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  1. Good point! No TFC Argos or Tiger Cats to share coverage with. Might be spoiled for choice if a London based club joins the league. Hamilton London and Toronto are all an hour away
  2. Hamilton is 1.1 hr drive from London but that's actually a good thing for attendance purposes. Toronto and Windsor are both 2 hours drive, also good things imo. If there was no fee on top of stadium upgrade costs we would probably see FC London in the CPL
  3. Will definitely have to read up on it. Don't know too much about refugee and immigration law so there's a good chance i'm wrong. In the case that he's fine to live and work in Canada Jimmy Brennan has nothing to lose taking a chance on an International forward. Maybe we see him in green?
  4. He needs to get his issues in JA sorted first. Since the US knows about it I highly doubt Canada allows an accused rapist to live and work in the country. Football side of things i'm all for it. Read something on twitter suggesting giving domestic status in the league to defectors
  5. You have national team members praising Herdmans methods then theres forum members watching interviews and touchline body language formulating opinions 😂😂 2 losses(one to mexico) in a calendar year and people are calling for his job wtf?
  6. I know the wages will never work but someone like Giuseppe Rossi or Jeremy Menez would give the league a nice boost. How much could a 35 year old Obafemi Martins offer York?
  7. How did this go from media in Canada to a discussion on attendance last night? I'm fine with games on OneSoccer. If they care enough they will pay $6 to watch, and if they're curious enough they will start a free trial. OneSoccer is doing more for the game than the few casual fans that missed out can and will ever do. Hopefully the CPL was able to generate some new interest after everyone using the app yesterday
  8. Whats the travel time between Langford and Langley?
  9. Aziz Yousef was called to up to Somalia
  10. Testimony is evidence not proof. He is a bold individual to be racially abusing black players while coaching a team with 5-6 black players on the pitch. I'm sure Bobby wouldn't stand for it, and the Forge players wouldn't either. Really curious to see how this plays out
  11. Pan-Am obligations and Visa issues for CD Olimpia https://canpl.ca/article/report-cd-olimpia-reduced-to-17-players-for-leg-1-trip-to-hamilton
  12. I'd add Kyle Bekker, Terran Campbell, Elimane Cisse, Amer Didic and Easton Ongaro to my list
  13. You also have guys like Conor Coady and Jamaal Lascelles who are captain of their club sides and could easily justify call ups. I imagine he will have to surpass Zouma and Christensen in the pecking order before he gets his cap with the CB depth England has. Looks like he will have plenty of opportunities to make that a reality though.
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