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  1. Not Straith, alas; off to Hansa Rostock.
  2. If you heard about people buying group tickets and not being seated together, don't worry; the Voyageurs groups for Montpellier and Grenoble were not affected.
  3. Good bet, since it's already been announced the game is on TSN2.
  4. And on Sundays they averaged 3,079 with a season high of 3,549. Their season opener was a Sunday and they drew 3,472. Edmonton never did Sundays in the NASL.
  5. This is a good situation to be in. We did what we need to do but still have a great stretch goal to play for; we don't expect to get it buth ave more than a hope in hell. Ideal experience for the young players.
  6. I watched the game on a phone while heading to the TSS Rovers game and it looked just awful. Glad to see people agree. On the phone I thought it was never a red or even a foul on Lincourt-Joseph, but Jeff Paulus and Unnamed Trialist are making me want to see it properly. Obviously Pacific was quite happy with a draw and I don't really blame them. The depth crisis has hit sooner than even the haters predicted and to scratch a point under the circumstances isn't too bad. Edmonton misses Ameobi. REB just isn't a young colt anymore, he can't lead the line.
  7. I blow hot and cold on it. If your resources are limited (and "money" is not the only resource here) it makes sense to let the professional academies do your scouting for you. Yes you miss the diamonds in the rough, but you also see boys who already passed the eye of scouts and coaches playing against their peers rather than having to evaluate big fish in small ponds. You're calling up players used to pro training and pro discipline and playing with talent beside them as well as opposing, which is good when you have so little time to really coach them. That said, in a country like this there are plenty of diamonds in our rough and we all know it.
  8. Yep. The cast button is on the front page of the app, not in the video player, FYI.
  9. It's amazing how Terry Jones has been writing the exact same column for eight years now.
  10. Great assist. God he's been bad since then, and this is me saying it.
  11. I've seen Chenard pretty good sometimes and pretty bad sometimes. She's definitely inconsistent. But a let-'em-play league might suit her.
  12. Women's and men's doubleheader on Sunday, tickets $10, just saying.
  13. I mean Pacific is going all-out on kids; they're exceptional by any standard in that respect. This is a professional first division and we shouldn't get out-of-hand making it purely developmental. 1,000 minutes might be a conservative boundary, but in the first year you should be conservative.
  14. Not yet; he's not with Pacific and nor is he with his PDL team last year, TSS.
  15. Stewie the Starfish’s stalwart seamen have become impotent. From first place in the Canadian Premier League they have dropped to a lowly sixth after a mid-week 3-0 battering by Forge FC. Vainly do we say that first place was after the second game in league history, or that our two losses were another midweeker to better-rested Valour and a game well-earned by the Hamiltonians but not the worst 3-0 ever1. Pacific has not looked great by eye or numbers and this weekend’s tilt, away to FC Edmonton, will pit us against tenacious defending and lots of athleticism to weary a tired team. We knew Pacific’s defensive depth would be a problem but maybe not so early. Former League1 Ontario man Lukas MacNaughton had two games full of quality and violence. But he was suspended for the Valour match, while Hendrik Starostzik has missed two and counting with a foot problem. In their place Ryan McCurdy was abominable and Émile Legault, a neat little player, is too short and inexperienced to play centre back professionally right now. Given Starostzik and MacNaughton Pacific likely beats Valour, and while Forge was another thing altogether being able to spell fullbacks Blake Smith and Kadin Chung with Legault would have done a power of good. Pacific have recently added Saudi youth trainee Ahmed Alghamdi and former TSS FC Rover Zach Verhoven to their roster. Even so they stand at 20 players signed, counting the seriously injured Marcel de Jong. They had very few reserves to draw upon, have drawn upon them early, and didn’t even get wins out of it: add depth, please, and the sooner the better. But there’s no merit in complaining about a lack of signings if you can’t suggest any, and while Sergio Ramos would be a quality addition my source at Pacific says they’re unlikely to agree terms. Here are three ideas for Pacific FC. All are meant to be realistic. They are professionally out of contract but have played recently at a high level (no stirring Luca Bellisomo comebacks). They are not so accomplished as players that they’d automatically demand large wages, and possess some tenuous connection to British Columbia soccer. We are looking for useful players here to fill out the back of the roster, not superstars. They might make a disproportionate difference. Read more at https://www.maple-leaf-forever.com/2019/05/10/three-candidates-for-pacific-fc-depth/
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