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  1. I'm still having a hard time getting excited about this guy, my gut feeling is he is too entrenched in the US program and he won't choose us at this point!
  2. Watching the refs get their medals, I thought the main guy was quite good today, always easy to say when your team wins!
  3. Bring on TFC! Seriously though they need to play this match soon or Forge will be at even more disadvantage!
  4. I think it was a well deserved win by Forge, they really took over the match with the wind in the 2nd half, this feels so much different than last year's championship for so many reasons, I watched it from home this year!
  5. Wow, I jinxed Oxner, I feel bad for him because he was keeping them in the match!
  6. As poor as most of the corners were HFX were living dangerously conceding so many and it eventually cost them!
  7. A good half even without goals, the players are up for it, we will see how much a factor the wind has been in the 2nd half, I thought Forge should have played some longer balls to be held up in the wind!
  8. Forge has definitely tried to force some passes and it's not working yet, not many chances for either team, I agree the Bekker tackle may have thwarted the best chance of the match so far!
  9. Not a whole lot of chat about our championship match, I'm looking forward to this, it's tough to call, both teams have good coaching, it's windy there!
  10. Apparently it is a single match, no one seems to know where or when which is concerning for the CPL Champion!
  11. I believe it is only retaken if the defending team infringes and the goal isn't scored, I hung up my whistle years ago, I think that is still the rule, of course a simple google search would probably resolve this!
  12. HFX may be underdogs just because Forge has been there before , from what I've seen in the 2 matches on the island these teams are fairly evenly matched and both have good coaches, I wouldn't be shocked if the shield moves across the bridge to NS!
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