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  1. From the Canadian Press: Toronto's ban on city-led events through June 30 does not prohibit sporting events at private facilities. That means the Maple Leafs and Raptors could still play games at Scotiabank Arena, and the Blue Jays could play at the Rogers Centre.
  2. We are proud to announce the signing of former Puebla F.C. midfielder Francisco Acuña #AtléticoOttawa l : https://bit.ly/2RcLtmf
  3. Athletico continues to add new players, Tevin Shaw, Jamaica. https://canpl.ca/article/atletico-ottawa-adds-jamaican-international-tevin-shaw-to-its-midfield
  4. Yes, but soccer is the only sport with a maximum age limit, any other sport is based on your ability.
  5. More news from Athlético: https://ottawasun.com/sports/soccer/with-cpl-season-on-hold-atletico-ottawa-players-reaching-out-to-fans I haven't received a call to date: "Atletico players, who returned early from a training camp in Spain on Monday, have been in self-isolation, but that hasn’t stopped them from making phone calls to people who are on a list of 550 account holders who made an initial deposit to hold season tickets. Atletico Ottawa is going into its first season in the CPL."
  6. Brandon John signing official: https://ottawacitizen.com/sports/soccer/center-back-brandon-john-joins-atletico-ottawa/wcm/7c35bec2-a5d7-416a-b6bb-b9767e86ab43
  7. Even though i think they are a much improved team this year, I think they are 2nd tier for CPL. Tier 1 : Forge, Y9, Cavalry Tier 2: Pacific, Valour, HFX Tier 3: FCE, Atléletco
  8. Where these games played in empty stadiums? I noticed Belarus is still playing.
  9. Recent article on mlssoccer.com indicates a target return to play on May 10th, would expect that training would have to start two weeks prior. Key will be the impact of warmer weather on the spread.
  10. The lyrics of Long Winding road reflect the torture of my 50 year love affair with Canadian soccer, both national and club: The long and winding road That leads to your door Will never disappear I've seen that road before It always leads me here Leads me to you door The wild and windy night That the rain washed away Has left a pool of tears Crying for the day Why leave me standing here Let me know the way Many times I've been alone And many times I've cried Any way you'll never know The many ways I've tried But still they lead me back To the long winding road You left me standing here A long long time ago
  11. Is there official confirmation? I can't find anything though I am sure it will be cancelled.
  12. Even if CanPL starts the season a few weeks late, they should have enough mid-week open dates to play the full schedule, so we have about six weeks.
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