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Kyle Hiebert


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Interestingly, I googled Kyle Hiebert Winnipeg Free Press and there's actual a reporter at the Winnipeg Free Press who is also named Kyle Hiebert.

Kyle Hiebert (Winnipeg reporter) should write an article about Kyle Hiebert (Winnipeg athlete). It's too good of an opportunity to pass up

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9 hours ago, Acid-Tone said:

What a great story.

Grinding it out till you make it to the top. (north american style) 

His age makes me want to draw parallels with Scott Kennedy.

Both are left-side CentreBacks from the prairies, with origins outside our "big three" metropolitan areas

One defender grinded it out in Europe and the other in North America.


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8½ years ago!

Even then he kinda flew under the radar of us board members. No one mentioned him or his performance at those Limoges matches.



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56 minutes ago, MM3/MM2/MM said:

No National team talent in that group, Hiebert could still turn out to be the best of the lot.  

That is a little harsh as some did get some senior caps. It is true that in the Limoges camp there aren't any players that are currently active with the senior #CanMNT.

In the other U18 camp he was invited to early that year, Dayne St. Clair also got the call. I can't find any photos of that one.

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It is somewhat an indictment on talent development and scouting in this country when many of our players only have senior appearances (or only some sort of U23 cap) when it comes to repping Canada.

You'd think more Sigma and Vaughan kids would be scouted by Canada Soccer considering what they've done in terms getting talent to professional ranks. How there weren't any on the U17 team except for one Sigma kid who didn't even make the final tourney team is beyond me.

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3 matches.

3 full games played for Hiebert.

3 wins.


My impression is that Hiebert is more of a "Floro" CB than a "Herdman" CB. He stays in a defensive position unless St. Louis have a set piece.

To compare him,

Hiebert's passes are short and sure and not long and risky like Kennedy. Hiebert drifts to the centre where Kennedy seems to drift to the left wing and Kennedy does look like he is faster than Hiebert.

Has Galindo or anyone else done a comparative analysis of Hiebert yet?


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1 hour ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

Yes, 2 matches is early but who knows?


Now that we have 3 matches in the data set we should be able to see some tendencies.

I think there's a minimum number of minutes, but I don't remember how many  90 min games that roughly is.

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