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  1. Twins Thomas and Steven Janjicek have joined NK Cepin of the Croatian 3rd division.
  2. He's from St Catharines. His dad played in the NSL http://www.bpsportsniagara.com/the-best-of-the-best/
  3. TSN is partially owned by ESPN and they carry a lot of ESPN programming.
  4. He was a dentist. Pretty sure he is still alive.
  5. Nice to see that Sportsnet is starting to follow Canadian soccer players abroad. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canadians-abroad-doneil-henry-off-fine-start-south-korea/
  6. Kyle Romic, pretty sure he was born in Brampton. is playing as a starter with Inter Zaprecic u19's in the Croatian junior league first division. He played mostly for Norval Croatia in his younger days. There is an interview with him on CL futbol academy site when he was in a residency program at Hercules Alicante. https://www.clfutbol.com/spanish-residency-program
  7. There is also Georges Mukumbilwa with the Whitecaps
  8. An article on Fraser on TSN. Looks like they have someone doing stories from the staff and not just using CP. https://www.tsn.ca/opportunity-knocks-for-toronto-fc-midfielder-liam-fraser-1.1450023
  9. Waterman should get lots of playing time with Camacho and Raitala out with injuries for Montreal. This should help him to get over the early jitters he had. With experience he should be a regular member of the CB rotation for the CMNT.
  10. And LA Galaxy had more Canadians(2) than Americans(1) in their starting line-up
  11. Transfermarkt has him on u19 roster. https://www.transfermarkt.us/gnk-dinamo-zagreb-u19/transfers/verein/9641/saison_id/2019
  12. All those under the age of 12 that are playing"competive"(developmental) soccer play in what OSA calls festivals.These festivals are played on Saturday mornings and afternoons. That is the main reason a friend who lives in the area only made it to 1 or 2 games last year. Pretty sure that OPDL plays most of the games on weekends.
  13. Ryan Lindsay signs with Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia. https://opsmpro.com/2020/02/ryan-lindsay-signs-to-european-giants-dinamo-zagreb/ https://www.croatiaweek.com/first-canadian-at-croatian-champions-dinamo-zagreb/ He's a 19 yr. old defender from Ottawa via TFC Academy
  14. Columbus has released JJ Williams. Jordan is now one of three strikers on the Crew roster.
  15. Section 203. Player eligibility (a) Teams entering the Open Cup shall use their official league roster as their Open Cup roster. Except as specified in this Policy or except as the result of discipline matters imposed by U.S. Soccer, all players on an official league roster will be eligible for Open Cup competition, regardless of any status (e.g. injured reserve) each player may have with regard to league competition. Players on loan from another team or league may not be included on an Open Cup roster, with the exception of the following: 1) Loaned players originating from teams competing in leagues that are not active participants in the Open Cup Tournament or qualifying process (professional indoor leagues, foreign clubs, etc.); 2) players on loan from other US clubs for a period of greater than 90 days; or 3) players from teams who have been deemed ineligible for the current Open Cup competition due to the provisions of Section 202(d) and are loaned to the team exercising roster control pursuant to Section 202(d). A team may list up to 18 players on its game day roster. Professional teams may have no more than 5 foreign players listed . Amateur teams are not restricted as to the number of foreign players they may list. Foreign players shall be those players who are not protected individuals as defined in 8 U.S.C. § 1324b (e.g. U.S. Citizens, lawful permanent residents, asylees and refugees). Any conflicting Outdoor Professional League roster rules shall not apply to the number of foreign players allowed to compete in the Open Cup. This is what I found in the US open Cup handbook from 2019.
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