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  1. Really important win for Regensburg, and another solid performance from Kennedy. Good awareness as usual with his tackling and heading, but his passing looked a lot better today too. He didn't lob the ball to the other side of the field without pressure, and actually played it forward competently. He even held up possession with runs up the left a few times, and I'm not sure if we have other defenders (let alone CB's) who can do that. 7.1 rating on sofascore.
  2. Thought we were very impressive defensively. Lawrence and Chapman closed down run after run up the sides, and Zadorsky/Gilles' aggressiveness worked out really nicely. Quinn and Scott pressed backwards which helped to support the backline, but they definitely struggled to advance at times. I think there was a bit of luck in picking up 2 goals, but it was a very structured performance overall. England just didn't have a response to that aggressiveness at the back. Is there a reason Lacasse never got a chance?
  3. Larin scores on an assist from Atiba!
  4. He is on a 3 year contract though. They sold Reabciuk in January for 2 M... isn't it possible they get a similar amount for Tanque (who had interest in him), and make some decent money from Conference League? They have to sell him eventually, but wouldn't that buy them an extra year or 2?
  5. Yeah, he's been very consistent with that message. He said earlier that Stephen was one of several possibilities. It could be him trying to drive the price up, and Tanque apparently had EPL interest, but I think he has to be sold eventually. They don't really have other big money players (Singh and Costa would be, but they belong to other teams). They spent a lot on Eustaquio. It's likely they draw a superior team for the Conference League playoff, and if they lose, I don't see where they would get the money to keep him.
  6. Speaking of wingers being converted to full backs, he's playing rb pretty much every game now. I think it suits him a lot better at this level - he makes some nice runs to the inside from deep, and his pace is more obvious when he's not dealing with a defender. He'd probably be... 4th on our RB list? I think he deserves a call for the Gold Cup. He's improving.
  7. Kennedy MOTM with a 7.9 according to sofascore. Thought Sargent was dangerous, but pretty immobile with the ball. Regensburg just don't have any real playmaking ability unfortunately. Kennedy makes some strange passing decisions, but he's rock solid defensively. I think he has a lot of upside.
  8. Kennedy, Sargent both starting. Might be available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAYzbTG7vz0 but I'm not sure.
  9. If Kennedy is on there, shouldn't Hasal too? What about Twardek?
  10. Nancy said a few days ago that the #1 spot still belongs to Diop, and that Pantemis has a lot of work to do. Maybe... they're supposed to compete for the #2 spot? I feel like a loan back to Serie C would've made a lot more sense, although he was technically never even a starter at that level.
  11. Ooh I'll do it! David Larin Cavallini Akinola Akindele Ricketts Bair Pasher Brym Ongaro Ennin / Yli-Hietanen / Whoever Else
  12. He's back, and he played the full 90 today! Didn't see this time, but he was solid apparently. A win would've been great, but Regensburg settled for a draw and remain in the relegation battle. Werder Bremen game is next week, and Nachreiner might be back, so we'll see whether he's stolen that starting spot.
  13. Sorry about that, lol. It's pretty spot-on, and it's amazing how deep the list goes now.
  14. I have Breza pretty firmly lower... he's 4th at Bologna, and I think he'll be 3rd in Montreal. I wouldn't remove Leutwiler, because he's still likely to get a few more calls as a 3rd option imo.
  15. Borjan Crepeau St. Clair Hasal Pantemis Leutwiler Breza Carducci Desjardins Oxner/Henry Nogueira Busti Milli Bursac
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