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  1. Happy Monday, everyone 🤗. Yeesh.
  2. I’m just amazed how many times people are willing to have the same argument
  3. Yeah, they’re inviting pressure. David probably should’ve had another one. With the yellow he’s a likely candidate for an early sub edit: uh oh. He came off limping. Looks like a hamstring
  4. 26 points in 81 matches for Davies with Vancouver. 29 points in 54 matches for David with Gent. It’s actually closer than I thought. They’re both best with Canada though! 15 goals and 13 assists combined over the last 14 or so games!
  5. David’s production is so much better than Davies ever achieved in MLS
  6. Better game from Pacific. The shutout is so important. I wish we had more games left this season
  7. Why do players move up and down divisions so much in Scotland. He was playing in League 2 not too long ago, now he’s in the premier league. Zannata has been all over the place as well
  8. Sometimes a ‘dislike’ option would be really useful
  9. I didn’t see the play, but diving doesn’t belong in the game, regardless of the score. I’ll always give someone **** for going down easy
  10. They can start by fixing the bloody schedule. Back to back midweek games at the start of the school year? Pacific’s home schedule has been so bad
  11. We need a creative midfielder. Every attack comes through the wings. We have several solid holding midfielders but they all fall apart in the final third. Baldisimo looks do unsure of himself playing that role
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