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  1. Campbell was a monster, he seemed to be always present when something positive happened for Pacific.
  2. USLC Charleston Battery 2,477, looks like they will be folding soon, no wait , they have been around for what 20 years. The Ottawa Fury #s are "inflated" by the school day crowd........... I may hold the record for most teams supported that folded (actual ass in the seat, not from far) Montreal Olympique (NASL), Montreal Manic (NASL) Montreal Supra (CSL) Inter Montreal (CSL2) After jinking all the Montreal teams I moved to Ottawa. Ottawa Wizards (CPSL), Ottawa Pioneers/Intrepid (CSL) Capital City FC (CPSL) Ottawa Fury Women (USL) and I might even be able to claim the Toronto Lynx as I travelled to Toronto several times to see them play, including the season that Derosario and Stalteri played for them.
  3. Yes it would and I think a large majority on here do and even the Fury 😎 though most don't agree with the path they have taken.
  4. Considering that almost every game has been played in miserable weather, I think a league average of 5000 at the end of May is phenomenal despite the way the naysayers are trying to put a negative spin on everything. Keep it positive people, because that is what it is.
  5. Absolutely, assuming we qualify, the boycott would not hurt Qatar, it would hurt the Canadian soccer program, and for some players it would be there one and only chance to appear in a World Cup. Just like the Russian Olympic boycott hurt the many athletes who trained for their whole life up to that point and for some missed their only chance. Boycotts rarely have any impact, especially when you mix sports and politics. A useless gesture.
  6. Can't figure out why they have scheduled only two weekend games recently and then have two on weekdays, i think close to 40% of the games have been weekday games (More so if you include voyageurs Cup).
  7. Good move by Onesoccer, without them unlikely this game would be available in Canada.
  8. C'mon man, nobody is folding after the first season. I would say it would be at least 3 years before any team folds. There are some imperfections but the league seems to be built on a strong base. i see a strong 10-12 team league for a long time. Failure is not an option.
  9. You would think a little bit of marketing would get EL GOUNA FC out of last place, attendance: 21
  10. I;m not a big fan of the split season, but for the first season i think it is a brilliant move by CanPL. Gives teams time to develop and adjust for the full season.
  11. Federico Pena played 11 minutes, thought he was very impressive in that small sample.
  12. I can be there with my Voyageur scarf.
  13. Enjoyed the game, field level view of the game in the "VIP" section, can't beat free food and wine, while Blainville had the better scoring chances, the difference in level was obvious. Did i mention there was free wine? I think York9 will take it at home, spoke with Porter and Estevez after the game. I would say about 600-800 attendance, supporters section very active...free wine...Samuel Piette at the game.
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