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  1. Thanks for posting that, I remember all of the players and vaguely remember the tour, I can't remember the result!
  2. What happens if the Olympics are rightly postponed for a year, are we still out after this decision or can we get back on board? I completely agree with the decision regardless of the answer to my question!
  3. It became apparent in the first couple of games that the window of opportunity was closed for Fraser with Vanney moving Delgado into the MB role, I agree he probably needs to move on from TFC sooner than later once things get going again whenever that may be!
  4. It looks like the Impact got CONCACAFED!
  5. I can't wait for that opportunity to arise, it will be Spark Orange for me!
  6. I agree with this in principal but don't you think it could be abused? If a player is deemed to have a concussion there is no chance he or she should be coming back on and who's to say players won't abuse this if all 3 subs have been used?
  7. Arfield not in Rangers squad which lost at home to Hamilton, I hope the injury isn't too serious!
  8. I don't agree with this at all, I could care less how popular soccer is in the US, they have their own federation, league and supporters, bowling outdraws hockey on tv there, it's a different dynamic! Back in the day I would have partially agreed because the old NASL was all we had and we needed the league to be successful to continue to operate which it didn't even though The Blizzard were a strong club! Now we have the CPL there are lots of opportunities for Canadians to play at a good level, the handful of higher earning Canadians in MLS would find a club to play for if our 3 MLS clubs packed up!
  9. Those were wonderful looking shirts, I can't believe the idea didn't catch on!
  10. Wotherspoon is in the 11 as St. Johnstone are hosting Celtic in the Scottish Cup, currently 0-0! https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/football/51634142
  11. That's exactly what my wife said, maybe I'll get used to the new ones!
  12. Maybe I will change my mind, I doubt it, I think the Forge shirts are horrendous! It's a good thing I passed on the kit unveiling, I would have been choking on my $5 beer!
  13. Wasn't it refreshing to see 5 Canadians trusted by a legend to see the match out, it seemed quite a contrast to what Vanney does at TFC (I know a different cast of characters) but instead of the one or two Canadians that may start getting the hook, he added to the Canadian content on the field! It looks like these guys are going to get a fair chance to prove themselves, let's hope they take their chances! I agree with your assessment of ZBG, a solid match, too bad Shome didn't finish the chance ZBG set up!
  14. Congrats to the Impact, that was an interesting nil nil draw, Henry had the team very organized and Diop only had to make one fine save, all the Canadians did quite well I thought and it's great to see them getting CONCACAF experience, shame Shome didn't finish his chance!
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