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  1. Let's not get greedy. I'd be perfectly happy with a brace.
  2. That's eight goals for David this season in league play. That moves him into a tie for second place in the Jupiler League scoring race.
  3. Below is a partial list of players in our current player pool based on eligibility by age for the last five U20 cycles. I'm not taking into account if they actually played for the U17 or U20s only if they were eligible. I was curious to see if there was a pattern here. So far it's a pretty even spread. Interestingly no attacking players from the 97/98 pool so far. 91/92 Jonathan Osorio Lucas Cavallini Russell Teibert Tesho Akindele 93/94 Doneil Henry Maxime Crepeau Anthony Jackson-Hamel Manjrekar James Mark-Anthony Kaye Samue Piette 95/96 Richie Laryea Juan Cordova Sam Adekugbe Cyle Larin Marco Carducci Stephen Eustaquio 97/98 Kamal Miller Derek Cornelius Marcus Godhino Zachary Brault-Guillard Liam Fraser 99/00 Alphonso Davies Jonathan David Liam Millar Ballou Tabla
  4. Keep in mind that Henry was suspended so we only had 7 defenders available for that match. This list essentially replaces Didic with Henry and makes one more spot available for a midfielder or forward.
  5. Subbed in at 64' and scores a penalty at 85' to give Gent a 2-1 lead.
  6. Whoscored gave him a rating of 7.74 today. That was the second highest rating of any player for the match after Thiago.
  7. Good article on Fraser. He gives a diplomatic answer to the question of moving to another team to get playing time. I wasn't aware that he had spent six years in the Whitecaps academy. Some eye opening comments about that organization. He doesn't seem to have anything good to say about them. https://chatnewstoday.ca/2019/10/23/liam-fraser-bides-his-time-with-toronto-fc-but-believes-he-is-ready-for-more-2/
  8. New rankings are out today. We're now officially in 6th place. https://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ranking-table/men/#CONCACAF
  9. I was thinking more about players such as Cristian Gutierrez or perhaps even someone like Ferdi Kadioglu. Akionla would be behind players such as Millar, Tabla, Bair and perhaps Shaffelburg or Borges on Canada's depth chart. I'm not thinking much about him at the moment.
  10. I wonder how many dual nationals will be reevaluating their options tomorrow.
  11. His reputation as a motivator was on display tonight. The best game in the Canadian Kit for a number of players. The work rate was phenomenal and they really look like they believe in themselves.
  12. Brief article on the MLS site about his options and his final choice. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/10/09/chelsea-defender-fikayo-tomori-discusses-his-difficult-choice-between-england-canada
  13. I recall reading somewhere that a player is only allowed to participate in one U17 tournament. I think the rule only applies to the actual tournament not the qualifiers as I believe Jordan Hamilton and Kianz Froese both played twice in the CONCACAF qualifiers with Froese representing Cuba his first time. If this is in fact correct it wouldn't make much sense to call up any of the 15 year olds now and disqualify them from the 2021 tournament.
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