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  1. Where else is he going to get $138k a season and stay at home.
  2. Babouli is playing in the unsactioned CSL
  3. My gut feeling tells me that Herdman will move Kaye to LB for the US game(s) and Arfield in midfield
  4. Not sure how how it's going to affect Curacao, but their back-up keeper Jairzinho Pieter passed away in his hotel room in haiti overnight.
  5. Nikolas Blaskovic has gone back to Croatia from Spain. He has signed and already played for Uljanik Pula in the 3rd division. Also, Ivan Mamic from St. Catharines has signed with Slaven Belupo and is playing for their "B" team in the 4th division.
  6. I got suspended when I was coaching for something that somebody else said during a game and I really had no(real) recource. But that's the way these committees work. Technically I could appealled , but would have no chance.
  7. Privacy issues. There was Canadian swim coach that was suspended a couple of years ago and they wouldn't release the details. Remember this is a sports discipline committee not a court of law.
  8. And he is also famous for getting a red card after scoring his only TFC goal. It was an odd decision by one of those fabolous MLS refs.
  9. Adam Straaith is at Hansa Rostock. Has started 4 games there so far this season PASSPORT First name Adam Last name Straith Nationality Canada Date of birth 11 September 1990 Age 28 Country of birth Canada Place of birth Victoria Position Defender Height 188 cm Weight 89 kg Foot Right CAREER Domestic Leagues Domestic Cups International Cups National Team Season Team Comp 2019/2020 Hansa Rostock 3.L 347 4 4 0 1 2 0 1 0 0
  10. Watching him play for TFC all these years made it frustrating to watch. He has so much talent, yet so little drive.
  11. Pretty sure you have as I think you watch all the CMNT games. He scored on us in the '17 Gold Cup, Romario Williams that is.Gian-Luca replied to this as well while I was posting.
  12. just FYI Camargo went to the NCAA from the TFC academy where he spent 4 years
  13. You are right about the offside .If you freeze the video it's obvious that the Fury defender in middle kept Bona onside
  14. Let's be realistic a bit. If its about the passport then why the heck are Fraser.,Laryea and Shaffelburg playing time over Chapman and Hamilton. Even though he has scored Hamilton has been frustrating to watch whenever he started a game. His attitude just seemed little lackadaisical for someone trying to prove that he belongs. Hope that a change of scenery helps him and he does well in Columbus.
  15. Probably as on the USDA site they have him being New Zealand nationality. http://vanc.ussoccerda.com/sam/teams/index.php?team=7520276&player=545830443
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