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  1. Osorio is the top passer in the MLS this year. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/11/11/jonathan-osorio-joao-paulo-among-best-passers-2020-mls-season
  2. After going through several clubs in eastern Croatia last few months, looks like the Janjicek twins(2001) Seven and Tomas have a found a club where they are getting playing time. They're with Borac Bobota in the 4th level of Croatian soccer. They've both been in the staring line-up last couple of weekends.
  3. Ivan Mamic scores 2 nice goals for Medimurje in the Croatian 2nd division on the weekend. He is number 14 for the red and black team.
  4. Marko Misic(2002) has signed with NK Trnje zabreb in the Croatian 3rd division. Another one from Norval Croatia. NK "NK TRNJE", ZAGREB: Mlojo Luka (HNŠK Moslavina, Kutina), Čl. 34/1 MISIC Marko Mario (Croatia Norval Soccer
  5. In a USL C game between Indy Eleven and St. Louis Karl Ouimette,Carl Haworth,Tyler Pasher and Paris Gee all played 90 minutes in a 1:1 draw
  6. Michael Kulas has signed with HNK Zadar in the 4th level in Croatia from Glen Shields FC. I think he was with TFC Academy at one time. NK "HNK ZADAR", ZADAR Michael-Anthony Kulaš (Glen Shields FC, -) 34/10
  7. Mateo Marijanovic from Georgetown has signed with HNK Dalmatinac Crno who play in the 4th level in Croatia. Igrač Marijanović Mateo-Josip Broj iskaznice 2310390 iz kluba NK Croatia Norval Soccer Club (Nogometni savez Kanade ) u klub NK HNK Dalmatinac (C), Crno
  8. a team-mate of the player taking the kick infringes the Laws of the Game: • the referee allows the kick to be taken • if the ball enters the goal, the kick is retaken • if the ball does not enter the goal, the referee stops play and the match is restarted with an indirect free kick to the defending team from the place where the infringement occurred. This is out of the FIFA rules of the.game on page 49. Pretty much self explanatory.
  9. Something different in the LAFC game last night; 2 Canadians (Jakovic,Kaye) in the starting line-up, but not a single American. MAK got a goal and an assist.
  10. https://www.mlssoccer.com/rosters/2020/toronto-fc Looks like they still a spot on the senior roster.
  11. Wasn't Brennan coaching in the TFC academy then?
  12. Both Minnesota keepers born in Pickering. Ranjitsingh and St.Clair
  13. The Janjicek twins were released by NK Cepin of the Croatian 3rd. division last week.
  14. Just watched Ivan Mamic's game with NK Medjimurje of the Croatian 2nd league on you tube(pretty quiet at work today). He played the 1st half as a DM and moved to CB in the 2nd. Looked apprehensive at first, but was more comfortable as the game progressed. Has good size for a CB although he might lack speed. The game ended in a 2:2 draw.
  15. Interesting reply to another politician James Covey FC @ASCovey · Aug 24 reminder that Erin O’Toole is publicly committed to defunding the type of refugee settlement programs that allowed Alphonso and his parents to come here
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