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  1. That is obvious but reflecting on it, Forge were poor with very few if any open play scoring chances after the first minute or so, passing in the final 3rd was dreadful, once again I put much of that down to inactivity!
  2. Unfortunately the match played out in the worst case scenario I expected, the way the Haitians played and time wasted, used there physical skills and Forge being not match fit and off their game against an in form opponent! This doesn't just pertain to Forge, I think Canadian soccer still has a lot of naivety to get over, after Henry's colossal blunder there was only going to be one winner here, similar to our MNT losing to Haiti after defensive mistakes, hopefully we learn!
  3. They should have had a straight red card and we hit the bar blah, blah, blah, that was an embarrassing way to lose a match to an inferior side, Forge were not very good all match, the Haitians were worse, the several week lay off took it's toll because Forge could not string many passes together, they were out of sync!
  4. A blown opportunity, Forge will not win against TFC or whoever they play next week, they had a good run and I'm proud of what they did but so bitterly disappointed because this match was there to be won!
  5. When that FK rattled off the bar the pessimist in me thought that was our ticket through missed, shortly after Henry pulls the most bone headed blunder, he better redeem himself in these pk's!
  6. That goal was well needed because Forge were sloppy for most of the half and it was becoming more and more frustrating, I think they should have had a Red Card for a 2 footed challenge very late, well taken pk, keeper went the right way!
  7. I'm glad Grant is not in the back 4, he can be effective going forward, has lots of pace but very mistake prone as a defender! Forge will have to be disciplined as I expect this Haitian side to be very physical!
  8. I don't know anything about the Haitian league, I think in form opponent covers that!😀
  9. Inactivity, lack of match fitness, heat, humidity, CONCACAF officials, Edgar retiring, Bobby going to TFC, in form opponent, too many days at a beach resort being pampered!
  10. It is painful to bring up history but Assmears commercial for Adidas with him talking about how Canada gave him and his family a chance to escape the bombs flying by his home in Bosnia then bailing on us is right up there, we move on though!
  11. I had a good chance to speak with him at our STH celebration with the team last season, when I told him I was a QPR fan his response was "QPR? Fuck Off" 😀, all in good fun, he talked about playing at Loftus Road and how close the fans were to the pitch! I mentioned previously but I will repeat the conversation, in the final vs Cavalry their best chance was a cross that sailed over his head, it looked like he had mistimed his jump, his story was he knew he couldn't reach the ball so he timed his jump to throw the striker off, on further review if you watch the play that is exactly what h
  12. I would like to have him for depth in our program, for the reasons @CanadaFan123 I hate the idea of him going to the US but if that's what he wants to do, see ya later! He may turn out to be a good option for them, who knows, I think he has been over hyped due to his goals in the tournament, I will add 2 or 3 of his goals could have been called back for various infractions, mostly pushing off! He did finish some chances really well, so did Jordan Hamilton at one point!
  13. Interesting thought, many of us didn't think starting an unfit Altidore was going to end well!
  14. I personally think Bobby would be a great choice for TFC but my views are clouded by my Red and White glasses, I don't think the TFC fanbase would have the patience for a partial rebuild and the blooding of many talented but young and inexperienced Canadians!
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