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  1. Is there a rule that you have to protect players on loan? I'm just wondering, because I didn't see it.
  2. Good, so they drop a lot of points. So, El Salvador result will be worth even less to El Salvador.
  3. From the Montserrat match: A loss would make them lose close to 21 points and a draw almost 8.5 points. A win would give them around 4 points. I haven't checked the Dominican Republic match, but it would be a bit less since DR has a higher ranking.
  4. I doubt an MLS team gets him. His contract was terminated by MLS because he didn't want to enter rehab.
  5. Onesoccer or on free PPV for Rogers, Bell, TELUS and SaskTel providers.
  6. You could go at the York 9 party in Aurora. That's not downtown, is it?
  7. Panama also lost to Bermuda at home. Panama needs a win, that's why I would be shocked if they pull the 3 points.
  8. I don't think Chapman counts as a domestic, since he was not on the list of 9 Canadian MLS players. However, I could be wrong about that.
  9. Traded to Inter Miami for 100k allocation (GAM)
  10. I think that it's what would happen. I don't think CONCACAF wants to have a back-up team that can be called 24 hours in advance. Work stoppages are hard to know in advance if they will last.
  11. Just checked CCL rules. CSA can't do a thing about it. It's out of CSA's hands. If someone chooses to do something about this, it's CONCACAF. Also if a strike goes past this, I would assume that V's cup winner gets the CCL spot and League winner gets CL spot for the same reason that it's what CSA agreed to with CONCACAF.
  12. I think it will be the same starting XI as in October except this: Hoilett comes in for Miller. That means that Davies is at left back and Hoilett plays as a roaming player. So it looks something like that. Borjan Vitória Cornelius Layrea Piette Kaye Davies Arfield Osorio Hoilett David
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