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  1. To be fair, the team they were playing against (Santa Clara) is in a city with only 60k people and something like double that amount on the whole (very remote) island that they're on. Really, it's somewhat amazing that they can even compete in the first division. Then you add to that the fact that Vitoria's team is probably one of the least popular teams in the top league and that's what you get.
  2. What? C'mon, really? Why? I feel like we could find someone better and/or more Canadian.
  3. He's been one of the first names on the team sheet, as they have turned their season around and are on a great run! Coming off a long winless streak, the Legion has now gotten 6 shutouts in a row!! Winning 5 of those games.
  4. To follow up on this: Renato Sanches (who had a good preseason, but only got on for the last 5 min. today) after the game today, asked to be loaned/sold since it looks like he's looking at another season of barely playing under Kovac.
  5. Davies comes on (as a winger!) in the 87th min. as Bayern are held to a 2-2 draw at home against Hertha Berlin Not sure what the f*ck Kovac is thinking to only make his first sub with only 5 min left in the game. But good to see that Phonzie is considered a valid offensive option. (at least until the rumored Coutinho deal goes through)
  6. Obviously! The US has a ton of depth and only plays awesome players at fullback like ... Daniel Lovitz?
  7. I disagree. I think this is a good sign that they are interested, and it would be a good move for David. The current Benfica administration (lead by Sporting Director Rui Costa!) have proven themselves to be one of the shrewdest clubs as far as the transfer market goes. They generally don't spend too much on incoming transfers. I think Raul Jimenez is their all time most expensive buy at 25 million. So if Gent hold out for the rumored 25 million, and Benfica pull the trigger, David would be very close to being the new most expensive Benfica purchase ever. Their scouting department (not to mention their academy) are one of the best in the world. They have made a fortune buying young players and selling them a few years later for a nice profit. For example: Angel Di Maria they bought for 9, sold for 35 million Axel Witsel 10 ---> 45m Ramires 8 ---> 25m Lindelof 4 ---> 40m Rodrigo 7 ---> 34m David Luiz 1 ---> 28m And even Raul Jimenez they ended up selling to Wolves for 40 million! Their manager Bruno Lage has shown he's willing to play young players more than most other managers, and the club clearly knows how to develop them. I think it would be a good stepping stone to eventually get to one of the biggest leagues in the world.
  8. Bale or not, I'm sure they'll bring in another winger, hell it might still be the long-time rumoured Leroy Sane!
  9. Agreed. I'm not if it was a tactical decision made by the manager or not, but even though he moved to LW, he mostly stayed inside and rarely took up a position near the touchline. It could be that he perhaps was just deferring too much to Alaba. But in doing so he largely failed to utilize his "absurd" pace.
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