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  1. Daniels transferred to OKC Energy. Energy FC Acquires Kurimoto, Daniels from Colorado Springs (uslchampionship.com)
  2. Of the 48, 9 of the players were previously drafted, including Bitar and Gardner who were drafted twice. Plus Victor Loturi who played with Cavalry in 2019.
  3. TFC has no say in the matter because they received a transfer fee. He would have to go through the allocation process to return to MLS. Galaxy are currently # 8 on the list, so would have to trade up or hope that the clubs ahead of them pass. I personally wouldn't take him, his career in Saudi Arabia hasn't been a resounding success.
  4. The union has made a counter offer and MLS has said they will meet anytime for talks. Looks like both sides know they can't lose the season. A later start also increases the chance of spectators in the stands. MLS is one of the most co-operative leagues in releasing players, they will not hold back any player from the USA team, so would be difficult to hold back Canadians.
  5. Atlético Ottawa re-signs Canadian midfielder Antoine Coupland – Canadian Premier League (canpl.ca)
  6. He hasn't been a regular since 2017 with Canada, which says a lot about the state of our National team back then.
  7. Under Herdman he has only played 3 games, friendlies against New Zealand and Barbados and a Nation's league match against Dominica.
  8. If James wasn't a centre-back he wouldn't even be in discussion for a Canada call-up. At the moment his playing resume doesn't deserve a place on the team. He needs to establish himself as a regular starter somewhere. A champions league match does not a career make.
  9. Former Atletico Ottawa player Acuna on the sub bench for Necaxa. Game live on OneSoccer started at 1PM.
  10. 2020, a bad year for the 2001s, most didn't play or had limited minutes due to Covid. Bold = changes since last update. All bold = new player added to the list The progress of 2001s 1. Jordan Perruzza: (275t)2021 TFC USA Tier 1, Homegrown signing , on loan to San Antonio, USA Tier 2 in 2020, scored 3 goals in 5 games, with 1 playoff game. Forward TFC 2, 24 games 15 goals, 2 assists in 2019, Played 25 games with Empoli U17 in 2017. 4 games 174 minutes and one goal in WCQ for the U20NT. Only 2001 named to the U23 provisional roster. 2. Sean Young: Midfiled, 2021 Pacific
  11. The only one out of this group to have a decent career is Nikolas Ledgerwood.
  12. Great list, two that I see missing are Marcel de Jong and Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty.
  13. Another excellent interview/discussion.
  14. I would expect CPL to take the NHL model, for example Atletico Ottawa would travel to Pacific FC and play Thursday/Sunday or Friday/Sunday and then stop in one of the other western cities (Wednesday/Saturday) for 2 games before returning home, at least for the first half of the season.
  15. Dylan Powley has announced he will be leaving FC Edmonton, 7 games in 2 seasons.
  16. Atlético Ottawa re-signs Ben McKendry for 2021 CPL season – Canadian Premier League (canpl.ca)
  17. In addition to the Polisi brothers, Simon Fraser's Chris Guerreiro is also eligible for the draft.
  18. Transaction : Le CF Montréal fait l’acquisition du défenseur slovène Aljaz « Kiki » Struna et d’une place de joueur étranger pour la saison 2021 du Houston Dynamo FC, en retour de l’attaquant Maxi Urruti et d’un choix de deuxième ronde lors du SuperDraft de la MLS en 2022.
  19. Should be able to score 10-20 goals in this one. Edit: Corbeanu goes 90 with no goals in a 0-0 game.
  20. The way i read the rule is that if you have 7 internationals then 4 have to be U23 (I think at the start of the season) the teams are not being forced to carry internationals.
  21. MLS is usually very accommodating in releasing players for all International competitions, I'm sure a # of Americans will be, so tough not to release Canadians. Not like the old NASL that released their American players for an international game but not the Canadians.
  22. Even back in 1977 when I did the post university back pack tour of Europe, I was surprised on many people spoke English in Holland.
  23. I heard the family received a brown paper bag from a Mexican cartel. 😎
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