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  1. Ineligible (has played for Ghana U23 and one-time switch wouldn't work since he wasn't Canadian at the time.)
  2. Only Waterman and Elva would be eligible. Since Shome and Bair have played in friendlies. And Cristian would need to file a one-time switch.l
  3. Let's have fun. With the latest camp poutine, it's a question that I was wondering myself what the answer to the question was. Who is the best Canadian player still active that doesn't have a cap in their name? He has to be eligible for us and hasn't played for another national team before or at the youth level. (I think the reason behind this is I don't want to have a player that needs to file a one-time switch for reasons) The player may have participated in a senior team camp, so Marco Carducci or Dominic Zator would be valid answers My pick is Ryan Raposo. The one thing about this is that there are so many answers and I don't think that there would be a consensus here.
  4. I'm not paying onesoccer until the day there will be new soccer on onesoccer.
  5. I don't think that he'd be eligible for a club for the current season mainly because he's already played European football since January. I know they changed the rules that players can play for their new club if transferred in January, but this would be a new interpretation and we still don't know how transfer windows will work because of what happened. To be fair, this season has been unique and I don't think that we can compare it to anything that has happened before. UCL didn't exist 100 years ago.
  6. Not to really worry about it if he goes there. It's not like he's going to Lokomotiv. RB is not really Leipzig.
  7. I don't think CONCACAF would. They don't really make money off WCQ's. USSF and FMF do.
  8. Groups of 5 are bad for many reasons. Might as well go to 6.
  9. Well, that's the hard part about predicting who will be hot in 2 years. And I do think it's way too much MLS-centric.
  10. He could be the next Katie Kelly.
  11. It's probably because it won't be shut down quickly. I know that people have had issues just retweeting a youtube video of David scoring a goal from an unofficial source. I wouldn't retweet any youtube video having anything with Belgian soccer unless it's by the club or the league itself.
  12. Impact and Alouettes are exempt from that IIRC. Don't ask me why.
  13. This is fine until we have multiple leagues going on.
  14. Karina is being hospitalized right now after giving birth to her daughter. She might have Covid-19. Send those positive vibes for her.
  15. Started watching the team in 04, so will only pick players from then to now. David Simpson Hutchinson Bernier Radzinski de Guzman Davies McKenna Jakovic Stalteri Borjan
  16. I don't see why I would do. There are so many Olympic moments that sell more than CPL, that I think they'll stick to that.
  17. Unless something happens to her, no. I think that CSA would want to give her one last match wherever it is.
  18. BC banned events of 250 people or more. https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/b-c-health-officials-discourage-travel-outside-canada-ban-events-larger-than-250-people-1.4850903?fbclid=IwAR2Dv85vB0fGP9-_xB7mj9oZWG45qmghjhJQNrY-zdxj9SvA8X2RWJrZEuY
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