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  1. Problem is that they have 2 foreign CB, so it doesn't give you good flexibility for CPL rules. Hocine was unlucky last year. And, even in a squad of 23, you want 4 CB. I don't know any national team that chose to go with 3 CB at a World Cup, what's different here?
  2. To be fair, I still want to know what happens in MLS after the MLS is back tournament and what happens in CPL before even saying anything. If MLS is the only one league playing after that, I'd do a CPL 8 to get one in the final four and MLS will join. If both are only playing a short tournament, The MLS teams and the top 2 CPL teams (Cavalry and Forge) would get byes straight to the quarters while the other 6 CPL teams fight for their spot in the first round. As much as people want clubs to be based on their result. It's usually based on the league and it's always been. Even some years where the Impact were better than the Caps in 2010, but Whitecaps were seeded in 2011 due to MLS promotion. I don't see why CSA would change now. They'll put MLS 1 and CPL 2 and I do think that basing off league standings is a better idea than on a one-off cup match.
  3. Centre backs aren't scoring goals. Sure she's important at the back, but if you can't score or create something how do you beat top teams?
  4. Beer means Bear though.
  5. Thank you for this. I wonder if they would rather send the best MLS team not in or the V's Cup runner-up. I'd be shocked that they'd chose the CPL champions, but that might just be me.
  6. Is it the likely scenario? Or could it be that they'd get the Canadian spot and that an US team gets the US spot? I wouldn't be shocked that it's a way to make sure that the MLS champions will be in the CCL even if they don't win the V's Cup. I don't know which spot is prioritized and no one has heard anything from Canada Soccer on that.
  7. No, because to be considered a rookie, you need to not have started a Bundesliga game before and be under 23 and have less than 450 Bundesliga minutes. Davies had 74 Bundesliga minutes last season. It's like to be eligible for Rookie of the Year in other sports, there are often restrictions about age and games played. This is not the exception.
  8. Kaiserslautern are insolvent. They'll say what the next steps are to be on Monday. His contract was ending at the end of the season. I wonder if he'll still play after this year. He'll be turning 34 on Wednesday.
  9. They don't need to win the DfB Pokal to win the treble. Fact. /s
  10. I don't even know why he'd put Ochoa in front of Navas.
  11. Kenneth Heiner-Møller is leaving in August 2020. So we'll have a new manager for the Olympics. https://canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-announces-departure-of-women-s-national-team-head-coach-kenneth-heiner-møller-p162648
  12. Did Grizzly sacrifice his time on the forum to negotiate a move to Chemie?
  13. No, that was one option that was mentioned by some clubs. Right now, the plan is that either a) They play the return leg of the playoff and the winner is promoted b) They don't play it and another team gets promoted. However, it's far from decided, because this is going to court and we should have a ruling on the 17 about that from Waasland Beveren who were relegated from the first division. So, it all depends on what happens.
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