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  1. Love these types of signings because this is the type of player who likely never would have gotten a shot at becoming a professional footballer prior the CPL. Exciting times for Canadian soccer. He was no doubt a dominant player at the amateur levels so it will be interesting to see what he can do at the pro level. The squad has a nice young core leading into the new year. Would like to see the roster rounded out with a few more guys resigned like N’Sa, Arnone, Bona and Kourrouma. Excited to see what players come in at the top end of the roster as promised. Hope we’re in play for Giguere and some of the other Fury standouts. Any word on the Ecuadorian Carlos Garcés mentioned earlier or is that one a complete pipe dream?
  2. Agree with most of this ^^^. Would like to see a core of 12-15 returning players to ensure cohesion. KEEP: Oxner, N’Sa, Arnone, Lee, Hocine, Bona, De Carolis, Sukunda, Rampersad, Iida, Kourrouma, Garcia, Skublak. I suppose keep Firth as well. I would add in Langwa but I heard he was a bit of a cancer in the locker room. Even had a physical altercation with Steve Hart. I’m okay with De Carolis being the #1 left back. Definitely need some quality additions going into year 2. Agreed defensively we were relatively solid. Biggest needs are a goal scoring 9, wingers, CM, and a GK to compete with Oxner.
  3. Would like to see Jordan Perruzza get a crack. He has 7 goals in USL One, tied for 2nd with Ricardo Pepi of FC Dallas who’s one of the hottest prospects in North America at the moment. Bair was pretty disappointing in u20 qualifying and he hasn’t really sparked yet with the Caps. Question marks around basically everyone at the #9 outside of David. Luckily midfield looks relatively solid.
  4. I tried to order the season subscription with my season ticket promotion code but I entered an incorrect digit on the payment page. When I re-entered my credit card info the site said my promo code had already been used. Anyone else run into this issue/have any suggestions? I filled out one of their contact forms but I doubt they will get back to me in time before the Wanderers kick off tonight. I'm only interested in subscribing if I get the season ticket holder discount.
  5. I think a Wanderers u20 team would be a welcomed addition and refreshing for the league. Similar to how the NS Canada Games team competes for a season and-a-half prior to the Canada Games tournament. As mentioned, there's a petty large disconnect between the Senior Men's division and the youth leagues. For example the 4 main HRM clubs: Western Halifax Durty Nelly's, Halifax City, Suburban FC and United DFC are mainly university players or alumni (of which 90% I would say are +23). And at the senior level, players move freely from club to club every year, so I suspect there would be very little bitterness from the established clubs should they lose a small handful of players. I haven't heard any rumblings for this upcoming season but I could definitely see the Wanderers entering a u20/u23/reserve in 2020. Hopefully they also have plans to start a youth academy too!
  6. I would be pretty disappointed with the NSSL if that were the case in Halifax. If the Wanderers started up a youth academy at the u14/u16 levels, I could see there being some animosity from the local clubs if they were simply poaching the best players without buildings partnerships, providing coaching education, etc. Once players age out of the provincial programs, there is a major drop off until AUS basically. This is the age where the majority of players drop out of the game all together. In the last few years there have been as few as 3 actives clubs at the u18 level (1 being from the South Shore). A Wanderers u20 team would virtually have no competition for players and it would incentivize players to continue pursuing a career in the sport. A u20/PDL level team is exactly what the area needs in my opinion without disrupting the system.
  7. This signing is as pathetic as Jackie Moon playing power forward for his own ABA franchise
  8. Agreed. Never seen St. Claire play but Shuttleworth is a very average MLS GK IMO. Was kind of hoping he would land with the Rapids to train with Tim Howard for a year or 2 but they're such a tire fire he probably dodged a bullet.
  9. Not a bad landing spot. Looks like he'll be 4th choice behind Hedges, Ziegler and their new Brazilian (Bressan). He'll likely get heavy USL minutes with FCD's new reserve team. If he can develop into anything close to Hedges it will be a home run for the national team.
  10. Not to be a downer but I hope that’s the extent of Trinidad signings. Don't mind a few internationals but we don't want to be developing players for our concacaf rivals.
  11. To be fair the league is probably receiving hundreds to thousands of emails from parents, coaches and players. There were players from all over the world who paid out of pocket to travel to the open try outs just for the opportunity to been seen by CPL coaches. What makes this player so special that they should be put above the rest? If his resume truly merits a look I’m sure his agent will use the proper channels to connect him with league officials. Sure an acknowledgement would be nice but this is a professional league, not amateur or Usports. I’m more inclined to say the league would be unprofessional if they were handing out trial invitations to anyone that claimed they deserve it.
  12. Top Drawer Soccer has their first big board out: #3 Buchanon (GA) #6 Montgomery #16 St. Clair (GA) #19 Miller #39 Comsia https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/2019-mls-draft-big-board:-version-10_aid45667
  13. The pool of GK’s in Nova Scotia is actually surprisingly deep. It’s near impossible to make of it out of the “fish bowl” that is Atlantic Canada so full credit to Andrew McRae (formerly Fury) and Ben Ur (Israel D2) for giving it a go abroad. Take it for what it’s worth but I’m fully confident Cristian Oxner is one of the best GK prospects in the country. Don’t be fooled by his university stats, he lead his club team to a senior men’s national championship and he’s stuck in a rebuilding project at SMU. He’s a modern GK who can spray the ball with both feet, come off his line, and he’s a quality shot stopper. All things I think Steve Hart values in an offensive system. He’s in his early 20’s so it’s the perfect time to get him into a professional environment. As for the two forementioned keepers, McRae is a big body and a presence but I would rank him behind Ben Ur and Oxner. Ben Ur is on a different level and it’s a shame that he never got a look with the youth national teams. So pumped that there is now a professional club in Atlantic Canada where top prospects have a chance at making it as professionals.
  14. Is this pic edited or have they changed the seats at the York U track stadium from red to green?
  15. Tony Fonseca would be my top choice for York 9 FC. I believe he’s currently the director for the York Region Soccer Association? I think he would give them instant credibility and stability (ala Steve Hart for the HFX Wanderers). Alen Marcina would also be a good fit for Pacific FC.
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