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  1. Until he commits to Canada which according to some sources may be imminent I am torn whether I want him to succeed or not, once he pulls on the Maple Leaf shirt my attitude will change!
  2. At this point Costa Rica is the only away match I am considering, it will be nice when venues are finalized and I can actually plan the trip!
  3. Canadian content on all 4 goals, I also think there are more to come!
  4. We obviously have more depth than ever which is very important with all of these fixtures coming up in WCQ, I hope JH is able to have a good look at some players who may have been called but not played too prominent of a role before, I'm thinking of guys like Millar and Corbeanu and it would be awesome to get Flores, Jebbison and Akinola into meaningful games and tie them to the program! I would still be surprised if David and Davies are there, I think if we get most of the players we want from the 60 man list this team should be very competitive regardless of who isn't there, exciting times!
  5. I still think this position is my biggest concern, the emergence of Kennedy and Johnston playing in a back 3 and Henry looking solid is a real good thing which gives us more options!
  6. I was still super nervous until Larin scored, the next round will be tough, I'm just thrilled we're there and can play all these important matches against quality opposition!
  7. He said the result was embarrassing enough and they didn't want to make it look like they were justifying it by making up excuses, I agree that maybe it should have come out sooner but he was probably right!
  8. Did OneSoccer's ill timed post match feature on 8-1 stir up the demons in some of you? That match means nothing now, let's get to the next round and we can double Honduras, that will exorcise some of the demons, I am still pissed at OneSoccer's decision to air that feature right after a positive first leg result!
  9. The only change I see is Henry coming back in for Vitoria, I expect Laryea and Larin to start and will be subbed out for Buchanan and Cav respectively, Piette will come in to shore up the midfield at some point!
  10. I'm a little nervous as I am for all of our big matches, Honduras has nothing to do with it as this is a different team in a completely different situation, I am reasonably confident we will finish the job!
  11. The pitch was a major factor, when I posted this right at the start of the match a poster responded that it is the same for both teams which is true although as you say Haiti were obviously more used to it! You could see the struggles virtually all our subs had for the first few minutes when they entered the game and adjusted to it, I would say it cost us probably a goal or two with the ball being stuck in Larin and David's feet when clean through! I'm surprised Haiti didn't launch more long balls to bounce around our CB's and try to pounce on the awkwardness of dealing with these, maybe that
  12. I'm ok if we send a "B" team to the Gold Cup and I actually look forward to see what some of the newer players can do against good competition as they integrate into our program, there are so many matches in a condensed time frame and I don't think Davies/David/Larin and all can be expected to be available for all of these! I think we can do quite well using some of the youngsters with some veterans thrown in, some players may stake claims for bigger roles in the octagon!
  13. Imagine what this thread will be like if we don't get the job done Tuesday, which I am fairly confident we will? The knives will be out and I would be holding one of the biggest ones, when we advance I think that will be good progress unless we really crash and burn against the big boys in the next round!
  14. He has been about as good as I possibly hoped he would be after watching highlights here and a couple of cup matches live, he has great soccer sense and the physical tools to succeed at that position! I think what his Dad posted is apparent on the field, he looks motivated and like he would be a joy to coach!
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