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  1. Ya Leandro Bacuna then theres Cuco Martina from Feyenoord who is the best player in the 40 for me. Throw in the guys playing for some very respectable clubs throughtout Europe and you have a player pool better than countries like Panama T&T and Jamaica on paper
  2. Looks like Daniel Johnson from Preston North End is included as well. As for Bailey he was in Jamaica ready to play one of these previous windows which makes me think it's his adopted father/agent being salty about his other son Just noticed Ravel Morrison is also in the 40
  3. Actually wasn't aware of that, but it can still apply to a large % of the east coast raised players stopping by for a quick family visit before heading out west
  4. National team playing on turf when there are grass pitches available is plain stupid. This is about the players at the end of the day and no player would pick turf over grass "We're paying you crap wages, you might have to fly an extra 6 hours across the country depending on where we play, and oh ya, bring an extra knee - we're playing on turf"
  5. Thanks @SkuseisLoose! Very minor, but you have Noble Okello as a (F) he is a midfielder
  6. I think Giuliano Frano and Elijah Adekugbe have both been quietly doing a great job for Forge and Cavalry. Tristan Borges is the most impressive for me though. Don't think he'll be in CPL for long
  7. As much as MDJ is an asset, he's a liability against a rapid team like Edmonton. Time will tell if Pacific can get it right with the youngsters, but I do feel they need an experienced driving force in the middle with Baldisimo and Verhoeven
  8. Anyone know if tickets are available at the gate?
  9. Would be amazed if those involved with the expansion process would say no to a 600k market with another 7-8 million to draw from so they can have a specific location join first. Can you imagine "Everything looks good, we need to wait at least 2 years to see if someone in the valley will be ready though, hang tight, and be prepared for the fee to increase by another 5 million in that time." I think having a lot of southern ontario clubs will be good for sustainability and marketing purposes. Real rivalries, not some BS "905 Derby" someone in the marketing department cooked up. 500+ away fans every match between south ontario clubs can go a long way. Same can be said for BC and Que
  10. Niagara weak regional and media identity lol am I missing something about Niagara? Pretty sure its known world wide, while most people outside of Canada don't know what or where Saskatchewan is.
  11. Great signing for Valour Football Club
  12. I'm just thankful for a 24/7 channel/app dedicated to the CPL. OneSoccer wants to succeed just as much as we want the CPL to succeed, I promise they want the flaws fixed as quick as you do. They're on our team, we need to have a little patience with our teammate.
  13. I'm not sure moving back to Canada from 3rd tier German would be considered wise for a large %, but there will always be cases where a move back home is indeed the wise choice which is what the CPL is all about. I think what we'll see in the future is young Canadians more reluctant to make the jump to lower tier Europe when we have a good competitive league here at home *side note : good to see Elva finding some success in Germany
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