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  1. Look at what Rob Friend was able to achieve with his relatively limited and often awkward-looking skillset. There is a demand for goalscorers period. And nothing says anything else about your game has to be pretty if you can poach regularly and hold up even half-decently.
  2. That was a fun comeback after a frustrating first half, props to HFX Wanderers for coming out and completely disrupting our usual flow and absolutely taking it to us early on.
  3. Could have been a little less than that from where I was sitting but Supercrawl is going on this weekend and that's become a pretty huge event in Hamilton. Either way a whole season in the 5000 to 6000 range seems like a solid start to me.
  4. Bulletin board material. Hope the American players underestimate us as much as some of their press.
  5. He'll never be a track athlete but he's looked solid against most opposition this season. Right up there in goals per minute in the league. Perfectly acceptable target forward for this level. Links up with skill players better than you might think.
  6. Not sure where this accusation of 'crying' comes from, looking back I see people voicing their preferences and concerns and nowhere do I see threats to reconsider. Personally I said I could see casual fans around me reconsidering, if they were TiCats fans first and chose the west side out of long-term preference. My own preference for the west side predates Forge FC and goes back to various ridiculously hit and humid TiCats afternoon games where my experiences on the west side were far more comfortable than my experiences on the east side. That's why I chose my season seats where I chose them. If you don't understand that a lot of Hamiltonians' experiences with THF predate Forge FC you don't know much about Hamilton. I'll switch for next year, reluctantly, but since when is it crying for a paying fan to voice a legitimate opinion about a stadium issue?
  7. If this was the result of the survey and will help the team I guess it's the way we have to go. Personally I find it strange to sit with an empty stadium on the other side. Feels very artificial to me, much more natural to me to have fan noise coming from both sides, even if its not quite so loud and both sides have some empty spaces. Also I couldn't care less what the crowd looks like on TV. If I'm in the minority on this though time to move on.
  8. I thought there was an ongoing issue with him getting his official release from the Syrian team he played for. Hence he's been unable to sign anywhere else.
  9. Agreed, a smaller stadium would be ideal but not happening. I haven't heard too many complaints from fans about the set up this year though. Personally as a season ticket holder I have not yet received any such email from Forge FC, so for now I'm going to treat that Reddit thread as suspicious.
  10. I think this is a mistake. A lot of people prefer one side or the other and most of the people around me (myself included) much prefer the west side. You save some money by needing less staff but you piss off season ticket holders who are considering whether to reup for 2020.
  11. I didn't agree with Zambrano getting sacked. I was cautiously optimistic with Zambrano as I am now with Herdman. Without knowing what went on behind the scenes, from a standpoint of purely coaching games without taking organizational abilities into account I think this was a lateral move at best. I don't care for Herdman overly but I don't have to. Outside of 2 halves I've been pretty happy with how he has the team playing, I see growth, I even see a willingness to try different players and change formations, maybe even learn from mistakes. This is what matters more than my personal opinion of the man's personality, the sense of growth and identity and continuity within the team. What I don't get is the cult figure status Zambrano has attained on this board, literally without achieving anything special. Maybe its all the National Teams who have been lining up to hire him since, and all the glorious victories he has achieved with them. For that matter, I don't trust that another CSA hire at this point would be anything other than a lateral move at best, and quite possibly worse.
  12. The best coaches in the world will tell you that championships are built on learning from difficult moments and past failures. A group of good young players almost inevitably need to grow into a good team, and usually it takes some crushing disappointments for this to happen. Fans, on the other hand, fixate overly on the negative after losses and overly on the positive after victories. In other words, they get too low with the lows and too high with the highs. So, if you are going to base your opinion of John Herdman on crushing minnows you are being overly optimistic and certainly naive. But if you are going to base your whole opinion of a coach on one team you are being overly pessimistic and fixating too much on a narrow window. Look, the jury is still out on Herdman, and his arrogance certainly does not help to look at him objectively. But we have to try, and based on his own rhetoric we should expect 3 to 4 points out of the 2 matches with the US. If not, that is another strike, and he is walking a very fine line.
  13. Actually in most other FAs teams occasionally lose to better teams (Mexico) or slightly weaker teams (I would not consider Haiti having finished ahead of Costa Rica that much of a minnow compared to Canada) and carry on without firing anybody unless there has already been serious precedent. You don't build any sense of team identity or continuity by firing someone every time there is a setback. The best teams in the world (and I'm not talking Ecuador and Paraguay) understand that you allow a certain amount of rope - you are not reactionary, going ballistic at every bump in the road like fans do, you understand the big picture but you also have standards, so you fire Herdman if he has lost the team or is not making any progress, but not on the basis of one or two games. A coach and a team require some time to make mistakes together, if you constantly fire at the first offense you will get nowhere.
  14. I was saying this, happy to be proven wrong. Hoilett did not look good in the Gold Cup but this is a truly dangerous team if Davies, David, Hoilett, Cavallini, and Arfield are all in form at the same time.
  15. Believe me I know I'm in the minority. But I generally attribute the popularity of EPL to the simple fact that soccer is an incredible sport and EPL is one of the best leagues. I've just always assumed most soccer fans in traditional soccer countries like the crap format with no playoffs because they don't know any better 😉 And that as incredibly popular as EPL is, if they added playoffs and gave the idea a chance, it would be ten times better and grow more popular still. This is sacrilege, I know, but it illustrates the difficulty of convincing North Americans to adopt European traditions. Which is exactly why I think MLS made the right decision going with playoffs.
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