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  1. Were CPL teams interested in him?
  2. I'm amazed by the amount of unnecessary diminutive terms you fit into this
  3. How is that part of Edmonton around the new arena now? I left just before it opened and I haven't been back
  4. This is getting a bit silly but at the moment they broke the press he’s clearly covering the other outlet man imo. Pavard looks like he's lost his man.
  5. The 10 seconds between the two pictures.
  6. Has there been any indication if the new contracts are one year deals again, or are the players locked up more permanently this time around?
  7. What are the odds that his family took a new surname to more easily assimilate into Canada? I don't imagine Davies is an ethnically traditional Liberian name. It seems a bit silly to complain about how someone in another country pronounces his name to me.
  8. ^ Ah if only the ticket sales team were cheaper we might have an 8th team for next season..
  9. ^^ @Watchmen I’m not sure this is the thread to be playing Football Manager with speculated finances and strategies. I’m excited for the move. I think Cav is a big upgrade and I hope he can help Vancouver be more competitive this season. I can’t wait to see him live
  10. Can you explain what you mean by out of position? For once Tottenham actually broke the high press and Bayern had to scramble to recover, but it looked to me like Davies had pushed tight to his mark, exactly like would have been expected given the tactics.
  11. I’d probably play him more advanced in many, maybe even most, situations with Canada but I still find that comment ridiculous. The tactics were wrong against the US but that doesn’t mean Davies couldn’t be used effectively as a LB in an attacking, shutdown, or more balanced role.
  12. The kid seems to love getting stuck in, and I absolutely love it. He’s a brilliant one on one defender and I’m continually shocked at how little value many Canadians seem to place on this ability
  13. Statistically he’s now the 3rd highest rated player in the champions league group stages, behind only Lewandowki and Messi on whoscored. I’m looking forward to watching a replay of this match later on
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