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  1. Of course that's a possibility. If Halifax has plans in place to improve the quality for a similar wage that's great for the club. I just know i'm personally keeping decent young Canadians at my club if there's cap space available. They will more than likely replace him with a very similar talent at a cheaper wage
  2. We don't officially know the cap, but I don't think Ozzie is far off with his suggested 750k. Elliot Simmons leaving Halifax over a 5% salary increase would suggest the cap is pretty low.
  3. Is there any truth to a FIFA rule against demanding money to enter a tier 1 league?
  4. Not a fan at all. The art is cool, but these aren't trophies, and this isn't the arctic football league. Personally i'd be disapointed if I received art work instead of a trophy to recognize an excellent season. Leave it to the CPL to call it "GOLDEN" boot and give out a sculpture with virtually no gold and no boot...
  5. But is OneSoccer really asking for additional money or just using sales tactics?
  6. That's a fair point, but I think@PaulV is spot on with this.
  7. Isn't $144 around the current cost of a monthly subscription?
  8. I hope this is just a rumour. The league is essentially advocating for a bunch of youngsters running around with no experienced heads to guide them. Anyone know what happens to the senior internationals currently employed if this actually becomes a rule? Would be a shame to see the leagues runner up in the golden boot race not welcomed back with open arms.
  9. Hopefully Zach is one of the first signings if a KW club is announced. If I happen to bump into him i'll be sure to ask his plans
  10. Laurier intramurals are played at the Alumni footy field on King St and UW play at Columbia fields. The stadium is used mainly for football and track and field events in the region
  11. For Waterloo they should because between the 3 schools there's a lot of summer students, international students and people that stay in Waterloo because they consider it more fun than home
  12. Good location on the LRT line with plenty of locals and students within walking distance.
  13. Any truth to the 200 million being invested is for OneSoccer's setup(office space, staff, equipment etc..) and not the league itself?
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