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  1. Clearly not a PK, other than the giveaway and beautiful shot by Garcia these teams were very evenly matched. Halifax don't need a lot of possession but look dangerous when they have it and very hard to break down. Feel bad for this ref who I thought had the best first round of any referee. This is going to be a tough tough round, no idea who goes through.
  2. That's fair. But parity is not 8 teams who are exactly the same. There will still be favourites and underdogs every week. It just means every year at least 5 or 6 of those teams have a legit shot at winning it at the start of the season. It means the playing field is relatively level. It means if you are well out of it one year some key changes might see you a contender again the next. Again a lot of parity this year but Cavalry and Forge clearly the favourites. Atletico exceeded expectations and put in a good underdog showing, probably Valour too. Edmonton has work to do but still plenty to be hopeful about. Most conversation I've seen on social media has been people loving the fact that 7 teams were in contention going in to final weekend. But no one would say every one of those teams were dead level in quality. In a decade once this is an established league with established fans in every market, pro rel, a women's league, and all the tradition and history that go along with it, I could see easing or getting rid of the salary cap. In the meantime for the player's sake I just hope it keeps going up each year.
  3. It does. I think the question is more if the salary cap should be removed going forward so clubs that want to spend more can. Thus potentially removing the parity that exists now.
  4. I watched a ton of Bayern games this year for obvious reasons and by the end of the season I was watching just for Davies, so bored with the inevitability of Bayern winning another title. Forge season ticket holder for 2 seasons now, this year with more parity has been more exciting than last, and if the league went the way of the SPL with one or 2 big teams winning every year I'd give up my seasons and just go to the odd game. Big soccer fan but not interested in that kind of league.
  5. Baldisimo needs to take over free kicks from Adnan and Milinkovic.
  6. Baldisimo has looked great in this one. Ability to accurately switch the ball long is excellent. Also comfortable operating in tight spaces at DM. Have been more impressed with him than Fraser so far tonight.
  7. Congrats to Baj Maan on his debut, some shaky moments but also 2 huge saves late in second half, this is why we have the u21 rule so kids like him get opportunities in those kinds of big moments
  8. Props to Valour, they deserved better and outside of injuries this would have been a 7 team complete toss up for 4 spots. Need Jean-Baptiste back and a replacement for Dunn-Johnson if he goes, as well as a proven striker obviously, but the talent is clearly there.
  9. I think they need to have a clearly defined penalty before seasons start. I don't think the issue goes away, these there is a lot of pressure on coaches to win. You look at Paulus, focusing toi much on players from academy and not enough on winning could cost him his job. The league is already more competitive this year, and for those teams in contention it will always be more tempting to depend on veteran players than for teams out of contention. Which is why you need the rule in the first place. You take Bobby: on the one hand his whole career he's been about developing young Canadian players. On the other hand, he's got a career of of his own that might involve aspirations beyond this league. How good would it look on his resume to have back to back Canadian Championships and do well in CONCACAF league again? But Forge resigned almost everyone and there are vets at every position and on bench that he trusts. So the league (and Bob Young) needs to back up its talk and have clear penalties in place for next year. Otherwise why wouldn't Bobby play his vets and take a fine?
  10. Again players pick up knocks in training all the time. And sometimes they aren't sure until the day of whether they play or not. I get that Forge asking for rules to be changed looks terrible. But I think they asked because of Cela being hurt and Maan being questionable, not that they made up injuries as an excuse to ask to bend the rules.
  11. Because it never happens in sports where a player plays when the team was unsure if the player was fit a couple days ago 😁
  12. Beauty curler for Aidan Daniels in Colorado Springs 1-1 draw with New Mexico United.
  13. "On that chastening afternoon on the Main, Davies was an Ewok hacking away at the foot of a Scout Walker with a sharpened rock." This is not a line you see every day in sports journalism.
  14. Will be interesting to see if Bobby rotates his key players at all. Front line has been switched up regularly but a lot of minutes for Bekker, Achiniotti-Jonsson, Edgar, Awuah. Team looked a bit gassed against HFX in their 3rd game in 6 days (taking nothing away from an excellent game by HFX). Think Bobby was hoping they'd beat HFX and more or less clinch a top 4. Still some work to do and he needs to find a way to rest some key players. Haven't seen anyone step up yet to produce those big moment plays Borges offered regularly last year. Sabak and Babouli look like fine CanPL players but so far not the offensive spark Borges was.
  15. Both teams being touted as clear top 4 and even challenging the top 2 leading into tournament. This one will say a lot about 1 or both of these teams being pretenders or contenders even if it's not must win
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