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  1. The one thing I disagree with what Dunfield said is that he said that Osorio is a lock for this team like Arfield. He'sa lock for the 23, but for the XI? I don't think so.
  2. Question was whether they'd get another midfielder to replace Matheson, but I'm guessing that Quinn will play at midfield at the World Cup. I was talking to Sam the other day (before we knew about McLeod and Matheson) and he mentioned the fact that Hellstrom wasn't on the team and I remember thinking oh shoot I totally forgot about the Swedish based players. It wasn't mentioned that they would miss out the Mexico friendly due to club commitments. Most media only mentioned Buchanan being absent, but no one mentioned the other 3 players who eventually made the roster.
  3. I'd expect that 19-21 players on the team will play.
  4. He's playing well. I wouldn't say that he has won the starting role yet since Sagna hasn't come back from injury.
  5. Crépeau, Henry, Kaye, Osorio and Piette are on the all-star game voting ballot.
  6. I don't know about this. I do like having Kaye since he's versatile and can play multiple positions, but right now, I feel that MAK is not that valuable for us at midfield. Sure he's good at central midfield, but would you start him over Arfield? However, I do think that Kaye at left back is the best option. Having Kaye start at left back and finish the match at midfield would be something I could see us doing.
  7. Oops. Well he's the player I'd drop. I don't know why I thought that with 23, you would get an outfield position with 2 backups.
  8. So, starters are in first per position (except I have 2 centre backs starting) Borjan Crépeau Busti Henry James Cornelius Hainault Kaye Adekugbe Brault-Guillard Córdova Hutchinson Piette Arfield Teibert David Osorio Hoilett Millar Davies Ballou Cavallini Larin Thoughts: I don't think that they're brining in Thomas to be the #3 goalkeeper since he has club opportunites at the same time. Unlesss something happens prior the tournament to Borjan or Crépeau, I think it's better to have him stay at his club. For Centrebacks, the fact that Straith wasn't in the original 40-player roster means that I don't expect him to make the 23 for the same reason. I picked Hainault since he was a captain at a decent club. The thing for outside backs is hard, I don't really like a lot of them. So, I picked the best ones. If you want to pick Kaye as a midfielder which is a valid point, who do you get as an outside back? Levis, Godinho, Morgan? I don't feel confident in any of those options. For the central midfield, read what I said for outside backs, I don't think I want to add more to that. The onen thing I'll add is if you don't think that David is a central attacking midfielder for us, I could see someone like Johnson making the team if that is the case. As for the forward position, I think it will stay the same. I could see Millar or Ballou out for a Johnson if David is considered as a wide player.
  9. Adekugbe is a 1996, so he won'T be compared to the players for the U23 team for the olympic qualifiers.
  10. Kurt Larson was saying that Thomas was in front of Crépeau in March.
  11. He's also been an assistant at Blainville for a while. I think he might have been there as an assistant since Blainville started a senior men's team in 2009.
  12. One would argue that everything but a win would help more.
  13. Looks like Blainville only has 2000 capacity.
  14. Ottawa Fury Football Club is a Canadian professional soccer club based in Ottawa, Ontario. The club competes in the USL Championship and plays its home games at TD Place Stadium.
  15. Blackdude

    Forge FC

    Forge Football Club is a Canadian professional soccer club based in Hamilton, Ontario. The club competes in the Canadian Premier League in the inaugural 2019 season and plays its home games at Tim Hortons Field.
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