dutch GP: 372k (TSN)
  4. These guys are like Kennedy assassination conspiratards. It doesn't matter what evidence or facts you put in front of them they will deny it. If we beat Italy or Spain tomorrow, they would have had their B team, the turf was subpar, we were lucky, it wouldn't matter. Fact, we went into the 10th? ranked teams home and outplayed them for significant minutes. So what are the excuses, well the rankings are BS blah. blah. blah. Sooner or later we're going to get to the point where we are beating those traditionally good teams. If these guys can't deal with that f 'em. I've been waiting decades to start getting to this point.
  5. Don't forget, it's not the crime it's the coverup - Martha Stewart
  6. I'm an old timer and I agree with you.
  7. Funny you mention that, because the first time I heard this I thought for some reason his voice here sounded different (foreign) than other interviews I've seen with him.
  8. Because long time Canadian fans know not to get overconfident, we've been burned too many times before. Also a tragic mistake to overestimate yourself and underestimate your opponent.
  9. Just to give out some ideas, here is where I found the pants. They have predominantly red with white maple leafs, combo red and white, and my personal favourite the predominantly white with red maple leafs. I find the women's skort quite fetching.
  10. Maybe I missed it but no one has mentioned the guy with the Don Cherry like Maple Leaf pants who was up cheering (just like Expos hat). I think they looked something like this (below) everybody should have a pair!
  11. He was cool and all and I loved the Expos hat but how come the guy right after him with the pants doesn't get any love. I haven't read anything about him.
  12. Nah, don't stop, let your voice be heard, I sure as hell do. People have to realize that there are consequences for their actions. If they want to IMO slander Herdman excessively and often unjustly, based on something that went down years ago, as a select few here do, they deserve everything they get back at them. I know everything I post here can have consequences, sometimes I keep quiet and sometimes I don't. As far as I'm concerned my scrape with Narduch is over, I said what I wanted to say and I'm pretty sure he did, in spades
  13. Yup, it never fails, after the combatants tire and head back to their neutral corners someone else always wants to ring the bell again (and that was before Jeffery posted)
  14. Yes, he's got to finish some chances, when he first came up he was lethal and since then gets a pile of chances and not much to show for it. He's due.
  15. Temper, temper, I see that hasn't changed.
  16. Ok, whatever you say. One last word, considering some of the angry posts you made above, are you still pissed off at me because I roasted you in the Argos @ BMO thread. If so, it's time to let it go, bro.
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