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  1. I'm glad he got to play professionally on the island though. Good Comox kid. I went to his brother's pizza shop not too long ago 👌
  2. Fantastic team performance once again. I think the coaching staff deserve a lot of credit. At this stage I'd rather see short term loans in the offseason for some of our players like Campbell, Hoja, Chung than transfers. Find out what level we're at before sending players off permanently.
  3. Campbell is averaging a goal or assist every 80 minutes or so this season. Alessandro Hojabrpour was immense again last night too
  4. There are two other Al-Ghamdis on the squad and many more in the league.
  5. What are the criteria? Ahmed Alghamdi might make more money in the Saudi first division than Waterman does. He rarely plays though. There are a few players like Pantemis that have kicked on or returned to a similar after a season in CPL. The league hasn't exactly been poached of top talent though. Pacific have lost more players to their coaching staff and to other CPL teams than they have to bigger leagues
  6. So we're the only country not competing in a regional competition and without a regional pathway to the Round of 16? Thanks Vic. Great for MLS teams though.
  7. He’s rated fourth on the squad this season at 7.13. Easily top 10 in minutes too and he has the best pass percentage, most interceptions per game, second most tackles per game etc. I don’t watch Montreal, but statistically he has been pretty good
  8. That was a heavily rotated squad. Our captain and star player weren’t even dressed and all 5 outfield subs were preferred starters. And over the run or play we deserved the result. How big do you think the gap is?
  9. Like all the chatter about Waterman?
  10. We rested far to many players to start. I love Pa but he drastically overplayed Bustos before his injury too
  11. I’m not sure I agree. The hardcore soccer fans are sometimes the hardest to win over. I think it’s been a very slow adoption period from national team fans, but from what I’ve seen the fans in the stadium are far more knowledgeable this season than in 2019.
  12. I’m sure we have a few more home games, but I think it is more than a month long break. Scheduling has been horrible for us again this season.
  13. They're winless in 8 games too. I hope this isn't a trap game a few days ahead of a big cup tie.
  14. Any idea what second division salaries are like?
  15. The last time I called a post condescending it didn't go over very well, so I think I'll avoid that this time around.
  16. And we'll quickly chase them away from this forum again
  17. It drives me crazy that this is always the most active CPL thread. It seems there's more interest here in attendance than there is in the football itself
  18. We seemed to lack creativity without Aparicio and Bustos.
  19. Agreed. We could certainly see a few but the time frame is way to quick for that. Is there likely to even be 50% turnover in the squad by then? Good to have goals though
  20. Looks like Phonzie forced the turnover that led to the third?
  21. Oliver Gage recently said that the league has a goal for 50% of the CMNT squad for the 2026 World Cup roster to have some CPL experience. That seems ambitious to me, but the league doesn't seem to share your concern or timelines
  22. Lol what bandwagon? Ongaro is now CPL's all-time leading goal scorer and there hasn't been a post about him here since 2020.
  23. I'll scratch Arsenal (my dads team) from the list, but I'll add Canucks, Whitecaps and Liverpool (until recently). I fully understand the pessimism, but I'm still cautiously optimistic that this Pacific team is the real deal. They've passed a few big tests already and we've been playing some very attractive football. Edmonton soccer is the antithesis of that though
  24. Just to be controversial... is there anything that suggests Halifax's success at the gate is the result of anything beyond a better stadium location? Everything else seems to be pretty average compared to other CPL teams. Social media numbers, viewers, results, transfers etc.
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