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  1. You can now get irrationally excited: https://northerntribune.ca/atletico-ottawa-jordan-webb/
  2. And James stayed on the bench for Lamia. And Brym doesn't make the bench for Mouscron. And Flores no where to be seen for Arsenal U23.
  3. Or the Monty Python Greek vs. German Philosophers, with guest star Beckenbauer. - Video Search Results (yahoo.com)
  4. If he played in the CPL he could return to school but he couldn't play college soccer next year. NCAA changed the rules a few years back to allow academy players to play pro and still be eligible for college soccer, but once they sign to an NCAA school they can't go back, so most would play PDL until they leave school.
  5. Amanda picks up a goal and an assist as Oregon State defeats #5 Stanford 3-2.
  6. Yes but Davies is new age, that other guy is old age 😎
  7. I think the higher profile competition is on its way, with Davies, David +++ we should be a more attractive opponent. Just need that CB position solidified.
  8. @JamboAl from another thread. [No doubt that Arfield and others tapped up Spoony to play for us. And maybe JH was working the phones even before he became the CNMT manager. Does it matter? I wonder if sometimes we read too much into these things.] I think being recruited by other players may be a deciding factor in Dias choosing Canada, look at the Portuguese influence on the recent Canada teams, Raposo, Nogueira, Godhino, Vitoria, Eustaquio and Ferreira. Dias also seems to be friends with Corbeanu. In the announcement that Ferreira had committed to Canada wasn
  9. 3 out of 4 so far, with Kadioglu the only unknown.
  10. Good Observation, of all of the duals I think he is the least likely to play for Canada.
  11. He reminds me of Brek Shea, he was converted to a left back for awhile.
  12. Another Soccerway roster leak signs, https://northerntribune.ca/atletico-ottawa-dylon-powley/
  13. Now up to 40 players. 1998 (Transfermarkt in euros) [GP-Min-G-A-US] Keeper [GP-Min-SO-Ave-US] 1. Alistair Johnston: (2m) Right-Back, 2021 Nashville SC, USA Tier 1, CMNT 2021 [2-89-1-1-0] U17NT Camp 2015. 2020 Nashville SC [21-1680-0-0-2] 2. Liam Fraser: (1.5m) Midfield, Homegrown 2021 Toronto FC, USA Tier 1 CMNT 2018-20 [4-336-0-1-6] U20NT 2017 [3-270-0-0]. On the provisional U23 roster. 2020 TFC [14-444-0-0-9] 3. Zachary Brault-Guillard: (800t) Right Back, 2021 CF Montréal, USA Tier 1. 2021 CMOQ 2021 [4-316-0-0-0] CMNT 2018-19 [4-394-0-0]. U20NT 2017 [3-245-0-0]
  14. And Johnathan Sirois goes on loan to CPL side Valour FC along with Sean Rea. MLS allows clubs to loan out 5 players a season.
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