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  1. https://tbrfootball.com/report-west-ham-battling-sam-allardyce-for-13m-rated-striker/ Another report linking Larin with a move to the EPL, specifically to West Ham.
  2. As I recall he scored a stunning goal against Burkina Faso to get us into the quarter finals.
  3. Late in a champions league match, needing a goal to avoid elimination, his coach opted to sub him in. Either Henry didn't care about advancing or he really rates this kid. I was expecting that he would get a good look in Montreal this year. Hopefully the coaching change doesn't alter that.
  4. He had a phenomenal season in 10/11 and unlike Larin he was strictly a wide player. After Davies and Hoilett he's perhaps the best winger to wear the Canada jersey in the last 25 years. Such a shame that his career came to a sudden end when he had just reached his prime. I can't help but to wonder how the 2014 campaign might have unfolded if he was still playing.
  5. It should be noted that with his 13th league goal for the season Larin surpasses Josh Simpson for the highest number of goals in the Super Lig by a Canadian in a single season. He also ties Simpson's career total of 18. Edit: The 18 league goals by Simpson/Larin isn't the highest career total by a Canadian. Hutch has 21 ... and counting.
  6. Recent U.S. international transfers compared to the world's top nations. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2021/02/17/fifa-study-mls-american-teams-global-top-10-total-transfers-fees-received-january
  7. According to this article West Brom made a significant offer for Larin during the transfer window and may still be looking at a summer move. I'm a bit surprised at the offer amount. https://turkish-football.com/west-brom-made-e15m-offer-for-besiktas-striker-cyle-larin-in-january-talks-could-resume-end-of-season/
  8. Larin played 87' and Atiba went the distance in a 3-0 win for Besiktas today. Cenk Tosun came on as a sub and scored two late goals. In the past Larin would usually move up top when Aboubakar was subbed off but with Tosun now available I think he'll be playing exclusively out wide for the rest of the year.
  9. Stalteri is also credited with a goal in the competition.
  10. Is Doneil actually injured? I thought the post about the ACL was supposed to be a joke.
  11. I’ve never followed the Turkish league before. I caught a couple of Besiktas games back in the fall in order to watch Larin and Hutchinson. They games were fun, particularly with Hutchinson in absolute beast mode in the first couple of games I saw, so I’ve continued to tune in. The more games I watch the more I become invested in the team and naturally the games are more entertaining when you care about the outcome rather than simply assessing one or two players.
  12. Fenerbahce tied today so Besiktas are now two points clear at the top of the table. I never though I'd be this invested in the outcome of the Turkish super league.
  13. The one that bore the weight of Voyageur expectations.
  14. But then we wouldn't have people endlessly discussing his posts and motivating others to follow/read his material.
  15. He had a quiet first half but was more involved in the second. He made another good pass in the box that his teammate couldn't convert - the play was offside anyway but it was another unselfish pass in the box for a clear attempt on goal. He could have had a couple of other chances on goal with some better passing from his teammates. A solid game overall.
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