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  1. Yes I think Cottbus did that at times too. He was not fast or technically skilled enough to be a striker (by which I mean to do the other things you need a striker to do other than just scoring goals) but he was a big body in the box, good with his head and a pretty good finisher when he had the chance so he could be used in that role when you needed a late game goal.
  2. Both have looked good playing on opposite sides. Choiniere carries the ball more while Bayiha is more of a fast breaking player. Choiniere carries the ball into the middle or on the wings and tries to maintain possession while looking for a play. Bayiha is good at using his speed to run by players staying more on the wing until he is near the box and is also good at doing overlaps and passing to another player running by like he did with ZBG in the previous game. If they develop into solid MLS starters like I expect, a few years ago they would be automatic starters for the national team. However, even if they develop as much as I hope they might end up only being 3rd choice in their position with the national team which shows how quickly our depth has developed. Any good national team needs depth like that and it gives us other options if our more heralded talent like Tabla do not progress as much as we are predicting.
  3. That is his second goal of the season both headers off corners. Canada hasn't been very good on scoring from set plays for a long time so it could be valuable having someone like him in the box on corners and free kicks.
  4. Starting tonight along with Akindele and Johnson
  5. All three Canadians in the starting lineup for Orlando tonight
  6. The Impact have another 3 games in a week stretch coming up. I am pretty sure ZBG will get at least one of those starts, probably the mid week game against New England.
  7. Third game that he has had some playing time this year. He has impressed me every time, even when he came on as a sub in the 7-1 loss. Good speed, technical ability and seems to be a smart player. I think he will be a factor on the national team in the years to come.
  8. No he was always a CB at Cottbus. He played a few games at striker when they had some severe injury problems but he did not play a whole season at CF. There was one season that he scored 10 goals in the 2nd Bundesliga but 6 of the goals came in 2 games. He was not fast enough to be effective at striker but he was good at heading the ball and effective on corners and free kicks.
  9. I have been impressed from what I have seen of Henry this year. From the angle I saw I do not think it was a penalty but possibly there were angles that showed otherwise. However, I think he still needs to take some blame on this. The attacker was attempting a very low success rate move and Henry moved on him very aggressively (which alone can be dangerous) plus he had his arms outstretched. I think when you do this you are just asking for something bad to happen. Nevertheless, he has looked very good this year and hopefully with regular playing time will reduce the amount of mistakes and rash decisions he makes because he looks really good most of the time.
  10. The grass was pretty brown but it was still 100% better than what we played on in New York the week before. Actually the pitch did not look good but it did not seem poor to play on. I think it looked worse than it was.
  11. Piette is a beast every single game. After Piatti he is probably our best player.
  12. Kennedy played 90. Klagenfurt tied it up on a stoppage time goal for a 2-2 finish. A loss to a fellow relegation threatened side would have been terrible for them especially after a run of pretty good results brought them out of the relegation zone. They are presently tied with 3 other teams, 3 points above the relegation zone.
  13. You are correct but according to the club this will be remedied. Apparently the club management has to present their criminal record from the police. Their Vice-President is new and is either German or lived in Germany and could not get the records in time for the application from the German police. They have until the 23rd to submit them and the club is confident he will have a copy of his criminal record by then. https://www.skaustriaklagenfurt.at/news/formales-problem-loesbar-475
  14. An article on him: https://aftn.ca/pro-dream-drives-quebecer-mario-gerges-to-head-back-to-bc-with-tss-rovers/
  15. This is your take on a game with 6 young Canadian starters all of whom played well and of which only 2 spent significant time in Europe? My take on this is while Europe is still a good choice for young players to train, we are finally starting to do a good job in giving the proper training to many young players who are staying in Canada for their youth career.
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