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  1. As a point of interest, Steven Vitoria's team in Portugal's tier 1 averaged 2,274 last season and are under 2000 this season, I would think a much higher salary budget and less travel costs, but puts into context the CanPl attendances, i think if you take the bottom 10 teams in Portugal's Tier 1, their attendance average is less then the CanPL.
  2. Yes those players who wanted to return to university had to be on developmental contracts. Looks like the league has extended this to signing youth players, i'm sure I saw this term used with another player, don't remember which one.
  3. Living in Ottawa and having no professional team to support, I decided early in the season that Forge would be my team but never got really attached except for their CL run. So i finally decided that Valour would be my team, then they immediately lost 8-0, well i'm still here๐Ÿ˜Ž
  4. Germany 3.liga Elva gets 30 minutes in a 2-3 loss.
  5. Maybe they should try meditation (mindfulness)๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. Telfer gets the start for T&T.
  7. Does the transfer window apply within MLS, as all contracts are technically held by the league?
  8. I remember when he came to Ottawa with Toronto Lynx to play a preseason game against an Ottawa Premier League team, you could see his skill but definitely out of shape.
  9. Can't be, he wasn't a free agent at the end of the transfer window.
  10. and Borjan's team goes up 1-0 , 3-2 on aggregate with 2 away goals.
  11. What happened with Dante Campbell and Julian Dunn, are they injured?
  12. He is on loan to the Impact to December 31st, so he has no where to play from early October to end of December if I understand the transfer/loan rules correctly. If so not a great move for him.
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