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  1. Also, remember that you are comparing leagues from countries with populations of 10 million and 330 million respectively. Those smaller market Portuguese teams really face crazy financial pressures and do it with near empty home stadiums. Portugal has less people than Ontario or even f'n Ohio.
  2. Could he end up as yet another in the long list of star athletes who were unable to transition to becoming successful managers/coaches? His only other season as manager (Monaco) was a total trainwreck. However, he only got the job after the season started and didn't really get a chance to construct the squad as he would like. So perhaps he deserves the benefit of doubt as to his coaching capabilities. Henry has been on the Impact job for ten months now and as others have mentioned, this roster is unbalanced and could really use a proper #9. I'm sure the pandemic has made player recruitment more complicated as well. So perhaps Thierry will get a long leash to try and get this sorted out.
  3. Did Renato Sanches not play? Last season he was an important part of Lille's midfield.
  4. I was a bit surprised that Hugo Sanchez didn't show up on that list.
  5. Or even better, he can just carry on doing and saying whatever the f*ck he wants to.
  6. And now he busted out the Canadian flag while celebrating the title! ❤️
  7. Goddamn! That was a beautiful thing to see him raise that CL trophy!
  8. I love Phonzie's quote about asking having asked Messi for his jersey after the QF game! "I asked for it, but I think he was a lil' bit upset though, so it's OK, next time hopefully!" 😂 If Messi wasn't so upset, he might've been the one asking for the swap!
  9. Some terrible news from Birmingham Legion FC as they have announced that Mathieu has torn his ACL in his right knee in practice last week. Laurent was one of their top players last season and was named Legion FC’s Newcomer of the Year in 2019 after a successful rookie season in which he made 25 appearances and was first on the team in clearances (117), third in tackles (52), third in interceptions (32), and also scoring two goals. He had yet to play this season as he was still working his way back from tearing that same ACL near the end of the last campaign. (Sept/19) Mathieu is still only 24 years old but it would seem like injuries have really put a damper on what looked to be a promising career.
  10. There's also reports in Portugal that Porto's striker Ze Luis could be on the move to Besiktas.
  11. Can you imagine the madness that would come along with trying to enforce that?
  12. I think his solid play is in large part aided by LAFC's dominant midfield and forwards. That being said, yes, he should be in consideration for selection.
  13. That was the ol' classic attempt at a "shoulder block" by the keeper to stop it! 😂
  14. Right. I get that. But those guys would have always been eligible to get a passport from Surinam (through their family connections) and play for them. So I'm just a little confused as to what in practice has actually changed.
  15. But each nations individual laws don't supersede FIFA's rules. So players who have played for another nation would still be in-eligible, right?
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