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  1. I think this is a case of Lucas just interpreting the question/situation a bit differently than most of us here. When he refers to being 0% Canadian, I think he means as it relates to "Canadian" culture. You know, the stereotypical poutine-eating, toque-wearing, Tim Horton double-double drinking ultra passionate hockey fans. He sees himself as 0% THAT guy. That does not necessarily mean that he isn't a proud Canadian! I think this is a bit more nuanced than that and not at all a black and white scenario. Then again, this is just the opinion of one very proud (hyphenated) Canadian.
  2. While you're correct that Benfica have usually been unwilling to spend a lot on transfers, they've made a crazy amount of money over the last 5-7 years selling players themselves and have shown they may be willing to spend some of it if they see a good investment opportunity. In fact they just recently paid €20 million to sign of Julian Weigl from Borussia Dortmund! However I don't think they would make that purchase without first selling some of the players they already have.
  3. They probably offered about half of that! Which is why it was turned down. They should think about the future and try selling Aboubakar or Marega and use that money to help make the David deal.
  4. Yet his manager left him out there for the full 90, so he couldn't have been playing that bad. Especially for his first game in a while and with his new club.
  5. Reports in Portugal say that FC Porto had a bid for David rejected already in this transfer window (amount not mentioned) and that Ajax and Benfica are also closely monitoring him.
  6. It looks like Stephen is in the starting lineup today! (10:30 am eastern vs. Portimonense)
  7. Well, which one do you want to see subbed in? A striker or Borges?
  8. I really like what Bassong and Brym have shown in their debuts so far!
  9. Try using a VPN extension for your browser. I use one called Hola and it works well. (I'm watching it from the U.S. now)
  10. I'm in the US and it didn't work initially. I had to use a VPN Proxy set to Canada in order to get it to work!
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