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  1. Absolutely behind him 💯. Simply a take...perhaps a result of my mild obsession with the guy and not-so-veiled desire to know everything about him🤪 Oh, and by "lost his shit" I'm implying he may have found it extremely funny (or not)...hence the inside joking. And for him to take it down and full-on apologize shows maturity way beyond his years/stardom. This kid is a gem in the purest sense.
  2. So at the risk of beating a dead horse (is it fully dead though...?), here's my take: A former (mutual?) teammate of said group of inside jokers, voiced (or by any other means of communication) something along these lines as some sort of farewell and Phonzy lossed his shit one way or another. Now, though I'm sure there's a sleuth out there sleuthy enough to dig this up, I'm in no way suggesting such sleuthing be carried out...nor am I suggesting I would be opposed to such sleuthery.
  3. TSN lead with CanMNT tonight with Davies' tweet front and center...along with his clarification. So whatever you think - we're projecting/he's dumb - this news is mainstream and our boys are now a hype machine.
  4. Whatever we think of this man here, I can see him becoming a very likeable legend with the general population. He's vocal, outspoken, dynamic even? He's an old head who could give two shits about what traditionalists think of his antics and I think regular people like that.
  5. Boho, Shabby Chic, a bit of Farmhouse even...it's the en vogue with interior design at the moment. I'd pin them as more "snob" than "slob". It's probably why Wheels mentioned he should have a whiskey, pipe, yada yada...almost as a bit of a dig to the set up...? At the same time he flashes his cankles like he's the coolest cat of them all. That style is a good 5 years off unless you're wearing a suit or live in the Keys 24/7. The combover is my biggest gripe, time to let it go man, because it's gone.
  6. Dario Zanatta scored the second goal for Raith Rovers in a 2-0 win vs Ayr United in the Scottish Championship.
  7. They possessed the shit out of Qatar and nearly leveled that game had it not been for a possessed keeper👹
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