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  1. It's impressing how much attacking talent is coming out of that 99/00 age group. If Raposo establishes himself as a regular MLS player he potentially pushes Tabla down to fifth or sixth in terms of the CMNT depth chart just in that specific age group. Even if you exclude the generational talents of Davies and David this is still showing signs of being a very solid group. If the 01/02 cycle produces anything close to this level of talent our wing/forward depth could be outstanding for the next decade. Now we just have to hope for a few defenders.
  2. Zavaleta has played in official youth competitions for the US. He'll never be able to switch to Canada since he didn't hold Canadian citizenship when he played for the US. El Salvador would be his only option if he decided to file his switch.
  3. To the delight of the Voyageurs forum, the commentator with the English accent is pronouncing his name as Davies!
  4. If he played an official match at the youth level, he would be eligible to file a on-time switch to any country that he was eligible to represent at the time of his first official youth cap. If he wasn't eligible to represent Canada when he first played for England he will never be able to gain eligibility under the current rules. I believe Gershon Koffie wanted to play for Canada but he was ineligible based on this rule.
  5. Hasn't he played at the youth level for England? If any of those were official matches that would disqualify him from ever representing Canada - barring the discovery of a Canadian Granny.
  6. Do the impact have any other options at RB at the moment? I understand Henry is trying to convert Bayiha to a RB but he is clearly behind ZBG at this time.
  7. Looks like the IOC is considering cancelling the Tokyo Olympics if the COVID-19 virus is not under control. It would be disappointing but good to see that they are prioritizing the safety of the athletes and spectators.
  8. Yes, but he still doesn't have half the charisma of Lanny McDonald's moustache! Then again, who does?
  9. He had six assists in three seasons in MLS and had two last year in Turkey. So far he has eleven in less than a full season in Belgium. Can't be bothered to work out the assists per minutes played but his game has significantly transformed since moving to Europe and he's becoming a more complete player. One thing I've noticed, the few times I've watched him this season, is that he's always looking to pass first even around the box where he would have tried to shoot earlier in his career. He may need to go back to being a little more greedy.
  10. https://tbrfootball.com/report-arsenal-everton-and-leicester-interested-in-gent-attacker-jonathan-david/ More rumours of interest from English sides and a couple of clubs from Italy also thrown in. I wouldn't mind seeing a Canadian playing in Serie A.
  11. Radzinski was an all out striker and had Jan Koller as his strike partner, who also scored 29 goals that year, while David plays more of a midfield role. There is also an approximately 8 year age difference between David today and Radzinski in the 00/01 season. David's accomplishments are far more impressive.
  12. Radzinski had 29 goals (23 in league play) his final year in Belgium. That might be the highest for a Canadian player in a quality European league. Not sure if there's enough games left for David to catch him.
  13. Can you teach length in other appendages? Asking for a friend.
  14. Scored a beauty in a preseason match against Colorado over the weekend. Goal is at 0:48 of the highlights. https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2020/02/09/preseason-2020-toronto-fc-cruise-past-colorado-rapids-opener
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