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  1. I feel like El Salvador would never agree to this, even with home field. Their best bet would be to play against teams overrated by the Fifa rankings i.e. UAE (if they don't pull out again) or China.
  2. Do you know how many points we'd get for beating Honduras or Costa Rica?
  3. Doesn't it have to be by 2 goals? Curacao has one more right now.
  4. Costa Rica just got a penalty kick 1-0 Costa Rica
  5. I'll take Davies on the wing for this one. We ran every possession through him last time, and he was very effective at getting around Lovitz and setting up chances. If we're going for a win rather than a draw, we need someone who can bring the ball up quickly and effectively, and he's obviously the best option.
  6. Again though, even if Curacao gets out of their group Again though, even if Curacao gets out of their group, they'll probably have to play Mexico in the semi finals. Canada would have a much more winnable match against Honduras. I guess running into them in for 3rd place is possible. I think El Salvador is the bigger threat tbh.
  7. Just realized we now have more players from Scotland than from American MLS teams.
  8. A win pretty well assures it. If we draw, we probably end up playing Honduras in the semis, while a few points behind El Salvador. A draw against the U.S. and a win against Honduras would put us back into the Hex, but I'm not sure if it would put us so far ahead as to guarantee a spot. Just as a side note, people are too worried about Curacao I think. Even if they get past Costa Rica, they'll probably have to go through Mexico in the semis. Our chances of playing them our very low, in addition. As long as Mexico handles Panama, and Honduras doesn't completely blow it against Trinidad (and assuming we get past the U.S.), the semis will be Canada vs. Honduras and Mexico vs. Curacao.
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