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  1. Harry Novillo is not an Impact player anymore. I never understood the salary given to him for a player who hadn't done anything.
  2. He was there. (Jamie Dunning) I also wonder how hard it is for players based in European countries to accept a call-up. I don't mind not having European based players for this camp. I don't mind not having European bsed players here. I would have liked to see more players from outside the MLS Academy pool.
  3. 1) Sure. 2) Not really, unless their federation didn't tell them about it. 3) From the looks of it, all knew except Guatemala who was suspended when this format was decided 4) See 3)
  4. Oh because if the Impact needs something, it's another centre back.
  5. No it's 3.5 3.25 from the HEX .25 for the teams 7-35
  6. It means that they'll stop at 30 until they figure out when and how they want to have MLS2 and by that I mean pro-rel in MLS.
  7. Because FIFA forces confederations to use the FIFA rankings for any draw at the FIFA World Cup. The date is the only thing the confederation can choose.
  8. My best guess is that CPL wanted Valour to crush Ottawa, but they lost to Halifax.
  9. Thought he played left back.
  10. Well, he isn't an EPL player anymore
  11. The tihng is that he hasn't played against pros regularly. This season will be his first. The club has given him the #7 shirt, so I assume that he's going to get some playing time. Then again, I look at where ZBG was when he was getting his first call-ups for us and he's at a higher level than him. The question is whether he wants to sacrifice Belgium this early in his career.
  12. Drop Scottish. I still think that it will be hard and that we'll need a miracle like a crazy run in CNL to get there.
  13. Well $14 tickets is pretty much free giveaways.
  14. From the looks of things. Only 2 CONCACAF teams we can really schedule that would be interesting for FIFA points for the October and November windows: Panama and Curaçao. If CSA is serious about making the hex, they'd try to get those matchups going. (Both are possible, and Panama has said that they're looking at friendlies and looking at teams they can get that are playing a CNL match at a same time they could face earlier or later depending on the window, those are the two CONCACAF teams that make sense.
  15. Unveils? He clearly didn't read the article.
  16. No way Whitecaps would allow it. What would their academy do if there was an MLS team in Alberta? They'd lose a lot of their players.
  17. Yes, but the only way we would have picked up something close to 69 points was if we would have beaten Mexico somewhere. Remember Haiti won 4 games, including an upset win against Costa Rica, and a loss to Mexico that doesn't hurt that much in the new rankings. We won 1 game against Cuba and lost 2. So, couple of things for friendlies scheduling if we want to make the Hex, we might need to play some decent CONCACAF teams in our range. Beating minnows like some people are suggesting doesn't help as much as it used to. We actually need to beat teams that have a decent FIFA ranking. So, yes, we'll need to scheudle friendlies agianst decent opposition, possibly in front of us, because beating a team higher than us is what would really help our ranking. So, I'd say every team in front of us is a good team to try to schedule a friendly. Haiti's probably the only team behind us that I would think would be an interesting matchup.
  18. I disagree on this. Had Cavalry lost to Pacific in the V's Cup, Camargo would have gotten a call up instead of Verhoeven
  19. If the Double HEX is true, we have: March 2020-October 2020: pre-HEX qualifiers (8 matches) November 2020-October 2021: Double HEX (10 matches) November 2021: CONCACAF 2nd place finishers match (2 matches) March 2022: Intercontinental Playoff (2 matches) So, CONCACAF would need to go from 29 CONCACAF members not already qualified for the double-hex down to 6. I would think that it would be something like 6 groups of 4 with only the top team going through. You would need to have 5 play-in matches in March. Other possiblity would be to have 8 groups: 5 groups of 4 and 3 groups of 3 early on and that the teams that finish top of their group are compared based on results against the second and third place teams to allow comparing groups of 3 and 4. The top 4 group winners move on and the 4 other group winners face are in a playoff in October 2020 with the last 2 spots for the double HEX.
  20. It won't be. I don't see CSA allowing it. (Unless it's a NWSL team)
  21. Don't think the players would like it. Thursday-Sunday might be worth it though.
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