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  1. I honestly think Zis could be the guy who slides into a Borges like role if he moves on. Or at least could provide some depth in a similar role. A lack of CBs was always an issue last year as our backline rarely rotated. Nice to add some cover there. Agree that forward is our only real need right now.
  2. Forge got my guy Alex Zis who I made this thread about, so I'm quite ecstatic. On the other hand, surprised not to see Jackson Farmer selected. I figured a team like Pacific or Valour could use him.
  3. Won’t be surprised if he’s home on the island next season
  4. I was crying in the stands, I can’t believe this. Not only did we win, we dominated. And we finally have some real fullbacks. And as a cute bonus I won $300 by putting money on a 2-0 win.
  5. Haven’t been so excited to attend a CanMNT match since Costa Rica came to BMO a few gold cups ago. Hopefully my optimism isn’t setting myself up for too big of a letdown. Lets do this.
  6. Testaments of Herdman’s scouting network, don’t show this to SpecialK. On on a side note, I really hope to see Klaidi Cela on this roster. Has shown great ability in limited opportunities. And is versatile as a wide midfielder or more of a fullback.
  7. With the USports Season well underway, I figured I’d make a thread do track some prospects. I didn’t expect the draft picks from this year to be such impactful players, but Zerhoven, Schaale, James, and Bona are among the many who have had large roles in their CPL squad. to note: Larson reported that only Seniors would be drafted in the next draft. I attended the Guelph-Laurier match tonight hoping as a Forge fan that I’d get to see Jace Kotsopoulos. Unfortunately it seems he’s been nagged by injury. One guy who stood above the rest was Alexander Zis. Played two years at USF (all conference second team) and is back at Guelph for his senior year (Those schools must have some connection, see Skublak). He had two goals and two assists in the first half alone. He plays a Kyle bekker like midfield role but is also a very good dribbler going forward. On a Laurier team that didn’t look too hot, Donte Henry looked promising in the first half. Has been to some youth camps in the past. While he plays in the mid sometimes, I liked the idea of him as a wingback. He can win challenges but is a bit small and his real asset is his speed and ball control going forward.
  8. Q. Roberts Legault - Murrell - Thomas - Sukunda Ouattara - Marcellin - Bonsu Choiniere - Lamy - Issey Roberts is interchangeable with Williams
  9. Ahh for some reason thought Caley Thistle was back in the Premier. regardless, my hyperbolic point was just that it’s rash to suggest players get called/start because of the league they play. Too many of these leagues have such disparity from top to bottom.
  10. I've seen a lot of the starting CB conversation going on in other threads, and I know I'm going to get some backlash but I truly believe Edgar should be back in the starting CB picture. He's finally on a run of stable health after that horrible injury which brought him back to playing at a weird time in the season. After moving to a few clubs, I truly believe that he has his footing back and has looked so beyond solid for Forge. His challenges are such a cut above the rest of the CPL. Lets not be so quick to dismiss him, he was our clear cut number 1 CB before that injury (and he's still younger than Steven Vitoria). I would put Edgar neck and neck with Vitoria for one of the starting spots. I was never too impressed with Vitoria in Philadelphia and he failed to play much in Poland. I admittedly haven't watched a Vitoria match this year but we're reading far too much into the fact that his team plays in a league against the likes of Porto/Benfica, he's still with a lower tier team in that league. It's like demanding we call up Charlie Trafford or Harry Paton because they get to "compete" against Celtic/Rangers in league. The way I see it, one of our CB spots should be given to a Henry/Cornelius/James, and pair them with an Edgar/Vitoria. I like the idea of having James speed paired with one of the older guys, but I fear for his spot in the national team picture right now.
  11. Getting the same issue right now but can't say I've experienced it before. Its not just the commentator, its also the audio of the game sound. Had to mute it Edit: smoothed out now
  12. Nanco truly looked like a Track athlete in the spring season. His growth has made it much easier to deal with the loss of Welshman. with wingers stepping up to fill voids (to the point where even Borges can shift to the mid) and with our defensive improvements, I will admit that Forge much improved from gaining Edgar/losing Welshman
  13. I sat in 118 and thought their support was very lively. Loved the trumpet. Only annoyance was one guy at the front of their crowd who looked visibly angry and to be yelling and flipping people off the whole time. That’s whatever as long as it wasn’t other fans he was starting beef with (tbh it looked like he was doing it towards Tristan Henry LOL). But the dude also kept on doing the jerk off motion towards the crowd in front of him, which seemed a bit inappropriate considering most of that area’s crowd is families.
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