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  1. Halifax was strong in attack during the second half, but a few bounces didn't go their way. ie. the penalty that should've been called, and the offside that shouldn't have been called
  2. who knows... injury transparency has one of this leagues blind spots
  3. I think that Forge expected Emery could come in and play as a striker. Him being more suited for an out wide role pushed some pretty good talent in Choineire/Nanco/Zajac into rare depth appearances. I'm not concerned with him leaving as much as I'm hopeful that this free roster spot allows for us to bring in a proper striker. Mo Babouli is the obvious first thought, but I wouldn't mind getting a guy like Shaan Hundal who TFC probably wishes was getting more minutes in Ottawa.
  4. Hey, I love this idea and the site looks gorgeous. One concern so far, budget does not seem to be very strict.
  5. I'll echo all of the sentiments above in saying that I'm loving my gameday experience at Tim Hortons Field, and that watching Tristan Henry make easy saves look hard is going to give me a heart attack. Also nice to see Johnny Grant back. Also also, gotta give credit to the two Eddies supporters creating banter with us in 118. Made for some good laughs.
  6. He is, as is Emilio Estevez. Heck, there are USports guys who have never been eligible for CMNT that count as domestic in the CPL.
  7. Agreed with you. We've seen Guyana almost beat Trinidad last night, and Bermuda gave all 3 matches a good run. Hard to argue that we should be making the tournament any smaller, I'd suggest we're closer to further expansion than we are to decreasing size.
  8. While I missed the last ten or so, I actually thought that Garcia looked one of the better players on the pitch the first 25 minutes
  9. Valour is the team I would expect to see the most improvement from in the second half of the season. Idk how preseason went, but it seemed that Gale didn't know what they had to work with coming into the season and have slowly learned that players like Garcia and Ohin can be real contributors. The addition of Bustos also makes a big difference. If this team stays healthy, I would expect them to be a top 3 squad in the league.
  10. What a save by Oxner on Murrell off of that corner!! Surely a contender for Save of the Spring Season
  11. A few of the young guys on their team that are still playing domestically would be interesting. Steeven Saba is only 26, starting each game in the mid and has a goal and an assist to show. Also, Alexis who plays Fullback is only 21 and got the goal to give them the lead last night. I'd be more interested in some of the Bermudan guys. That team plays with some intensity and gave every opponent a run for their money. Simmons stood out as a guy who is still playing in Bermuda and can make an impact. Dale Eve at the back was also solid.
  12. agreed. first saw him when he got subbed on in the inaugural match, and was impressed with how much more threatening York looks with him on the field.
  13. Jordan Hamilton would be the perfect guy for Forge, but there is no way he is ready to come to the CPL yet. I'd have better hope of an AJH coming over next year. Honestly, Haber would seem a good fit with the Forge system. The problems at Pacific go well beyond him
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