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  1. Is that a typo or Weah's new nickname?
  2. That's two thirds of the way to a Gordie How hat-trick. Gordie played until age 52. I wonder if Atiba can hang on long enough to play with one or more of his own sons. I believe his oldest is now 5.
  3. I didn't see yesterday's game but I watched the game a couple of weeks ago. He was definitely doing a lot more work defensively, particularly on the left side of his own box. In the opposition half he was drifting into the box as a second striker, specially when the buildup was from the right side of the pitch. With Aboubakar playing centrally and receiving most of the attention - not to mention physical punishment - from the defenders it appears that Larin is getting a little more space in the box. He now has scored in all four games where he has been penciled in as a winger. It may
  4. Based on their current role with their clubs, we could field a lineup with Larin at LW and Piette at RW! What more could you ask for? But seriously, Tajon has been playing well and Harry Paton may be an also be an option (I remember him being a central-mid in the Canada youth teams but based on his game highlights it looks like they may be playing him out wide). In the pipeline we have Nelson, Marshall-Rutty and Raposo all getting minutes in MLS this season. There's also Ben Paton in the EPL2 and I'm sure some young CPL player(s) I'm overlooking. We could have some decent depth in a
  5. True but there's a big difference between England and Bulgaria.
  6. You don’t necessarily need to play Davies on the left. As a winger he can play on the right where he’s more of a goal scoring threat. If you’re starting Hoilett on the other side they can always switch during the game as the opposition or situation dictates. I’m not quite sure how Davies and Laryea would play on the same side. In some ways they are perhaps a bit too similar. I could see ZBG and Davies linking up very well. From what I’ve seen of ZBG he is really good at hitting the forwards/wingers with long passes. In one game against TFC he provided a really nice pass for Quioto that se
  7. Teal had played for the Canadian U20 team so he had to file his one time switch in order to represent the US at the Olympic qualifiers. Unless the new rules allows for multiple switches he won't be able to change it again.
  8. Is there any noticeable maturation in his game compared to his earlier days with the CMNT? My biggest concern with James was that his decision making often seemed naive. He used to have a bad habit of going in for an unnecessary sliding block and taking himself out of the play leaving the opposition with a ton of room on the box. Hopefully that has been coached out of him.
  9. I believe the average age was 19.6 years for the roster players across both divisions at the beginning of the season.
  10. Kamal Miller might be one to consider. With Cornelius playing inconsistently this season and having lost his starting spot I could see Miller replacing him in the CMNT top four. I know he's usually is listed as a LB but the few times I've had a chance to watch Orlando he seems to be lining up on the left side of a back three. I was really hoping to watch him on the weekend but unfortunately, for the first time in the last six games, he wasn't in the starting lineup. Hopefully Herdman is keeping a close eye on him.
  11. St. Clair with another shutout against Cincinnati tonight. That's his fifth shutout in ten starts this season.
  12. Comes on a sub for DeLeon against Philadelphia. MLS debut I believe.
  13. Tajon scores a second but it's called offside. Looked like a bad call.
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