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  1. It might simply be a fitness issue. I thought he was struggling with injuries most of last season.
  2. With respect to David's progress; he now has 15 goals on the season across all competitions surpassing his total of 14 for last season. It should be noted that although he has appeared in fewer games so far this year he has already surpassed the number of minutes he played last year.
  3. I don't think so. He needs to be 18 to sign a contract but I don't believe there is any restrictions on when a transfer could be announced. The Davies transfer was confirmed months before his 18th birthday.
  4. Keep in mind that Perruzza is two years younger than Bair. A direct comparison at this stage is a bit unfair.
  5. I'm getting addicted to looking up his stats! Whoscored gave him a rating of 7.79 against Freiburg. That was second best on the team. It was one thing that he was getting a top rating when the team was not playing well but he's still ranking as one of the top players even when they are winning. His season average is now 7.42 which ties him for 8th best in the Bundesliga this season. That however falls short of his 8.22 rating in the Champions league where he is the fourth highest rated player behind Lewandowski, Messi and Neymar! I think I've come across those names before somewhere.
  6. Looks like he got a yellow card as well. The football equivalent of the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.
  7. He now has more assists in half a season in Belgium than he had in three seasons in MLS. Whatever drawbacks to the move to Turkey it has certainly helped develop him into a more multi-dimensional player.
  8. This time last year Cornelius was having trouble getting playing time in the Serbian second division. James has not been too far below Henry during his CMNT tenure . I think he's got a shot at being one of the top three CBs on any of the Canadian MLS teams.
  9. Only caught parts of the second half but it looks like his defending has really progressed. Now that players are aware of his pace and tracking ability he can throw them off simply by chasing them. There were a couple of wayward crosses because the player felt Davies coming up and rushed to get the ball away. It’s not the kind of thing that shows up in the match stats but has a clear impact on the game.
  10. Canada's youth international player for 2019. https://www.canadasoccer.com/jayden-nelson-and-olivia-smith-named-canada-soccer-s-youth-international-players-of-the-year-p162516-preview-1&language=en
  11. Whoscored rated him as the top player for Bayern against Gladbach. He's had one of the best ratings for the team (top 3) in most of his starts this year. His seasonal rating of 7.36 is currently third best for Bayern. I always take these types of analyses with a grain of salt but it should be noted that as a teenager, playing out of position, he's ranked as one of the best players on one of the best teams in the world!
  12. Ferdi isn't going to file a switch to play U23. If he decides to represent Canada he would immediately get a look with the senior team.
  13. Highlights of the game vs Royal Antwerp. https://www.proximus-sports.be/nl/voetbal/jupiler-pro-league/video/26856/samenvatting-kaa-gent-royal-antwerp
  14. Let's not get greedy. I'd be perfectly happy with a brace.
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