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  1. What? It most certainly is! Not for any specific national teams purpose, but for their own. No owner or GM would ever tell their coaches that part of their job didn't include nurturing and developing the young talent that you already have in the club. Not that they shouldn't prioritize winning games and getting results on the field in any way, but it's still an important job for all managers!
  2. He could've had a hat trick already! Totally flubbed a 1 on 1 with keeper. But Ayo has been making good runs!
  3. That was ugly tonight against the Revs. I know it's only one game and between the new manager and Covid, it's been hard to build a lot of cohesion in the team. You have to wonder where the goals will come from? Piette at RWB is just dumb. I sure hope that never happens again.
  4. Yeah, it is mos def bizarre! Hopefully there's a reason behind it, whether it's ZBG not being fully fit for some reason, or maybe even for tactical purposes. Perhaps something Henry wants to deploy specifically against the Revs. ???
  5. Thanks, I had forgotten about those injuries. What i did remember was watching a few games with Binks, Fanni, and Waterman across the back and being pretty impressed. Especially considering the relative inexperience of Binks and Waterman!
  6. As a bonus, the "journey" also comes with a free pair of Nike sneakers!
  7. No doubt. He had a great and promising start to his Impact career in the games this spring. I will be looking to see if this will necessitate a switch in tactics for Henry. Was he playing with 3 CB's because that's what he really wanted to go with, or was it in part to get Waterman on the field?
  8. Before their league shut down, Renato Sanches was probably Lille's best player this season and looked like he was finally finding the consistency to go along with his obvious talent that made him such a promising and coveted young player. David would seem like he would pair really well with him. And co-incidentally enough Sanches seemed like he was pretty tight with Phonzie during his time at Bayern Munich.
  9. I guess he didn't qualify for a US passport! 😛
  10. He came on in the 55th minute (with the score 0-0) after one of the starting CB's got a red. He played well, picked up a yellow and even had a good chance to score which he narrowly missed by heading the ball over the net on a corner kick. The game ended with the same 0-0 score. Job well done.
  11. Also it should be noted that despite being the newest guy on the team, he was the first one to come over towards our section and salute the travelling fans that went there to support the boys in Orlando!
  12. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like this was promoted very well, as it should have gotten a lil' more attention than it has. Phozie, Oso, Adekugbe, Liam, and Cyle are playing in a round robin + playoffs style tourny. They are still in the first round. Looks like Sam and Liam may be the favorites here. You can follow along on Twitch.tv/CanadaSoccer
  13. Anyone else watching some of the FIFA20 tournament the Men's team is playing right now on Twitch?
  14. Goal! You can't stop Phonzie, in fact you can barely hope to contain him!!!
  15. To be forgotten, one must first be acknowledged or recognized! 😛
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