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  1. Man, HFX is really in a bind. It'd be one thing if they were so far behind in U21 minutes, but at the top of the standings (or at least in a playoff spot), but they're so far behind and in last place
  2. Club Total U-21 Minutes Pacific FC - 9 1,720 (+230) Valour FC -9 1,224 (+90) York United FC - 9 1,159 (+280) Vancouver FC - 9 664 (+144) Forge FC - 8 600 (+101) Cavalry FC - 9 400 (+36) Atlético Ottawa -8 404 (+67) Halifax Wanderers FC - 9 287 (+1)
  3. I re-read the thread, none of those responses came until more recently - well after the OP had already left the board. The early ones were all positive. The only one really after the agent initially posted that was in any way not positive was the post by narduch saying "I enjoy your enthusiasm but a kid playing 4th tier in Germany is hardly our best CB." (which isn't even negative at all) To which the agent replied "How would you know". Clearly if he meant the "highest potential" he could have used the opportunity to clarify it, but instead he doubled down on the 'no, he's the best'. There hasn't even been any real negativity in the thread. He had never started for Hanover (and only once for the B team). Everyone was saying "Exciting but let's not throw out wild predictions yet" That's what everyone was saying at the time (even your post - 2nd comment on page 2 - you said no way he's the best, maybe potential if he gets time with the Bs). Yes, we have other posters related to family members who come here (Lucas Dias' cousin, Millar's dad, etc) and of course they come to pump up, but they all still stay somewhat reasonable. This agent came in over the top with the "my client is already the best" and everyone's response was nice prospect, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Hardly the mob coming to get him. I am still excited for his potential, (and I have been looking up both players stats from time to time over the year and definitely appreciated the agent giving some behind the scenes info - which is what made me follow it) but still of the mindset that everyone else seems to have had that he's still a couple years away from breaking in and that's all everyone was saying - which has proven to be true considering the agent came in saying both his clients would be getting many First Team Bundesliga and Serie A minutes this year, which didn't happen, but is totally okay considering how young they are - development league minutes in Europe are great. But if saying "let's not get ahead of ourselves" is driving someone away, then sure we drove him away
  4. Was he really chased off the board though? He left because people disagreed with the below comment and the responses were mostly of the "Yeah ok, maybe one day variety" and not anything over the top. Like phresh said earlier the jump from L1O to Tier 4 Germany is significant and no one was denying that or saying it wasn't impressive that he signed at that level. It was just people saying 'temper expectations, that's clearly an overexageration to put him at the top of our D list". Pretty thin skin if that's what drove you away. As an agent, you need tougher skin than that, it's a tough business and comments here were very tame
  5. Six appearances for 92 minutes this season https://int.soccerway.com/players/micah-chisholm/916361/
  6. Club Total U-21 Minutes Pacific FC -8 1,490 (+181) Valour FC -8 1,134 (+180) York United FC - 8 879 (+122) Vancouver FC - 8 520 (+36) Forge FC - 7 499 (+124) Cavalry FC -8 366 (+58) Atlético Ottawa - 7 337 (+117) Halifax Wanderers FC - 8 286 (+66)
  7. Feel like Sigma usually struggles early and late in the season, due to roster shuffling with NCAA players
  8. CPL Top U-21 Minutes Club Total U-21 Minutes Pacific FC (7) 1,309 (+280) Valour FC (7) 954 (+141) York United FC (7) 757 (+104) Vancouver FC (7) 484 (+42) Forge FC (6) 375 (+68) Cavalry FC (7) 308 (+23) Halifax Wanderers FC (6) 264 (+66) Atlético Ottawa (7) 220 (+59) Teams should be at 429 minutes (6 games) or 500 (7 games) to be on pace.
  9. I love his potential, but to date he's played all of 9 games at MLS level. With Sean Johnson getting called up, he could be in line to play the next 5-10 games for TFC depending on the USA's progress at the Copa, which would essentially double his sample size, and then I feel the conversation could legitimately begin to whether he deserves a Canada shot
  10. Could just be a minutes restriction on him He played May 5, but then didn't play the May 10th game. He didn't get the callup, but played yesterday for TFC2 Maybe it's just they're limiting him to playing once a week, so he didn't get the call-up. Could also have been given they wanted to go for the record win vs St Laurent, they were worried about the game getting chippy if STL players getting upset at the score being run up, so held him out to prevent him getting hit on a tackle.
  11. After Week 6 CPL Top U-21 Minutes Club Total U-21 Minutes Pacific FC (6) 1,029 (+264) Valour FC (6) 813 (+179) York United FC (6) 653 (+90) Vancouver FC (6) 442 (+34) Forge FC (5) 307 (+155) Cavalry FC (6) 285 (+90)) Halifax Wanderers FC (5) 198 (+70) Atlético Ottawa (6) 161 (+1) Current pace numbers 357 (5 games) and 429 (6 games)
  12. After week FIVE Club Total U-21 Minutes Pacific FC [5] 765 (+180) Valour FC [5] 634 (+167) York United FC [5] 563 (+117) Vancouver FC [5] 408 (+108) Cavalry FC [5] 195 (+120) Atlético Ottawa [5] 160 (+26) Forge FC [4] 152 (+94) Halifax Wanderers FC [4] 128 (+72)
  13. After Matchday 4 Club (Games Played) Total U-21 Minutes Pacific FC (4) 585 (+180) Valour FC (4) 467 (+180) York United FC (4) 446 (+45) Vancouver FC (4) 300 (+147) Atlético Ottawa (4) 134 (+90) Cavalry FC (4) 75 (+26) Forge FC (3) 58 (---) Halifax Wanderers FC (3) 56 (---)
  14. Ok, so that was him. I didn't watch the match, just saw the photo. Don't know his face yet
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