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Vancouver FC - 2023 Season Thread


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5 hours ago, Greatest Cockney Rip Off said:

I’m a season ticket holder at an English Premier League club and I don’t by my tickets on their website, it’s done through a third party site. I think most premier league clubs do that as well, so I don’t think it’s bush league. 

The Caps and Pacific (and Canucks) do it through a branded Ticketmaster site. That was sort of what I was expecting. What I really meant was more that it's bush league not to have website. 😂

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5 minutes ago, toontownman said:

Probably one go watch. Makes a lot of sense. Not sure why they would need the indignity of the mutual termination post though, just announce he has been transferred to VFC and TFC mutual terminated the contract. Makes TFC look better then. 


Ahhh Kadin Chung... perhaps another one who is top level in CanPL along with the likes of Bekker and Babouli, but just not quite got enough to break through in MLS.  Would be a great pickup for VFC.

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4 hours ago, SpursFlu said:

I think as I look at their roster they'll need 2 or 3 Kadin Chungs in order to not be FC Edmonton. Right now the have no Kadin Chungs

Completely agree. They are a ways behind with only Valour in eye sight. 4/5 more quality signings could absolutely change that though. They only have one international signed so far too. I have absolutely no clue how to predict their season yet! Like Halifax there are a lot of new players and staff that need to gel and quickly.

Edit: update... this is more like it.


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