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  1. I've seen some criticism of him elsewhere, but I actually thought that Haber looked fairly good last night. It's only a matter of time until the front 3 start bagging some goals.
  2. Additionally, Jordan Dover is on the roster for Guyana.
  3. I am at 4 CMNT August 20, 2008 FIFA World Cup Qualification 2010 Toronto, Canada Jamaica June 16, 2015 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying Toronto, Canada Dominica July 14, 2015 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup Toronto, Canada Costa Rica September 4, 2015 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying Toronto, Canada Belize and 1 CMNT U23 July 16, 2015 20:35 Panama 0–0 Canada
  4. All forge so far. They want to swing in crosses, but the wind is going to make that difficult. Borges really is crafty. I'd be interested to see him playing on the wing instead of the midfield once Bekker is back.
  5. I tossed a small bet on Valour today. Perea not making the trip for HFX is gonna make scoring for them tough. Hoyle should be back, and Valour will be looking to make a big recovery after Wednesday.
  6. Tomorrow will be the first home game I'll have to miss due to the festivities of the day. If anyone is looking for a family friendly pair of tickets upclose in 118, they're free to a good home.
  7. That's the first time I've seen him used so offensively, and he was at least noticeable during the short period on the pitch. I've liked Levis whenever I've seen him play for the Whitecaps. He's the type of guy who I think will eventually move down to USL/CPL, and be a class above the rest.
  8. If Carducci were eligible, I'm sure he would contest for the starting position at least
  9. Carducci is a '96, so he misses the cut off
  10. Even with the U23 CPL players, it seems like CB is going to be our weakest spot. I think that Nsa and Langwa could have a chance to start together in the qualifiers, considering they'll have already established chemistry. I'd rather move Legault out wide, but we seem to have some depth with Chung, and possibly Godinho/ZBG. Would think we'd have to look outside of CPL for some of those CBs. I think that TFC2 will still be looked at for qualifying. Shaffelburg would be a good shout having looked great in the CCL, and Romeo/Dunn could fill the CB gap for qualifiers.
  11. Unfortunate timing for that foul, leading to an Escalante free kick goal
  12. I just checked bet365 earlier today and hadn't seen anything. I'm really excited about the early lines.
  13. that one got chilly in the second half. overall, Forge looked like a well put together team for the first time. way less sloppy. still confused about Borges not playing for the second game straight, maybe a knock? still haven't heard much about Grant's knock either. Really liked Crutzen on the back, we'll be seeing him a lot with Grant out. And Samuel is still a beast back there, a fatter Doneil Henry (hopefully with better distribution). I'd imagine a few cards from him by years end. Kadell Thomas has already became a fan favourite, but he tried to show off a bit when he was on. Frano was great, still a bit confused at his position as sometimes he slides back as if a right back. Novak had some nice hold up play up top but didn't touch the ball too much, still like him in the middle more than Welshman. Choiniere showed his flair, and is clearly talented, but did have a few questionable passes. Roberts looked confident in goal. Overall, loved the performance.
  14. https://twitter.com/forgefchamilton/status/1126248953224286208?s=21 well there we have it
  15. I was initially scared that this team would have very weak defenders, with the assumptions that De Carolis would be relied upon as a starter. But Langwa and Nsa have been two of the most impressive defenders I've seen in the league so far. And if Hocine looked as good as some say in preseason, Halifax might have the league's strongest backline (albeit without much depth).
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