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  1. I think Cavallini will be better suited to playing the stronger teams in CONCACAF where we need to grind out the result a bit more. He's physical, gives CBs ****, aggressive, high work rate, holds the ball up well, and brings teammates into play. This is a lot of value-added without even talking about goals, of which he is no slouch. For a team like us, I think he's a natural starter.
  2. Normally I'd completely agree, but I think there's something to be said for having a brashness that we've never approached the sport with before at the men's level. We need that confidence to permeate through the group and I'm especially happy Herdman is instilling this identity into the younger players we have.
  3. No idea why, but I've always had a soft soft spot for Doneil. He's always had the potential to be dominant and I just hope we even see him reach 3/4 of the potential he had at 18. He needs 2 to 3 years under his belt and Europe will come knocking again if he wants it.
  4. I think there's a reason that no striker ever has really been prolific for Canada despite some decent strikers playing for us over the years. It's our style of play, lack of chance creation and overall chemistry on the pitch. Let's hope that changes with the talent we have up top! Latin and Cav should have a feast with the talent around them.
  5. I really didn't see that as a good thing at all. It seems he and Drogba are even closer than I thought, and he's now just telling Tabla to be patient and his call-up will eventually come. I refuse to believe that Ballou's idol, who got him a gig with Barcelona, and is referred to as both his big brother AND de-facto President of the IC, will decide to play in Canada. Unless he flames out or he and Drogba have a fall out, I think we're done here. And before you guys all call me a pessimist, this is just my way of protecting myself from the pain!
  6. I'm not sure I've ever watched a game of Piette's and not come away at least a bit impressed with something he's done. That guy is the real deal and a stalwart CDM in my eyes for as long as he wants to be. This is obviously way over the top, but he's our little Kante the way he reads the game, breaks up attacks and quickly and efficiently builds play forward.
  7. Liam Millar is full of potential. A really promising player at this level already.
  8. I'm very interested in how we play. Obviously this won't be the final form of whatever we do, but we may see some potential philosophical ideas from Herdman.
  9. If his Twitter is any indication he's still close with a lot of the Canadian guys. Retweeted about Mark Anthony Kaye and Dario Zanatta, and wanted to meet up with Marcus Godinho, all in the past week or so! Maybe one to keep an eye on.
  10. Imagine you were plugging away playing for Canada on ****** pitches in the Carribean with no clear pathway for making it big, but genuinely felt you had the talent. Next thing you know your idol comes along, validates you, tells you he can help you and maybe puts you in touch with other important people. Now you've been scouted by all the big teams in Europe because this one person put in a good word and now you're being bought by Barcelona. Now imagine you don't have much life experience besides a passion for soccer and wanting to make a World Cup and move forward with your career. Now I ask, as an 18 year old - would you really be able to have the perspective to see things logically and weight the factors properly when all these emotions and identities are involved? Likely not. There's a reason we don't trust 18 year old's to do all that much properly! The worst part is that this is the reality we will continue to have to contend with for the near future and there's no magical elixir to prevent it from happening again. All we can do is try to develop and keep as many good ones as we can and move the program forward. Eventually when we make a WC or two, it may provide a better pathway that will keep players playing for Canada. ...To that day.
  11. He'll slot in nicely to replace Doneil as Canadian content on the hammers!
  12. I sent a long message outlining what others have also expressed but tried to take the time to make the point from different angles so that you'd have a better understanding of where I, and I'm sure others are coming from. You ignored it all and replied to the last line, which was a throwaway. I think that says it all to me.
  13. A few things I disagree with. A ) To suggest that after utilizing a good process and getting a bad result we just shouldn't use a process at all is a flawed argument all around. Let's say you're a person in charge of hiring doctors for your hospital. The first two are highly recommended, did really well in school and turn out to be just awful. Instead of trusting that the process is going to provide better results, you abandon it all and just hire someone out of intro biology because **** it. B ) As you said, going from the women's game to the men's requires a transition or adaptation. I think we can all agree, any CMNT coach has their work cut out for them for so many different reasons. Wouldn't it suggest that in the hiring process you would want to limit the unknowns and ultimately the risk? That's why this makes no sense - it's tanking the approach that seemed to be working for a very, very high risk proposition. With the relatively small amount of error a CMNT manager is afforded, this seems a bad punt. C ) Some people ARE sexist - maybe some of the people arguing with you. Nonetheless, there is nothing inherently sexist about having concerns that the womens and mens games are different. There are reasons for it, including socialization, resources, etc, but it is different. The level of play is lower. The money that players in the men's game are paid is dramatically higher. This is not debatable, nor is it wrong to say so. As such, due to inherent differences in the way the games are played the tactics/approaches/management are very likely to be different. It is possible that Herdman has been held back by the level of technical skill of the women's game and maybe his knowledge punches above that level, but no one has any evidence of this yet. To be given a job of a men's national team without at least proving something at a decent level in the men's game is simply shocking to most, and that's not wrong. For the record, I am a practicing social worker, feminist and pretty far left and I can't see anything wrong with having this discussion. Nor am I making some implicit point about women or men. D ) This is directed more broadly, but I am gutted by Oz leaving. I really enjoyed his outlook, candidness, dealings with the media, courting of duals, and most importantly his on-field tactics. If I am ever going to be behind this move anytime soon there better be a really obvious reason they did this beyond Herdman giving an ultimatum to the CSA. If that is the case, it really says it all doesn't it. How can you be bullied into firing a coach one year into his tenure, who has had a positive track record on and off the field for a coach with no men's national team experience? How did Herdman out-leverage the CSA? Aren't these people meant to do this for a living? And this also reflects horribly on Herdman, backstabbing the current man in charge. E ) I would not be surprised if the primary reason for this was Herdman's handsome face and charisma. He has charmed a country before and has some cache beyond just footy fans. I can see the CSA having dollar signs blinking before their eyes at having Herdman as the talking head for Canadian Soccer and this may have convinced them that with increased sponsorship dollars and with trying to get the CanPL off the ground that Herdman could help with all that. Ultimately, I'm gutted and probably will be for a while. Just when it seems to be going in the right direction the CSA have to meddle and turn it back 180 degrees. Will we never catch a break as CMNT supporters?
  14. I would've liked to see him stay across the pond, but you have to imagine he'll get a better chance at reviving his career in MLS where he has a reputation and is a CMNT player. Would have loved him back at TFC, but I am happy with this move.
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