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  1. Nanco truly looked like a Track athlete in the spring season. His growth has made it much easier to deal with the loss of Welshman. with wingers stepping up to fill voids (to the point where even Borges can shift to the mid) and with our defensive improvements, I will admit that Forge much improved from gaining Edgar/losing Welshman
  2. I sat in 118 and thought their support was very lively. Loved the trumpet. Only annoyance was one guy at the front of their crowd who looked visibly angry and to be yelling and flipping people off the whole time. That’s whatever as long as it wasn’t other fans he was starting beef with (tbh it looked like he was doing it towards Tristan Henry LOL). But the dude also kept on doing the jerk off motion towards the crowd in front of him, which seemed a bit inappropriate considering most of that area’s crowd is families.
  3. Valours lack of defensive signings from the beginning has screwed them. They need proper fullbacks, not wingers made to play fullback. (Feel like we’ve heard this before lol)
  4. I have no clue how but they offered Cavalry winning at +162 and Valour at around +130. Couldn’t pass it up, just wish I’d put more than $30 down.
  5. And to think bet365 offered Cavalry as the underdog odds.
  6. Generalized the statement because you aren’t the first to suggest Piette has been passed in the pecking order recently. But I added in the comment about injuries because I honestly expected those to hold him out against Cuba. I agree with you from the sounds of your explanation, although we have seen Herdman playing Teibert in a much more offensive role with the NT. I just hope that people don’t start to dog on Piette again like a few years ago, just because of our growing midfield depth. As a pure stopper in the midfield he’s still near the top for us.
  7. Love the roster, only criticism really is Adam Straith. I don’t figure that straith is going to be anything other than a depth guy for camp. Would much rather a Dominic Zator or Luca Gasparotto get that chance. I figure the only reason that Wotherspoon gets called over Tristan Borges is because of Forge’s busy schedule. (Same can probably be said about David Edgar not being considered). also, how are we back to scape goating Piette? I’m seeing people questioning his inclusion, which confuses me unless it’s because of his recent injuries. He’s a bulldog in the middle for Montreal and is still our next best choice DM behind Atiba.
  8. Ah definitely missed the Hard work pays off bit
  9. To be honest I interpreted the tweet the other way. Thought that he posted the highlight thinking he deserves more recognition from CanMNT, but I guess we’ll find out tm!
  10. Edgar was great. Him and Krutzen could make a quietly impressive CB pairing going forward. Was generally impressed with the team defending. While Olimpia May have had possession, they certainly didn’t have too many good scoring chances. Henry was great as well. Honestly the whole back line was. Bekker carried the the load in the midfield and was itching for a goal. I think he could’ve used some help. I’d want Cisse/Achinotti to replace Kwame/Frano in the second leg. Definitely Nanco’s best start. In other matches it’s looked like pace is his only attribute. But today he was much more patient and had good decision making in the final third. Borges had a quiet game and Novak seemed gassed.
  11. Might be a bit off but I believe they announced something like 4800 in the stadium.
  12. Stephen hart said today’s signing was a defender so I doubt it’s Busti
  13. Stanese would be huge for HFX imo. The one thing that stands out about HFX to me, is how they have always felt like the least Canadian team in the league. They are the only squad without at least one player with a CanMNT cap, or that was even on our CanMNT radar before the season. With the established fandom in Halifax, I’d expect more Canadians who’ve played at higher levels to be willing to come out east.
  14. It’s still amazing to me that Christian Oxner likely wouldn’t have had a professional career in soccer if it weren’t for this league. If Halifax has a hidden gem like him, you’d have to imagine there’s many more communities across the country where guys just need an opportunity.
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