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  1. No, unfortunately Marc moved on when Ollie was sacked 2 seasons ago, he is QPR through and through, loves the club and most fans love him!
  2. QPR just had their leading scorer recalled from his loan, I would love to see Liam in the famous Blue & White hoops!😀
  3. I really would like to see some of these Canadian youngsters who will never play with the first team move on and try the CPL route!
  4. I watched most of the game, I thought he had a real tidy match, some nice runs and crosses, he always seems to get in good positions to receive the ball and his teammates recognize this, he briefly was playing in a centre forward position which was odd for a left wingback, I think it was encouraged by the manager! One of the best plays he made was a strong recovering run where he won the ball from the attacker, the fans really appreciated that and let out a huge roar!
  5. I don't think there are many employers who would not terminate an employee for publicly criticizing them especially on a health and welfare issue and this is Jozy's second go at it!
  6. I wonder if Voyageurs Cup rules have anything to do with the promotions, any injuries to Canadians from the 1st team squad and TFC would struggle to start 3 Canadians before these signings!
  7. We are making the assumption that Fraser even starts in Bradley's place, it would not surprise me to see Vanney play Delgado or even Deleon in that position, if Fraser does get to start I expect he will be on a very short leash and there won't be much room for error!
  8. Talk about a great opportunity for Fraser to impress, from what I have seen from him he could be very good in that role, this will be interesting!
  9. I didn't like what JDG said and found it a little surprising coming from a dedicated Canadian soccer player and manager, I can move on however if he has a role that helps specifically the new Ottawa team and more generally the CPL, I agree with @Unnamed Trialist that the press will surely be asking some questions about his previous statements!
  10. I don't know how you can make any assessment on Borges from the few minutes he played!
  11. I don't completely disagree with @SpecialK on a lot of this, Nelson was ok, he's not why we lost and I look forward to seeing him progress, I would have rather seen Borges come into the match, the Nelson love by Herdman reminds me of Frank Yallop's love for a 16 year old Jamie Peters!
  12. Without our top 3 strikers we were always going to struggle against a decent team like Iceland, hopefully the younger players have learned from this camp and will be better prepared for U23 qualifying, we need to be more clinical around goal!
  13. Most of the stuff he is yelling isn't going to be absorbed by players while the play is fluid, he yells things like "pass" or "shoot" sometimes, I love his enthusiasm but some things come off as house league to me as well!
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