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NEW Mother of all Canucks Abroad (and domestic)


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15 hours ago, Shortdutchcanuck said:

Check out @FTFCanada_’s Tweet:

5th Canadian listed on Tulsa's roster along with Jeff Addai, Andrew McRae, Mallan Roberts, Frantzly Zephirin (who I had not heard of before)

So he's a resident, not yet Canadian (though could be now since he was working on it) . He has Haitian and American passport. He was my Daughters gymnastics coach before he headed over to Australia and New Zealand so we often spoke.

He was on the Haiti youth radar at one point and was invited to a camp that was held in the Gatineau area, but he could not attend.

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I samband med årets första träningsmatch i morgon kommer Vimmerby IF att testa en 18-årig mittback från Kanada. 
– En väldigt stabil och stark spelare, men jag måste se honom i match för att kunna bedöma honom ytterligare, säger VIF-tränaren Dragan Zivic.
"in connection with this year's first training match tomorrow, Vimmerby IF will test an 18-year-old centreback from Canada.
-A very stable and strong player, but I have to see him in the match in order to be able to judge him further, says VIF coach Dragan Zivic."
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