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  1. So you're saying that like the rest of us you're still on the fence about Herdman but you're keeping an open mind?
  2. Answer to this question might be what we see from Tajon the rest of this tournament. If he shows he can look this dominant against better teams we might actually be ok without Davies for one window
  3. The same way they always can, by applying pressure, letting the player know it might be good for their playing time if they don't go to Gold Cup
  4. Pantemis in line to start for the Club de Foot with Diop out. Not going to take Hasal and Crepeau both from Caps. Leutwiler the only other keeper on 60 man. I think they were planning on Pantemis until Diop got hurt.
  5. Started with the defense against both Suriname and Haiti.
  6. The funny thing is, for years we've complained about Canadian teams being too conservative, toothless in attack, playing it safe, passing the ball back too easily, etc. And then you get a guy who's willing to take a few risks for those potentially game-breaking rewards,and we're like, ok MAK, what we really need you to do is play it safe 😁
  7. MAK thread deserves to be bumped considering his contributions against Aruba, Suriname, and now Haiti. When he's playing within himself and not committing turnovers he brings a component to this midfield no one else does. That vision and ability to split the lines is truly special. Pass to Osorio to set up Larin was a case on point - pass was on the way before Osorio even realized how open he was. The test will be when he's under more pressure against teams that really press well. I think it helps having Eustaquio always there as a safe outlet.
  8. I knew about Scott's speed and ability to get stuck in. I had no idea he was that good a passer out of the back. He even had the confidence to drive forward with the ball a few times when space presented itself.
  9. Agreed, this escalated pretty fast. Kaye has been streaky at times in his career but so have most of our players. The whole LAFC team has struggled, so its not surprising some of their fans are frustrated with Kaye. Plenty of Lille fans thought David was a chump until Christmas or so. Coaches and analysts seem to rate him highly and I think he's quite capable of having a great game for us, in fact his box to box ability might be exactly what's needed against Suriname in a game that might have considerable back and forth flow to it.
  10. Scores game winner 6 minutes in to his first sub appearance for San Antonio
  11. https://www.wakingthered.com/platform/amp/2021/4/7/22353074/exclusive-out-of-the-shadows-and-into-the-spotlight-the-emergence-of-ralph-priso-toronto-fc?__twitter_impression=true
  12. Amanda sticks out as being a '98 among all those under 20s. Quick question are you ranking Flores last because it's unlikely he plays for us or do you see the other 9 as better prospects?
  13. Why isn't Atiba lobbying for Besiktas to sign any of our CBs?
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