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  1. Would've loved to have seen him recognize the flight of the ball a little earlier and then make a serious attempt to to head it!
  2. Fucking robbed!!!! That ball came off the defender. Noble was ONSIDE!!!
  3. That's why I added "take that for what it's worth". I wasn't stating it to be an absolute fact. But I thought it was worth mentioning it since it goes directly against what someone had posted in this thread.
  4. Saw a clip from an interview with the Pacos president this morning. He was adamant that not only was there no deal in place for Stephen, but that there hasn't been any negotiations. Take that for what it's worth.
  5. Love that the young guys are getting a shot to show they deserve the increased minutes this year! They've looked good so far! Especially Okello.
  6. Due to this thread, I checked with my guy but he wasn't offering this Canada game. Though he does have Nicaragua -4.5 over Turks & Caicos. So it's not like he's not offering games from this region or lopsided matchups.
  7. Thanks. It's a surreal experience. I was actually at work (30 miles away) at the time where we spent 45 min. huddled in the basement riding out a different tornado! FML! Anyways, I was very lucky, but I have friends whose houses are pretty badly damaged.
  8. Fuckin' hell, I'm down here in the US south and yesterday I had a tornado come dangerously close (less than 5 miles) to the house. The house is fine, but I lost power for a while and I'm just now getting the internet back on. Damnit! Of all days for that to happen! Anyways, I can get the U23 game from FS1, but I'm not sure where I'm gonna be able to find this game vs. Bermuda. Does anyone know where I might be able to download a copy of this game?
  9. We aren't anywhere near good enough to be willing to cut off our nose to spite our face. I look forward to the day when he returns and will gladly welcome him back whenever that is.
  10. As a fellow luso-canadiano, I love hearing this. I always thought we were underrepresented on the NT. Dating all the way back to 2004 when Robocop was coming off a really good season with Benfica and wasn't called up in the following windows for important WC 2006 qualifying games.
  11. Did you miss the part about the Covid outbreak on TFC messing up all the previous plans?
  12. I'm not sure worrying about the player who's most likely number 21 out of 21 on the depth chart (excluding GK's) is worth it. Besides, against the clubs we'll be playing in this window, I'll take a guy who could possibly create something on his own against a parked bus, vs. a solid but unspectacular midfielder who doesn't offer you too much in the final third.
  13. I'm not as down on the boys after yesterdays game as many in here. We were pretty solid defensively and played decently for the majority of the game. Obviously with most of the squad being in preseason training with their clubs, our final third link-up play and finishing isn't where we all want it to be. Not to mention the general lack of familiarity most of these guys have with each other. As far as the Honduras game, add me to the list of peeps who think avoiding Mexico should be the number two priority. Right after making sure we get to the semi's in the first place. Another th
  14. I was impressed. He comes across as a very mature young man! I guess one would have to be if you left home as an 11 old to follow your dreams. And for something you didn't know: he briefly mentioned that his Portuguese wasn't very good when he first moved over to Portugal. I would say that was very Canadian of him! ; )
  15. As an incredibly proud Portuguese - Canadian myself, and one who it can be said is still coming to grips with realizing that he's not a kid anymore, this video has me all up in my feels!
  16. By this point it seems obvious that Nuno's trolling the Canadian soccer fanbase!
  17. C'mon Nuno, Traore obviously has nothing left in the tank. Give our boy Theo a runout!
  18. Despite the lack of goals, it's been an open game that's been fun to watch so far. Neto's been doing a ton of running up top and I'm not sure his legs will hold up the full 90. And it's hard to believe this version of Traore is the same one that looked so unstoppable last year.
  19. Mostly agree with you on the videos I have seen of him so far. It also seems like perhaps he should've gotten a couple of doses of that Messi growth hormone treatment!
  20. Props to Windsor's own Sasho Cirovski, who's been the Maryland coach since '93.
  21. What? I get your general point about our dysfunction. But to prop up the US as some sort of impressive model is funny. Remember that despite their massive size and wealth, they too missed the 2018 World Cup. And the public back-biting and dysfunction that has gone on with their appointments of their last few managers shows a lot of disarray. Again, their massive player-pool and $$$ puts them way ahead of us, but not because the are super competent.
  22. Aren't sell-on clauses usually only for the first post-transfer sale?
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