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  1. He definitely is following his path of international football he wants to play and will be patient and wait for his cap, if we beat the US tomorrow making a real statement for the potential of this team perhaps it catches his attention a bit and puts some other ideas in his head! All very doubtful though, when I opened this thread I thought I was going to read he had been capped and would ask the mods to please close it so we can move on!
  2. Vanney wasn't going to play him again so it's great he got out, hopefully he gets a fair chance in Miami, he showed some great potential but that wasn't enough to get him minutes in TFC's world class midfield! I just hope a year of hardly playing hasn't set him back, as Obinna mentions, CPL could be an option if things don't work out in Florida!
  3. I love their version of California Dreaming:
  4. The sad part for Ottawa fans is they could have quite possibly been celebrating a CPL Championship like I described in the Forge thread, the team having already been established I think would have been favourites to lift the North Star Shield if they had chosen that path, instead it's a day of mourning for Ottawa soccer fans!
  5. I feel really bad for soccer fans in Ottawa, I know quite a few of them and consider them friends, every one of them were bitterly disappointed the team didn't join CPL, now they have nothing! It's a real shame the way this all came down, I just have to wonder how much better things would have been if ownership would have been brave and joined CPL instead of fighting them!
  6. I attended the Forge celebration party at THF last night, there was a ceremony at field level with the fans getting a chance to meet and talk with the players after, lots of kids there, it was well done by the club! After there was an indoor event in the club section for us co-founders, what a party, my clothes got soaked with champagne as we watched the final moments of last Saturday's match with the players! It was excellent to get a chance to speak with players and coaches and reflect on the season, what a great bunch of people! Borges is obviously not going to tip his hand but from our conversation I would be very surprised if he doesn't move on to a bigger club next season, he deserves it! One of many highlights was David Edgar saying to me "You're QPR? F*** Off", he did say he liked playing at the classic old Loftus Road!
  7. I met Andi at our Battalion event the night before the 1st leg, she seems a very genuinely nice person, she engaged the crowd to ask questions of the OneSoccer panel which was great, I think she does an excellent job hosting the CPL matches!i
  8. He sure can and as I mentioned earlier I think Borges is a really good player, I hope he plays for our Olympic team and really shows what he can do in international football, at this point I am just much more comfortable having Millar in the squad than taking a chance on an unknown! This is a huge match for us obviously, I don't think it's a time for experimentation with the squad, if things don't work out we will have several matches vs minnows in the long road of trying to qualify for the hex and that would probably be a better time to bring in some new faces!
  9. I'm obviously a huge Borges fan being a Forge supporter and really enjoyed watching him play this season, he was arguably the best player in the league and has a bright future! CPL quality way exceeded my expectations but I'm with @JamboAl on this one, Millar is facing much stiffer competition in the SPL right now and has been integrated to the squad so he would get the the call over Borges if it was my decision!
  10. Once again not a mention of the match on the TSN website, that is beyond disgraceful!
  11. Agree with this, this past season was a good example, Forge did very well to upset the Guatemalan side but up against the Honduran team the class difference was quite apparent! I expect more of the same depending on the draw and quite look forward to another CONCACAF adventure, those were fun matches!
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