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  1. in qualies for Brazil 2014 Corona played the majority of games
  2. Your arguments are baseless, and just downright stupid. I personally like Jayson a lot and if while in training Herdman see's his quality as superior to Max's then thats good for me and vice-versa. You overrate players playing in europe, Costa Rica had a team with many domestics and are very competitive vs European opposition. Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, are the same. If a player is in a big european league then yes that player is most likely a starter for us and other nations in our realm. But please continue with your delusions.
  3. PK was a clear and obvious foul, and correct red, anyone with half a brain can see that. The added time was technically fine because the play was in motion as 93th minute began and the PK was awarded 20 seconds after the 93rd minute. So yeah stop being a baby, if you cant then go cry in silence.
  4. Adam has been in Germany for almost a decade now? He probably is settled in Germany, its his home and who knows maybe has a wife from there.
  5. Anyone know what the attendance was yesterday?
  6. Here's my updated list June, 13, 2004 4-0 v Belize WCQ Sept, 4, 2010 0-2 v Peru F June, 1, 2011 2-2 v Ecuador F Sept, 2, 2011 4-1 v St Lucia WCQ Oct, 12, 2011 0-0 v Puerto Rico WCQ Sept, 7, 2012 1-0 v Panama WCQ Oct, 12, 2012 3-0 v Cuba WCQ Sept, 9, 2014 3-1 v Jamaica F June, 16, 2015 4-0 v Dominica WCQ Sept, 4, 2015 3-0 v Belize WCQ June, 13, 2017 2-1 Curacao F Sept,2, 2017 2-0 Jamaica F Oct, 16, 2018 5-0 Dominica CNLQ 7-WCQ 5-Friendlies 1-Concacaf nations league qualifier
  7. Matt is a nice guy too, only spent like 3 months training with him back in fall 2013. Im glad to see him doing well in League 1. Cheers to your son sir!
  8. Nathan Ingham has been solid at the back, for a porous York9 backline.
  9. As a Canadian of latino parents, I actually love that we carry both names. I hate the tradition of a woman dropping her name for her husbands. It just doesnt make sense to me, but of course its the same thing with our 2 surnames
  10. I think Farago agrees with you, just from his reaction after the goal.
  11. Can I accompany this gathering?
  12. They are somehow playing in Russia during March....
  13. The Norwegian Eliteserien runs from March 30 - Nov 30th. This first season is a bit of a wash in regards to full scheduling etc etc, but for next season and afterwards, one must assume we are looking at an Late March/early April start, with a mid-late october finish.
  14. To be honest I agree with Lucas, culture and values are different there and for people like us(latin americans, more spicifically Uruguayans and Argentinians) that lifestyle and culture is very pleasing and more what we would like to indulge in.
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