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  1. Aren't sell-on clauses usually only for the first post-transfer sale?
  2. Man, if Tajon proves to be decent at RB, (he looks good here in the first few minutes) that would be great for us. Imagine Laryea and Buchanan as the fullbacks and allowing us to play Davies on the wing! That would be fun.
  3. Not to nit-pick, but he's actually part of the Golden Generation from Leamington, Ontario!
  4. That's an excellent assist and totally justifies his inclusion in the lineup even if the goals aren't coming at the moment!
  5. He was officially given the Man of the Match award!
  6. Yes, but I've had to refresh the stream a bunch of times. I must've totally missed what you are talking about.
  7. And an absolute cracker from Eustaquio cannons off the crossbar and bounces on the line and NOT in! Wow. That deserved to be a goal. Stephen is having a brilliant game so far. Best player on the pitch! Up 3-1 now.
  8. Great news. Considering they'll be playing in the CL, the extra games to be played all but assures that Manjrekar will see more playing time this season!
  9. He should get every opportunity to start and hopefully prove his knees can hold up! I imagine SC Farense will be the odds on favorite to finish last and be relegated, so the one year deal makes sense for everyone. Regardless of whether he ever plays for us, I wish him all the best. It's hard to imagine many things more frustrating than reaching the near-elite level of sporting competition only to have your body betray you like his has!
  10. That's too bad. As I alluded to, I thought she did a great job, especially in such a high profile game. Full props for going out on a high note and breaking the glass ceiling for female referees!
  11. Agreed! As far as CB's go, their Big 3 produce plenty of young prospects and Pepe probably still has another decade left in him! 😂
  12. Full credit to the ref as I just now noticed that she was a female!
  13. Dortmund are usually pretty damn exciting to watch. It's pretty unfair to solely judge them based on matching up with Bayern. They have some of the best young talent in the world! Hell, Erling Haaland alone is worth tuning in for!
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