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  1. I hope so! He ticks so many boxes for me
  2. Sorry, I don’t really get what you’re calling into question? The fact that we’ve all heard otherwise is the basis for these tweets.
  3. I’d love to have him back in Victoria. I’ve been following him for years now
  4. He has quite an impressive points tally for club and country over the last year or so. I’d love to see a comparison with the top players in the game
  5. People are going to be repeatedly disappointed if they expect every prospect to perform like Davies has as a teenager. Most just don’t possess those tools yet. I’d personally prefer to see how players like Colyn perform against men in the CPL, than risk losing them to bigger clubs through a loan/option to buy, but I get the draw for the players to chose a more proven pathway
  6. I seem to remember him playing CB with Pacific at least once?
  7. I don’t get the snide comment. It seems like a good opportunity for the kid
  8. It would be a nice reward for the people/communities currently investing in infrastructure
  9. He shouldn’t be saying things like that before a big match. Thankfully our media doesn’t give a ****
  10. Why? We don’t even know where he’s going yet.
  11. So many Bayern attacks started with Davies winning the ball. Dominant performance
  12. Massive game for Davies. I’m not sure he’s ever faced an attack like this
  13. It’s a sport that has existed throughout the reshaping of countries and borders. The regulations are a result of a long history of trial and error
  14. Yup, I remember playing him as a kid. Another example of a player that could have benefited from a professional option on the island. We all faced the same choice. Every ID camp ended the same way, but my hope is that this club provides the opportunity that they advertise and that we didn’t have
  15. Whoever gave them the advice to oppose the sanctioning deserves to lose their job, but its sad that so many others will pay that price
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