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  1. Looks like he won the ball to setup the second goal as well.
  2. Who else do we have on the wing that is anywhere close to Davies' quality? If Ferdi switches and Millar breaks through with the Liverpool first team then we could have the luxury of using Davies as a left back. Until then we need him in a more offensive role. If you were coaching another CONCACAF team would you prefer to face Canada with Davies playing on defence or in an attacking role?
  3. It appears that this thread has evolved into a discussion of all our wing back options.
  4. Cordova has been to a number of senior camps and has two senior caps for Canada.
  5. Perhaps I'm mistaken but I thought David's transfer fee was reported as 30 millions euros. Shouldn't that place him at #4? In his case that would be actual transfer paid rather than an estimate.
  6. If Laryea plays in the midfield on a regular basis then it probably means that Fraser isn't going to get any more opportunities.
  7. Leave it to Thierry Henry to turn him into a goal scorer. I guess there is a method to the madness.
  8. Ledgerwood on the right and De Jong on the left. This IS your grandpa's CMNT!
  9. I can't believe people are overlooking Doneil Henry when it comes to right back depth!
  10. Only watched part of the game but he did get down the wing a few times. I had a 'Was that Piette?!?' moment when he tried to deliver a cross into the box! More frequently though he seemed to miss the opportunity to make the runs into space that his teammates were expecting from him. I can't figure out what type of role Henry has in mind for him.
  11. From a cup is half full perspective, I'm hoping that playing out of position and out of his comfort zone will help him develop into a more rounded and versatile player.
  12. That image belongs in every thread started by Robert.
  13. So you're saying that this video could inspire Tomori and Akinola to go shopping in Paris?
  14. It's only two starts so I'd accept that the jury is out on both parts of my statement but he did not look out of place facing off against the Toronto midfield.
  15. I was thinking that he appears to be the exact same player for the Caps that he was for the U20 team. His ball winning and distribution have fully translated to the MLS level. It's quite rare to see a player move up to a full men's professional level without having to make some degree of adjustments. Granted that it's a very small sample size at this point but if he can adapt to the MLS this quickly what's his ceiling as far as playing level?
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