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  1. Just give me a team...even if it is no name.
  2. Former CanPL phenom Junior Kingué now with Red Star B in French Tier 6 😎
  3. You will have to beat me to the head of the line 😎 Agree with everything else, I went to as many NASL games as I could, never went to a USL game, had no interest in the league. The only game I went to was the Canadian Championship game against HFX.
  4. Of the 52 picks in round 3 and 4, 27 teams passed on their pick, time to drop to 2 or 3 rounds or eliminate entirely.
  5. Millar subs in at the 64th minute. And scores in the 88th minute.
  6. Or maybe Zorica is coming home to join Attardo at Valour😎
  7. Nicolas Benezet will join Colorado with TFC receiving $50,000 GAM for his rights plus an additional $50,000 based on performance criteria. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/12/sources-colorado-rapids-sign-ex-toronto-fc-winger-nicolas-benezet
  8. Let's assume that $800,000 is a reasonable estimate. 5 players at $50,000 = $250,000 5 players at $40,000 = $200,000 8 players at $31,250 = $250,000 5 players at $20,000 = $100,000 Means your starting line-up can be making $40,000 and more, any change in the cap of $100,000 would move the average up or down by $5,000. Except for a few team I don't see USL paying much more. Not too good at the lower end but these are your developmental players and amateur signings.
  9. Edmonton already has 4 over 23 internationals and I don't think that Malonga has been confirmed.
  10. Unless some players are moved the Forge are almost complete. If they keep the 2 draft picks they have only 3 spots open and one has to go to a U21. Roster Building Returning 18 Released 3 (Owundi, Roberts, Stoddart) Unknown `1 (Oyegunle) Draft (Balbinotti, Zis) Open Roster Spots: 3 to 5 U21: 2 (Mohsen, Cela) International: 3 (Krutzen, Cisse, Jonsson)
  11. Yes, no more friendlies, every game counts.
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