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  1. Hundal was advertised as "the off-season forward" when they signed him. Maybe him sulking his way out of Vancouver wasn't just bad luck on his part? PDS looks like he swung and missed so far on that signing.
  2. US u20 just beat Argentina 1-0 in Argentina and Uruguay 1-0 in Uruguay in their prep camp. They will once again be very hard to get a result against.
  3. None of what you say changes the fact CBs are judged more harshly for individual mistakes, due to the fact they more often lead to goals being conceded, and therefore make coaches more reluctant to play them if they arent the finished product.
  4. CB is a position that is a lot less forgiving than CM, or any other position up the field. It’s far easier to take a chance on a project when their mistake doesn’t lead to a goal.
  5. People need to pump the breaks. He's nowhere the finished product ready for a step up. European clubs don't sign foreign CB's for "potential". He's done some good things this year but if you've regularly watched him in MLS, he has a lot of work to do on his positioning and awareness.
  6. Would like to know why PDS signed him. We already had midfielders that add nothing offensively.
  7. Our wingers have to run at their players in the opposition half. Constantly recycling the ball will not get us a goal.
  8. “First team minutes” in the case of almost all of those players is an insignificant amount of game time. Other countries usually seem to have u20 players getting regular minutes. MLS historically being a level too high for our young players to break into for regular first team minutes was supposed to mean they could show out in the CPL at younger ages.
  9. Why will there be more CPL guys? What can you point to that gives you that confidence? I assumed after all these years there would be more MLS guys, but that hasn’t happened/
  10. I kept hearing in the last cycle that the CPL will change things (somewhat) with our u20 players getting real 1st team minutes and raising the level of play for the u20 team. That hasn't really happened. Also, no real MLS 1st team minutes for our players, either (KSB had a couple of sub appearances early in the season for Colorado) It seems like our team isn't so different than past cycles, lots of MLS 2 players. When or how does this ever change?
  11. I swear it rained for just about every single FC Edmonton home game in their last season.
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