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  1. That really isn't the case with Flores though. He legitimately is one of Mexico's top prospects; if he really becomes an important player for Arsenal, he'll be a lock. At this point, we just have to hope he feels a strong connection to Canada.
  2. This is from about a week ago; from what I've seen on Twitter, Carlos is one of the most respected Cruz Azul reporters, whose leads have generally been correct. He did specifically say a few days earlier that he didn't believe Stephen would be sold this window and I'm not quite sure what the context for this tweet is, but I've seen several people say he talked to Stephen specifically who clarified that he was not interested in returning to Cruz Azul. In this tweet, he sounds very sure that Eustaquio will be sold. I could be wrong, but wouldn't this have to happen this window if a s
  3. If the Whitecaps really are gonna play with a 10 this year, Borges would be perfect in a relief role. He could help out on the wings too.
  4. Would have liked more highlights, but Adekugbe looked very good.
  5. He still isn't getting much service, but I think this dispels the idea that they all secretly resent him. Every time he's scored, they all seem genuinely happy for him.
  6. Also, to be clear, 5th place qualifies (for the 2nd qualifying round!) for the new Europa Conference League; not Europa League. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like they would have to win 3 games to get into the Conference League, and then win the entire competition to get into Europa League. Edit: If Benfica or Porto win the cup competition in Portugal, and Pacos passes Braga in the standings, they would jump right into Champions League Qualifiers and automatically qualify for Europa.
  7. I keep hearing from Cruz Azul reporters that they kinda have to sell him unless they wanna lose $4 million, but wow is that team disorganized. I'm feeling like he's gonna sign with someone in the summer (with 6 months left on his contract at that point). On staying with Pacos, well 1, I think someone pointed out that he'd have to take a dramatic wage cut from what Cruz Azul are giving him, but 2, this is pretty new territory for them. They're battling it out with Vitoria for that Euro spot, and it's gonna be like that every year. That 5th spot just sends them to the qualifying roun
  8. I only saw the first half - really solid defensive work. 7.2 rating on WhoScored, and a good win against a top team in Liga Nos.
  9. Looks like his one-time switch has been approved:
  10. To be fair, I don't think anything he said has been wrong, just lacking context. Yankov really was filing his one time switch, but he still agreed to play for Bulgaria. Flores and Corbeanu accepted callups, but team commitments / travel restrictions were always a real possibility. Now all of his editorial opinions, I agree, are pretty lacking. He clearly didn't do his research when he made that starting 11, his bizarre insistence that we come home to play in empty stadiums... not to mention his commentating...
  11. He actually has the highest average rating on St. Johnstone this year, according to WhoScored.
  12. Are we even gonna do a u-24 team, or are we just gonna rotate the squad?
  13. Doesn't that seem like a bit of a risk though? If Larin doesn't succeed with Dijon (and I remember their Lille game where they barely touched the ball) will he have a Besiktas-level club to fall back on?
  14. I would definitely be reluctant to see Larin end up in Ligue 2, which seems pretty likely from what I've seen of Dijon. To be clear though, it doesn't seem like they were making a very serious offer.
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