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  1. He picks up another trophy but this sounds far too reminiscent of early last season where he just couldn’t get involved
  2. It sounds like he missed a header from 6 yards out?
  3. Based on the score line, I’ll take it he didn’t quite fill those shoes?
  4. I personally know four people that stayed away but would have been there prior to Covid.
  5. Pantemis is the only other one to get a look in MLS and he started again tonight. Neither of them clearly belonged at a higher level while in CPL
  6. Do you actually believe what you write, or is it just your method of getting people to talk?
  7. Are you telling me not to post updates on his season, because that’s quite literally all I did. Why in the world are we comparing him to Buchanan. They’re very different players. Pacific’s whole formation this season is designed around Bustos dropping inside and Chung and Dixon providing width. Tactically it’s actually quite interesting to watch a CM and RM almost switch in possession
  8. With a goal and an assist tonight, Bustos now has 4 g and 5 assists in 9 matches this season
  9. So many options now that form will certainly play a role. I don't know if I've always felt that way in the past, but now many of these starting XIs look really strong. We suddenly have a bunch of players that create chances individually, but we also have the ability to unlock teams. I'm uncomfortably optimistic.
  10. It’s working flawlessly for me. We’re already seeing the benefits of winning games
  11. Has the app been showing the same Qatar/el Salvador game as being "Live" for anyone else? It's been 5 days
  12. Ahh I wish we didn't have such a depleted lineup, but this is going to be a great experience for these players. Really looking forward to this.
  13. And he’s been unreal for Canada too. 13 goals and 15 assists now I think
  14. It sounds like Cruz Azul didn’t offer him much support after his ACL injury and Canada stepped in. Do we know more details about this?
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