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  1. Have you ever seen Zambrano's it was so huge parts of are still hanging around Canada's borders. When Zambrano was hired I never expected him to last more then 18 months.
  2. Shows the value of the CPL, where would this this kid be without the CPL? Riding the bench in Montréal?
  3. When was the last time TFC went a game with 0 minutes from Canadian players. Realizing that the 3 players with Canada would have received some minutes,
  4. The yellow doesn't make any sense, you can't get a yellow sitting on the bench. (Well technically you can).
  5. Former HFX Wanderer starting his 2nd season with Celtix du Haut-Richelieu in the PLSQ.
  6. He hasn't appeared in any games with Ocean City and is no longer listed on their roster.
  7. A thread to discuss the top Canadian University prospects for 2021.
  8. I think it was FotMob that had him as MOTM.
  9. Zavaleta was man of the match in their first game, don't know if he ever achieved that with TFC
  10. Nice unselfish play by Martinez to give Coupland his first pro goal.
  11. I spoke with a young lady at the customer service #.
  12. They really messed up my order, I ordered my wife a personalized (her name) WNT large and I received a medium MNT shirt. I contacted them immediately, they sent me a return label and I had the credit in my account within days, a good recovery. Re-ordered, hoping to get the right one this time.
  13. A good flip, signed as a free agent and sold for $200,000.00
  14. York United are the new Pacific, their U21 Canadians have already surpassed the league requirement of 1500 minutes, with a total of 1505 after 4 games.
  15. Not that unusual for keepers, look down rosters in any league and you will find many examples.
  16. Love how Northern Tribune used the word Fringe in the headline, maybe a shot at his father's comments that completely ignored the existence of the CPL. Eddies Add Fringe 1860 Munich Forward Matthew Durrans - Northern Tribune Hope he does well in the CPL.
  17. Atlanta United acquire Amar Sejdic in trade with CF Montréal | MLSSoccer.com Hopefully this opens up playing time for a CFM Canadian mid, who would be the best one to one fit?
  18. I went over a list of every player Herdman has either played or had in camp who will probably never be called again: Minutes played under Herdman () The easy ones (retired): De Jong (29) Johnson (151) Edgar (31) Not Likely: S. Thomas (0) Straith (0) Shome (78) Petrasso (45) Jakovic (59) Edwards (15) Didic (180) Zator (0) Bustos (0) Borges (19) Ricketts (247) Chapman (68) Morgan (133) Teibert (378) Seem to be on the outs/need to play more/higher level: James (270) Cordova (0) Tabla (102) Sturing (180) Leutwiler (0) (though he is in this camp, I don't see him at WCQ or after.) Elva (0) Brym (202) Bair (19) Bayiha (0) Twardek (0) That still leaves a pool of 60 players, plus new players who will emerge.
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