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  1. Let me get this straight, you come on here ******** about the slogan "We The North", complaining that it "doesn't even make sense". And to make your point you decided to lead off with such great usage of the english language yourself: "oh god, so cringe" ??? GTFOH!
  2. Noble Okello is huge! (and Herdman is tiny!) LoL
  3. Love it! But you may have the wrong Portuguese-Canadian in there! Fernando "RoboCop" Aguiar has to be in consideration for any "all-grit" line up.
  4. There's every reason to believe we have a great shot at that Panama/Costa Rica winner game!
  5. It's Amer Didic! Wow. They are bringing him home from San Antonio FC. I was surprised to see he only started 2 of their 6 game this season. Anyways, this is great news for Edmonton.
  6. Mathieu Laurent (B'ham Legion/ USL) starts and scores tonight in the 38th minute.
  7. Mathieu has started the last few weeks for the Legion, and appears to have won one of the starting CB spots. He scored tonight with on a nice header following a free kick in the 38th minute.
  8. http://www.firstrows.net/footy/fri-canada-french-guyana-net16997d it's a bit choppy, but i was able to see Junior score his goal just now!
  9. Youngest Bayern goalscorer in over 20 years!!
  10. BOOM! ******* right!!! He scores one!
  11. Holy **** that was dumb! 10 minutes left and you need 2 goals, so you sub on a DM/CM in place of an AM! Can't really say anyone from Bayern looked good tonight. Ribery did nothing. They couldn't get the ball to Lewandowski. Goretzka was invisible after coming in. Very little creativity or offense from any of the Germans. Kovac looked out of his depth. I imagine he will once again be feeling a lot of pressure after that performance.
  12. Where does Eustaquio's recent 3 million dollar transfer fee put him on the all time Canadian list?
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