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  1. So Bob Bradley watched his team's midfield get bossed around the majority of that recent home game against the Whitecaps, and said "this is great, gimme more of that!" ???
  2. No doubt! I also loved their FK combo's that resulted in pinpoint deliveries.
  3. It's a HUGE drop off for CR when Keylor Navas (34) isn't playing or when he eventually retires!
  4. Waston getting his second yellow for coming on the field without permission from the ref (and therefor missing the first place showdown game with Jamaica) is so CONCCACAF!
  5. I read in a portuguese paper that the 'Caps and Ryan Gauld (Scottish guy) have agreed to terms o a 3 year contract. The problem is that though Gauld and his agent claim they free to move, Farense (his club) say that in February they activated a one year extension clause in his contract. Gauld is claiming the extension clause is invalid, due to the team being relegated this season. Not sure how long this drags out.
  6. I'm gonna watch that loop for the next hour and twenty-two minutes.
  7. Anyone got a good clip of that bit of skill he pulled off on the left sideline? You know the one.
  8. I read somewhere that BC Place is undergoing renovations and so that's possibly why they are not on the same timeline to return home as TFC & CF Montreal.
  9. Reading some of that Brampton thread brought me here: And his sweet goal vs. Valour made this *bump* seem appropriate. What's the next U__ cycle that this kid might be a part of?
  10. Nah, I take it back, if it was produced on cable access tv, it's possible that someone working there might know that in soccer you don't have to line up your team in the order of the number on your jersey!
  11. I watched a lot of that York/Pacific game. And man, IMO, the visual production (with the ads) really sucks. I get you have to have the ads for revenue. However, the TV directors insistence that the majority of the game's main camera shots include the full upper portion on the CGI ads (which don't actually have anything on it related to the sponsor of that "space") is incredibly stupid. Hell, most of the time he even left some space above that! Why? Why would you do that. The action is harder to see that way. And it leaves the viewer is left watching a picture that is 10-20% "smaller" than it should be. It's even worse in trying to watch action happening in the 18-yard box, as they also pull the camera view out even further to show more ads in the "end zone". I'm spoiled by watching almost any big or even mid-sized league in the world, and yet somehow they manage to have a much higher basic level of TV production. OneSoccer has a community access TV type vibe to it. Surely, someone else has noticed that this is an issue, no?
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