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  1. They’re all still pretty young too
  2. He was excellent last season for Pacific, along with Kadin Chung. They were both good in year 1, but I thought they took massive strides last season. I wonder if Kadin was called too? It’s a shame we haven’t played more games recently and I hope that doesn’t stagnate any of their careers
  3. Why convert CPL salaries to USD when they're living and playing in Canada?
  4. I find there's so much soccer content on podcasts these days that I completely miss, and I think get's missed by many.
  5. I just don't get why a bubble format as a backup wasn't planned for in the first place. This was always going to be a possible outcome, so why are we still scrambling and delaying start dates. Any one of these players could have pulled a hamstring at the start of last season, and not played a game for 20 odd months because of a short term injury. These kids need games
  6. What exactly is it that the club are all about, wanting to play in Vancouver? I don’t get it. How about the 100k a year they get for the stadium sponsorship deal? If their market is the island, then Langford is more accessible to 75% of their target audience and that percentage will likely keep growing in the future. Tbh I wouldn’t be shocked if they’re testing downtown as a location for the future, but I just can’t see them walking away from Langford in the immediate future unless something has seriously changed recently
  7. He's scored 10 in his last 15 games. That's a pace of 24 goals over the course of a full season and comparable to last season with Gent
  8. What a hit from Yilmaz!
  9. The lack of loans to CPL is odd to me, but I still feel the animosity is fabricated. It just doesn't make sense to me. I don't think Pacific is negatively influencing interest in the Caps, and with the salary discrepancies as they currently are, MLS teams can simply pluck the best players from CPL
  10. No surprise you've taken something that highlights the potential for increased capacity and spun it to suggest decreasing capacity as the objective. In Langford they have a permanent stadium with larger capacity, a brand new training facility, branding throughout the city, a youth team setup, much cheaper accommodation for players and staff, a favourable governing body that is all in on sports, and it's all in the fastest growing community in BC. I really don't see this as them abandoning Langford after all that investment. At least in the short-term. I think they recognize the importance of c
  11. As someone who attended every Pacific game, as well as countless games at Clarke in Edmonton and other smaller venues before then, I can assure you that Westhills numbers did not feel greatly inflated. No matter how many times you bring this up
  12. I don’t think there’s been any suggestion that they would leave Starlight. RAP would be used for special one off events for Pacific and potentially the national team. At least to start. An opportunity to connect with the downtown core and hopefully attract new fans. Burying the power lines in Langford sounds expensive. I don’t think it happens without more pressure and more support
  13. Didn’t the clubs train together this offseason? A good chunk of Pacific’s roster and management has experience with Whitecaps. The teams have never even played each other. Animosity just doesn’t make much sense to me, and it’s gotta be considerably easier to move players within BC than anywhere else in the world right now
  14. With how they have it drawn I think it's over 100 m in length
  15. 12,000 at RAP for a national team game or Canadian Championship game would be incredible, and I love that they're partnering with such a historic club in the city. I wish they had done that initially. Are the Highlanders not the League 1 BC club rumoured for Victoria? I'm surprised they're not mentioned.
  16. It’s consistently finding that end product that he’s missing. He too often makes the wrong decision or doesn’t execute. We’ve seen it with Canada too. He’s an excellent outlet though, and he creates danger. He just needs to keep his head in the final moments and he’ll start putting those numbers up
  17. I know very little about the player but Pacific now need some defensive cover after being hit by injuries. If he has a European passport maybe we could count him as an international considering that's all we have space for. Brining in players from abroad has proven to be difficult given Covid restrictions
  18. I think that’s 21 goals this season. There’s a good chance he beats David’s 23 from last season
  19. Mbappe is out today too
  20. Isn't it only a tier below where Petrasso ended up as well? He's a pretty solid CPL player. Here's a more detailed breakdown than I've seen for almost any of our players. I have no clue if this will work out, but I really don't get some of the reactions. Speaking the language can't hurt either https://eikonsports.com/getting-to-know-ollie-bassett-an-analysis-of-his-career-so-far/
  21. I really can’t stand this take. Pacific weren’t even able to sign their draft picks due to the league’s new international player requirements. The only roster spots they have left are designated for internationals because the team is already full of young players from BC.
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