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  1. Nathan Dos Santos with Marshall. Defender 90 minutes in a win. Malik Henry with North Carolina. DNP, in a victory North Carolina vs. Marshall in semi-final
  2. Cavalry FC Aims High With Joe Mason Signing - Northern Tribune 29 year-old with 185 Championship games, 72 in League 1 and 14 in MLS.
  3. PSG ties, I think a win and a tie seals it for Lille.
  4. How many player have played in England's Tier 6 and Tier 1 in the same season? Can't be many.
  5. Kennedy starts for Jahn Regensburg, 7:30 EDT.
  6. Ferrin and Constant added, Langwa no longer unattached. 4. Massimo Ferrin: (75t) Attacker 2021 Loudoun United USA Tier 2, 2020 [6-271-0-0-2] One U18NT camp 5. Matt Constant: (0) Centre-Back 2021 Kanas City ll, USA Tier 2, 2020 University of North Carolina, NCAA [6-586-1-1-x] Attended U20NT camps in 2017. 6. Ndzem Langwa: (110t) Left Back, 2021 Ocean City USA Tier 4, 2020 DNP, 2019 with HFX, Canada Tier 1 [24-1657-0-04]. Attended U17NT Camp 2014
  7. They play at Stanford Stadium between San Jose and San Francisco.
  8. Nathan Dos Santos with Marshall. Defender 110 minutes in a win on kicks Jalen Watson with Penn State. Defender 32 minutes in a 3-2 loss Malik Henry with North Carolina. DNP, in a 1-0 victory Brock Lindow with Kentucky. 61 minutes and scores in a 2-1 loss. Kyle Hiebert with Missouri St . Defender 90 minutes in a 2-0 loss
  9. I've never been to Saskatoon, now I wanna go.
  10. Raheem Edwards played 66 minutes last night with Las Vegas Lights, the USLC affiliate team of LAFC. He had made two sub appearances for LAFC. "LAFC announced today that the Club has loaned Bryce Duke, Raheem Edwards, Tony Leone, Danny Musovski, Alvaro Quezada, Christian Torres, Tomas Romero and Cal Jennings to Las Vegas Lights FC for their match today, May 5 at LA Galaxy II at 7:30 p.m. PT. The match will be broadcast live on ESPN+. LAFC retains the right to recall these players from loan during the MLS regular season, subject to MLS roster compliance guidelines."
  11. https://northerntribune.ca/valour-fc-william-akio/ It will be interesting to see how many more NCAA players will be signed by CPL teams with the NCAA 2020 season just winding down.
  12. https://northerntribune.ca/atletico-ottawa-drew-beckie/ No surprise here... 19 on the roster.
  13. Moving Delgado to another MLS team would open space for Laryea especially with Fraser now gone.
  14. And has the highest rating on Fotmob for his team (tied).
  15. Jacen Russell-Rowe with Maryland. Forward 32 minutes in a 2-1 loss Malcolm Johnston with Maryland. Midfield 90 minutes in a 2-1 loss Jalen Watson with Penn State. Defender 87 minutes in a 4-1 victory Preston Popp with Charlotte. Forward 110 minutes in a loss on kicks Alex Krakowiak with James Madison. 77 minutes in a 2-1 loss Malik Henry with North Carolina. DNP in a win on kicks Brock Lindow with Kentucky. Forward 65 minutes in a 2-0 victory Kyle Hiebert with Missouri St . Defender 90 minutes in a 2-1 victory Gloire Amanda with Oregon St. Forward 100
  16. Jacen Russell-Rowe and Malcolm Johnston with Maryland. Jalen Watson with Penn State. Preston Popp with Charlotte. Alex Krakowiak with James Madison Malik Henry with North Carolina Brock Lindow with Kentucky
  17. Not cards but if anyone is interested I was going through some old stuff and found some programs, 5 Intrepid from 1988, 1 Pioneers from 1987 (vs Blizzard) 1 Impact (pre-MLS) a 1992 Olympic qualifying vs. Mexico and WCQ for USA 1994. Message me and I will gladly send them out to you. First come first serve, all or nothing­čśÄ
  18. Justin Smith added: 6. Justin Smith: DUAL, Centre-Back/Midfield 2021 Nice France U19 [7-309-0-0-7] 2020 [0-0-0-0-1] Also eligible for France.
  19. Usually the site is more up to date then that. Doe, Mortotsi, Zetterberg, Moses and Lee have signed elsewhere, I think Son is also gone, that leaves only Amanda, Boakai and Amoebi TBD
  20. Yes, I think he was the best International signing of the off-season anywhere in the league.
  21. Pacific FC Signs Northern Irish Attacking Midfielder Ollie Bassett - Northern Tribune Signing made official by Pacific FC, another of the Soccerway "leaks" that have panned out. Previous signing Duran Lee out for the season with an injury.
  22. Atletico Ottawa Inks Striker Shawn-Claud Lawson - Northern Tribune Where ever Soccerway got their info they were bang-on all 8 players have signed.
  23. I think Delgado could be moved within MLS for a decent amount of GAM or TAM whichever it is they use for transfers.
  24. What impresses me about Priso is the speed of his play, he seems to know where the best pass will be before he receives the ball and then executes it. He may be one of those players who can play so quick because he sees the game in slow motion.
  25. I think we will see Westburg next week versus Cruz Azul, basically a nothing game, some minutes and an opportunity to take back the #1 position, I haven't been impressed with Bono so far.
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