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  1. Lyon is looking at a team in Quebec City per Jeremy Filosa.
  2. According to Nik Ledgerwood, Pasquotti is going to Scandinavia.
  3. Why is Ryan Nelsen mentioned that often on this board?
  4. Haven't listened, but Impact didn't want him to play matches from what was said 2-3 weeks ago by Renard ( Technical Director)
  5. Welshman just left Hapoel Haifa. I could see him back in CPL.
  6. Scottish media reported that. I don't recall SD confirming it.
  7. But isn't Forge the league?
  8. If I was Herdman, I'd try to schedule Honduras and Costa Rica in March. Might as well try to go to the Hex swinging. I think El Salvador will play friendlies in the next 2 windows against average teams, so I think we'll need something like 20 points
  9. Morgan isn't. RSL mentioned it in the article. I'm not sure about Chapman but it's possible that they put those players as domestics but didn't think to change it when tehy moved to an American MLS team.
  10. Yes. The thing that I don't understand though is people thinking that it's because of CPL and I wonder if CPL teams could pay what RSL is paying for Morgan and the answer is probably no.
  11. He doesn't have twitter. It's someone claiming to be him.
  12. RSL for him.Didn't stay unattached long.
  13. He might not be in the U23 team with this. I assume that TFC will do everything in their power to keep him.
  14. Reading that Jeff Hunt who stopped investing in the Fury is involved. He's still a member of OSEG.
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