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  1. https://www.wakingthered.com/platform/amp/2021/4/7/22353074/exclusive-out-of-the-shadows-and-into-the-spotlight-the-emergence-of-ralph-priso-toronto-fc?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Amanda sticks out as being a '98 among all those under 20s. Quick question are you ranking Flores last because it's unlikely he plays for us or do you see the other 9 as better prospects?
  3. Why isn't Atiba lobbying for Besiktas to sign any of our CBs?
  4. He doesn't come around much anymore. Someone has to fill the role of stubborn and nostly nonsensical Dutchman. (Those are big wooden shoes to fill though)
  5. Interesting read on Anthony Novak in Portugal,where he is apparently playing more as a 10 than as a 9. https://northerntribune.ca/clube-condeixa-anthony-novak-interview/
  6. SOCCER Jules-Anthony Vilsaint will represent the East at the Danone Cup SOCCER. Jules-Anthony Vilsaint, a young rising soccer star from Laval, has been selected to represent the Eastern Team in the Canadian Danone Nations Cup final to be held at Percival Molson Stadium on June 27. Comments By Sylvain Lamarre Published on June 10, 2015 Jules-Anthony, who wears the colors of the S
  7. He was with Haiti at 2019 u17 World Cup but didn't end up playing any minutes
  8. This game made me feel very comfortable with Adekugbe starting at LB going forward.
  9. Jules-Anthony Vilsaint to Royal Antwerp An old Tony Marinaro tweet from 2016:
  10. I think most of us are just excited for another legit prospect and unlike any we have: that combination of size, speed, and skill on the ball is intriguing. Obviously he has a long way to go and it's hard to gauge his ceiling yet. But I haven't seen too many debuts of young Canadians who could put instantly put that much pressure on even a weakened Bermuda defense.
  11. I just love the fact we have young players who are willing to try these things and take people on. Obviously in big games against tough opponents you need to be disciplined and pick and choose your moments. This game though we were in complete control and it was a great chance to work on offensive creativity and letting young players figure out what they are capable of. Some of Davies's dribbling into the middle would have been inadvisable against Mexico or the US too but this was his chance having been freed from LB to play around with what his true offensive capabilities are. I get
  12. Teams were always intimidated when 14th Century Mongolia took the field and their practice balls were the decapitated heads of former opponents
  13. The Mongolian Messi is the real deal. Trust me, if we make Qatar we do not want to be grouped with Mongolia in the first round.
  14. Mitrovic is a CAM/LW who I think has gotten more opportunities on the wing in Serbia. His father has mentioned on Twitter his natural position is CAM though.
  15. Completely forgot about that. He was a good prospect at a time we were hurting for attacking options.
  16. That 2012 cycle was a heartbreaker. Played amazing to beat US, big goals from Henry and Cavallini, just needed to beat Cuba to finish 1st and not face Mexico in semis, gave up a 90th minute goal to Cuba to tie 1-1 and ultimately lose to Mexico. Haiti is a bigtime trap game and we just need a good solid professional win to clinch the next round. Also curious if they mark the hell out of Buchanan who else steps up for us to score This was the 2012 squad for old time's sake, a pretty solid team but lots whose careers fizzled out like keeper Misiewicz who was great in his tournament, a
  17. Yeah Dayne definitely played for Vaughan Azzurri before going to Maryland. As did Alistair Johnston before going to St. John's. Vaughan's gotta be right up there with Sigma for producing players
  18. It wasn't League 1 that exposed him, he went from Mississauga Falcons to Real Colorado in USSDA, they exposed him to Syracuse, he played for Sigma the summer between his 2 Syracuse seasons
  19. Buchanan fantastic on one wing, Tabla very good on the other, how good would this attack look with Akinola up the middle?
  20. Can see why Brym still struggles for PT in Belgium league, gets muscled off the ball by much smaller guys.
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