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  1. Herdman argues Davies is our best LB which is not the point at all. Without anyone who could stretch things on the wings we provided little danger to their backs. Cav and David occupied too many of same spaces. Not enough wingplay, none of Oso or Arfield or Kaye a threat one on one down wings. Best LB or not Davies was needed up front. He completely changes how US have to defend.
  2. Going into this game most expected Berhalter to stick rigidly to his plan and he didn't. They almost did to us exactly what we did to them in Toronto: better gameplan, outworked and outhustled us, pressed in our end and sat back in theirs and invited us to break them down, which we were seldom able to do. Then counter with numbers when possible. This was how the US used to win, sometimes against better teams, by being physical and strong defensively and finishing their chances. So although American media are claiming this as a sign that the US has much better talent overall, I'd say Berhalter's change in tactics was a sign of respect for our talent.
  3. Hamilton played for Cavalry last year. You're thinking Malik Johnson. I always get them confused too. For Ouimette and Pasher playing for one of the bigger budget USL sides I don't think we see them make the switch. The Fury players will be very interesting in terms of where they decide to play. Does an established quality USL player like Haworth jump to CanPL or does he get an offer from one of the bigger USL clubs and go there?
  4. Balbinotti is a forward, I figured he would be depth with Zajac behind Novak.
  5. Zis and Balbinotti should fit in with Forge quite nicely, still need another forward as well as some cover in midfield if Borges moves on.
  6. Needed to shoot just now and dummied. Nobody there and Dortmund on counter. Other than that has completely bottled up his side of field defensively. Not just containing but being aggressive and winning ball after ball.
  7. American fans now worked up because Steffen is starting in Bundesliga today after being held out of US roster supposedly due to injury.
  8. Going to see a very different Pulisic in this one. I think he really was sick last game and wasn't playing much for club but he's been getting rave reviews at Chelsea lately.
  9. A lot of this is personal preference and which system you were raised with. Neither is a foolproof way of determining the best team. Teams go on streaks and have good or bad luck in the course of a regular season too. I mean personally if I see Man City finish 3 pts up on Liverpool I don't think Man City were head and shoulders the best team, I think they probably caught a few more breaks here and there, but man, I'd love to see the two in a home and home for all the marbles.
  10. It has been shown again and again in North American sports that regular season champions are often pretenders. Sure you were more consistent against mediocre teams, and later in the season teams that had nothing on the line. Maybe you were lucky and has less injury issues. Maybe you were lucky and met more teams when they had injury issues or were enduring poor spells. Then you go nose to nose against another quality team in a more intense situation and you are found wanting. The question playoffs bring up: can you impose your will on another team when everything is on the line? I don't like the MLS single game playoff--too much luck involved. And obviously a 7 game series is out of the question. I do like the idea some have been floating about a 4 team playoff for now with a home and home and a single game final.
  11. Hasn't the league stated it wants to be a development league? God forbid some day we should be as good as the Eredivisie who are seen as a development league. That would be terrible for Canadian soccer!
  12. Point taken about 1 year contracts but Telfer was a loan so York9 was never going to be compensated for him moving up
  13. Just happy Davies is still in. Thought they might sub him out for another CB once Boateng went out. Has looked dangerous at times, good things have happened for Bayern when they used that left wing.
  14. Lewandowski did all the work but it was a nice overlap and smart pass from Davies.
  15. Skublak gone too. HFX trying to level the playing field by cutting 2 promising young Canadians. Seems odd but tough to analyze when we know nothing about budget and contracts.
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