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  1. OK, let me try again: Fvcking covoluted bvllshit!
  2. I thought TAM and GAM are terms used for wages and not transfer fees? A good manager finds a way to get his best players on the field. So I don't think you turn down a player like Eustaquio because CM is an area where you think you already have some decent players.
  3. Thanks everyone! I went with the 2XL. And got both the Cavalry and Forge away jerseys! 😊
  4. So I see that the league is having a Black Friday 40% off sale today! And I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on a purchase. I was just wondering about the european sizing. I don't currently live in Canada so if I had to send back anything that's sized wrong, it's probably going to be even more of a hassle than it might be for others. I have a bunch of other jersey's and usually a large fits me well enough. I'm trying to figure out what would be the best size for me to order. Their sizing chart says I'm somewhere between a 2XL and 3XL. (but also say that those sizes are for people 6'2 to 6'7!! wtf! I'm 5'7) Can anyone who already has one of these kit's offer any input?
  5. Here's a 2014 survey of 99 MLS players from 6 different teams (done anonymously to get honest answers) about their opinions of playing on turf. Over 90% of players "reported that playing surface type and quality influenced the risk of sustaining an injury. Players believed that playing and training on artificial turf increased the risk of sustaining a non-contact injury as opposed to a contact injury."
  6. The players preference is in part based on their perception that playing on turf is more taxing on the legs and that yes there is higher rate/risk of injury by playing on turf fields. Of course MDS is going to say something along those lines. I wouldn't expect anything else. He has a team and playing environment to try and sell to potential transfer targets. How has that been going by the way? Whether players tell him explicitly that the turf plays a factor or not, the incoming players have been underwhelming.
  7. Despite your opinion, and what I'm sure has been an illustrious beer league career, it's a well documented fact that most professional soccer players (especially those from Europe) have a very strong preference for natural grass fields.
  8. Orlando has a "Strategic Partnership" (whatever that means exactly, I don't know) with Benfica. So they may have a bit more scouting info on Stephen than other MLS clubs.
  9. ^^^ agreed. I see this as Herdman "tootin' his own horn" more so than a real example of discord amongst the team.
  10. Not to mention the game will be played on Miller's home field!
  11. That would be a great move on their part. Though I'm not sure how thrilled players coming off of a big injury are to play so many games on turf.
  12. I think the payroll and player recruitment have been more responsible for those results. Don't they have the highest payroll in the league? Regardless, it's not always obvious if the good results are due to Vanney, or despite Vanney.
  13. For bit more context as to how good of a job Phonzie did in that game: the Olympiakos winger that Davies shut down (Daniel Podence), is not a name that most people probably recognize, but he's been having a great season. In fact he's played so well that he just got called up for Portugal's upcoming pair of Euro 2020 qualifiers! It's crazy to think of considering Phonzie owned him for 90 minutes!
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