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  1. Diaz Blasco - Bustos - Campbell Hojabrpour - Dixon De Jong - MacNaughton- TMG - Chung Irving 😏
  2. What are the criteria if Nelson and Rutty are after Davies and David? Hopes and dreams
  3. @Lol444ts Are you aware that the only defender (club or national team) in your lineup is Davies?
  4. Are we really playing to our strengths if we sacrifice a player further up the pitch just to play with an extra CB? That's our weakest position
  5. What took you so long?! He already has 23 minutes of professional soccer to his name
  6. In the long run Westhills might end up being a decent location the way the westshore is growing. It’s easy to access from up island as well
  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of that. He looked dangerous and it’s a great option when the opposition is pushing for a goal like today. His pace will kill teams that leave space in behind the defenders. I’d like to see him start there at some point too but they just keep winning with their current setup
  8. Well now I understand Ted’s take. Are you just taking the piss?
  9. Fair enough. It just came across as harsh. We still don't know anything about the level of play the kid is at, but I'm genuinely curious now what percentage of current CPL players were playing professionally as a teenager. Including international recruits. I'd hazard a wild guess that it's approximately 50%, with Pacific probably being the exception as a result of picking up so many kids with USL experience as teenagers. Imagine if they were all advised to hang up their boots Most countries do have a more established funnel than Canada does, with Argentina certainly being no exception. I won't pretend to know at what level players are considered professional or not, but I'd be surprised if every talented young player in the country was getting a pay cheque. I've always assumed that's why you see Argentinians and Brazilians in nearly every domestic league in the world. An excess of talent compared to the paying opportunities at home.
  10. Personally, I'd probably wait for a bit more information before advising someone to give up on their dreams
  11. Great. But what parts did you disagree with? I just asked why people prefer Dortmund over other options. I don’t think they’ve played much 4231 since Haaland joined btw.
  12. @BeslynsJMH I’m trying hard to understand your point. Are you suggesting that all the statements you quoted are wrong because a guy trying to recruit players to CPL mentioned that they could “theoretically” naturalize and play for Canada? That’s always been the case. Everywhere
  13. What is it about Dortmund that makes them such a good option for David? I can't think of many teams in the world that already have as much young talent in attacking positions. As far as I know they don't usually play with an attacking mid or secondary striker. They generally carry the bulk of possession... I'd rather see David and Davies in the same team
  14. Agreed! During Larin's first season in the MLS he was weak in nearly every aspect of the game but goal scoring. He's really rounded his game out well.
  15. His team advanced to the semifinals today becoming the first 4th division side to ever do so. They’ve knocked off two Bundesliga sides and two Bundesliga 2 sides in the process, and Froese has 4 assists in those 4 games. 9 in total on the season playing in an AM role. His team is likely to get promoted as well
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