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  1. On reddit, a couple of posters said that the Vancouver Whitecaps have been operating the FCEd academy for a while now, so it might simply become a Whitecaps academy. I hadn't heard that before and the only thing I can find online is this - https://albertasoccer.com/vancouver-whitecaps-fc-partner-with-alberta-soccer-association/ which says that FC Edmonton and VWFC have a relationship and send some FCEd prospects to the Whitecaps residency program.
  2. The Hamilton TFC thing isn't that big of a thing. There is already a League1 Ontario club (Hamilton United) run by three youth clubs in Hamilton. One of those three clubs (Mount Hamilton) is partnering with TFC, but not the L1O team as a whole, which is probably going to be the big youth club in Hamilton. Doesn't give TFC a strangle hold on the city's youth. TFC has an Ottawa TFC affiliate, but that's with a smaller Ottawa club. Ottawa South United, the biggest Ottawa club partnered with Atletico Ottawa instead.
  3. Didn't see this posted. Sorry if it was and I missed it
  4. He's been one of the most consistent players for TFC2 this season from the matches I've watched. Composed on the ball, leads the team in assists, and has a couple of goals. I could see him getting a 1st team contract this summer, especially if Laryea moves to Europe, as they'd need a RB replacement. Here's his goal today https://twitter.com/TorontoFCII/status/1451648643283435523
  5. Made his 9th appearance for TFC2 today. Over the Summer he played in the League1 Ontario Summer Championship for Toronto FC U19, scored 4 goals in 5 games. I could see TFC trying to sign him to a first team contract, so they don't risk him leaving at age 18 for free.
  6. The one on the scarf is different than the temporary logo from a couple weeks ago (the one on wikipedia right now). Look at the image posted in this thread with the Whitecaps unveiling on the Scarf they are holding. If you click the link you can see the logo has been photoshopped out on the sides of the scarf since, but the original photo is still showing on the photo above the link and I zoomed in below. The fact they have photoshopped it out basically confirms that this is the official logo, which is what I was referring to and was an accidental leak. It specifically says "Canadian League1 BC", the temporary logo only shows League1 BC.
  7. The League logo is interesting. Notice it says Canadian League1 BC. Could be the beginning of a national branding for the 3 semi-pro leagues. Also, I noticed, they have since photoshopped out that logo on the scarf. Gives credence to a further announcement coming about the logo/branding.
  8. Simcoe County Rovers (the De Guzman/Cyle Larin Barrie team) officially joins https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/1189846
  9. All teams are in the Premier division. The Championship was a special short season for 2021. Since the season is supposed to end by Labour Day, but due to Covid the season only started in August, some teams weren't able to play in the main division which is just wrapping up now in October, because most of their players would be headed back to university in September. So they made a special August-only season which they called the Summer Championship for the teams that couldn't commit for the late-ending season. (tldr: Championship isn't L1O Division 2) Next year, they'll be back to a normal schedule and with one division, but looks like Skillz are out and replaced by Electric City. 22 teams are in the Premier Division now (1812, Alliance, Blue Devils, Darby, Guelph, Hamilton, FCLondon, Masters FA, North Mississauga, North Toronto Nitros, Pickering, ProStars, Scrossoppi, Sigma, St.Catharines Roma, UnionvilleMilliken, Vaughan Azzurri, Waterloo, WindsorTFC, Woodbridge, Electric City and Simcoe County Rovers
  10. Peterborough's Electric City FC officially joins L1O, buying the license from Toronto Skillz https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/1189500
  11. Pickering FC to return in 2022, under new ownership https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/1189418
  12. If anything, he could do the Luke Singh approach. Play for Haiti's youth teams (since won't cap tie him) get those opportunities, then go to some Canada camps. If he feels he can make Canada, make the switch, otherwise stay with Haiti. Heck he's still under 21, he could grab a couple senior Haiti caps and keep the Canada option open, but definitely leave the option open if he feels he can/wants to make Canada.
  13. Playoff dates revealed: Semis on October 29-31 and Finals on November 7 also "other big news" is coming https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/1189284
  14. I didn't mean it as in he was bad, just nothing made me go "He should definitely be on the first team". But like you said, the level is so low that it makes it hard to judge a keeper. Updated my post a bit to clarify thst. He's definitely been solid, just didn't really see anything that made me go he's an definite MLS keeper/future national team call-up. Granted I've only seen him play maybe 4/5 times, not all 12 and its tough to gauge a keeper in short bursts (and on YouTube, instead of live since you can only see what's on screen). I'd love for him to get back up to the level he was at being a Champions League keeper is quite an accomplishment at a young age.
  15. Davies subbed in the 40th minute. Commentators saying he played 3 games for Canada and its 5-0 in the first, so makes sense to give him a rest, good coaching, since he's not needed
  16. So much for this being a battle of the two teams tied for 1st, Bayern is playing FIFA on easy mode. 4 goals in like 7 minutes. 5-0 in the 38th minute
  17. Davies got close to scoring. Nice run into space had his shot blocked then Lewandowski knocked home the rebound before phozie (not sure if phozie would've been able to score the rebound from his angle)
  18. I watched a few TFC2 games on youtube and Vaikla didn't really stand out as anything spectacular to me, solid, but nothing really stood out as elite but then again playing behind teenagers in D3 could also be a reason, if you're not being put in a great position. Also, watching on youtube isn't the greatest. He didn't run away with the starting job (has played 12 of 26 matches), although he has the most appearances (Caleb PatteronSewell [player-coach] has 10, Kevin Silva [TFC #3] has 4, and Brogan Engbers has 0). Only managed 2 clean sheets (CPS had 1 and Silva had 1). It's not like it's planned squad rotation, since TFC2 is more than okay with starting some players almost every match (ie. Petrasso, Franklin, Carlini) and he's sat a lot so that a 34 year old coach could play instead on a development team (although maybe the logic was throwing a veteran keeper to help the young defenders learn).
  19. The FC Barrie club is called Simcoe County Rovers. FC Barrie was a placeholder name
  20. The next official update is OCtober 21. But https://football-ranking.com/fifa_rankings keeps a rolling update which has us at 48th. So technically we're unofficially 48th. It will become official in 6 days
  21. Haiti could see it, but depends on what these guys think. If they don't see it, they'll try to make Canada
  22. Well those guys are young enough that if they think they can make the Canadian team they'll hold out. Would you rather play for a top team in the continentand go to a world cup and face tour hero's or play for a middling team and never go anywhere. If they were mid to late 20s,the I'm sure they'd jump at the chance to play international but at age 20 guys like Pacius must be thinking I have a shot to join this greatness.
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