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  1. You are right about the offside .If you freeze the video it's obvious that the Fury defender in middle kept Bona onside
  2. Let's be realistic a bit. If its about the passport then why the heck are Fraser.,Laryea and Shaffelburg playing time over Chapman and Hamilton. Even though he has scored Hamilton has been frustrating to watch whenever he started a game. His attitude just seemed little lackadaisical for someone trying to prove that he belongs. Hope that a change of scenery helps him and he does well in Columbus.
  3. Probably as on the USDA site they have him being New Zealand nationality. http://vanc.ussoccerda.com/sam/teams/index.php?team=7520276&player=545830443
  4. Came upon a forum in a European country where there was a bit of discussion of the Gold Cup and Canada's performance. the consencus there that Canada has a good young team, but needs a real coach.
  5. Looks like GFC has a Canadian on their roster; Marco Dominguez-Ramirez Impact academy product. Played for FC Montreal and FC Cincinnati in USL. Interesting that the agency that represents him does have a lot of players in the CPL.
  6. The issue I have with VAR is how far back should you go back to review a play. On that 1st Atlanta PK the play had gone to the other end of field already. What would have happened if by chance TFC had scored on that play? I remember last year vs Chicago the play gone on for several minutes before they reviewed the situation and only because Schweinsteiger was on the ref the whole time.(It might have been Kelly then as well). If there is to be a review it should be immediate within 10 to 15 seconds.
  7. His tactics have become stale and predictable. Most of the other have figured out his systems and play to couteract them. Plus, it seems to me that he has lost his control over the majority of the players.
  8. Some good news for TFC academy. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/06/25/toronto-fc-beats-lafc-win-first-u-15-development-academy-national-title
  9. I don't think TSN has any on the beat soccer reporters. Even for TFC games they just use Canadian Press reports. They do have an article about Davies, but that's from CP as well. https://www.tsn.ca/canada-s-davies-a-gold-cup-player-to-watch-after-stellar-debut-1.1321919
  10. Our last 2 games in Cuba were played on Estadio Marrero in 2008 and 2004. Both were WC qualifiers
  11. That's the way it is in the CCL, so might as well do it this way here.
  12. Both teams with Canadian content; Paris Gee for St. Louis and Raheem Edwards for Fire
  13. MLS player salaries are out: http://mlsplayers.org/resources/salary-guide Piette is a real bargain. Makes less than Jackson-Hamel
  14. T&T faces Canada in a closed-door match on Monday at 3pm (6pm TT time) as both teams continue their preparations for the Gold Cup. T&T captain Khaleem Hyland spoke about the state of the team less than two weeks ahead of the opening clash with Panama in Minnesota. Found this on the TTFA website
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