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  1. I was fearing FC Edmonton would be not so competitive this year after seeing some of the other teams at the bottom of the table adding possible difference making players, but I think the Aleman signing is one of the biggest of the offseason. FCE was lacking that type of creativity in the midfield, but with Keven in the middle and if Boakai can be anything like his past FCE self, this team got a lot more exciting. (and with an already strong defensive core, and the X Factor Ongaro up top) It feels to me that just about every CPL team outside of last year's top 2 was able to add at least one or two Canadians who could be amongst the top of the league at their position next season. York9: Petrasso, Manella Pacific: Bustos, TMG, Irving Valour: Aird, Levis, Pantemis HFX: LBG, Riggi, Sissoko FCE: Boakai, Aleman Ottawa: Fisk and who knows who else (Tissot would be a huge get) Add in all of the international players whom I do not know nearly as much about, and we may have a much more even table from top to bottom next season.
  2. Two spanish players to add to the rumour mill: Nacho Zabal: 33 year old GK playing for CD Calahorra in the Spanish 3rd division. Viti Martinez: 22 year old central midfielder playing for Gimnastic de Tarragona in the Spanish 3rd Division. Additional player of interest: Vashon Neufville: 20 year old English full back who has played youth for West Ham and England U17. (also has one Sky Bet League Two appearance). Possibly a relationship with Malyk Hamilton. I'd imagine some of these were trialists while the team was abroad.
  3. The bottom three players on that list had Instagram stories at the Atletico Madrid facility, so those are all but confirmed. Meanwhile, I believe it was Nef who already reported about John. Another speculative piece would be Maksym Kowal who recently exchanged follows with Dada-Luke and John. It seems as though Kowal has been knocking on the door of the CPL for awhile, so this should come as no surprise. 16 goals in 16 games in League1 Ontario this year, following stints in 3rd/4th tier Poland and the 1st tier of New Zealand. At age 28, this is likely make or break for him as a professional footballer. Keep in mind, many of these players may just be trialling.
  4. Last speculative bit from instagram. Considering that he was most recently followed by 4 confirmed signings, it seems that 23 year old Ghanaian attacking midfielder Bernardinho is in the Ottawa camp. He has most recently been playing for a third division Belgian club, on loan from First Division Belgian Club KV Westerlo. As much as I typically take social media followings with a grain of salt, the team is in a training camp and thus clearly has players who are meeting with each other for the first time (including players who may not be officially signed or announced).
  5. Still speculating off of Instagram, but it seems that Jamaican international Tevin Shaw may also be in camp with Ottawa. He's a 23 year old midfielder with 6 senior international caps, who most recently played for Portmore United in Jamaica.
  6. This is all speculation, but there's good reason to believe that the club has signed Francisco Acuna, a 32 year old Mexican midfielder playing for Puebla in Liga MX. He has most recently followed both Atletico Ottawa and Ben Fisk on Instagram, he made a story yesterday that he was heading to Spain, and today it was made official that he was departing Puebla.
  7. I think this could be said about a lot of the squad. Too many natural attacking midfielders being forced out of position. FFS Gale put Galvis at LB and we all know what happened then.
  8. I’m assuming you mean Daniel Fernandes? GK spots are tight in this league. I could’ve seen him as a veteran in Edmonton to push James but I don’t it happens now. although, a guy like that could work out well as a safety net behind oxner in Halifax.
  9. It’s rumoured that David Monsalve is replacing him
  10. Golden Horseshoe and GTA are not the same
  11. Forge social media outlets have posted interviews with Klaidi Cela at the Sigma trials, so I’d assume he’s returning
  12. That agency is run by Nick Mavromaras, whose business partner has traditionally been Costa Smyrniotis so.......
  13. Isn't his agent Coach Bobby's brother? may explain it I'm not sure all of those players are leaving, as the article suggested there are more returning players still to be announced. I wouldn't mind Frano leaving to be a starter elsewhere in the league. Edgar is the most important one to me, I believe after a full season it will be clear he's the leagues best defender. Johnny Grant is another guy who I'd love to stay, but I think he could be a star elsewhere. If Novak stays, I hope it will be in a substitute role after signing a star striker. Another guy I wouldn't mind holding onto is Kladi Cela, who was good in few appearances.
  14. That’s a fair comment, I probably overestimated the age with Sarkaria coming out of university and PLJ might be on his last chance. It’s nice that the U21 rule provides playing time for younger players, I just hope that a few guys who weren’t ready for the big minutes this year will get a chance to work their way up the ladder still.
  15. While I agree with all of the current assessments above, I hope that CPL teams aren’t giving up on guys aged 18-22 who clearly have talent but are not at the level to make an impact yet in the league. Pena, Galvis, Gutierrez and Muenkat are a group of players who still have a chance to develop but were thrust into poor situations due to Valour’s lack of depth and often out of position. I wouldn’t suggest keeping all of those guys but I’m not ready to give up on some of the young talent in the league after 1 year, especially when it was many of their first seasons. I hope the same for a few other already released guys in the league like Skublak, Simmons, Rollocks, Lincourt-Joseph, B. Zebie, Sakaria, Legault, Hernandez and Gogarty who could still grow in the right role deeper in the depth chart
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