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  1. No lengthy discussion about this yet, but I think it's worth mentioning: Haiti completely shut Davies down in the first leg. Part of it was the unpredictable pitch, but he wasn't winning any of his 1on1's, and it was difficult to watch. They just pinned 3 guys to him at all times, and there wasn't much he could do. I think we need a better response when a team fully commits to stopping Davies.
  2. On one hand, Haiti definitely didn't deserve a draw. We had the 3 best chances of the game. On the other hand though, I don't think the conditions will be much better in Honduras or El Salvador, and we're not gonna get away with being as sloppy as we were.
  3. I don't think Herdman told them to play down to Haiti... I think we couldn't make a forward pass.
  4. What I mean is, no one will treat Larin like he's just a mediocre striker rather than a good goalscoring winger if he makes that move. People are selling him short because they haven't watched him dominate at Besiktas. I think it's sad that we want to sit him after 1 bad game in a position that doesn't suit him.
  5. We're arguing about the wrong thing... if you have a formation where a goalscorer as good as Larin isn't being deployed right, then that's a problem with the formation. David-Larin isn't gonna work up front, because neither are capable of making space for each other. It should be fine against Haiti, but a 4-2-3-1 that gets Cava, Larin and David on the field is the only way we're gonna generate enough chances against bigger teams. Cavallini is the better pure 9, but if deployed correctly, Larin will score at a higher level. If Larin makes that move to EPL, this just isn't up for
  6. Larin could be playing in EPL next year, he's definitely someone we should be building around. I agree Cavallini might be better in this formation, but if that's the case, we might have to change the formation...
  7. Larin isn't going to excel with this back 3. It worked this time, but I don't know smart it is not to be putting him in his best position long term.
  8. I think this'll be Bicentini's game as much as Herdman's. He'll know a lot about these Suriname guys, and I'm excited to see what we try out.
  9. Yeah, the CB situation is gonna be interesting. Is Vitoria gonna play 2 games in 4 days, or is Kennedy gonna get his first cap in a do or die game? Vitoria sitting a game out would really shock me, but Kennedy's played a lot more recently. Still, it doesn't seem like a very Herdman thing to do... I was under the impression he really liked Vitoria.
  10. Really? I thought he was great. One sloppy pass early on, but otherwise, he did a good job of making sure Vitoria wasn't our primary outlet option at the back lol. He's very good at moving up the ball up the field himself, and dropping it off. We don't really have other CB's who do that.
  11. Bahamas came way closer to scoring too.
  12. A lot of these guys play(ed) for Holland though; they would never commit to Suriname early. I think they're gonna have to keep relying on older players. Riedewald is the only realistic one on this list.
  13. It's weird, cause during the offseason, MDS specifically said Hasal and Crepeau would be splitting their games before the second transfer window, but Hasal hasn't even seen the field.
  14. Eustaquio was consensus one of the best passers in Liga Nos... there are plenty of better things to worry about than our playmaking.
  15. Haven't posted this here yet, but I've hosted a web show over the past few months called 'Blood Guts and Thunder' focusing exclusively on our national teams. I interviewed a sports journalist from Suriname this week, and there's some interesting stuff in there:
  16. Quite a few young Dutch players with Suriname ancestry. I think they'll have a reliable stream of veterans whose Dutch careers never panned out.
  17. Scored his first goal in league play
  18. I feel like this is really misleading though... like, we have a guy in the Dutch second division, Norway, an expansion MLS team, Korea, Scotland, a 2. Bundesliga team near relegation... you can create any story you want out of that. We still like them though. Most of their Holland guys are in Eredivisie (Dankerlui, Nelom (out), Leeuwin, Pinas), Leerdam is a good MLS player, Bisewar has been a PAOK winger for much of his career (Cyprus is a loan), Donald is also in Turkey. If you're selective with which parts of the squad you include, you can prove whatever you want. Their starting 11 has
  19. He's definitely had his problems this year... he'll have games where he just can't seem to make a pass, and he has this habit of misplaying balls to the keeper. He's very solid defensively though, and he has a ton of pace on top of that. None of our options are perfect...
  20. Hard disagree... Davies is very capable of making that final pass, and David's playmaking abilities are underrated. One of Kaye/Steph should be making runs forward too. If you put Larin or David up front (or both like you suggested), you're dramatically reducing the chance that they'll score. They're just not equipped to create their own space. We have 2 great scoring talents... let's put them in a position to do what they do best instead of hoping they show a completely new skillset.
  21. Said this a few times but want to reiterate; Larin really hasn't looked good at CF this year. All of his success has come from the wing. Really think Davies-David-Larin with Cav up front would be better.
  22. It's pretty insane that we think he's replaceable imo. I get we're all excited for Corbeanu, but he's played all of 10 minutes professionally. I'm personally not even sold on Millar as a Championship player, looking at what Charlton fans had to say. I think Hoilett is great to have coming off the bench.
  23. That's how he plays though... when someone else is occupying the CB's, he finds space high in the box, same with David. They're both excellent poachers who aren't particularly good at making their own space. There's a really important distinction there, and it's why we need Cavallini to start in front of them both in a 4-2-3-1.
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