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  1. Yes, what I meant is that the recent rash of signings from these leagues is because the CPL can't get players from elsewhere and also the possibility that these leagues are considered "amateur" for transfer purposes and therefore not subject to the transfer window. Just recently ATO signed, Ba, Cornwall, Mercure. HFX, Camara, Forge Marques, Cavalry, Apostol etc
  2. If I understand the transfer rules correctly he can't sign with a CPL team until 2022, he would have had to been a free agent prior to the close of the transfer window or an amateur player, re: the rash of PLSQ, L1O, academy signings recently by CPL teams.
  3. Hw won't be able to play for Brugge until the transfer window opens in January.
  4. The upside of a 0-0 draw is that Breza and the mostly Canadian defence kept a clean sheet.
  5. He started for Blainville against HFX last night.
  6. That is great news for developmental purposes.
  7. 1. Enes Sali: (10t) Attacker, 2022 FCV Farul Constanta, Romania Tier 1 (1-10-0-0-1) 2021 U16NT Romania (3-137-1-0-0) From Woodbridge Strikers.
  8. Agreed, they messed up my first order (see above) and gave me a refund. I immediately re-ordered and now a month later I receive this message: Thank you for choosing us to take care of your merchandising needs! We wanted to reach out to let you know that we were unable to fulfill the item(s) below. When we're unable to fulfill an order it's usually because the item is no longer available. I don't understand, they never plan to replenish their stock?? Their website indicates everything is almost sold out. The CSA messed up on this one, just when they need revenue and goodwill, their supplier can't even keep up with demand and I think it is more a supplier issue then a demand issue. And I ordered before the Olympics, imagine the current demand. I was also told when I re-ordered that they had plenty in stock
  9. Ali Ylidiz on the bench for FC Edmonton, haven't seen his signing announced anywhere, from what I can see he is either a 2004 or 2005.
  10. Hey, I have no problem with Portugal (or any other national team) training our future Internationals.
  11. Added, another 2004 pops out of the woodwork... 9. Marcus Ty Caldeira: Midfield, 2021 Forge FC, Canada Tier 1 from Sigma FC. 10. Hugo Mbonque: 2021 TFC 2, USA Tier 3, from TFC Academy
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