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  1. Campbell is now tied with Borges for the golden boot, and Blasco has been pretty darn good as well. Injuries continue to haunt the squad but we have a lot of promising pieces.
  2. Pacific has Friend and Simpson as well as Silberbauer with years at a high level in Europe. They've also made it clear that their objective is to develop players and move them on. Look at the squad they've built. I think we'll see a lot of Pacific players get a look in Europe
  3. That's just what transfermarkt tells me. I'm curious which players they missed though? Again, this wasn't meant to be a comparison of players and their current levels. I simply disagree with the assertion that a player like Borges will never feature for the national team due to the talent Canada has at his position. He's 20. Who knows where he'll end up in his career.
  4. I'd choose Terran Campbell over Rollocks, Estevez or Thomas. Perhaps a few others too. I think he has 4 goals and 2 assists now
  5. Is it? Ballou is the only international on Barcelona B, and the only other international on Liverpool U23 plays for Guyana.
  6. As a footballer, or on our depth chart? Admittedly, I haven’t watched enough of either player to fairly assess their abilities, but comparing the two players was never really my point. I just find it surprising that anyone would write off a kids national team future at 20, in the middle of a breakout season.
  7. I find it hard to predict the future given players in his position are still being capped before ever making a senior club appearance. How would Borges stack up against a player like Liam Millar if they were both brought into camp?
  8. Unless players return, I think they only have 11 healthy and eligible outfield players for today. I heard Verhoven might have picked up an injury too
  9. Not many players in Toronto, Dallas or Seattle are getting minutes at 17. Most players don’t break into the lineup until they’re older, but Vancouver can’t seem to keep kids around long enough for them to develop into first team players. They all leave before they’re 20.
  10. If the alternative is being unable to field a complete roster, I’d prefer dealing with that potential competitive advantage. These would be emergency call ups in unusual circumstances. I wouldn’t expect them to have an impact on most games.
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