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  1. He should spend a season with Pacific
  2. 9-0-4 with David starting; 0-1-3 without.
  3. Man of the match for a league leading 4th time this season, and Pacos move into 5th and a Europa league qualification spot.
  4. How about their convincing win and a draw against top of Serie A, Milan, as well as leading their group I’ve been frustrated watching David because it seems like his teammates fail to pick out his runs and he rarely receives a pass in dangerous areas, but overall I think the team must be happy with the season so far. The results have been good. I just don’t know whether there’s a lack of trust with David, or if they’re just not clicking yet. He’s been more involved in recent games though, yesterday not included
  5. I can’t wait to see him and Davies running the flanks
  6. Looking forward to tomorrow’s game! There could be some huge story lines with a win and a good performance
  7. Probably the best player in the league vs a player that’s only recently cemented a starting position and you don’t have any doubts about who’s better? CPL is in so tough to win the respect of Canadian soccer fans. In a way I hope Bustos jumps to Chile even if it means losing him for club and country. He’d end up doing more for Canadian soccer than he ever could by continuing to dominate domestically.
  8. Good to have them all back. Bustos next please
  9. So is that now a goal and 3 assists in his last 3 matches?
  10. I didn’t realize there was ever a rule preventing multi year contracts. That seems silly if they’re hoping to sell players on as advertised. The league meddles far too much in individual club rosters for my liking
  11. Elva scored the first in a 3-1 comeback win. Both his team and Froese’s are battling for top of the table. It’s early still but I hope they both promote
  12. Blasco has been in Canada for like 7 years I believe. I’d hate to see Campbell go, but he’s good enough to be a starter in this league. If Diaz is preferred by Kah I could see Campbell leaving
  13. I think this should be good for the Eddies, but I hope he doesn't poach any of Pacific's roster. He would have worked with many of them at the Whitecaps.
  14. Has Pacific given anyone a multi-year deal yet?
  15. He’s playing great, but he’s still squeezing the stick to tight in front of goal
  16. He’s doing it from a completely new position too. He’s a more complete player than I once thought
  17. I did think that your comment was in reply was to my other post. My mistake, but you made 3 comments on one page about CPLs wages
  18. Proving that this is the only conversation you were hoping to have...
  19. I'm skeptical that there is serious interest from Chile too, but you're way off on everything else and it's clear you're just using this as an opportunity to rag on CPL. Bustos hasn't even had a shot at MLS since he was a teenager. He had 24 goals, 5 assists and 5407 minutes in USL by the time he was 22, and he'd worn the armband. Not exactly struggling. Over the last 2 seasons he's been one of the best players in CPL, the top flight for a country of 40 million people. He's also the highest paid player in the league. The news is clearly being reported by one of the main broadcasters from
  20. The disregard for CPL drives me nuts. You can be skeptical of this news without shitting on our fledgling league
  21. I really don’t like the setup. I’d love to vote for a Best XI, but they force you to vote for a bunch of weird categories I know nothing about first. I didn’t even get to the important one before giving up
  22. Deleted: Nobody needs to hear me rant
  23. Excellent! Those are all key players, and I'm thrilled to have them all back. I hate this narrative that re-signing core players is "bolstering" the roster though. Every announcement in CPL seems to be like this. These are all players that should have been locked up on multi-year deals, yet because of the contract structures they could have easily left so we announce them as if they were new signings.
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