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  1. Cavallini Davies David Arfield Kaye Miller Piette Layrea Cornelius Vitória Borjan Bench: Crépeau, St. Clair, Adekugbe, Brault-Guillard, Straith, James, Eustaquio, Teibert, Osorio, Hoilett, Millar, Akindele I feel like Hoilett is a better option off the bench. I know he scored a hat trick against Cuba and the team was worse without him, but I still think that this is our stronger front three. I could listen to changes in our midfield. I could see Eustáquio or Hutchinson starting instead of Kaye or Piette or Osorio instead of Arfield, but anything else would surprise me. Still, both haven't played this season, so it's hard to pencil them in my eleven. Hutchinson comes in the squad for Teibert if he's available, but right now, it's hard for me to put him in knowing his injury.
  2. Gold Cup qualification would start in March for them if they finish second. And yes, it would give them more ooportunities, but PSO calculator would only happen if you have 2 draws with the same results since it's home and away.
  3. I expect us to be in 7th in CONCACAF when the next rankings come out. Curaçao and Panama will be right behind us, but not too far, but I think Curaçao has the best chance at unseating El Salvador.
  4. Well, didn't you see the 2 goals we scored against them?
  5. We probably need another El Salvador loss anyways to pass them.
  6. Yeah looks like it was after the team was eliminated though. So, they knew MItchell was a failure, but it was after we were eliminated.
  7. Trying to find this, but IIRC think it was more on CSA that they attacked than on Mitchell. I was trying to look for it, but Brennan was the one who really criticized the coach.
  8. Players will always say positivie things about the coach because he's the manager. The only players who have criticized openly the manager are usually old and don't see themselves with a future with the national team (Occéan, Brennan)
  9. FIFA Rankings has the wrong coefficients. It's 25 and not 15.
  10. It's supposed to be a 25 coefficient for Nations League matches since it's a Gold Cup qualifier. So, it'S probably more than 18 points. But they would have also gained 2 more points in their first win.
  11. Yeah, I'm fine here. You can find high speed internet in the major centres, but sometimes, if you're further from the major population, there might be no one who can offer you that speed.
  12. OneSoccer is fine as long as you have a decent download speed (4+ Mbps), the question is what do you do if you don't have that?
  13. OneSoccer has the Canadian rights for all CNL matches.
  14. Wait 24 hours probably. Onesoccer takes time to get their games on-demand.
  15. There is nothing new from C.P.L. SOCCER if that's what you're wondering.
  16. What does this have to do with Canadian Players in CanPL?
  17. Something about not being able to have their chartered flight allowed to land in French Guiana.
  18. Just saw that Steven Caldwell is one of the 3 assistant coaches alongside Biello and De Vos.
  19. Nations League Playoffs are in June. If El Salvador wins their group, they are in the Gold Cup without needing a playoff. Playoffs are only for teams finishing 3rd in League A, 2nd in League B and 1st in League C.
  20. Not the same thing. Cardiff and Swansea are administered by the English FA as long as they are in the top 4 divisions. The Canadian MLS and USL Clubs are administered by the CSA.
  21. They have the Gold Cup and World Cup rights. Knowing that some of those players will be there in 2026 on the biggest stage, they're trying to talk about them right now. It's possible that they're still negotiating with OneSoccer for TV rights, but nothing has been announced.
  22. I don't know, but he was a senior in 2018, so I would say around 23-24.
  23. It would. I think Ansem just doesn't want to give credit to the Whitecaps even though it's entirely possible that Inter Miami thought that this was the best scenario since CPL roster freeze hasn't happened and I don't know if USL has a roster freeze, but Ottawa would have been the only option if it was USL. It does. It's just a future trade between Whitecaps and Inter Miami. The trade has been agreed, but it won't happen officially until next year.
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