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  1. He needs to show quickly or he’ll be subbed early. Not a great half
  2. It’s still amazing to me that this side leads the league.
  3. He’s softer than a kitten. I don’t like that part of his game
  4. It’s a year tomorrow since Borges played a game. Why haven’t CPL teams signed him yet?
  5. I hope he doesn't but it would be very understandable for him to pursue other options. I imagine he's been trying to eke out a living at this for 8+ years already and he's now into his prime. I can't imagine he's been paid well anywhere he's gone and I don't see a big pay day in his future.
  6. He's just about scored as many goals in the last 12 matches as he had up until that point in his career. Insane run, indeed
  7. That's 16 goals so far this season. I think that's the best since his rookie year (18), and there's still lots of time to surpass that.
  8. Pacific sign Matteo Polisi who looks to be a goal-scoring midfielder. We've needed creativity in the middle of the park so hopefully he works out https://canpl.ca/article/pacific-fc-adds-midfielder-matteo-polisi-for-2021-cpl-season?ref=https%3A//t.co/
  9. From an outsider that seems like an awful lot of hype for a kid with 30 professional minutes under his belt. Is it deserved?
  10. 3 present and 2 former Pacific players called to the Olympic camp https://www.timescolonist.com/sports/three-pacific-fc-players-named-to-provisional-canadian-olympic-team-roster-1.24286172
  11. My comment was specific to swapping 3 players in a particular lineup. I'm not sure where we're headed now
  12. Campbell would have been the last of the three I'd have chosen. He had a poor 2020, while Chung and TMG were very solid.
  13. I must be a homer because I'd play Chung, TMG, and Campbell over Farsi, Dunn, and Ongaro
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