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  1. So with an imminent increase of capacity at BMO will we have another Voyageurs pre-sale in the supporters section, I am sure I'm not the only one who would prefer to be in another section?
  2. I was being selfish and looking strictly through my Spark Orange spectacles, it would have been great for Pacific to host TFC, there would be more interest than there will be in Toronto I believe!
  3. I'm a little disappointed to not get 113 as that is where I stand for every match at BMO, this presale was a bit of a shit show, thanks TM, I'm just happy to get tickets after being queued for 30 minutes and waiting an hour!
  4. I was at the match the night before, it started out in the sun, there were warnings of severe weather moving in and they got it right, before the half the skies darkened and lightning started to flash, those of us still in the seats headed for the concourse as the rain began and the teams got called off the field! Fans were told to stay in the concourse for their own safety, we stood and watched an amazing light show with the Toronto skyline in the background!
  5. I have never heard him referred to as that but just maybe there is something to him being smart enough to be in positions for easier finishes?
  6. I am so happy he finally got a chance, there were many on here saying he was too raw, couldn't cross, had no football smarts and he should be playing in the CPL!😀
  7. The match is going about as it should, there is a massive gap in quality between the teams out there, York were hanging in well but you just knew this strong TFC 11 would dominate and eventually score! I may be a bit biased but Osorio, Shaffleburg and Laryea look to be the best 3 players on the pitch!
  8. Great finish by Tabla, harsh on Halifax but they have done well, overall Montreal's depth and skill has shown especially in the 2nd half!
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