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  1. This will help, Edgar needs to be replaced, hopefully the draft picks are quality and I still think another striker with pace is required, most of the teams in the league will be better!
  2. I think it will be the exact opposite, money that was budgeted for the WC matches may be thrown towards the healthcare system, whether we agree with that it doesn't matter it's all about polls and governments will follow the votes!
  3. As I posted earlier Hamilton got royally screwed out of the hosting the 2010 Commonwealth Games, votes bought from Concacaf nations apparently🙂, now they are trying to give us the 2026 games and we don't want them after spending millions of dollars on the failed 2010 bid! Times have changed!
  4. When we were originally putting together a Canadian bid albeit before the field was expanded to 48 teams I romantically had visions of taking our new LRT line to watch World Cup matches right here in Hamilton, I thought people in the other cities you mention would be doing the same! When we were given just 10 matches from an American event that changed my thinking and although I thought it would be great to be in the V's section watching our team play, if we were in the tournament at all the reality is this was not going to be an event spread around the country with only 10 matches to host!
  5. Easy solution, put grass in at Tim Hortons Field!🙂
  6. I was just watching a premier's news conference where on behalf of their constituents they are asking the feds to contribute another 15% or so to health transfer funds to the provinces, healthcare is a huge topic and that is not going to go away when and if this pandemic is behind us! People see the state of the Long Term Care Homes and the hospitals we are treated in and realize there is a huge problem that needs to be fixed, my answer to your question is in a large part healthcare!
  7. Agree and the expansion to 48 teams came after our original interest, 10 games out of 80 is BS, Mexico should feel aggrieved as well, they have most of the infrastructure in place, we were used as a pawn because due to politics it was highly unlikely US was getting this on their own, this is just my opinion of course!
  8. Two things have changed for me, I soured on the whole bid when the dreams of Canada 2026 turned into a measly 10 games propping up another USA hosted event and no guarantee of our participation btw although I expect we would be granted that eventually! Then this pandemic thing hit and many people's priorities have changed including various levels of government, I doubt no matter who is steering the ship in Ottawa or the host provinces that spending large coin on sports stadiums is going to be a particlarily popular move in the general public's eye! In Hamilton we bid on the 2010 Commonwealth G
  9. I think many of you missed my poor attempt at sarcasm and humour in my earlier post: "If this sounds like I'm being negative, I'm not, I'm a glass half full guy! Just as in 94 we will get some top nations from around the world wanting to play friendlies in our ageing stadiums to prepare for World Cup USA, it will be a great chance for our eliminated program to rebuild and work towards qualifying in 2030!"
  10. I'm thinking just servicing the debt incurred during the pandemic will be taking up tax dollars, whether you agree with how it was handled or being handled doesn't matter, it is what it is! I would be all in if this was our tournament and money was being spent in several cities to improve infrastructure, to improve BMO for a handful of matches or The Big Owe for that matter is an expense that isn't necessary, when are we going to need the added capacity after the 5 or 6 matches? I don't disagree about infrastructure spending but let's spend it on something the general public will benefit from
  11. I'm not so sure about that, there is just too much tax dollars required to prop up that number of matches in a tournament that really isn't ours, sadly the more I read and think about this, the less I want these games, we will have much important things to spend our tax dollars on coming out of this pandemic, 10 games isn't worth it! As I wrote in a previous post we can have some high level friendlies in existing stadiums as we did in 94, these may actually generate money!
  12. I agree with @Dominic94 that he has had to change his game due to feeding off scraps from many selfish players which over all could be good for him when service dries up wherever he plays, I do agree with you though, one year of this is enough!
  13. I was at the Brazil v Sweden match as well and US v Switzerland, it was so hot in the Dome for both those games, the grass didn't hold up so well but things have progressed, in 93 I was at the Germany v England match which I believe was the first ever indoor soccer match on natural grass! I don't see a problem with indoor matches!
  14. I wouldn't be shocked to see the return of Borges, that would help with the goal scoring, I'm not sure how the draft picks @mtlsab mentions are going to work out, Edgar's retirement leave large boots to fill, not only was he a very good CB at this level but he was a real leader!
  15. I will say David has a long ways to go based on what I saw Sunday, I don't have much hope for the refs getting better, many times they are put in charge of matches that are way past their level of ability all for the sake of experience, there has to be a better way!
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