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  1. And a little bit of C. He had Shome playing in front of him instead of Piette. When the Impact have the ball on the right Piette assume the defensive duties and ZBG can attack as much as he wants. ZBG had to defend more the other night than in recent games.
  2. Definitely been playing a lot better than his first game this year against SKC. And the reason he didn't play this past weekend is that he did pick up a slight knock against New England. He seems to have Garde's trust this year. Recently Wandrille Lefèvre said on twitter that he's one of the more gifted technical players on the team and could be a big surprise this year. Shome should be getting more minutes this year, especially when Piette leaves for the Gold Cup this summer.
  3. An article from September on Tabla had Herdman hinting at Kadioglu. Here's the main quote Herdman didn’t offer any specific names, but hinted that Ferdi Kadioglu is someone who is on his radar. Kadioglu is a 19-year-old Dutch midfielder who recently signed with Turkish side Fenerbahce. He’s played for the Netherlands at youth level, but hasn’t been capped by the Dutch senior team. Kadioglu is eligible to play for Canada because his mother was born here. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/herdmans-patient-approach-lead-tabla-windfall-canada/ It fits with the description given recently. Doesn't looked like he has played for the first team since his move to Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce went through a youth movement this past summer and as a result they are battling against relegation.
  4. Confirmed. But it looks like he will be battling MacMath for the starting spot. MacMath was one of the better young goalies in the league a couple years back before he got stuck behind Tim Howard in Colorado. On paper now it looks like Crepeau will be #2 in Vancouver. Hope he tries to battle for the #1 spot in Vancouver more than he did in Montreal.
  5. I agree with this, unfortunately Crepeau has said this is not what he wants. He wants to be given a chance for the #1 spot right away. He might not have a choice though because Montreal could still pick up his option for 2019. Is Marinovic in Vancouver that far ahead of Crepeau? Maybe MDS brings Crepeau to Vancouver giving IMFC a super draft pick or some Garber bucks.
  6. Interview with Max today from TVA Sports (in French). http://www.tvasports.ca/2018/10/30/ou-se-retrouvera-maxime-crepeau Sounds like Crepeau wants a fresh start somewhere else in MLS but has a 1-year option left on his contract. This could be an interesting story for Montreal this winter. Bush's contract is up but he had the best year of his career this year and has been with the team pre MLS.
  7. Doesn’t help that he is made out of glass. He’s been injured for the majority of the year with a lot of minor problems. Last year was the first year where injuries didn’t really limit him. Seems like a lot of Impact academy players are very injury prone once they sign their MLS deals.
  8. From mlssoccer.com Montreal had no room in their supplemental and reserve rosters.
  9. I won't be able to watch tomorrow night's games live, has anyone found a way to watch them afterwards?
  10. There's only so many international slots to go around for Canadian MLS teams, even if there is a sliver of a chance he might be needed I think he stays.
  11. No he doesn't...... Against Sporting KC Krolicki moved to CDM when Piette went off injured and Shome did play a more box to box role. Against Colorado this past weekend Garde took Taider off and put Shome on in a like for like sub where Shome had a more attacking role than Piette. In his 12 minute cameo against Colorado Shome didn't do as much offensively as in his previous outing but put in another decent shift. Could consider him partially to blame for the Colorado goal due to his missed header on the Colorado set piece that lead to the goal. He'll definitely be getting more minutes if Garde sticks with the 4-3-3 formation because Montreal only has 5 CM on the roster currently and last I checked Beland-Goyette was injured so 4 healthy CM. With a stretch of 6 games in 18 days coming up rotation will definitely be needed.
  12. Played decent, didn't do anything to stand out but didn't make any glaring mistakes either. He made a few late runs into the box which gave him a couple of good scoring chances.
  13. Dalin Saheb: 19-year-old called up recently by Algeria for a U21camp (born in Algeria in 1998 moved to Canada 2 years later). He has been playing in the PLSQ but seems to have fallen off the CSA map after a U20 ID camp in 2015. http://www.tvasports.ca/2018/05/03/de-saint-hubert-a-lequipe-nationale-dalgerie
  14. The fact that Shome was also out injured for the majority of last year didn't help his development either.
  15. There is definitely something that says they'd have to trade for his rights, it might be only 50K in GAM or TAM though. At this point I'd want Montreal to come back with both of them though.
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