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  1. I see two available here http://www.rojadirecta.me/.
  2. I believe he has played for T&T at the U20 level in official competition so he needs to file his one-time switch in order to play for Canada. I did not think that he would play for T&T in the next match as it was going to be a critical game and it wasn't a good time for them to field an untested CB. Given that the result will be meaningless, I wonder if they might give him a cynical cap to at least keep him out of the Canadian setup for the next three years.
  3. Looking at the highlights from yesterday's game, he setup the opening goal for LAFC (no assist due to a deflection) but also gave the ball away on the tying goal. He has a 5.5 rating from whoscored. That's the lowest of any player in the game. Not very encouraging.
  4. https://www.mlssoccer.com/video/goal-tajon-buchanan-new-england-revolution-47th-minute#goal-tajon-buchanan-new-england-revolution-47th-minute That was a beauty!
  5. That has to be the first time that such a statement has been made about TFC!
  6. In addition, they still have a chance for the double with the Cup final on Tuesday.
  7. The head-to-head results against Gala was a win each and 3-3 on goals but Besiktas had the advantage of 1 away goal. Not sure if was that or the overall GD that tilted it in their favour.
  8. Today Larin faced off against the two players that were ahead of him in the scoring race and outscored the pair by 4 goals in a 7-0 victory. He’s now in second place for the scoring title 2 being Boupendza. It should be noted that Larin has zero goals from penalties this season while Boupendza has at least 3 from the spot. That makes Cyle the clear leader in goals scored from open play.
  9. So he's been playing football since the beginning of time?
  10. Atiba has played more minutes in league play this season than any other Besiktas player other than their goalie. He's truly an iron-man but I hope he's got something left in the tank for the WCQ this summer.
  11. According to that link he's been with Nice since 1970. It's rare to find an 18 year old with over 50 years of pro experience.
  12. Have you actually seen Cordova play? I haven't and until I do I have no idea where to rank him among the players you've listed. He may be #6 or he may be #2 and he's also an option on the left where we have less depth. The fact that he failed to win the confidence of the coach when he was 22-23 doesn't mean he's not good enough now. If Paton is called up and fails to impress are you going to write him off forever? Wotherspoon did not look impressive when he previously played for Canada but at the age of 31 he showed that he can be a valuable asset. Cordova is too young to be written off and we
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