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  1. What a well taken goal! He played strong defensively when he came on for the 2nd half, he may be getting more playing time if Henry's left hamstring injury keeps him out for any length of time!
  2. Henry just limped off with a serious looking injury, possibly a hamstring, it was serious enough that he came off and left the Caps down to 10 as they had just made their last sub, I have been impressed with his play and most of us have him penciled in as a starting CB, this may change, hopefully it's not as bad as it looks!
  3. Davies on the bench as Bayern try again to wrap up the title, they just need a point at home to Eintracht Frankfurt: https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/football/48256986
  4. Agree, it looked like more of the same until Borges added the 2nd, lots of possession in good positions yet the keeper had very little to do, hopefully more competition or depth at striker position will translate into more goals, they were both well taken goals last night!
  5. I had a good chat with him in one of the meet the Forge events and he seemed such a quiet, shy guy, he had lots to say though about Canadian soccer vs US soccer, I never would have thought he'd be into all of these theatrics!
  6. The cameras didn't show it however Borges in the post match interview mentions the ball took a deflection, that's tough for the keeper!
  7. Missing Petrasso is a big deal, Bustos looks like a good acquisition, Thomas had a good match if you omit about a 5 minute stretch leading up to and including the goal, there's lots of good young Canadians in the lineup, it will get better!
  8. That's a good midweek crowd on a cool night, the RRR could be heard in the broadcast, I haven't seen it posted, why are they behind the goal in the corner, the sight lines must be poor and the camera angles only rarely show them!
  9. An entertaining half, Forge has played quite well,Valour had 2 really good chances to score, Forge have to make more of their attacking possession!
  10. That's impressive GL, we both got our first cap at the same match!
  11. Although the results so far have not been great for Forge there has been lots of squad rotation and I believe there is some good depth there which makes predicting a starting 11 a tough one! I expect Bekker will slot back into the lineup after serving his 2 match suspension, Thomas looks like he is staking a claim to remain in the starting role, I think Awuah, Welshman, Borges and Novak will start, does Bobby go back to Henry between the sticks after Roberts looked poor on the 1st Cavalry goal Sunday? I'm looking forward to this important match tomorrow!
  12. I think that is why Bobby was so pissed at the end, I thought the header in the box was fine, he was probably frustrated as well figuring Cavalry should have been down to 10 men!
  13. Jackson played 67 minutes in St. Mirren's 2-0 first leg win, he'd be a nice addition to CPL if he chose to play here soon! https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48172877
  14. It was discussed in the referee thread, the one major mistake the ref made, the crew was quite good overall with some correct calls on close offsides on the 1st 2 goals!
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