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  1. Only 6 players in the top 5 leagues have scored more than David this season. None have a higher goal contribution for their team
  2. They're going to have to release more tickets by the end of today
  3. He's been played by 10+ managers and has well over 250 games played and people still don't really understand what he's about. Has no-one asked one of his coaches why they select him? I see a responsible, tidy player with a fantastic engine, that frees up everyone around him to play their game. To me it just feels like people created an image of the player he might become a decade ago, and can't get past that.
  4. He was excellent against a pretty good Pacific attack last night. Totally shut us down
  5. 100%. Amongst others No judgement. I have a couple of those myself. Care to elaborate on specifics?
  6. Great to have you interested and reporting on the league! We're still pretty niche, but I remember thinking the same thing about MLS a while back. A lot of people follow soccer in this country, but very few follow CPL as of yet. We're not in 2 or our 3 biggest cities yet, and I don't have a clue what's going on in Toronto, but nobody there seems interested. Traditional media hasn't exactly been supportive, and the pandemic has come at an unfortunate time for the new league. I think losing a few more of our prized assets might actually be good for the league. Few CPL players have found success at higher levels yet and I think that damages the perception of the league.
  7. According to Transfermarkt 76 players have moved from USLC to MLS in the last two seasons, compared to CPL's 1 player. Though the incoming transfer fee for Waterman was higher than all of those USLC signings combined. Crazy
  8. Brutal, though I suppose that's better than a significant limp, which is how he looked walking around the stadium at the Whitecaps game. We'll definitely want him fit for the playoff push
  9. I get it, and I'm not suggesting 12 teams in the GTA. I just feel like we can afford to be a bit more ambitious. We already have teams 9 and 10 rumoured, and we're not even in Quebec yet
  10. Nooo! Really? I didn't see that, and the OneSoccer crew were talking about how he's back in time for the Toronto game
  11. The GTA has a bigger population than Denmark or Finland so I imagine we could support more teams than those countries. I hope we land on the appropriate number of teams to allow for a proper balanced schedule within the summer playing window that we have. That'll still be far fewer than MLS has though.
  12. Campbell has quietly had an excellent season. It'll be interesting to see how Pa lines this team up with Bustos back in the lineup. I still think Bustos combines best with Kadin, but Campbell has been a beast from the right side.
  13. I don’t remember Amanda being any more highly rated than a plethora of former Whitecaps players plying their trade in CPL or elsewhere. What has he done to earn this praise, College?
  14. Is there anything from the team to support this? It doesn't really even seem like much of a deal
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