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  1. Damn, things are lookin' rough for the kid. Has anyone started a GoFundMe campaign for him yet? 😉
  2. Top of the Eastern conference! They got a big road win, Pantemis gets the shutout, and they're looking like a much better team than they ever did under Henry!
  3. Am I the only one who imagines Mr. Thelonius Bair walking into MDS' office one day and telling him he would like try his hand as a CB? For whatever reason, it's just not clicking for him at striker/forward. But he has all the raw physical tools to be a really good CB. Having the appropriate defensive mentality & instincts are a pre-requisite for the position, and we don't know if he has those, so maybe this never happens...
  4. Historically, Vitoria is a significantly bigger and better club than Pacos. So I would imagine that would factor heavily into Stephen's consideration of whether to move or not. But the bigger factor is that his manager, the one who believes strongly in him and has gotten the most out of him, is moving on. How confident are you that the new manager will pick you so often or formulate successful gameplans? One guaranteed season of playing in the Europa league and many unknowns vs. sticking with Pepa and taking the next step in your career. I'm not sure that's that tough of a decision.
  5. Would've loved to have seen him recognize the flight of the ball a little earlier and then make a serious attempt to to head it!
  6. Fucking robbed!!!! That ball came off the defender. Noble was ONSIDE!!!
  7. That's why I added "take that for what it's worth". I wasn't stating it to be an absolute fact. But I thought it was worth mentioning it since it goes directly against what someone had posted in this thread.
  8. Saw a clip from an interview with the Pacos president this morning. He was adamant that not only was there no deal in place for Stephen, but that there hasn't been any negotiations. Take that for what it's worth.
  9. Love that the young guys are getting a shot to show they deserve the increased minutes this year! They've looked good so far! Especially Okello.
  10. Due to this thread, I checked with my guy but he wasn't offering this Canada game. Though he does have Nicaragua -4.5 over Turks & Caicos. So it's not like he's not offering games from this region or lopsided matchups.
  11. Thanks. It's a surreal experience. I was actually at work (30 miles away) at the time where we spent 45 min. huddled in the basement riding out a different tornado! FML! Anyways, I was very lucky, but I have friends whose houses are pretty badly damaged.
  12. Fuckin' hell, I'm down here in the US south and yesterday I had a tornado come dangerously close (less than 5 miles) to the house. The house is fine, but I lost power for a while and I'm just now getting the internet back on. Damnit! Of all days for that to happen! Anyways, I can get the U23 game from FS1, but I'm not sure where I'm gonna be able to find this game vs. Bermuda. Does anyone know where I might be able to download a copy of this game?
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