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  1. Poland Twardek starting for Jagiellonia vs Slask!
  2. Fully agree. I mute hockey games during intermission, because most analysts are just clueless. I think it's a symptom of hockey having changed more than soccer in the past 20-30 years, with analysts going back a lot further. I'm convinced that someone like Don Cherry has never considered that hockey might be a bit different than when he started There are also just a lot more cliches that just get passed down between generations, rather than actual analysis. This sounds silly, but I played football manager for the first time, and I think we've just had more time to understand soccer, like... as a sport. Outside of the coaching staff, we don't have these endlessly detailed roles and strategies like we have in soccer. It's getting there with people shifting to advanced analytics, and regular sports writers trying video scouting, but it'll be a while before they stop putting morons like Brian Burke on the air. Anyways, there's some really good content on SB Nation blogs, and I'm hoping that's where we see it drift in the future.
  3. I wanna be optimistic, but the way Gerrard said it was really scary... he sounded sure.
  4. Time for weekly Eustaquio gushing: He stayed further back today so play didn't flow through him as much as usual. What was interesting, is that his tackling/aerial duels seem like they've really improved, the few chances he's had to show it. He's not very big, and tackling has never been his strength, so it seems like he's been working on it. Eustaquio's already incredibly well-rounded in possession, so if he can add that to his game, he could be really scary.
  5. Subbed on in the 70th minute. Meh. Jagiellonia just time waste for the last like... 25 minutes. Twardek gave it away a few times, but very high up the pitch. Not much to take from this one.
  6. I don't think judging a player by national appearances is very helpful. In Larin's case, it spans to the dark ages and he hasn't had a real chance with this group. I don't care how bad he was in a few appearances with teammates who just happen to wear the same kit as this much improved team does now. I still like Cavallini starting, but it's close. Good arguments for both.
  7. Yeah, especially for such a new league. Anything's still possible.
  8. I think it's somewhere in the middle. OHL strikes me as a team that is constantly hopping around for talent. Like, they get excited about one guy, until the next day where they find a better guy and so on. It does bring up questions of league quality when our MVP gets put on the B team of a newly promoted squad, but that happens with MLS products all the time. Maybe we got unlucky this time around, or maybe the CPL just isn't there yet, which is perfectly reasonable for a 2 year old league. We haven't had any other real successes at this point, either. It will come though.
  9. Maybe this is controversial, but I feel like Cavallini could play at a similar level if he wanted to. Larin's path to Besiktas wasn't so linear. He had that great rookie season, and then he proceeded to score at a similar rate to Cava in Liga MX for the next 2. I think it's close, and you have to take the higher level of play into account, but from what I've seen of the two, Lucas is the more consistent finisher.
  10. This is why I don't think Larin up front is so clear cut. Cava hasn't gotten a lot of service in Vancouver, but I don't think that means his finishing talent has just disappeared. He is so good at knocking those in, from bouncing passes.
  11. Race to the bottom for the worst take here... Anyways, I like the idea of playing a team ranked only slightly higher, rather than an England. I think Greece or something would be really cool.
  12. I mean, a team from Luxembourg played in Europa League last year... this is why we look at player performance combined with their league level. But it's not like Europe League is exclusive to the very best teams in the world anyway.
  13. GK, on loan to 1. FC Nurnberg in 2. Bundesliga from Pacific.
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