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  1. Not sure how strong OSU will be. They've historically been bottom of the table in L1O. They battled with Blainville and ended up 2nd in the 2020, but their team was boosted by COVID. They said most of the 2020 team was filled with guys who would've gone to USL-League Two or other L1O/PLSQ teams, but because of COVID ended up playing for OSU http://plsq.ca/actualites/las-blainville-champion-dun-court-championnat-encore-plus-court-que-prevu
  2. Doubtful. The ownership group split, with Raco, De Guzman and Barrie SC forming their own group called FC Barrie. Their twitter name interestingly changed last week from FCBarrie_L1O to just FCBarrie_ this week. (EDIT: They have since changed it back) I'm guessing there will be no Barrie club in L1O this year. If there is one, I'd say FC Barrie is more likely, but the dropping of the twitter reference maybe makes that less likely (unless L1O told them to get rid of it)
  3. Also AS Pierrefonds (in the women's PLSQ) are supposed to merge with Dollard CS to form Force FC. https://www.thesuburban.com/sports/pierrefonds-and-dollard-soccer-become-a-force-on-the-field/article_f2a7b6e5-cd51-5f97-affe-e230fa25ece8.html FC Gatineau is also working on a merger. Maybe that can help lead them back into the PLSQ. https://www.ledroit.com/actualites/covid-19/projet-de-fusion-pour-le-soccer-en-outaouais-2b0fd171bd110f4c12054c11a07f455a They left the PLSQ because of a lack of sponsorship and the PLSQ didn't want them to charge their player to play (I guess it's n
  4. They were/are with CS Chomedey and Delta Laval. Link. Although it appears they decided to name the club FC Laval CDF (Chomedey Delta Fabrose) instead of Laval-Ouest. Here is their Facebook and Instagram, but the links to their "official website" don't work. They keep posting about their hiring of people, so my best guess is maybe the three clubs will continue to operate separately, until the administrative positions are all filled and in place and then they'll finally launch a united club.
  5. League1 Women add three new clubs. Guelph Union, Waterloo United, Tecumseh SC (Windsor) Interesting that Guelph decided to give their men and women's teams different names.
  6. Gazdov is with Nurnberg U19 in the "U19 Bundesliga" not the first team. https://www.fcn.de/en/juniors/u19/team/ https://int.soccerway.com/teams/germany/1-fc-nurnberg-u19/19353/
  7. Jose Da Cunha currently playing for Estoril Praia B (season appears to be on a pause due to COVID in portugal) https://www.zerozero.pt/player.php?id=132193&epoca_id=150 https://www.foradejogo.net/player.php?player=200103270022
  8. If they split into L1O and L2O, they could even do what some of the Tier 2 regional leagues in Australia did for their playoffs. One region in Australia did top 6 (of 8 league teams) in the Division 1 made playoffs along with each 1st place team in the Division 2 North and South division for an 8 team playoff bracket. L1O could send 6 and then L2O could send top 2. Give those teams an extra incentive if they're in L2O
  9. Given they're at 20 (and potentially more) teams, maybe L1O will be able to get a second spot in the Canadian Championship. 2 L1O (of 20 teams) and 1 PLSQ (of 9 teams) seems fair number wise
  10. I think TSS Rovers and Victoria Highlanders are givens. Both dropped out of Usl league two and said they wanted to join L1BC Whitecaps also said they wanted to enter a team In the 2019 PCSL, FC Tigers Vancouver, Surrey United, and Okanagan FC finished top 4 in the PCSL (with the Highlanders). Surrey Central City Breakers won the 2019 Canadian Challenge Cup (national amateur champions) Maybe a couple of those teams join
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