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  1. Interesting that Cordova is finally getting games just as Godinho has been sitting. Question is does Herdman value Godinho's earlier stretch of starts or Cordova's recent play? I like Cordova's versatility to play left or right or in midfield. And I agree I like the idea of having more South American influence on the team.
  2. Gotta remember NCAA grads tend to be older. Comsia and Laurent are both '96s.
  3. Didn't Estevez already get called up (but not captied) by Chinese Taipei? I think he was actually the first international callup for CanPL.
  4. If I'm Herdman and I think the team is in a position to make a statement at this tournament I'm going to depend on players I know over unknown quantities. A guy like Jakovic in particular has a wealth of experience against very good competition. Edwards has had some great flashes in MLS. As fans we might not but coaches generally value body of work over just new shiny toys. Buchanon looks promising but really just getting started with a poor New England team and CanPL players have 3-5 games under their belts. One prediction: right now we are arguing about which of 50 or so players should be on the 40 man. When next Gold Cup rolls around that number will be more like 80, and the arguments on this board even fiercer.
  5. So happy to see legitimate arguments/frustrations with a 40 man roster when it wasn't that long ago we would have been filling out the 40 man with players from Unattached FC, NCAA, and very obscure levels of European soccer.
  6. Forge needs to clean things up defensively and avoid those WTF moments as @Lofty mentioned above. Not sure if we watched the same game with regards to the rest of your post: Forge only looked poor for a few moments in which they paid dearly. For the rest they played very pleasing, flowing soccer for some long stretches. i think the team has been good but both unlucky and a little undisciplined defensively, and to my eyes and ears the fans in the stadium have enjoyed both the experience and the soccer. We had 5800 for a Wednesday game and then truly **** weather today. There will be some really good crowds for nice summer weather, and while Calgary might ride this hot start to a Spring title I think we will be right there in the fall.
  7. Kudos to Barton Battalion in this one too, they are getting louder with each game!
  8. Just got back from some of the most miserable weather I've sat through at THF. Kudos to those who made it through the whole game as we did only to see Cavalry seize an improbable victory in the final seconds. Soccer is truly a cruel sport sometimes and for most of the match Cavalry had very little interest in making any attempt to get forward. A very smart, tactical, well-coached road victory. I would hazard to guess if we played Cavalry FC 10 times we'd play better soccer in every game but I'm not sure they wouldn't win at least 6. Defensive lapses are going to kill this Forge FC time but man they are fun to watch when they have the ball. I've always been more attached to beautiful soccer than the 'winning is the only thing' mentality, so maybe I've found my appropriate team in Forge FC!
  9. One thing you have to realize with seasons ticket holders in Hamilton is that plenty of Co-Founders announced on Twitter were local businesses, who then pass along tickets to employees or clients who may or may not ultimately show up to the game. Makes good business sense from a revenue standpoint but doesn't always translate to bums in the seat.
  10. Come over to Section 104 next year @Stryker911, great atmosphere, lots of kids, and you get to watch the Battalion going crazy from a distance. I'm not sure with a Hamilton crowd you'll ever get away from swearing completely though. Even some of the grandmothers here can turn the air blue! This is the Hammer after all.
  11. First statement win in the league this season? That was a pretty comprehensive victory from where I was sitting. Felt pretty comfortable from the Novak goal on. Relatively happy with a 5000 plus crowd on a cold Wednesday night too.
  12. I'd like to see this as well. Welshman has a great work rate and varied skillset but I'd like to see a big poacher like Novak with Welshman and Thomas and Awuah and Borges and Frano feeding him off the wings. Agree that Choiniere or Borges likely to fill Bekker's role, unless they go more defensive and slot in AJ and Cisse together. Borges has looked great on wing so I might rather keep him there and have Nanco come off the bench as the sparkplug running at tired defenders.
  13. The number of season ticket holders I have heard is between 5 and 6 thousand, so more than just several thousand paid seats. And then as @Hybred mentioned we as season ticket holders get 15 home games for the price of 14 as part of our package, with the first V Cup match making up that free 15th. But @Winnipeg Furyis 100% correct that Valour's first home game should stand as the highest paid attendance thus far. Here's hoping we can get to 10000 at some point in Hamilton (doubtful tonight on a weekday night though), and maybe Valour can get to 12 or so in nicer weather, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if that 1st Valour attendance is the highest of this season.
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