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  1. What better excuse to visit Nashville, only for this pandemic to linger longer than I would have hoped. ☹️ I was really looking forward to making this trip, but cannot rationalize it now. Our designated section hasn’t made it any more enticing.
  2. I was hoping to go to this match but if it helps Canada then I will be happy top go another time.
  3. Actually I have seen the U.S. play in CONCACAF and although they haven't been great I still stand by my statement. Americans are good at running the score up on minnows whether we're talking men or ladies teams.
  4. No way the U.S. don’t get 6 pts and a plus 7 goals against Cuba. Nothing less than 4 pts for Canada will be enough to get to semis.
  5. It’s probably a combination of the things you mention but also our opponent has adjusted and are probably tired of losing by big scores. They are a team trying to improve and have pride. We may not get 6 today but we should be able to break them down a couple more times. Hopefully they give the U.S. a difficult time.
  6. After not seeing him for a while I’m looking forward to see what he can do. Hoping he settles into the match.
  7. I think we all do but we can’t think that it’s going to be 6 nil or more every time we play a minnow. Doing that helps but it’s always going to come down to beating the U.S.
  8. Love Henry but a bit of adventure back there. We’re going to need a lot better.
  9. Agreed, this format is BS. The ranking that will be used is from June 2020? That will give us time to get into the top 6 providing we perform well in the Nations league. That would be our best chance, I think. After the upcoming Nations League matches what other opportunities will we have to increase our ranking? Would the likes of Honduras or El Salvador want to have friendlies with us in early 2020 or is there too much to lose for them? If we had nothing to lose and played a couple of friendlies against top 40 nations and we manage a draw or win, could that not help us? Nations League Groups that could impact our ranking. Who improves? Who goes backward? Honduras, T and T, Martinique El Salvador, St. Lucia, Montserrat, Dominican Republic Panama, Mexico, Bermuda Curacao, Haiti, Costa Rica Jamaica, Guyana, Antigua, Aruba Lots of questions for me. I have only a vague idea of how FIFA rankings even work. Another reason this is a bad idea.
  10. A slow start but found their rhythm and now just 45 minutes from a semi final place. Have to keep it tight at the back and not allow Haiti to gain confidence. 2 goal leads can be tricky.
  11. I will be on the Island to experience my first CPL match on Sunday. Pacific v Edmonton. Kickoff is same time as Canada Cuba? Any chance that kickoff for Pacific gets changed?
  12. Hmm I assumed this match would be on CBC as well. Is OneSoccer a paid subscription?
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