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  1. I’m pretty sure that position is Chung’s
  2. That’s at a horrible goal to give up, but a very important win for Cardiff
  3. That doesn't mean they would be allowed to join teams if they have already established a bubble or similar protocols. I didn't say anything about entering the country
  4. I think it's been reported that internationals not currently with the squads won't be able to join the tournament. It might be a different story if the player is Canadian though
  5. Yes. I imagine Diaz is the only one on the squad considered an international. Possibly Blasco, but he's been in BC for 6/7 years now
  6. Ahhh. I walked into that one. I’m so starved for news that I was excited about a rumoured trialist. That’s not even funny though. The team is too young to test my allegiance like that.
  7. Who is Jeffrey? I don’t see any names mentioned in that article
  8. I can’t think of another consumer based organization that’s so unwilling to communicate about operations. I really don’t get it
  9. Player of the year for Gent. No surprise there. Watching his highlight videos makes me wonder if he's the most natural finisher we've had.
  10. Second most valuable LB in the world now
  11. Nobody said he was ready. They’re saying that he’s being tracked or that he has the potential
  12. Players transfer between leagues and clubs all the time and don’t have the expected or immediate impact. Even between the top clubs in the world. Just look at Hazard now. The amount of talent that has come out of Ligue 1 recently is massive, and teams are paying good money for players that excel there. Besides, having success at a second club and a second league shows that it’s not a fluke
  13. It’s so difficult to predict that. While in Vancouver I thought he had a higher ceiling than Bustos, but he’s never really broken through like I expected
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