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  1. Campbell scored his league leading 9th goal in 13 games from the spot today
  2. Pretty much a must win though. They just started the season so poorly
  3. I should have added that it’s not a difficult place to get to. It’s close to downtown and it’s on the LRT line. Westhills is much less accessible, and I still don’t think the location is that bad
  4. Man, Obinna asked a question about the balance of a 4231 formation, with David as an attacking mid/secondary striker. That’s what we were talking about
  5. I’d worry a bit about our fullbacks not having enough support from the wingers, but I could be convinced
  6. I don’t mind the formation, but who sits? One of the main advantages of that other formation is that it gets our best players on the field. If we play a 4321 I think I’d have Phonzie move to LB and have him overlap David’s side, allowing David to drift inside. I know most people don’t want to see that
  7. It’s right next to the Eskimos stadium that 30k a week seem willing to attend
  8. With David relegated to the bench for another midfielder? Or something else
  9. Sorry mate. We’re now well beyond the discussion I was looking to get into. I was just responding to Obinna’s concerns about the balance of that particular midfield. Interesting stuff though!
  10. Two straight starts in two wins for Harry Paton in the Scottish Premiership. It’s looking like it could be a breakout season for him
  11. There was no need for Davies to stay wide on that play. It was a break that developed in their own half and there was no width to the attack. If he had found himself in the same situation as an outside back, I would still expect him to make that same run. Regardless, I haven’t suggested a traditional bank of 4. I only used a 4411 formation as a way of explaining David’s role in my squad
  12. I don’t think you can compare the situations. We’re still trying to prove that this is a viable option
  13. You see, I’d rather play Davies as a wide midfielder than a wide forward. I think he’s better with more field in front of him to stretch his legs. He’s a fine defender. I like Hoilett there too, with a defender on that side that can overlap. I have no problem asking him to defend a little. I’ve watched him do a lot of it in a bad premier league side
  14. True. In this formation you would be asking Kaye and Arfield to sit deeper, and generate less in the final third than they are sometimes asked to. I accept that though because I think we’re most dangerous down the wings and in transition
  15. Not really. I get the impression we have very different visions of what that role in this lineup would be. If we called it a secondary striker in a 4411 would that help? It’s not that far off from what I envision. He’s not getting ‘caught up field’ if it’s his job to be there
  16. Christ man. You asked for other people’s opinions and then you belittle them. What’s the point? Of course I’m not sure about that. But I wouldn’t be any more sure if it were Hutch and Piette in those positions either. I’m concerned with every player getting caught out of position. But no, in that lineup, David as an AM would not be my biggest worry in that regards, because he would have 2 holding midfielders behind him protecting the back 4. The lineup you suggested only had one DM. That would worry me far more.
  17. For Arfield and Kaye I said they were good at choosing their moments. That means they know when to do it and when to stay put. It may never happen against a strong opposition, and I probably wouldn’t encourage much it as a manager in this formation.
  18. I thought we were talking about a 4-2-3-1 with Davies and Hoilett on the wings and David behind a loan striker? Which is virtually a 4411 when defending. I want David free to find the space, not battling with the CBs. We have strikers that are good at that. The formation isn’t really as important to me as the roles and responsibilities are though
  19. My concerns about Canada’s defence don’t relate to our holding midfielders, regardless of which of the options are selected. We’re quite strong in that position imo. I think those three could win the middle of the pitch against the US.
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