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  1. That Thomas goal made it worth staying to the end in the sweltering heat, definitely highlight reel stuff! The teams played quite well considering the conditions, you could see the fatigue setting in as the match progressed, I think most Forge supporters stayed well hydrated! It was great to see some Valour support, @MrsC was there and I finally got to meet Mr. C! 😀
  2. There is quite a difference between a "warm sunny day in July" and a day with extreme heat warnings, I love hot weather and was ok with the conditions yesterday, it obviously was a deterrent for some and many who were at the Forge match watched from the shade of the concourse!
  3. It's going to be a hot one, Forge are waving their water bottle policy for this match, we all need to stay hydrated, of course there is a real threat of thunderstorms! I was looking forward to seeing Petrasso at THF, I think as @Lofty says we will see Galan, no wonder goals for Bustos this match!
  4. That's hardcore, you must have an understanding bride! Congratulations!
  5. That is the most likely situation, it was a closed door friendly so Hearts would definitely want to get 1st team squad players some playing time against good opposition, it would hardly reflect the quality of the Scottish League, I'm just glad Liam played well against a good opponent!
  6. A great evening down at THF, that was the nicest game day weather we have had even though there was a threat of more thunderstorms, it was nice to see a good contingent of HFX supporters there! Henry and the rest of the backline scare me at times, if we could finish chances we create these games wouldn't be as close and the defending/keeper issues wouldn't be an issue! Borges again was quite good and stood out as the best player on the pitch by a mile, I hope we can keep him to see out the season and entertain us further!
  7. I hope it stays dry, a friend of mine is over from Coventry England and is taking in his first CPL match, not that he isn't used to watching football in the rain but it would be nice if it holds off for all of us!
  8. It's a Forge home game so of course there is a strong risk of thunderstorms, hopefully they hold off, I'll be bringing rain gear as usual! It will interesting if Forge can carry on with their offensive output like we saw at Pacific on Saturday, with Valour coming in on Saturday I expect some squad rotation!
  9. I'm sure we'll see you, it should be a good match, warmer than the inaugural one you attended, will you be in the Supporters Section?
  10. He might be just what Valour need, maybe what Forge needs as well, I just don't want to see any goals from him this Saturday!
  11. Dario Zanatta played 85 minutes in Hearts 2-0 win over Cowdenbeath in the Scottish League Cup! Dario rated 8 out of 10 by local media: https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/latest-hearts-news/how-the-hearts-players-rated-during-tuesday-night-s-betfred-cup-clash-with-cowdenbeath-1-4966069
  12. So he can sit on the bench and watch Vanney's favourites fail?😀 Seriously as @Ansem points out, I doubt he would be interested!
  13. That was quite the 2nd half with 5 goals scored, after Forge wasted so many good scoring chances in the 1st half it seemed to be following a familiar pattern for the team, Welshman and Borges to the rescue! I think Pacific did really well considering all of their injuries, they had a couple of good chances to grab a share of the points late on, an entertaining match!
  14. They weren't stylish enough for your liking, the 2 goals that rescued the match against Minnesota weren't good enough? I hope Boyd and Mullens are able to turn things around and score some pretty goals!
  15. Come on GL, you know this just means Osorio will sit!😀
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