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  1. Can someone please correct the young man's name in the title?
  2. Ali Curtis in South America for a scouting trip. Bill Manning and Jason Hernandez meet with a super agent in Italy (Giovinco's agent) to scout 3 matches. https://torontosun.com/sports/soccer/mls/toronto-fc/toronto-fcs-search-for-more-quality-players-lands-front-office-bigwigs-in-italy
  3. If you watch frame to frame you actually see his arm snap back from the force of the ball. There's a reason the VAR called it a PK.
  4. Looks clear to me. Pause it on the second replay (1:28/1:29) and you'll see it hits his forearm near his elbow.
  5. That's a PK all day long. It went off the middle of his arm, somewhere around his elbow and his arm is extended out like a dumbass. No excuse.
  6. I don't believe those figures. He played most of one season at Cottbus at striker and had at least 10 league goals at one point. That said, he started and ended his club and international careers at CB and aside from that season at Cottbus i don't recall him playing much up top. For Canada he may have moved up late in the game a few times when we were looking for goals, but i can't recall him getting a start (though he might have, there was no way to see all our friendlies back then).
  7. In the link it says he's a '98 and plays as a striker (if it wasn't obvious from him scoring a hat trick).
  8. "Gerges was the starting keeper for Metro Ford that season, but was forced to miss the nationals due to being called up for a Canadian U18 training camp in Guatemala." Good news. Also, sounds like he's a '95, can anyone confirm?
  9. If we were blocking another team from getting a quality player through this mechanism the league would probably step in and mediate a settlement. The deal would have got done one way or another.
  10. We got that spot for Nick Hagglund. I don't think we can expect much more just to swap the top allocation spots.
  11. I assume Gonzalez didn't want to come to Toronto or we want someone else. So we're getting a 1st rounder to let LA get this player and now we are back at the top of the order, sounds like a good deal to me.
  12. I thought Zanatta was a Forward?
  13. I was going to post that if you didn't. Exactly, it was one of those moments where you tip your hat to a guy who's just on another level.
  14. Good for him. The jump from Primavera or sitting on the bench for the first team to actually playing is huge.
  15. Yes, i think you're right about the amount. It's too little, he can get more elsewhere.
  16. We already have 3 DP's, would Robben come here for a TAM contract? Sounds like bs...
  17. Wow, i'm no Trump fan, but that's a little excessive.
  18. That's right i didn't ask you anything, but you quoted me. Caring or not caring doesn't change the facts of how MLS does business and who Larin's employer really was. Anyways, Larin isn't coming so this is all moot.
  19. I don't remember asking if you cared or not, but sure. You know who else apparently doesn't care? Cyle Larin.
  20. He left Orlando City, in his employers view, by breaking his employment contract. His employer, the holder of the contract - MLS.
  21. Giving a team 2 or 3 days rest is a virtual non-starter. Do you think anyone involved will want their teams playing on 3 days rest and risking injury? Then consider that on MD2 one of the teams will be fresh vs. 3 days rest and MD3 one team will have 7 days rest vs. 3 days. It's a bigger disadvantage than the other scenarios.
  22. 1) It's CONCACAF. 2) The scenario you mentioned makes even less sense. BTW, what date conflicts are there?
  23. If it's unlikely why do you think it's going to happen?
  24. Do you think anyone is going to want to play games with only 3 days rest between them? And that's assuming players released by their clubs as of the morning of the 7th (FIFA min. req.) can make it to their game the night of the 7th. It's not happening.
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