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  1. For someone who is a dual national, it’s nice to see Justin Smith now has the Canadian flag emoji in his name on Instagram. It wasn’t there when @Shway reached out at the end of April. pretty good sign that he might be interested in repping Canada or that the CSA has reached out.
  2. This Mitrovic commentary is sorta funny. I get that there's more going on behind the scenes, but it feels very entitled to be outraged by your kid not being called. Just 2 years ago, he was not signed from the CPL open trials. Obviously an 18 year old can come a long way in two years, but some decent starts with a middle of the pack doesn't make you a shoe-in for the senior national team. Otherwise, Stefan Cebara should've got a much longer run out with the CanMNT during his stint at Vojvodina.
  3. We should have Davies in the 23 just to set up Tosaint with 6 back door tap-in goals against Martinique.
  4. He started in a 1-1 draw vs. Atalanta in the UCL this season. It's got to be an off the field issue, as CB isn't a position where we can gloss over that pedigree.
  5. Disappointing not to see Manjrekar James. I suppose this signifies some sort of falling out, and unless he hits some undeniable form I doubt we see him again. Adekugbe another player from WCQ not included in the side, although I suspect he indicated he wouldn't be coming. No CanPLer's even in the 60 if unfortunate. Although it would probably mean missing 60% of their season with the Canadian regulations on COVID, etc.
  6. I have no clue how I left him out, I 100% had him in my head. IMO he'd be a lock for the WCQ squad if he wasn't coming off of injury, but I think they might want him to show up to the Gold Cup first
  7. I think we can consider Henry and Vitoria locks to return at CB in the fall. Kennedy has probably created a good enough impression to be called back as well against Honduras et al. (not considering Johnston as a CB but he'll be there too). The Gold Cup would ideally see a group called to challenge for that last CB spot in WCQ rosters. With three game windows in the fall/winter, rotation could be really important. Ideally for me: WCQ Locks: Henry Vitoria Kennedy Gold Cup: Miller Ferreira Sturing James Cornelius Sin
  8. I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I really hope the Gold Cup is used to ease Manjrekar James back into the picture.
  9. Get Tosaint Ricketts in this lineup and feed him against the minnows. The road to the all-time goal lead continues!
  10. I would be a bit disappointed if he moved to Spartak, it just seems very lateral. A top team in a league of similar pedigree that also gets frequent Champions/Europa League games, but rarely gets past the group stage. I'd much prefer a lower EPL team where he frequently is facing higher quality opponents.
  11. I'm seeing a lot of teams building defensive pedigree lately. I think it's fair to say that Forge and Cavalry had the best backline over the first two seasons, but Valour & York might have the talent to match this year.
  12. Hot take but I haven’t hated Henry’s game. He’ll never be the best on the ball, but we have other good facilitators back there. Always in a good position, strong going into challenges and takes the right challenges, a good presence in the air. Kennedy has some nice pass and on ball quality to complement it.
  13. Looks to be the same for Forge. I have no issue with paying the fee, but it would suck to find out a month from now that we were able to receive OneSoccer without the added cost.
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