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  1. Another very entertaining match at THF, HFX really seemed up for it and caused Forge all kinds of problems early on until Forge seemed to settle into the match, even before we fell behind shortly after ht many of us were commenting on how lethargic Forge looked and after the recent travel and fixture congestion that's no surprise! When HFX took their 2 goal lead it was nothing less than they deserved and just when it looked like HFX should see it out a goal comes out of nowhere, then an equalizer and we dared to dream there might be a winner! Despite the rain the crowd got into it, it was nice to meet up with a bunch of HFX supporters at our post game!
  2. Just on our way, a bit of rain but decent temperature here in The Hammer, Forge have played 7 matches since HFX lat played, interesting!
  3. He played very well, MOM for me, I was at the match at BMO if that's when it was mentioned so I didn't hear that!
  4. ^ Thanks! I did read once about family reasons but nothing more was said about it and it was discussed on here about keeping a good relationship with NW and Cardiff! Now I feel like a dick for questioning that!😯
  5. So we let our MOM against Cuba in the home leg go back to England early so he can play 30 minutes in an early season match?
  6. Let's be honest here, most of the team looked overmatched against Olimpia which should come as no real surprise!
  7. I feel the pain of Valour supporters, I'm sure you were all expecting more this season after what looked to be some pretty good signings, it's a new league though and there were always going to be some surprises either way and before anyone says I don't really get it with my team (Forge) in first atm, I wouldn't have been shocked if Forge struggled with so many players making the move up from L1 Ontario! The second half last night showed there is some fight in the team, it will be all about addressing areas of need in the off season not just for Valour but the whole league! I certainly hope the support remains strong, the Valour fans I know are not going to bail on the team!
  8. I have the utmost respect for Hutch, he has been a great player and ambassador for our MNT and certainly if he wants to continue with the team he is more than welcome, after watching him in the Gold Cup I don't think he is an automatic starter anymore and I don't want to see him at CB unless it is an absolute emergency!
  9. An interesting match up for all of the reasons Doug points out in the first post, pride on the line for Valour while Forge are trying to book their spot in the final! Forge have a good cushion over the Eddies atm, I'm just thinking fixture congestion will catch up a little bit and really put the squad depth to a test! This has been a good week of football viewing with Forge playing 3 times and Canada twice!
  10. I am not so sure of that, would really like to play either though!
  11. No, If enough people did voice their opposition to moving I wonder if the club would consider that, I’m good in the Battalion section so it doesn’t matter to me! There have been a couple of real extreme weather days cold and hot where the West Stand would have been more comfortable!
  12. I have a few friends who much prefer the West Stand for daytime matches anyway to stay out of the direct sun, maybe the survey didn't take that into account?
  13. I hope not, he looked poor there in the Gold Cup, there are better options with playing CB’s in their natural positions!
  14. Larin has never recovered from his horrendous miss vs El Salvador in the Gold Cup a few cycles ago, sometimes these things can haunt you the rest of your career!
  15. Having been at the WCQ match in Havana in 2012 I understand how much a factor heat and humidity can play in a match, we just seemed to not play very smart with all of the possession we had!
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