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  1. Probably because keepers aren't allowed to play as outfield players.
  2. Because TVA Sports gives money to Vince McMahon to show parts of RAW.
  3. He's talking about Andrew Olivieri.
  4. I think it will affect our women's team more than our men's team.
  5. Oh, I thought they were talking about Gutierrez.
  6. How? He never was called up to play for us.
  7. I don't see CSA approve them to play in NISA. They might be a fan of what NISA is doing though.
  8. No, it's not needed. The more important context is to make the reader understand that deadnaming people is not acceptable.
  9. Well they're using Quinn on their socials, so Quinn.
  10. That's why their former name should never be mentioned. Deadnaming hurts trans people.
  11. What about Brault-Guillard. He's really good, but I don't think that he's a lock.
  12. Also you have think that MLS on TSN gets lower ratings when Impact are playing because some Impact fans are watching it on TVA Sports. So, it's something that might not be that big of a deal when you watch TSN.
  13. We only have a difficulty naming them because they don't want to go yet publicly with their new name which is fine. And should they play on the CWNT? Well they were trans for a while, it wasn't any different than it was when they came out to people in the soccer world and I would think that it's something that they were thinking about. I think if Quinn didn't feel included on the women's team, that they would have quit the team a while ago. They didn't and I'm sure that they were accepted by their teammates. That's the thing that matters. It's a difficult and complicated journey, but please don't give me something like oh they were playing on a women's team. They're playing women's soccer because the rules allow them to play women's sports as long as they don't do hormone replacement therapy.
  14. This information is not needed. If you don't know that who TheQuinny5 is when the player on the national team who wore the number 5's last name is Quinn, it's probably them. If you don't understand that naming someone by a name that is hurtful to them. Could I have added more information about who they are like the person who went to Duke and who is the highest Canadian player to be drafted in NWSL and who has played centre back and defensive midfield for our women's team. However, I felt that with the information available that one who would care about that would know, but not deadname her.
  15. Yes they have. And if you see their face, you would know it's them. If you don't recognize their name, it's because you don't know who they are, but if you've followed this team, you would know their former name which I won't use for the reasons I've mentioned.
  16. First stop misgendering them. They've just come out. I Second, their twitter handle shows Quinny in their name slot. That's why I didn't mention that name because that's what they are going by on their social whether it's intagram or twitter. TSN has only used their last name in their article. https://www.tsn.ca/canadian-soccer-player-quinn-comes-out-publicly-as-transgender-1.1521274 https://twitter.com/TheQuinny5 https://www.instagram.com/thequinny5/ Their name on both twitter and instagram is Quinny. I know some people use surnames, but since they've come out as trans, I think we should stop mentioning their dead name even though we've known them by that dead name. I know it's the hard part, but it's an important step to understand their coming out.
  17. I don't know. I'm using Quinny since that is what they use on their social media pages in their name slot. Had they used other names, I would have use that instead.
  18. Some news here. Quinny, who still plays for us at the national team level as a centre back and a defensive midfielder as come out as transgender and uses they/them pronouns. They're still playing in Sweden right now. I don't know what it means for their future with the national team though, but the fact that they are still playing with women as of now, so I'd assume that they'd still be eligible to play for us. You can read their instagram post below.
  19. There will be a draw, but Mexico and US can't face until the final.
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