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  1. It’s a storyline. A season can have more than one
  2. I’m not sure how Elliot Simmons makes it ahead of Baldi, but I also struggle to make it through 90 minutes of Tommy Wheeldon football. I don’t recall Simmons impressing me at any point though
  3. If he's called to camp and he's the best player for the job, then why shouldn't he play?
  4. His team responded with a 5-0 win in the next match, and for the first time in what seemed like ages the refs didn't award a penalty against us. So I'd actually call that good coaching. I could understand a fine for those comments, but I don't think it should reflect negatively on his coaching ability. A big part of a managers job these days is to make use the media
  5. It's the first game of the season. Davies played 3 games a week all last season without a rest.
  6. TBH I've never understood why we distinguish between players abroad and players playing at home on this site. I'd prefer to see updates on everyone in one thread
  7. At some point I'd like to see the Baldisimo-Baldisimo double pivot
  8. Either Garcia or Bekker could easily win it with an influential performance in the final, but if neither are impactful Bustos has a shout
  9. Zach Verhoven would see a lot more minutes if Bustos was sold. You have to consider the players behind these guys as well. Plus any income from selling players will do wonders for these clubs. The best was to improve Canadian soccer is to bring in more money to the domestic game, and to improve the image of the league and our players. To do that we need players to move up and be successful
  10. 2 nice goals and 2 excellent assists tonight in a 5-0 win against Halifax. He's dangerous when offered any time and space
  11. Halifax fans on twitter are claiming the result was 100% intentional. I'm baffled God I wish they'd get rid of him
  12. It's going to hurt a little to play spoiler and knock Halifax out of this tournament. I like them more than Calgary and Hamilton. Better than another loss though
  13. It's not new stands, unfortunately. It's a building in behind the newest stands, next to the gravel parking lot.
  14. Thanks. I'll have a look for the replay, but I don't particularly want to relive that match. It really wouldn't shock me if OneSoccer doesn't want to highlight that criticism. As a Pacific fan I've felt hard done by in this tournament when it comes to officiating, and it extends beyond the penalties. It just seems like every 50-50 went against us and there was no consistency. I'm also sick and tired of how bias everyone at OneSoccer seems. I really hope they get some western Canadian folks involved, but perhaps that's my own bias
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