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  1. It's fair to question whether Brym should be the player that came into the last few games in those dying moments of the game. I, like probably most on here, would've preferred to have seen Millar back out there. But we should also keep in mind what that role is, as basically the last forward coming in off the bench. I really don't think Brym sees the field in a scenario where we desperately need to score a goal. In that case I bet the lineup gets shuffled a bit and a more experienced player comes in. So when he's coming in, at that point his primary role is more or less to run his ass off and work for the team. Any added offensive production is a bonus. To a more casual observer it's a thankless role that will rarely get you many plaudits. But it's one that's certainly going to be noticed by all your teammates and coaches. It's also a role that not every player (particularly veterans) even wants to fill. So in my opinion it's a more nuanced conversation than simply saying "Why is he playing? Other players are better than him!"
  2. Fuck that. The performance in the Azteca that night, even more so than the score, set down a marker for the boys and put all of CONCACAF on notice! As you said, this really was so much more than just a point. They stood toe to toe and then punched the bully in the nose.
  3. FYI: The official explanation is that not all Concacaf stadiums are equipped to have an adequate VAR setup.
  4. That second PK shout was borderline, if taken on its own. Though when seen in context with the rest of the reffing tonight...
  5. Relax boys. It’s a long game. They’re gonna have some real heavy legs by the time that second half gets going.
  6. No one is trying to change your opinion. We would however prefer that you not continue being a dick.
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