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  1. wow great to see that Nikola has become an important figure in for the Club.
  2. You're a real loser @Lofty, pretty clear foul in favour of Cavs. Forge defended brilliantly though.
  3. Those serbians, might be partizan fans. Ask Red Star fans and they would probably say the same but about partizan. These allegations exist in most countries.
  4. I personally like shields/plates over cups. This would be much nicer if all silver with golden accents, etc.. Im not bothered by the glass shield. At least the one the teams keep will have every member of the team, staff and ownership, engraved on it. pretty nice touch.
  5. Oh sweet about the jersey, I really wanted the Maroon one. absolute beauty. they were gone by late summer when I was committed to splurge $$$
  6. It makes more sense to have 7 International spots and allow only 2 to be under 25. having the older players help to mentor the young Canadians. having young foreigners doesn't. I don't support this potential new rule,.
  7. I was at the game and I thought the crowd was around 2500 some sections were proper filled. the 300-100 sections were where the crowd got thinned out, but sections 400-900 seemed very well populated. my friend and I estimated that the main stand holds about 3500 capacity.
  8. ohh you're angry, relax tough guy. Most casuals probably would feel a tad sad if they hear a league collapse. Dont get fandom and sympathy mixed up. Using the Eridivise as an example is very smart because the Netherlands is also our geographical neighbour, where most of our best athletes in all disciplines go to further their development with hopes of making a career. MLS, USL, NCAA, provide canadians with another pathway. a copllapse or fracturing of their system would hurt Canadian soccer players, with CPL and our own systems in place, the impact wouldnt be as pronounced, but the systems of the USA are greater because they have more money, investments, infrastructure etc etc.
  9. CNN or every mainstream media outlet, lets call a spade a spade. That being said I'm sure there are many Canadian soccer fans that dont want to see MLS die, unlike Ted.
  10. in qualies for Brazil 2014 Corona played the majority of games
  11. Your arguments are baseless, and just downright stupid. I personally like Jayson a lot and if while in training Herdman see's his quality as superior to Max's then thats good for me and vice-versa. You overrate players playing in europe, Costa Rica had a team with many domestics and are very competitive vs European opposition. Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, are the same. If a player is in a big european league then yes that player is most likely a starter for us and other nations in our realm. But please continue with your delusions.
  12. PK was a clear and obvious foul, and correct red, anyone with half a brain can see that. The added time was technically fine because the play was in motion as 93th minute began and the PK was awarded 20 seconds after the 93rd minute. So yeah stop being a baby, if you cant then go cry in silence.
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