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  1. I've been rooting for Baldi but he just hasn't been very good this season. Glimpses of brilliance every match but lots of middling play in between. Don't see it happening.
  2. It's a little surprising since they sold their best player and last season's leading scorer. Let's hope they can keep it up.
  3. He's been fantastic in Turkey - 7.3 rating for Adekugbe as Hatayspor win again today and climb to 4th in the table.
  4. I think it's gotten a little more likely that his ceiling isn't that high. The USL1 performances have definitely been a little concerning... But on the other hand he's 17 and a pretty small kid. It's not his physical tools that set him apart, so maybe we have to wait a bit longer than we thought for him to build himself up. Once that happens, we have to hope that the intelligence and agility he's touted to have can reach the level they're supposed to.
  5. Kennedy's back from injury, playing the full 90. He scored another goal but had it disallowed by VAR on a handball. Regensburg are fortunate to remain at the top of the table despite another draw.
  6. He definitely got a lot of negative reviews, and maybe deservedly so. I'm hoping he can find a way to compensate for the energy he's lost... maybe being a little more conservative without the ball.
  7. Not to mention, he wasn't in RPL when the 60 were announced.
  8. I guess I expected more from the league's best CB - especially someone who was in the national team conversation. He was on the bench for most of his stint at a newly promoted Vasalunds.
  9. I think the CPL still has a lot to prove before we start seeing every young guy getting snatched up. Borges is back at Forge, Pepple is floating around in someone's youth team, Attardo is in the Cypriot second tier and the Estevez deal only happened cause Den Haag's owners wanted him to play for Taiwan - he went to the Spanish fifth tier once his contract expired. Even Zator/Ongaro were underwhelming in Scandinavian second divisions. I guess Waterman is the closest thing to a success story. I think Farsi is the most likely. Abzi and Ferrari still have work to do.
  10. Nizhny complete the late comeback, and Ennin assists on the winning goal! https://streamja.com/d5nNK
  11. Found this on Twitter: (Journalist) - "Were you (Stephen) disappointed not to leave Paços de Ferreira in the last transfer window?" (Stephen) - "No, because Paços is a great club."
  12. No... I'm a stalker not a translator
  13. The mad man just went the full 90 vs Braga... and was MOTM
  14. I think we're at the point where much of our depth is interchangeable. We rotated 5 players between the Honduras and U.S game but still had basically the same quality 11 both times. I think the only question at this point is whether Davies can start all 3 games, and by the sound of it, Herdman sure thought so.
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