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  1. I'm curious who everyone thinks our best player is? I'm having a hard time deciding
  2. Agreed. I don't see anything wrong with the challenge. Shoulder to shoulder and Campbell had possession and position.
  3. I thought Baldisimo was excellent filling in at CB. No real blunders that I can remember, and we're so much stronger in possession with him passing out of the back.
  4. https://www.goldstreamgazette.com/news/largest-indoor-soccer-training-facility-in-b-c-coming-to-langford/ Langford and Pacific keep pumping money into the sport on Vancouver Island. Eventually people have to take note.
  5. Is Terran Campbell our best attacking player? The numbers suggest it
  6. Pacific finished the game with players that were 18, 19, 19, 20, 20, 20 and 21. They probably would've played a 17 year old, but Alghamdi doesn't travel for midweek games because he has class.
  7. They’re relying on youth more than Pacific? Look at the players on the pitch right now
  8. 6 goals and 5 assists in 7 appearances now.
  9. Or maybe 4-3-1-2? Larin-Cav Davies Teibert-Hutch-Johnson Kaye-Henry-Cornelius-ZBG I'd actually love to see Davies in that role. I might be alone in that though.
  10. Christ, Wheeldon's record over the last couple of seasons is very impressive.
  11. That comment really didn't seem all that insistent to me?! Anyways, in addition to the many possible arguments for wanting David to challenge himself at the top level, for me, I'd prefer if he was transferred to a league that I follow and take interest in. I'd simply like to watch him play more. Additionally, considering his production, I actually think he deserved more starts than he was given last season. He was the leading scorer on the team and he was stapled to the bench for a good chunk of the season, following a strong start. In the end, i don't think he could have started much more than half of Gents games last season. If he does stay, I hope he's seriously being considered in a leading role next season.
  12. I saw the same old Davies. The pass to Hoilett was brilliant, and it was a great performance for sure, but not the best we've ever seen from him. His final pass looks to have improved, which is exciting, but we'll see if he can do it against stronger competition and on a consistent basis.
  13. He should really be playing to his teammates strengths anyways. We want to be giving Davies the chance to stretch his legs every time he chooses.
  14. Were they misplaced passes or is Osorio just a less direct player? Osorio might be thinking possession while the other two are wanting to counter. I'd have to watch the match again.
  15. Hasn't he only started 3 of those matches for Canada, and been primarily used as a winger? Even with Gent many of his appearances have been as a substitute/and or being played as a winger or in midfield. I don't think we've really seen what the kid can do as the main focal point of an attack yet.
  16. Keeping Davies and David higher up the pitch might help keep Mexico honest. In the first half against Cuba they really pushed their fullbacks up into attack and often had 6-7 players in the box. I think Kaye is strong enough to defend solidly, and crafty enough to break Mexico's press, which might allow Davies and David to attack an open field where they're strongest. I think we could hurt Mexico in an open game, but it really depends on tactics against a stronger opponent. We've yet to see Herdman's style in these situations.
  17. I was hoping Gonzalez might help in the midfield. It sounds like we're still in need of reinforcements
  18. I'd prefer Verhoeven further forward at this point. Where was Jose Hernandez tonight?
  19. I haven't been able to watch the game yet. Was the result fair? It looks like a poor penalty from Fisky. We need him to start producing
  20. How would those that follow Edmonton more closely rate this current team to Edmonton teams of the past?
  21. Adams is a big loss for the US
  22. David has been lights out for Canada. 4 goals and 4 assists now in 5 appearances. Most of those with limited minutes. You have to think that a big tournament will see him sold to a bigger club next season.
  23. Great experience and recognition for Noah! When Pacific plays well, it's usually through him. I hope he soaks this all in and brings the experience back to the island.
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