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  1. Canada's draw and format. Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Aruba, top 3 advance to round of 16 eliminations, 4 semi-finalists go to World Cup https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/11/20/united-states-and-canada-learn-world-cup-qualifying-path-2020-concacaf-u-20
  2. I think someone mentioned that the assistant referee was out of position and from that angle he misses the offside position at the moment the ball is played.
  3. You give the new team 2 picks, there is still a lot of talent there.
  4. Canada – USASorry, those were the referees for the October Game versus USA here are the ones for today: A mexican crew, ref tends to show a lot of yellows. Referee: C. Ramos Assistants: C. Espinosa M. Morales Fourth official: J. Pérez
  5. Since he was an academy player and signed his first pro contract with an MLS team that makes him domestic league wide. I think.
  6. I think it is too late for him playing wise, if he has the interest and ability maybe coaching.
  7. For my sanity, I have to walk away from this thread and return in 6 months😎. But I know I can't.
  8. Welshman comes in as a sub and plays 62 minutes in Israel. Bitar and Schaale play in the Canadian University Championships, Bitar gets re-drafted by Cavalry and Schaale gets ignored.
  9. Yep, all about getting the major Mexican $$$ available for soccer in USA.
  10. I was under the impression that Schaale has at least one more year of eligibility after this year.
  11. Players have to declare for the draft, could there be a loophole where Schaale doesn't declare and HFX sign him as a free agent?
  12. Worth a listen, expect only 6 to 7 players to return, some new players already under contract, in negotiation with others, expect upgrade in player quality, players who spurned the league last year now interested. Looks like they have already decided on their 1st pick in the draft tomorrow and expect him to be a starter. No change in salary cap from last year.
  13. Inside source telling me that Fury regrouping to enter CanPL in 2021.
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