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  1. To be honest I didn't think Breza had a great game last night. He didn't make any big mistakes but his distribution wasn't great and he looked shaky on some of his saves.
  2. Only woke up in time to watch the second half and it was all USA. Ladies did incredibly well to limit the high danger chances. Rose did amazing running down the clearance to win the pk, American player had no idea she was there and cleared her out.
  3. Breza is on loan from Bologna. I'm not sure how much they rate him though. After Pantemis let 4 in this past weekend, being completely at fault for 1, they could have given Breza the midweek start but didn't. Maybe they just didn't want to crush Pantemis's confidence though. Personally I think Breza was brought in to be 3rd choice cover so Jo could be sent on loan but I'd like to see Breza get at least one game this year.
  4. This! Toye is another example of this, too much pressure under Henry last year and he couldn't perform. Montreal's current coaching staff have known Ballou since he was part of the academy. Once he is fit he'll hopefully get his chance. Montreal also has a lot of attacking options so he won't be given anything for free.
  5. At the start of the year it was said that Diop will most likely be leaving Montreal at the end of this season unless he agrees to a 1A/1B role with Pantemis. The way that Jo is playing though Montreal might not even have to worry about that and go with the two local kids as a 1A/1B. Montreal's backroom staff was a mess in the Garde era and essentially let Crepeau go for free. Renard seems like he actually knows what he's doing and has so far done a good job identifying young talent and putting them in positions to shine in Montreal or on loan in the CPL.
  6. I looked into this the first time it was mentioned on a Montreal broadcast this year. Wikipedia says Johnston only played for Lakeshore for a couple of years before he was 10. Family moved to Ontario afterwards. Still pretty cool that two guys from lakeshore who played together when they were at most 7 are playing against each other professionally.
  7. Manjrekar James and FC Midtjylland are in the 2nd round of qualifying for the champions league
  8. I didn't see this posted about but Midtjylland has Champions league qualify games against Celtic at the end of July. So to me James is in the same situation as Borjan. I hadn't heard anything about personal issues or a dispute with Herdman/staff. Hopefully the reason James wasn't included is just that Midtjylland needs him for important games.
  9. Waterman definitely didn't cover himself in glory today but he is a serviceable replacement CB in MLS. Like other comments said he played solid with the ball but had trouble actually defending. The two players he seemed to have the most trouble with were Laryea and Shaffelburg. I didn't watch the TFC CCL games but wasn't Shaffelburg burning Leon defenders also? Laryea was easily TFC's best player yesterday, every time he touched the ball as an Impact fan I was worried. In the end Waterman is a depth piece for Montreal and for the MNT and that's okay.
  10. I forget where I saw it but I'm almost sure there was a report that he has a groin injury and isn't 100%. I think he'll get a chance this year. Nancy and the coaching staff know him well. Nancy and Di Tulio were Biello's assistants back then and Ciman was on the team as well. Tabla even wore the captain's armband for a half during preseason this year.
  11. It sounds like covid has really effected Montreal's U23 team from playing meaningful games. I'm pretty sure they've played a few exhibition games against university and plsq sides but nothing more than that. There was talk a while ago about another MLS reserve type league but again it sounds like covid has delayed that to 2022 at the earliest. Also the team just lost it's head coach Jason Di Tullio to the first team and now Bernier is the co-coach with another assistant coach. Catavolo and Kane have been training with the first team during the preseason so far this year.
  12. In an interview this week Piette said that he got a call from the CSA to say that there might be a camp this January and to may expect a call up. https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/onze-mtl/id1457912124?i=1000499244020
  13. And a little bit of C. He had Shome playing in front of him instead of Piette. When the Impact have the ball on the right Piette assume the defensive duties and ZBG can attack as much as he wants. ZBG had to defend more the other night than in recent games.
  14. Definitely been playing a lot better than his first game this year against SKC. And the reason he didn't play this past weekend is that he did pick up a slight knock against New England. He seems to have Garde's trust this year. Recently Wandrille Lefèvre said on twitter that he's one of the more gifted technical players on the team and could be a big surprise this year. Shome should be getting more minutes this year, especially when Piette leaves for the Gold Cup this summer.
  15. An article from September on Tabla had Herdman hinting at Kadioglu. Here's the main quote Herdman didn’t offer any specific names, but hinted that Ferdi Kadioglu is someone who is on his radar. Kadioglu is a 19-year-old Dutch midfielder who recently signed with Turkish side Fenerbahce. He’s played for the Netherlands at youth level, but hasn’t been capped by the Dutch senior team. Kadioglu is eligible to play for Canada because his mother was born here. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/herdmans-patient-approach-lead-tabla-windfall-canada/ It fits with the description given recently. Doesn't looked like he has played for the first team since his move to Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce went through a youth movement this past summer and as a result they are battling against relegation.
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