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  1. All i meant was this interesting that they all came from that one Club. Pretty sure that Harris played there most of his youth(He reffed for me in another organization). It seems that the go to Clubs or academies seem to change every couple of years. I know that in my years of coaching many of my players were "recruited" by others. At one time there regs about how many players you were allowed outside of your area, but pretty sure that's long gone. And then there are coaches who move from club to club taking most of their players with them.
  2. Adrian Cann, Doneil Henry, Nana attakora, Marco Reda at CB in the past.
  3. All 4 of these draftees came through Vaughan SC.
  4. Just wondering if there were this many(4) Canadians drafted this early previuosly?
  5. Dayonn Harris from Milton is drafted by Salt Lake
  6. TFC takes Nyal Higgins from Ajax,Ontario in the superdraft
  7. Only thing missing is a decent stadium to play their games.
  8. Glad that he re-signed. Hope that he got a decent raise
  9. Jordan Hamilton has been re-signed by Columbus https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/12/12/columbus-crew-sc-re-sign-jordan-hamilton-sign-matt-lampson
  10. Chicago has exercised their option on Raheem for next season. Transaction: Chicago Fire FC exercises the 2020 contract options on forward CJ Sapong and defender/midfielder Raheem Edwards on Nov. 21, 2019
  11. I was surprised that they were even trying to continue. Talked to one of the players from the previuos season and he hadn"t been paid.
  12. Just wondering if the owner of this team when it was in CSL a few years back would have the money or interest in runnibd a CPL team. I remember that they were well run a had pretty good team including Clint Irwin in goal.
  13. According to the HNK Gorica game reports for their junior it looks like he is a midfielder. They have as Ivan Josip Zorica.They don't play in the top Croatian jr. league, but he is steadily a starter for them. Played for Winnipg Phoenix FC previously.
  14. Found this registration in Croatia; NK "TRNJE", ZAGREB: Akinpelu Promise Oluwatobi Emmanuel (Vaughan Soccer Club) Trnje plays in the 3rd division. Was registered 2 weeks ago.
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